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 The door creaked as it was opened...

It was not Bu Fang who opened the door but Whitey, whose mechanical eyes twinkled as it said, "Troublemakers... will be stripped in front of everyone and thrown out!"

Whitey's fat figure blocked the doorway, looking down at the three people.

However, after it finished speaking, it just stood there, motionless. It then lifted its huge palm to scratch its round head.

Whitey lowered its head at a pair of watery eyes. At this moment, those eyes were like pools, and it seems that that person was frightened by Whitey's words and flashing eyes.

Xixi's mouth trembled before she burst into tears.

In response, Whitey looked at Xixi with a foolish expression.

As Xixi cried, her tears flowed down her cheeks and nose, mixing with her snot.

Whitey recognized Xixi as Bu Fang's new apprentice. Perhaps because he had swallowed a lot of lightning punishments, but the puppet had gained some spiritual wisdom during his evolution.

However, even with spiritual wisdom, it could not understand the current situation.

Aside from Xixi, there were two figures present. They took off their hoods, revealing two exhausted faces.

As if hearing someone crying, Bu Fang slowly descended the stairs.

Bu Fang was wearing pajamas. His hair was loose, and the lapel in front of his chest was slightly opened, showing a bit of fair skin.

His whole body exuded a somewhat lazy aura.

Yawning, Bu Fang walked to the door and asked, "What happened?"

Whitey scratch its head as its body leaned to the side, revealing Xixi who was sitting on the ground and crying.

"What? Xixi?"

Bu Fang frowned and stared at Xixi.

Hearing a familiar voice, Xixi stopped crying. However, after already crying like a little cat, her face was now full of tears.

A Spicy Stip appeared in Bu Fang's hand as he leaned down, giving it to Xixi.

"Here, eat this Spicy Strip... Don't cry." Bu Fang's comforting words were somewhat stiff.

After receiving the Spicy Strip, Xixi actually stopped crying.

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled. Then, it approached Xixi, stretching out its huge palm to lift her, then placed her on its shoulder.

Xixi, who was still a child, suddenly felt interested. While holding the Spicy Strip, she smiled and played with Whitey.

At this moment, Bu Fang stared at the two other figures.

Mu Liuer and Mu Shou both revealed their exhausted faces.

"We're sorry for disturbing Owner Bu at this late hour... but we have something to tell you."

Bu Fang clasped his hands and walked over to the tables, saying, "Come in and take a seat."

Mu Liuer and Mu Shou looked at each other before they stepped into the restaurant.

With a bang, the restaurant's door was slammed shut.

Shortly after, the sound of tea pouring into cups could be heard.

The light flashed.

The steam wafting up from the tea seemed to glow under the reflection of the light, as though it bloomed colors.

Bu Fang brought over the hot tea to Mu Liuer and Mu Shou.

"Drink... I personally picked these leaves," Bu Fang said.

Mu Liuer used both hands to hold the ceramic cup. The heat exuded by the teacup gradually warmed her cold heart.

The tea's fragrance was rich, and it eventually calmed her down.

This was the charm of Immortal Chef Little Store, which always calmed people's minds.

After a while, she took a sip of tea.

The bitter taste of the tea flowed down her throat and settled in her stomach. However, after the bitterness came a rich sweetness.

"Speak... What happened?" Bu Fang stared at Mu Liuer and asked suspiciously.

Mu Liuer bitterly shook her head. Everything that had happened today left her feeling frightened at this moment.

"My father died, and the Mu family residence has been destroyed... The City Lord has changed," Mu Liuer's voice and body trembled.

Bu Fang was slightly stunned as he listened to Mu Liuer.

"Today, the Tong family, Zhang family, and other leaders of aristocratic families coordinated with a Six-star Beast Emperor and Manager Cui, who should have left already. They surrounded and beat up my father to death," Mu Liuer said, her body trembling some more.

She had not thought that Tong Wudi's courage would be so big.

Her father was the City Lord of Immortal City. Moreover, each City Lord was chosen and assigned personally by the Realm Lord.

She had never thought that those people dared to go against him. Were they not worried that the Realm Lord would blame them?

Nonetheless, she knew that Tong Wudi was behind this.

With the participation of the Six-star Beast Emperor, Tong Wudi and the others could definitely say that her father was killed by that beast, and that he died together with it.

Bu Fang looked at Mu Liuer's grieving face, but he didn't know what to say.

After thinking for a while, he finally said, "Contain your sorrow. A dead person cannot be revived."

He did not know how to comfort the other, so he could only say this.

"I know. I came here today because I want to ask Owner Bu to take care of Xixi," Mu Liuer calmly said and took another sip of tea.

Bu Fang looked at Xixi, who was playing with Whitey and nodded. Xixi was his apprentice chef, so he would naturally take care of her.

"I will."

"The Mu family has fallen. Xixi, from now on, please rely on Owner Bu. I... I must take revenge," Mu Liuer said.

"Big Sister Liuer, I want to go with you," Mu Shou said calmly.

"No! You need to stay here with Owner Bu and protect Xixi. Both of you are our Mu family's hope. When you become powerful Immortal Chefs, the Mu family could still have a chance to rise again," Mu Liuer said firmly.

"No, Big Sister Liuer. I want to go to the second layer with you!" Mu Shou chokingly said, trying to fight his tears back.

"You cannot go with me. I don't even know if I will be able to survive when I go to the second layer. Besides, I'm not sure if the Mu family on the second layer has experienced any changes, so I don't dare to bet. You and Xixi are both safe here with Owner Bu, so I must leave you two behind. You're the hope of our Mu family."

After a while, Mu Liuer left, leaving Mu Shou and Mu Xixi behind.

Bu Fang choked a bit. He stared at Mu Liuer as she left, and for a moment, his mood was rather complicated.

"Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi. You can do it... I believe in you." Bu Fang patted Mu Shou's head as he said that.

Mu Shou and Mu Xixi settled in the restaurant.

Mu Xixi was the apprentice chef, while Mu Shou replaced the unreliable waiter, the Black Dragon King, and became the new waiter of Immortal Chef Little Store.

The next day, the Tong family brought over a large group of people and arrived at Immortal Chef Little Store, intent on taking Mu Xixi and Mu Shou back with them.

However, the relationship between Whitey and Mu Xixi had exceeded Bu Fang's expectations.

The guard, Whitey, didn't even speak any unnecessary words and spurred into action.

The Tong family people were beaten until their noses bled and their faces swelled. They were then stripped off their clothes and thrown out.

After this incident, the Tong family didn't dare to come to the restaurant again to take Mu Xixi and Mu Shou.

The Mu family seemed to have withered away on the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Besides Mu Xixi and Mu Shou, who stayed in the restaurant, the others had left.

In one night, the entire Mu family disappeared without a trace.

Later, Bu Fang went to the Mu family residence.

The entire place had been turned to ruins, burned to the ground by immortal flames with smoke still rising.

Bu fang sighed after seeing the current state of the Mu family's residence. After a while, he turned around and returned to his restaurant.


The Immortal Chef Tournament was finally about to start.

Presently, the position of City Lord of the first layer was occupied by Tong Wudi. However, he was just an acting City Lord. After all, he had not been approved yet by the Realm Lord.

But as planned, his approval was only a matter of time.

In the City Lord mansion, Tong Wudi sat on a high platform with narrowed eyes.

In the square outside the mansion, the Immortal Chefs were bustling.

At this moment, almost the entire population of the first layer was gathered here as this was the day dedicated to the commencement of the Young Immortal Chef Tournament of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

These Immortal Chefs were here to participate in the competition.

Gongshu Ban, Gongshu Yun, Xuanyuan Xiahui, and the other participants were here. They were waiting for the opening of the magic array.

The Young Immortal Chef Tournament was a grand event in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm, so naturally, it was not possible to hold it in the first layer.

From the second layer to the fifth layer, each layer had different competitions.

The second layer was the location of the first event, the preliminary competition, so all the participating Immortal Chefs would gather there.

Inside the City Lord's mansion...

Tong Wudi clasped his hands and slowly walked out.

Tong Wudi, at this moment, was very powerful. As a City Lord, he naturally had the power and influence befitting of the title.

His eyes swept across the crowd.

"Today is the day that everyone present will participate in the Young Immortal Chef Tournament. You represent the first layer of our Immortal Cooking Realm, so I hope everyone will obtain good achievements..."

Tong Wudi did not say much. His encouragement was only a routine thing.

After all, the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm always ranked at the bottom. Nonetheless, it was a good opportunity for everyone to see and explore the other layers.

Since the first layer was big, it naturally had many talented Immortal Chefs.

The siblings Gongshu Ban and Gongshu Yun, the new talent Xuanyuan Xiahui, and also the Tong family's Tong Shui... All of them were hopeful to rank in the top three hundred.

Gongshu Ban even had the ability to enter the top two hundred.

Tong Wudi was a City Lord, so he would naturally give many encouragements to these talents.

In the distance...

An uproar resounded.

Tong Wudi's eyes suddenly narrowed.

There, a lean figure slowly approached.

This person wore a red and white robe. His hair was tied up with a velvet rope, and his whole body exuded a lazy demeanor.

"Bu Fang..." Tong Wudi whispered.

Gongshu Ban's eyes brightened.

As many Immortal Chefs stared at Bu Fang, their eyes shone.

This Immortal Chef from the world of mortals had brought them many surprises. They didn't know just how far this mortal chef would go in this Immortal Chef Tournament.

As of today, Bu Fang's reputation in the first layer was like thunder, piercing to the ears. The Immortal Chefs couldn't help but move out of the way for him to walk past.

Behind Bu Fang, there were two figures.

On was Whitey, and the other one was a little girl, who sat on its shoulders.

Tong Wudi's gaze fell on that girl, and his eyes suddenly flashed.

"Mu family survivor?"

Tong Wudi exhaled. His eyes became sharp as he stared straight at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang stared back at Tong Wudi, unfazed.

"Unrelated people are not allowed entry into the magic array," Tong Wudi said indifferently.

"One is my Earth Immortal Puppet, and the other is my apprentice chef. They are not unrelated people," Bu Fang retorted.

Apprentice chefs were actually allowed to follow Immortal Chefs to the competition. They could learn cooking skills and experience situations first hand.


Tong Wudi stared at Bu Fang, his face turning cold. A moment later, the corners of his mouth curved into a slight smile.

"Alright. If that is the case, then carry on. I hope Owner Bu's time in the competition will go smoothly. You could bring some hopes to our Immortal Cooking Realm's first layer," Tong Wudi said. His smile looked forced, and his eyes were somewhat strange.

Bu Fang nodded. He didn't have any good impression of Tong Wudi.

Tong Wudi grinned and coldly stared at Bu Fang.

He was now the City Lord. Once the Realm Lord sends his approval, he would have the opportunity to connect with the other City Lords to chase down the black dog in Bu Fang's restaurant.

At that time, without the black dog's protection, he will be able to crush Bu Fang with a pinch.

Previously, five City Lords joined forces to expel the black dog from the Immortal Cooking Realm. Now, it was also possible to achieve this.

At this moment, Tong Wudi stared at Bu Fang with an ice-cold gaze.

Bu Fang and the Tong family already had a falling out, so Tong Wudi definitely wouldn't let Bu Fang off.

"Then, with the opening of the magic array, I hope everyone will obtain good rankings at this Immortal Chef Tournament. Bring honor to our Immortal Cooking Realm's first layer!"

Above the stage, Tong Wudi's voice boomed.

The Immortal Chefs underneath were suddenly moved, bursting out with fighting intent.

After that, a bright, seven-colored light beam emerged in Tong Wudi's hand, which he pressed onto the stone platform in front of the stage.


In the next instant, a seven-colored light beam burst out of the huge magic array. Its radiance covered all the Immortal Chefs as it shot up to the sky.

The Immortal Chefs standing in the magic array exclaimed. Suddenly, they discovered that their bodies were slowly rising, with a speed that was getting faster. Together with the seven-colored light beam, they all rushed into the sky.


Immortal Chef Little Store

Lord Dog saw the light beam that soared to the sky, yawning.

"Immortal Chef Tournament... Hey, I really hope that boy Bu Fang will enter the Immortal Tree space, so Lord Dog can also meet an old friend," He muttered, sticking his tongue out to lick his lips, as though finding something delicious.