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 They lost?

Every one of the noisy crowd looked at Bu Fang with bright eyes.

Owner Bu had won. This Immortal Chef from the lower realm had created another miracle.

This time, his opponents were five Immortal Chefs. Furthermore, he had used only one move to defeat them. It was really unbelievable.

"I recognized them. They came from the discussion team of the second layer Immortal Chefs!"

"What?! Owner Bu actually competed against second layer Immortal Chefs?"

"Owner Bu really did defeat the second layer Immortal Chefs?"

Someone had recognized the chefs that Bu Fang was competing against.

As they were second layer chefs, they were quite easy to recognize. The moment they had arrived at the first layer, they had attracted the attention of many people.

At this moment, however, the people's attention was not on these chefs.

Bu Fang had defeated the second layer Immortal Chefs?

How could this be?!

Everyone knew that first layer Immortal Chefs were weaker than second layer Immortal Chefs in all aspects. That was because of the limited resources available to the first layer.

Naturally, over the years, many talented first layer Immortal Chefs had shot to fame. These chefs had shown their talent during the Immortal Chef Tournament and, thus, had reached the top two hundred.

However, such chefs were rare. Even if there was, that chef had become a famous Third Grade Immortal Chef by now.

Is Owner Bu one of those talented chefs?

Many people wondered.

He was only a chef that had come from the world of mortals. His growth was very fast.

"What? Eat the stove?"

The second layer Immortal Chef that had boasted earlier had a pale face now. He did not think that Bu Fang could turn around the situation.

A first layer Immortal Chef had actually cooked a dish that triggered two lightning punishments and had, unexpectedly, defeated their lightning punishment with only a single move.

In the middle of their celebration, and in their proudest moment, their Thunder Dragons were torn to shreds.

"Ah... The matter of eating the stove aside, we have to settle the Chef's Challenge's penalty first," Bu Fang expressionlessly said. He placed both hands into his Vermillion Robe pockets, his calm eyes fixed on somewhere distant.

As Xixi carried the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall cooked by Bu Fang, a radiance burst above it. The Buddha seemed to be alive, and his face revealed a wide smile.

Bu Fang wanted to teach the three children a lesson, so he chose Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. That was because what he taught them earlier was only an ordinary Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Previously, there had never been an immortal dish version of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Along with the upgrade of Bu Fang's cooking level, the level of ingredients also increased, and in turn, the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall's level increased as well.

Now, this Buddha Jumps Over The Wall had reached rank three.

Only the best First Grade Immortal Chef could cook a rank three immortal dish.

"Penalty? What penalty?"

The five second layer Immortal Chefs shouted in anger. Their expressions had changed the instant they heard Bu Fang's words.

Their expressions were gloomy. This time, their ship had turned over in the gutter, and it was hard for them to admit it.

They initially thought that they could retrieve Xiao Buqun's honor, so they boldly went out and challenged Bu Fang.

This guy... was somewhat weird.

"Everyone, let's go. That penalty is simply a joke," Tong Shui said, trying to save the faces of the second layer Immortal Chefs. "Everyone knows the importance of a kitchen knife to a chef, so how could such a cruel rule exist in this world?!"

"Right! This is not morally appropriate! We will not hand over our kitchen knives!"

As Tong Shui had created an avenue for them to wiggle out, the desperate second layer chefs quickly voiced their agreement. Each and every one of them had a wry smile on their faces.

The spectators looked at them with disdain.

You agreed to it, but now, you're unwilling to admit defeat. This is shameless, a loss of face...

"So... you intend to deny this, but it's not that easy to invalidate the rules of the Chef's Challenge."

Bu Fang remained calm. His eyes, which were fixed on the chefs, were expressionless.

The three brats, Mu Xixi, Mu Shou, and Mu You, ran to the side and opened the lid of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Light burst out of the porcelain jar and rushed into the sky.

Expressions of surprise appeared on the faces of the three kids. The moment they smelled the aroma, they looked dazed.

Immortal energy, golden light, and a rich aroma... The fusion of these three captivated the spectators.

Boom! Boom!

In the sky, the dark clouds had long since dispersed, but a loud crackle of thunder still rang out.

As a powerful pressure pressed down from above, the faces of the five second layer Immortal Chefs suddenly changed.

"This is..."

Bu Fang looked up, and the corners of his mouth curled up. "It's started. The Chef's Challenge has been acknowledged by the Immortal Cooking Realm's Heavenly Path, but you refuse to honor the terms."

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

A loud blast rang out as an arc of blue lightning tore down from the sky.

It moved so fast that it had reached a second layer Immortal Chef in a blink of an eye.

This Immortal Chef reacted just as quickly and leaped to the side. The ground was smashed apart, and a dark pit had appeared where he stood only a moment ago.

Instantly, understanding dawned on the second layer Immortal Chefs.

This cooking battle had been acknowledged by the Heavenly Path. Even if they could resist now, the Heavenly Path will make sure that... they wouldn't be able to keep and use their kitchen knives.

Their hearts bled at the realization.

Not only were their kitchen knives precious to them, but they were all immortal tools. Some of them were even medium-grade immortal tools!

Now that the second layer Immortal Chefs had to relinquish their knives to a first layer Immortal Chef, they were filled with regret.

They glanced at Bu Fang, who only nodded at them.

With a single thought, a magic array suddenly appeared below Bu Fang.

The flickering magic array began to spin, and a crystal knife cabinet slowly emerged from it.

When the crowd saw the dazzling crystal cabinet, they instantly raised an uproar.

There were many kitchen knives inside it. Seeing the different types of knives, they couldn't help but feel amazed. It was really a dazzling scene.


Looking at that knife cabinet, they realized that Bu Fang had planned this.

From the number of knives in that cabinet, it was obvious that this was not the first time that that first layer chef participated in a Chef's Challenge.


No matter how much their hearts bled, the second layer Immortal Chefs had to comply, or else they would get struck by the lightning generated by the Heavenly Path.

The glowing knife cabinet emitted a suction force, and their kitchen knives soared towards Bu Fang.

Bu Fang raised his hand, and the colorful kitchen knives hovered to his side.

Then, he flicked his finger, making those knives move around. The buzzing sounds resounded unceasingly.

"These kitchen knives are not bad..." Bu Fang said.

Not bad?!

They're medium-grade immortal tools!

The eyes of the second layer Immortal Chefs were filled with hatred. They were unwilling to lose their knives as their cooking skills would drop a lot.

Bu Fang certainly did not care about their glares, as though they could eat someone.

With a single thought, the hovering knives soared into the knife cabinet and arranged themselves neatly.

"Hmph! A mere junior dared to scheme against my second layer Immortal Chefs. Are you even qualified to take these immortal tools away?"

The moment Bu Fang arranged the kitchen knives into the cabinet, the void suddenly emitted a mysterious sound.

That sound seemed to blast the void.

Everyone soon heard a loud buzzing sound in their ears, which was so loud it almost deafened them.

The faces of Mu Liuer, Gongshu Ban, and the others suddenly changed.

This aura... belongs to the team leader of the second layer Immortal Chefs!


The void blasted out.

Suddenly, an enormous hand made of true energy pressed down towards Bu Fang's knife cabinet, wanting to smash that cabinet into pieces.

This caused a commotion to break out.

Bu Fang's face darkened.

In the distance, the initially desperate expressions of the five Immortal Chefs became triumphant.

"It's Manager Cui! Our immortal tools will be saved!"

"Kill him, Manager Cui! This trash tricked us!"

"Manager Cui, you must act for us!"

Determined to use this opportunity to save their immortal tools, the five Immortal Chefs burst into tears.

Boom! Boom!

The massive palm continued on towards Bu Fang. It emitted a terrible pressure, showing its frightening and suppressive strength.

This palm was fused with the will of the Heavenly Path, so the person who wielded it had an incredibly high cultivation level.

However, to Bu Fang, the descending pressure was just a joke.

In his opinion, the pressure of this person was much worse than that pervert Realm Lord Di Tai, so he wasn't worried at all.

"How shameless! They're not even concerned about losing their faces!" Mu Liuer was really furious.

As the palm descended, it shattered the space beneath it.


From the City Lord's mansion, an enormous palm took shape.

With a loud rumble, this palm slapped Manager Cui's descending palm, causing it to explode.

"Manager Cui, why did you make a move on a junior? This is a competition between them, and victory and defeat were inevitable... If you don't accept, then winning the Immortal Chef Tournament won't be enough."

A voice, which was closely followed by a chuckle, resounded. It was the voice of City Lord Mu Yang.

Mu Liuer and the others were overjoyed.

Bu Fang looked towards the City Lord mansion.

The large palm disappeared, and the distorted space returned to normal.

The seemingly boiling mental force in the air had also dissipated.


Inside Immortal Chef Little Store, Lord Dog raised his paw, then scratched his head.

"Eh... Forget it. I'll just continue to sleep for a while."


Mu Yang made a move, and no one, including Manager Cui, had expected this.

But Mu Yang was, after all, a City Lord. Although he was a City Lord with the weakest cultivation, he was still a City Lord.

Manager Cui knew that it would not do to escalate the situation. Hence, he snorted and retracted his hand.

"Go back, you disgraceful bunch of people..." Manager Cui bellowed coldly.


In a towering pavilion in the Tong family residence, Manager Cui looked in the direction of the City Lord's mansion with a gloomy expression. His eyes could not help narrowing.

"City Lord Mu Yang... Good, very good."

With that, Manager Cui snorted coldly and left in anger.

Tong Wudi grabbed the railing and sighed. He raised his head and looked into the distance.

Then, the corners of his mouth curled up into a slight smile.


The Immortal Chef who said he would eat the stove didn't really honor his words.

After all, his statement had not received the attention of the Heavenly Path, so reneging on it did not bring about problems.

At this moment, the five second layer Immortal Chefs were depressed.

They felt terribly aggrieved, and their hearts bled.

Initially, they considered the cooking battle as a chance to show off their strength, but they ended up being beaten by someone from the first layer.

Furthermore, their immortal tool kitchen knives had been confiscated, so this had an adverse effect on their strength and skills.

This loss would definitely cause their performance to drop in the upcoming Immortal Chef Tournament.


Bu Fang took Xixi and the others to the restaurant.

He brought Xixi to the kitchen and granted her the status of an apprentice chef.

Xixi was fascinated by everything in the kitchen. This widened her view, and she learned a lot.

The little girl enjoyed her time there and was so excited, so much so that when she returned to the Mu family residence, she was unable to have a good sleep all night.

In the next few days, she visited Bu Fang's restaurant to learn cooking.

The second layer Immortal Chef team had left. Since the Immortal Chef Tournament would start in three days, they needed to return to the second layer to prepare for the competition.

Shortly after the second layer Immortal Chefs left, terrible news shocked the entire first layer.

The Immortal Cooking Realm's first layer City Lord, Mu Yang... has fallen.

This news spread like an earthquake, and everyone had raised an uproar.

"City Lord Mu Yang has died. When he went to the wilderness, he was cornered by a powerful beast. The head of the Tong family, Tong Wudi, has been crowned acting City Lord of Immortal City. He will now be in charge of the matters concerning the first layer."

On that same day, flames spread around the Mu family residence, shooting into the sky.

Upon hearing of Tong Wudi's new position, the Mu family had revolted against Tong Wudi, and on that night, they were eradicated by an alliance of aristocratic families, which included the Tong family.

The Mu family... had been uprooted and destroyed.


The night was deep.

Not far from Immortal Chef Little Store, three shadows appeared...

Those figures wore black robes. They walked wearily towards the restaurant's doors with exhausted faces.

One of them knocked hard on the doors.