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 "Chef's Challenge?"


"One against the five of us? That's ridiculous!"

Bu Fang's words were akin to a large stone that was thrown into a quiet pond, creating a loud splash.

Those second layer Immortal Chefs looked at each other in dismay.

They hadn't thought that this first layer Immortal Chef would be this bold. Unexpectedly, there wasn't a trace of fear in him.

Not only that, he even suggested this so-called Chef's Challenge...

"You're looking to die! Didn't you want to be a chef?"

All of their faces showed expressions of rage. Bu Fang's words and behavior had pushed them close to their limits.

As for Tong Shui, he was stunned speechless. He had not thought that Bu Fang would be so confident. Is he really that strong?

In a Chef's Challenge, the losers had to hand over their kitchen knives to the victors...

This was somewhat cruel. Every Immortal Chef had an incomparable love for their kitchen knives, and it was as though the knives were extensions of their arms.

Once they lost, it was like giving their arms to the victors.


"You are seeking death!" A second layer Immortal Chef said angrily. The true energy surging from his body suddenly burst out as he bellowed, "In that case, we will teach you... to behave appropriately! We will let you understand how great the disparity is!"

They had always looked down on first layer Immortal Chefs, but now, one of them had unexpectedly dared to despise them.

Until now, only they were the ones doing the despising. They absolutely cannot allow this trash to do the same to them!

That trash was also very arrogant to suggest a five-on-one battle. Did he really think they were paper tigers?!


The scene in front of everyone suddenly flashed.

In the next moment...

Tong Shui, Mu Liuer, and the children were banished to the distance, watching this group of Immortal Chefs from afar.

Bu Fang was now surrounded by five Immortal Chefs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five Immortal Chefs took out their own cooking stoves, which glowed brightly.


Next came the sound of knives as the Immortal Chefs took them out. Immortal energy could be seen winding around them.

The kitchen knives used by these Immortal Chefs were immortal tools. From the amount of immortal energy swirling around them, one could tell that they were middle-grade immortal tools!

In the distance...

Mu Liuer's eyes were filled with worry. She knew who these five people were. They were the Immortal Chefs from the second layer that had visited the City Lord several days before.

Their cooking skills were unquestionable. These chefs were confident in ranking within the top one hundred at the Immortal Chef Tournament!

Mu Xixi remained in Mu Liuer's arms. Although she was young, she was not stupid. She could feel that Bu Fang was having a serious battle.

"Old Bu! Beat their asses to death!" Mu Xixi shouted as she balled her hands into fists.

Hearing that, Mu Liuer did not know whether to laugh or cry.

This little girl...

At this moment, the five chefs all looked at Bu Fang with disdain.

"Chef's Challenge... We hope you won't disappoint us."

Bu Fang exhaled. With a single thought, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

"In that case, let's start the Chef's Challenge," Bu Fang said.

As soon as he said those words, everyone felt something stir in their hearts. They all raised their heads, looking up at the sky.

There, an invisible force exerted pressure from high above.

The faces of the five chefs suddenly changed. This feeling... is somewhat strange.

Bu Fang was very familiar with it, looking up at the sky as well.

The pledge of the Chef's Challenge should be that the Great Path would come and enforce the completion of this battle.

However, one against five... the pressure this time was not small at all.

With another thought, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok also appeared.

In the distance, the five second layer chefs began to take out ingredients from their spatial tools.

Immortal energy swirled around those ingredients on the stove.

A moment later, blade lights appeared everywhere as the knives arced through the air.

Those ingredients were also swirling in the air.

In an instant, these five had begun to display their cooking skills. Imposing waves of pressure burst out of their bodies as they moved.

Tong Shui's pupils shrank. The Chef's Challenge unfolding before his eyes had left him shocked.

The air was filled with terrifying pressure, causing his body's muscles to tremble over and over.

"Good... Very strong! This is worthy of the Immortal chefs from the second layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The pressure surging from the five chefs was so intense that they formed a shadow over their heads. Those shadows seemed to ignore the heavens as the full potential of their skills were displayed magnificently.

"So, they started already... They didn't disappoint at all," Bu Fang said, exhaling lightly.

With continuous flashes, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in hands. A cold arc of light flashed past, illuminating every corner of the vicinity.

A resounding dragon's roar rang out, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife exuded a brilliant golden glow.

At the same time, various ingredients flew out of his system storage space.

This Chef's Challenge did not have a theme, so all of them were free to choose what dish to cook. Of course, they would choose their best dish to subdue the other.

In fact, the Chef's Challenge in the Immortal Cooking Realm... was very violent. The chefs would use their maximum potential to crush each other by using lightning punishment!

A clatter rang out.

A second layer Immortal Chef had just whipped out a long kitchen knife. The speed at which he drew it was so fast that the spectators were dazzled instantly.

His speed was so fast, as though he had three arms, which were all chopping up the ingredients at the same time.

In no time, his ingredients were cut into little pieces. Each piece was precisely cut and identical to the others.

As everyone was displaying their own cooking skills, their kitchen knives emitted lights of different colors.

Mu Xixi and the other brats were in Mu Liuer's arms, watching the Chef's Challenge with wide eyes.

This Chef's Challenge is very exciting!

"Teacher Bu will definitely win!"

"Teacher Bu's cooking skills are the best I have ever seen. It's impossible for him to lose!"

"Old Bu is invincible! Destroy them, Old Bu!"

The three kids, Mu Shou, Mu You, and Mu Xixi, were all cheering for Bu Fang.

Of course, they would not miss any cooking details. No matter if it was Bu Fang or those chefs, all of their cooking skills were worth studying.

After all, this was a high-level Immortal Chef battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After their knife skills were put on full display, next came the flames. It goes without saying that everyone's flames were all immortal flames.

If one wanted to be a high-ranking Immortal Chef, they must have their own immortal flame.

The moment these immortal flames appeared, the temperature in the surroundings rose exponentially!

These chefs disdainfully looked at Bu Fang as they guided their flames to their stoves.

As for the first layer trash that was their opponent, he did not have an immortal tool stove. How would he compete with them?

Cooking stoves were very important to chefs. The battle had yet to start, but he had already lost.

However, Bu Fang didn't need a stove. At this moment, the Meteor Knife Skill was put on display.

It was akin to meteors tearing the sky on a very dark night.

"This is the perfect Meteor Knife Skill. Watch closely," Bu Fang said indifferently.

His voice soon reached Mu Xixi, Mu Shou, and Mu You. They couldn't help but reveal admiring looks.

The second layer Immortal Chefs suddenly became angry. While battling against them, this trash had dared to teach someone else...

This guy is really asking for it!

It seems that they have to crush him thoroughly and strip him off all his kitchen tools. Only then would the hatred in their hearts dissipate!


Flames surged up to the sky. These immortal flames turned into tool shapes and surrounded their stoves.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The swirling heat permeated the sky. In moments, an aroma filled the air.

Together, they condensed into a spirit beast.

A moment later, dark clouds began to form in the sky.

Outside the battle area, the bustling street had turned tumultuous.

Everyone watched the dark clouds roll and gather above them, their faces revealing shocked expressions.

In the Gongshu family residence, Gongshu Ban opened his eyes. A sharp glint flashed within them.

"This feeling... It's Owner Bu!"

He stood up and donned a long robe, after which he hurriedly rushed off.

On the way, he met Xuanyuan Xiahui. They both looked at each other, sharing a tacit understanding.

At that moment, many Immortal Chefs in Immortal City were attracted by this powerful presence, and they all rushed towards its source.

As for the heads of the aristocratic families, they seemed to have sensed something in their hearts.



Because of the enormous pressure, the magic array gradually lost its effectiveness, revealing the scene within it.

As soon as the surrounding pedestrians saw it, they went into an uproar. They hurriedly moved away and watched in the distance.

With shocked faces, they watched the ongoing Chef's Challenge.

Those people soon recognized Owner Bu, who was currently surrounded by five Immortal Chefs, and they all exclaimed in surprise.

"Are these five Immortal Chefs doing a cooking battle with Owner Bu?"

"Awesome! One against five?! How brave!"

"Those five Immortal Chefs... are very strong!"

The surrounding crowd could not help discussing amongst themselves, and the battle began to attract even more onlookers.

Some people had already realized that the five Immortal Chefs were from the second layer, and the news spread as quickly as a surging tide.

The crowd became even more excited.

It was only natural that people considered second layer Immortal Chefs to be quite capable of crushing first layer Immortal Chefs.

But now, unexpectedly, there was such an exaggerated and inconceivable scene... Five second layer Immortal Chefs were battling against a first layer Immortal Chef simultaneously!

The crowd knew to give Bu Fang and the second layer Immortal Chefs some space, so they all kept their distance as they watched.

Soon, Gongshu Ban, Xuanyuan Xiahui, and other Immortal Chefs had arrived. They watched this battle from a distance with a calm look.

Rumble! Rumble!

Above them, the immense pressure condensed.

More dark clouds swirled in the sky as booming sounds reverberated unceasingly.

The battle was gradually entering its most intense stage.


In the distance, above a towering pavilion, City Lord Mu Yang watched the Chef's Challenge.

His eyes flashed.

"Good... Let's see if this young chef could shine at the upcoming Immortal Chef Tournament. It all depends on the next result..."

The Tong family, Zhang family, and the team leaders of the second layer Immortal Chefs were also watching the events unfold from up high.

"Manager Cui, what do you think about this battle?" Tong Wudi asked, laughing.

"There's nothing about it that needs evaluating. Your first layer Immortal Chef is trash. This is just him being tortured to death. There really is no suspense," Manager Cui replied with a smile.

Tong Wudi's face suddenly went stiff.

"Besides, that chef of yours chose a one versus five battle. Isn't that just courting death? Once he is defeated, his dream to become a high-ranking Immortal Chef would soon collapse."

"Manager Cui, that chef is the person that the City Lord mentioned. He's the strongest young chef in the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm," Tong Wudi said. "He's a guy that has created countless miracles."

"Miracle? It doesn't exist here. When facing real strength, such people can only get crushed," Manager Cui said disdainfully. "Also, Tong family Head, I don't know if the condition we had talked about yesterday is true... You might probably know that what we're doing this time... is very disgraceful."

"Manager Cui, don't worry. The things we said to you won't go missing!"

"Good. Then, I look forward to it."


"They have started to trigger the lightning punishment..." Mu Liuer looked at the sky with a dignified expression. "This is surely a lightning punishment..."

Mu Xixi's big eyes looked at the lightning crackling within the dark clouds. She could not help but feel envious.

One day, she, too, would be able to cook dishes that could trigger lightning punishments.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Bu Fang's palm swept over the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, making the wok suddenly spin.

He expressionlessly looked up at the sky.

At the same time, the second layer chefs did the same.

Suddenly, their gazes shifted to Bu Fang, smirking at him.


An overwhelming wave of mental force suddenly exploded out of a second layer chef, and it was immediately followed by sneers.

"First layer trash, let us enjoy seeing your desperation!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each wok's cover was thrown up.

Suddenly, the strong aroma of dishes from those woks burst out.

In the sky, the swirling dark clouds instantly doubled in number, and the loud booms became even more intense.

Bu Fang let out a small breath. With a finger, he flicked away the lid he had placed on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

At this moment, the dark cloud in the middle... suddenly released a lightning arc, which was followed by a loud boom of thunder!

Six thunderclouds swept across the sky, seemingly threatening each other as they burst out angry roars.

In the sky, they were fighting each other.

Five thunder dragons rushed into the lightning punishment that Bu Fang had triggered.

This scene made people scream. No one had ever thought that this would happen.

"Is this... the Immortal Cooking Realm's Chef's Challenge?"

Bu Fang raised his head, looking at the sky.

There, bolts of lightning had suddenly appeared.

Six Thunder Dragons slaughtered unceasingly...

"The Great Path that the Chef's Challenge had provoked, and the Thunder Dragon that was summoned by its dish will both be the key in judging the victor of this battle.

"Now, whose lightning punishment ... is stronger?"