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 "What are they doing? The lightning punishments are killing each other?"

"Wow... It's a Thunder Dragon war!"

The crowd raised their heads to stare at the six Thunder Dragons in the void, rushing from the dark clouds and ripping each other apart.

The crowd only heard the sounds of thunder roaring and scattered in all directions unceasingly.

This epic scene made the people scream with excitement.

The five Immortal Chefs were somewhat ignorant at first, but after a while, their eyes focused.

They were not fools. They understood the situation after assessing it.

"Is this the so-called Chef's Challenge?" an Immortal Chef asked.

By triggering the lightning punishment as a standard for judging the dish, the six lightning punishments fought, five against one. Hence, the victorious side would decide the winner of the Chef's Challenge.

"Well, we have five lightning punishments against one... Where did that trash's courage come from?"

The second layer Immortal Chefs were very confident.

The aroma of the dishes in their hands lingered in the air, but at this moment, the focus of the battle was not on these dishes, but on the Thunder Dragons above their heads.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle of the six lightning punishments was the focus of everyone present, bringing about an uproar.

As the five Thunder Dragons revolved around the Thunder Dragon in the middle, they beat it with sizzling lightning arcs. These Thunder Dragons were vivid and lifelike, and one could even see their scales clearly.

With a roar, a Thunder Dragon charged toward Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon.


An explosion rocked the skies, and lightning bolts suddenly swept across, illuminating the skies like daylight.

At this moment, the sky was beginning to become pitch-black, but under the Thunder Dragons' might, it was as bright as daytime.

The spectators looked up to the sky and cheered excitedly.

"Big Sister Liuer, do you think Old Bu's lightning punishment will win?" Mu Xixi blinked her big eyes as she looked at Mu Liuer.

Mu Liuer was surprised, at a loss for words.

Could he win? She also had no answer in her heart.

Perhaps, he could win. After all, that person was Bu Fang, a chef who came from the world of mortals and had created many miracles.


At this moment, he faced five Immortal Chefs from the second layer, and their skills were not worse than Gonghu Ban's

If Bu Fang's dish could trigger three lightning punishments, then he would have a chance. Otherwise, it would be too difficult for him to clinch a victory.

In the distance...

Gongshu Ban also had a similar thought.

The Thunder Dragon of the succeeding lightning punishment was stronger than the previous one. If the three lightning punishments descended, these other lightning punishments would not be able to contend with it, and instead, they would be torn to shreds instantly.

When that happens, the winner would be Bu Fang.

Given this situation, Gongshu Ban and the others also understood that the final outcome of this battle would be decided by the lightning punishments in the sky.

Bu Fang crossed his arms, his Vermilion Robe fluttering in the strong wind.

At this moment, amidst the night sky that was bright like daytime, the ear-splitting sounds from the battle unceasingly boomed.

This fierce battle completely shocked the people spectating below.

Five Thunder Dragons attacked the Thunder Dragon triggered by Bu Fang. They opened their mouths and bit his Thunder Dragon's neck, tearing it unceasingly.

The Thunder Dragons swept across and collided together repeatedly.

The various spectators couldn't help but clench their fists tightly. Right now, it felt like they were witnessing a bloody battle instead of a cooking competition.

Suddenly, the spectators shouted in alarm.

In the sky, Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon was torn apart, its head and tail bitten off.

This caused an uproar, and everyone was greatly astonished. Some people held their heads, while others cried out in shock.

Since Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon was bitten and torn apart, that meant that his Thunder Dragon was defeated.

Bu Fang... was defeated.

The Immortal Chef that constantly created miracles was defeated...

Mu Xixi suddenly grew worried. She held onto Mu Liuer's lap and pointed at the broken Thunder Dragon in anxiousness.

"Hahaha! Really, the first layer trash is precisely trash! Chef's Challenge... You deserved it."

When the second layer Immortal Chefs saw Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon being ripped apart, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Previously, they had been somewhat afraid of turning over the ship in the gutter. But now, it seems that the dust had settled.

Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon being bitten meant that in this Chef's Challenge, the Great Path had determined the winner.

The aroma of the dishes in their hands constantly condensed and formed immortal energy. These immortal energies winding around the dishes gave them an ethereal feeling, like they were in a dream.

"Are you feeling desperate? Do you regret challenging us now?"

"Oh... That scared me. I thought I would lose!"

"Lose? If you had lost to this first layer trash, then this daddy would eat the stove! Hahaha!"

Indeed, the second layer Immortal Chefs were very happy. They laughed continuously, rubbing it in on their opponent's face.

In the distance...

City Lord Mu Yang furrowed his brows in disappointment.

He's really defeated?

"Tong family Head, see? This trash is precisely just trash. Generally speaking, it is impossible to defeat the talented second layer Immortal Chefs."

Manager Cui laughed. Clasping his hands, he turned around, intent on leaving.

He didn't want to witness the fate of that trash Immortal Chef.


"Oh... looks like you are very confident."

Bu Fang crossed his arms as he stared indifferently at his mutilated Thunder Dragon. There was not even the slightest concern on his face.


Bu Fang's words and attitude left everyone startled.

The celebration of the second layer Immortal Chefs suddenly ceased.

Mu Liuer eyes suddenly shone as she stared at the sky.

Gongshu Ban and Xuanyuan Xiahui also stared above, as though they had discovered something.

"You first layer trash... What are you so proud of? Our Thunder Dragons beat yours, so why won't you admit defeat?"

"Yeah, you lost the Chef's Challenge!"

"The Great Path has acknowledged this matter. Could it be that you want to act shamelessly?"

The second layer Immortal Chefs continued to taunt and ridicule Bu Fang. As the winners, they couldn't help but rub more salt to their opponent's wound.

"You there... you just said that you'd eat the stove if you lose, right?"

Bu Fang's indifferent voice suddenly arose. The corners of his mouth curved up, looking at the people in the distance who were mocking him.

Regarding their ridicule, Bu Fang was actually not affected.

"Do you think that you can turn over the situation? If I lose... I would really eat the stove!" The speaker was a young Immortal Chef who looked rather rough.

Bu Fang nodded. "Good... I'm looking forward to seeing such a scene."

Then, he raised his head and stared at the sky.

"Oh... your Thunder Dragons got injured."


The five Immortal Chefs were stunned. Then, they raised their heads, and their eyes shrank.

That was because their Thunder Dragons, after devouring Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon, got weaker. Furthermore, there were many gaps in their thunder formation.

Although they had torn Bu Fang's Thunder Dragon to shreds, they also suffered great injuries.

At this moment... the Thunder Dragons attacked once again...

The five Immortal Chefs sucked in a cold breath.

"Who said I had only one lightning punishment?" Bu Fang said. The moment he said those words, a thunderous sound boomed in the skies.

In that layer of pitch-black clouds, a radiance emerged.

A flickering Thunder Dragon emerged, roaring. In an instant, it charged towards the five Thunder Dragons.

"Two lightning punishments?!"

The five Immortal Chefs from the second layer took a deep breath, their hearts cold.

The spectators screamed loudly. Bu Fang turning the tables made it hard for them to suppress their excitement.

"Come on, Old Bu! Destroy them!" Mu Xixi raised her fists and excitedly hollered.

Gongshu Ban and the others let out a long breath. This was indeed Owner Bu's style.

In the distance, City Lord Mu Yang smirked, and his eyes were full of appreciation.

Manager Cui had not gone far when he heard the loud boom of thunder. He was left deeply shocked at the turn of events.

Then, he turned around and stared at the void in the distance.

"How is this possible?!"

Two lightning punishments?!

"Could this first layer trash also trigger two lightning punishments?!" Manager Cui's eyes shrank as he exclaimed in disbelief.

Tong Wudi also gasped in disbelief. He couldn't help but admit that Bu Fang's innate skills were too astonishing.

However, it still could not stop what he was planning to do.


When the second Thunder Dragon appeared, it reignited the excitement of everyone present.

That Thunder Dragon attacked and tore instantly.

Since the next lightning punishment was stronger than the previous one, the second layer Immortal Chef's Thunder Dragons were suddenly torn apart like paper.

And so... the final outcome carried no suspense.

In the end, those Thunder Dragons scattered, and the dark clouds above their heads were also slowly dissipating.

Rumble! Rumble!

The dishes in the porcelain trays in their hands trembled, and the trays fell, breaking into pieces and scattering on the ground.

The wisps of immortal energy on those dishes were also dissipating.

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

Bang! Bang!

However, the lightning punishment that ripped the five Thunder Dragons into shreds showed no signs of stopping. It roared and charged towards Bu Fang.

At this point, a burning smell wafted through the air as the Thunder Dragon descended, aiming for Bu Fang's head.


A bright light burst out in front of everyone's eyes.

The radiance was dazzling.

"Hahaha! There's no Earth Immortal Puppet. This guy must've been struck dead by the lightning," a second layer Immortal Chef excitedly said.

They lost. Although it was very hard to accept this fact, the truth was laid bare for them to see. They were unable to avoid it.

If Bu Fang was struck dead by the Thunder Dragon, then this fact would be buried in the past completely!

However, the other people looked at this laughing guy like they were looking at an idiot.

In the middle of those second layer Immortal Chefs...

The sound of a bird singing resounded. Red, fiery feathers fluttered everywhere.

The crowd was enchanted by this scene.

The dazzling bright light dissipated... revealing the outcome of the lightning punishment's attack.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

On Bu Fang's body, the red and white Vermilion Robe turned into a scarlet-red color as red radiance covered him.

Behind him, a pair of red flaming wings stretched out, and the fiery feathers unceasingly fluttered about in the void.

Bu Fang raised a hand and grabbed the Thunder Dragon, causing it to make cracking sounds.

This scene left everyone dumbfounded.

Even the second layer Immortal Chefs trembled.

He grabbed the Thunder Dragon barehanded?!

Is this guy in a rush to go to heaven?

The black-and-white bandaged arm suddenly used force, scattering the Thunder Dragon instantly.

Of course, this could be achieved by leaning on the powerful defensive strength of the Vermilion Robe. With the invincible Vermilion Robe, Bu Fang would even dare to try meeting Lord Dog's exquisite paw barehanded...

The moment the Thunder Dragon scattered, the dark clouds in the sky also dispersed.

In the air, a light aroma was wafting around.

Bu Fang slowly carried the dish from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The dense aroma slowly diffused as a Buddha with a gentle smile appeared.

"Wow! That's Buddha Jumps Over The Wall!"

As soon as Xixi saw Bu Fang carrying the jar, her eyes lit up.

Bu Fang faced Xixi in the distance and waved for her to come over.

Without hesitation, Xixi dashed over, excitement spreading across her small and cute face.

"You now know how to cook Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, right? " Bu Fang gently asked Xixi. "From now on, you are my apprentice. I hope that your cooking skills will improve."

Xixi's eyes were full of radiance as she stared at the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall in Bu Fang's hands.

In the distance, Mu Shou and Mu You's faces were solemn. This is Teacher Bu's last lesson?


In the Mu family residence, Mu Yang, who was standing on a towering pavilion, suddenly froze.

Staring at Mu Xixi standing next to Bu Fang, his eyes widened.


Far from him, the Tong family's railing was broken by Manager Cui. With a snort, he left in anger.


The wind blew gently...

Bu Fang gave the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall to Mu Xixi. Then, he turned and nonchalantly stared at the five Immortal Chefs in the distance.

"I seem to recall that one of you said he would eat the stove if he lost. Who is it again? I'd really like to experience watching that scene..."