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 The seven-colored light beam soared to the sky, rushing into the void in an instant.


Bu Fang stood in the magic array, looking outside the seven-color light beam. The scenery beyond it constantly changed.

Those dense leaves should be the leaves of the Immortal Tree. The Immortal Tree was really huge, and its leaves varied in size.

Some were shoots, and some were old leaves. Among the leaves, there were immortal fruits filled with immortal energy.

"Is this the first time Owner Bu is seeing this?"

Gongshu Ban and the others had arrived at Bu Fang's side. They had a good relationship with the latter.

"Are those immortal fruits?" Bu Fang asked.

"That's right. The Immortal Tree is an existence that supports the entire Immortal Cooking Realm. Its immortal fruits could bear all kinds of immortal ingredients, immortal tools, and even immortal flames!" Gongshu Ban answered, looking at those fruits covered by immortal energy.

"The Immortal Tree could bear those immortal flames?" Bu Fang was slightly stunned. Isn't the tree afraid of fire? Could it not be burned by immortal flames?

"That's how it is. I don't know how many thousands of years the Immortal Tree has existed, but my father once told me that the Immortal Tree is the will of the Great Path in the Immortal Cooking Realm," Gongshu Ban said, smiling.

The will of the Great Path.

Stunned, Bu Fang could not help sucking in a breath of cold air. Realm Lord Di Tai had said that Lord Dog had once bitten the Immortal Cooking Realm's Heavenly Path.

Bu Fang doubted that the Great Path, an illusory concept, could actually be bitten. Could it be that it was this Immortal Tree that Lord Dog had gnawed on? Or was this the origin of the Immortal Tree?

This was interesting...

"Unfortunately, the resources of our first layer are too few. The immortal fruits are of the lowest level, so it has been very difficult for us to train powerful Immortal Chefs. However, in the second layer, third layer, and the fourth layer, the immortal fruits are at a similar level. Although there are differences, this gap is acceptable. The fifth layer, which is located at the peak, is the most essential part of the Immortal Tree, that's why the Immortal Chefs who have cultivated in that layer are very powerful,'' Gongshu Ban explained.

The seven-color light beam continued to soar to the sky.


They came out of the ever-changing group of leaves and finally came to a new realm.


The leaves fell and floated in the sky.

The speed of the magic array was getting slower and slower. Finally, it came to a halt.

"We're here..." Gongshu Ban said.

A group of people came out of that magic array one after another.

The air was filled with a dense aroma. Bu Fang raised his head and looked up to the sky, seeing the thick leaves above.

Those leaves made loud fluttering sounds at high altitude. They swayed gently, producing endless noises as they brushed against each other.

"This is the Immortal Cooking Realm's second layer?" Bu Fang narrowed his eyes at those leaves.

Among them, there were hanging fruits wrapped with immortal energy, blooming light.

"Yeah. You see, this is the difference between the first layer and the second layer..." Gongshu Ban said as he admired those immortal fruits.

"Compared with the first layer... it's indeed unfair," Bu Fang commented.

Gongshu Ban smiled and walked forward.

Outside, the place was bustling. The first layer Immortal Chefs gathered in a vacant area.

In front of them was the magnificent Immortal City gate. Compared with the first layer, the city gate of the second layer was more majestic. After all, the Immortal Chefs could obtain many resources, but at the same time, the savage beasts could also get those said resources, so their strength would also increase.

Faced with these savage beasts, the city must use their utmost strength to deal with them.

In the distance...

A group of guards wearing armor stood solemnly. Their faces were serious as they expressionlessly looked at the first layer Immortal Chefs.

In front of those guards, there were experts wearing chef robes.

"Everyone from the first layer, our Immortal Chef friends, the Xiao family's Xiao Buque will be assisting you here in the second layer," one of those experts said.

The leader of that group, Xiao Buque, was a youth with green hair. His voice was gentle as he said, "Everyone should remember that here in the second layer, all Immortal Chefs of the Immortal Cooking Realm have gathered to participate in the Immortal Chef Tournament. Therefore, do not cause trouble, or else, we won't take responsibility."

Xiao Buque smiled after saying that. However, his next words made the smiles of the first layer Immortal Chef gradually fade.

"After all, the first layer friends are a little weak..."


The first layer Immortal Chefs were suddenly in an uproar, and everyone revealed a look of indignation.

However, Xiao Buque still smiled politely. Under that warm smile was a sneer full of contempt.

To the second layer Immortal Chefs, these first layer Immortal Chefs were just trash, the cannon fodder of the Immortal Chef Tournament.

Shortly after, everyone entered the city. As they walked, they could see Immortal Chefs in chef robes everywhere.

Soon, they arrived at the residence assigned to the first layer Immortal Chefs.


Gongshu Ban smiled bitterly. These second layer Immortal Chefs were really looking down on them.

If he was not wrong, of all the five layers of the Immortal Cooking Realm, only their first layer was arranged to stay in the periphery.

The other Immortal Chefs also thought so, and they all expressed their discontent.

However, Xiao Buque did not pay attention to the people who were protesting. He just gave each of them a jade talisman and left right away.

"What's this jade talisman?" Bu Fang asked.

"This is our status card. If you activate it with your mental force, you can see your information as well as other information about the competition," Gongshu Ban said.

Bu Fang was slightly surprised. Then, he used the mental force out of his spirit sea and poured it into the talisman.

That jade talisman suddenly flashed light.

Participant No. 18,927: Bu Fang; Native place: First layer, Immortal Cooking Realm; Immortal Chef level: First Grade Immortal Chef.

Bu Fang saw his information. Aside from this, there were many details about the preliminary competition, in which he saw the information that Gongshu Ban had mentioned.

"Talent list?"

Gongshu Ban saw Bu Fang's suspicious look, and he couldn't help but laugh. "Owner Bu, this talent list is the expected ranking for this Immortal Chef Tournament. The ranking was made according to all young talents of the Immortal Cooking Realm."

"Among them, you can see a lot of geniuses with monstrous talents...

"The talent list has a total of one hundred people. They were judged based on many aspects, from cultivation, immortal flame, immortal tools, and cooking skills. All sides came to grade and critique. So, what you're seeing now is basically a prediction of the final ranking of the competition."

"Interesting..." Bu Fang looked at the talent list and raised the corner of his mouth.

Gongshu Ban didn't understand this strange reaction of Bu Fang. His mind flickered, sinking into the talent list to look at the ranking.

A moment later, his expression shifted. He looked at Bu Fang as though he was looking at a monster.

"Owner Bu... when did you make it on the talent list... and rank in the one-hundredth place?" Gongshu Ban asked, bewildered.

Indeed, the one-hundredth place says, "Bu Fang. First layer, Immortal Cooking Realm."

At this moment, all Immortal Chefs got the jade talisman. After seeing the familiar name in the talent list, they instantly went into an uproar.

When did a first layer Immortal Chef enter the talent list?

Gongshu Ban rubbed the space between his brows. He obviously had not expected this.

In the distance, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun also came, looking at Bu Fang with a strange expression.

"Owner Bu... unexpectedly made it on the talent list?"

Gongshu Yun's face seemed ominous as she said, "I'm afraid your next days won't be easy..."

"Why?" Bu Fang was surprised.

Was it not good to be on the talent list?

How awesome. Although Bu Fang had always been a low-key person, he was somewhat unfamiliar with this high ranking.

"The one-hundredth place... Well, let's just say that this position is very awkward," Gongshu Ban said.

He looked at Bu Fang's reaction for a moment, then continued, "The last position is very conspicuous, so many people will surely remember it... Basically, the fifth layer, fourth layer, third layer, and second layer chefs wouldn't allow the first layer chefs to occupy this talent list. Therefore, Owner Bu must expect to deal with various kinds of... challenges."

Bu Fang looked doubtful. "Challenges?"

"It could be said that..." Gongshu Yun interrupted Gongshu Ban's words, looked at Bu Fang, and said, "This is definitely someone who wanted to play tricks. They want you to be everyone's target..."

"What? Who wants to play tricks with me?" Bu Fang asked, confused. This is the first time he came to the second layer, so who would do such boring tricks to a low-key, first layer chef?

"We have no idea as well. But it's definitely not good. Being in the talent list will make you popular, and many people are dreaming of this popularity..." Gongshu Yun said.

"So, if a first layer Immortal Chef was ranked in a position that did not match up with his strength..."

Bu Fang now understood the situation. Since there would be countless people who coveted this position, would they come to challenge him?

This would make his preliminary competition stressful, and he may even become the laughingstock of everyone.

"I don't care. It's just a trivial matter," Bu Fang indifferently said, waving his hand as he raised the corner of his mouth.

Gongshu Ban and the others looked at Bu Fang helplessly. It seems that he did not understand the gravity of his situation.

"Those who want to challenge me... will soon understand how stupid their decision was," Bu Fang patted Xixi's head, who was standing next to him.

Gongshu Ban and the others could not do anything about it, so they returned to their own rooms.


All of the Immortal Chefs had now seen the talent list, and they were all outraged.

The first ninety-nine didn't go beyond their expectations, but what kind of a joke is that one-hundredth place?

Where did that first layer Immortal Chef come from? What are his qualifications to occupy the hundredth place?

Did the first layer Immortal Chefs now have the opportunity to be on the talent list?

In history, their best achievement was one hundred and fifty, so how could they make it on the talent list?

Who the hell arranged this talent list? Is this a comedy?


Xiao Family

Xiao Buqun saw his older brother, Xiao Buque, who just came back, his face revealing a smile.

"Many thanks, Big Brother!"

Xiao Buque's gentle smile remained on his face.

"Buqun, why do you want to destroy that first layer Immortal Chef? What's the reason for giving him such hatred? He's only a first layer trash, yet you want to disturb his mental state. If he is in a position that doesn't match his own strength, I'm afraid that chef's mind would soon collapse."

"That's exactly what I want. After being challenged and trampled by everyone, his mental state would collapse into despair." Xiao Buqun grinned, his face looking malevolent. "He will face the ridicule of others every single day... and will become the laughingstock of all Immortal Chefs!"

"Hey, hey, hey... That's too much. He's just a first layer chef. It won't be easy for them to enter the final ranking, right?" Xiao Buque said.

"Big Brother, don't underestimate him. That guy fought against five at the same time and won," Xiao Buqun said.

"Ah, those five guys who had gone to the first layer with you for the discussion? Just five of them... Your elder brother also only needed one hand to fight with that five." Xiao Buque raised the corners of his mouth into a smirk, disdain evident on his face.

"Hehe! Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing that guy become the laughingstock of everyone. This will solve my pain of being stripped off..." Xiao Buqun was somewhat dazed as he said the last sentence faintly.

Xiao Buque was taken aback.

"Stripped off? What's that? Is that the kind of stripping off clothes I think? "

"No, no... Big Brother, you misunderstood."


After everyone saw the talent list, a group of people came to the residence of the first layer Immortal Chefs.

In an instant, the entire residential area was surrounded, and the surroundings were packed.

Everyone clamored to challenge the hundredth placer, Bu Fang.

At this moment...

The person who became everyone's target had just entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland, bringing with him the Enhanced Abyssal Chili Sauce he had exchanged from the system.