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 The Immortal Chef school in the Mu family was a place where the family's next generation of Immortal Chefs were taught and trained.

From a young age, any child in the family who had innate talent must attend school, and this has been going on in the family for years.

However, unlike before, the formerly noisy and disorderly school had now become well-organized.

Moving closer, one could smell the delicious aroma that filled the air and hear the sounds of stir-frying dishes.

It was the sound of the collision between the stove and wok, and the sound of the spatula against the latter. It sounded so sweet, like a rhythmic melody.

Wearing the Vermillion Robe, Bu Fang slowly walked towards the Mu family residence.

Today, he wanted to find an apprentice chef, so his expression was a little serious. But actually, deep down, he had already chosen someone.

Bu Fang's apprentice chef naturally must have innate talent, good skills, and the will to improve oneself.

Although they said that hard work could make up for the lack of natural talent, if one lacked talent, it was still difficult to reach a very high level even if you worked hard.

If one was hardworking and had talent, then it was better.

Of course, regarding these brats in this Immortal Chef school, Bu Fang's requirements weren't too high.

When he arrived in the classroom, the little brats were already in front of their stoves, practicing their cooking skills.

The moment the brats saw Bu Fang, they paused and greeted him. After that, they continued with their work.

As of today, these guys were trained well by Bu Fang.

Swish! Swish!

A knife spun in Mu Shou's hand. Its blade was light and flexible, as though it was a paper.

When the knife swung down, it was like a falling meteor, rapidly cutting the ingredients on the station.

This was the Meteor Knife Skill taught by Bu Fang. Its power was very good.

Although it was only the first level Meteor Knife Skill, it was enough for these guys to study and practice for a long time.

Mu Shou was the first brat who was punished by Bu Fang, the one who wielded a heavy knife a thousand times. Now, his knife skill was considered the best among his peers.

Except for Mu You, the boy who was as pretty as a girl, no one in the entire class could compare with Mu Shou's knife skill.

Mu You had been punished as well many times.

Beside Mu You was the youngest student, Mu Xixi, whose hair was braided and tied up like sheep horns. This time, Bu Fang's attention was on this little girl...

She was the one Bu Fang had chosen.

Mu Xixi had astonishing innate cooking skills. She was a quick learner, and her comprehension could surprise other people.

And the most important thing was...

Mu Xixi's tongue could judge far beyond what ordinary people could do. Its sensitivity to flavors had reached a special level.

What she had was an immortal tongue, which was an exceptional advantage. Even Bu Fang could not have this kind of talent.

In the Immortal Cooking Realm, it was rare for an Immortal Chef to have an immortal tongue. The chances of having it was ten thousand to one.

Moreover, Bu Fang knew that the Mu family had not yet discovered that Xixi had an immortal tongue. Hence, before anyone finds out, he must... snatch her.

Anyway, Bu Fang wasn't anxious. After all, Mu Yang had promised him to choose any person to be his apprentice.

Mu Xixi's face was chubby, her face full of baby fat. At this moment, she was focused on the dish in front of her, her small and cute face turning red as she released her mental force.

Undeniably, the advantage of the Immortal Cooking Realm was these children, who had started learning at a young age.

Although Mu Xixi was still young, her cultivation had already reached the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. Actually, she could go beyond it, but since her body was still growing and was not mature enough, she was not allowed to break through to Divine Soul Realm too early.

With this cultivation base, her mental force was enough to cook some advanced dishes.

Bu Fang crossed his arms, expressionlessly looking at Xixi cooking her dish.

Sensing Bu Fang's stare, Xixi didn't know whether she was stressed or excited, but her mental force was a bit chaotic at this moment...

Suddenly, Mu Xixi's face revealed a nervous and awkward look.

Sensing Xixi's state, Bu Fang's spirit sea sent out waves, his mental force bursting out to help Xixi stabilize hers.

The nervous look on Xixi's face suddenly disappeared. She raised her head to look at Bu Fang, laughing candidly.

"Thanks, Old Bu!"

"Please call me Teacher Bu or Owner Bu." Bu Fang indifferently looked at Mu Xixi.

"Yes, Old Bu."

After that, she didn't pay attention to Bu Fang. She reached her hand out and lifted the lid of the porcelain jar.

Instantly, hot steam wafted up and rolled above her, looking like a mushroom cloud. It came with a fragrant aroma, tickling everyone's taste buds.

Next, Mu Xixi put on some mittens before her small hands grabbed the porcelain jar. That jar's lid had a Buddha with a smooth belly carved on it.

"Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup! Done!" Mu Xixi said with a childish voice, her face full of pride as she looked at Bu Fang.

Around her, Mu Shou and the others were bummed out. Xixi could even learn and cook Bu Fang's most difficult dish, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

It was really frustrating to be compared to a crybaby... Not only that, this crybaby is really a baby! She was younger than them!

Although the knife skills of Mu Shou and Mu You were not weaker than Mu Xixi, when it came to cooking skills, they were really left behind.

"Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup?"

Bu Fang was a little surprised as he looked at Xixi. The innate skills of this little girl... is too astonishing.

Xixi excitedly removed the lid of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup and carried the jar over to Bu Fang.

"Old Bu, taste it! I used thirty-six ingredients in this Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup! Although they're not considered high-grade ingredients, I still had difficulty fusing their flavors," Xixi said, her big eyes staring at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang nodded slightly, not saying a single word.

He scooped up one bowl of golden brown soup, scooped up a spoonful, and blew off the heat before tasting it.

As soon as the soup entered his mouth, its taste unceasingly spread out. The flavor of various types of ingredients spread from the tip of the tongue to the rest of his mouth.

Although it was not rich and unforgettable like his Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, this constantly changing taste was a rare experience.

Worthy of a little girl with an immortal tongue. The way she blended the flavors made Bu Fang admire her.

Bu Fang drank a few more gulps and complimented her. "Not bad."

Because it had many ingredients, the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup lost its basic flavor. However, it was still delicious.

After hearing Bu Fang's praise, Xixi did a victory dance, swaying her hands around in the air excitedly.

"Old Bu, Xixi did her best. Is there any reward for Xixi? I want a Spicy Strip!" Xixi said.

In the distance, Mu Liuer was walking over to them. Seeing Xixi talking happily with Bu Fang, she couldn't help the brilliant smile that spread across her face.

Bu Fang did not refuse Xixi's request. In a flash, a Spicy Strip appeared in his hand, and he promptly gave it to the little girl.

As soon as Xixi received the Spicy Strip, she started eating it. Probably because of her sensitive immortal tongue, Xixi felt that it had a thousand flavors, which she liked very much.

"Xixi, do you want to come to Teacher Bu's restaurant to take a look?" Bu Fang said, patting Xixi's head.

"Old Bu's restaurant? Can Xixi go?" Xixi raised her head as she ate the Spicy Strip.

Mu Liuer was stunned. She seemed to have guessed who Bu Fang had chosen to be his apprentice.

"Owner Bu, could it be that you chose..." Mu Liuer said doubtfully, looking at Bu Fang with an incredulous expression. "Xixi is too young..."

"But she has good innate skills," Bu Fang said sincerely.

Mu Liuer didn't say anything more. After all, her father had agreed to Bu Fang's request, which was his condition to participate in the Immortal Chef Tournament.

Previously, the Mu family had let down Bu Fang, and Mu Liuer did not want that to happen again. Hence, she had no objections.

But she had some doubts. Xixi was, after all, still a little girl.

When everyone was done with their dish, Bu Fang continued his teaching.

After a while, the class had ended, and everyone started leaving.

As Mu Liuer helped Xixi wear her small backpack, Bu Fang walked over and patted the latter's head with a smile. "Let's go. Teacher Bu will take you to his restaurant."

Xixi's eyes lit up, her face beaming.

"Teacher Bu, can we go too?"

In the distance, Mu Shou and Mu You were blinking their eyes, their faces filled with anticipation.

Bu Fang glanced at the two of them. "Alright, you two can come."

Mu You and Mu Shou looked at each other and grinned, seeing the excitement in each other's eyes.

The two boys then followed, one on the left and one on the right of Xixi. All three brats stepped forward together.

With Mu Liuer leading the group, they went out of the Mu family residence, stepping into the main street of the inner circle.


Mu Liuer frowned, feeling that something was not right.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Bu Fang also paused in his steps, the sleeves of his Vermillion Robe swaying slightly.

"Who's there?" Bu Fang indifferently said.

The originally noisy street suddenly became silent at this moment, and the pedestrians were nowhere in sight.

Without a doubt, Bu Fang and the others fell into a magic array.

In the distance, several shadows appeared.

Xixi and Mu Shou had never seen this type of confrontation. Their bodies trembled, feeling that these people were demons.

Mu Liuer stepped closer to the children and shielded them, frowning.

Bu Fang's eyes indifferently looked in the distance.

A group of people came out from there, slowly approaching them.

One of them seemed familiar. He was the first guy who had been stripped off and thrown away by Whitey last night, Tong Shui.

"Owner Bu? Hey... I finally met you." Tong Shui narrowed his eyes as he sneered.

Behind him were Immortal Chefs wearing elegant chef robes. The auras of these chefs were formidable, and every one of them was much more powerful than the Immortal Chefs Bu Fang had ever met.

"These are the second layer Immortal Chefs... Last night, your Earth Immortal Puppet stripped off Xiao Buqun's clothes, electrocuted him, and threw him away. He still couldn't get up from his bed. Of course, they wanted to take revenge for their comrade," Tong Shui said.

"Take revenge?" Bu Fang asked without expression.

The Immortal Chefs behind Tong Shui started to talk.

"You're the person who's called the strongest young Immortal Chef by the City Lord? If Xiao Buqun cannot defeat you, we will..."

"We don't hit and kill people, so don't worry. We won't do anything to you. We just want to discuss and compare cooking skills with you."

"If you refuse, you must take responsibility and suffer the consequences. We've arranged a magic array here, so your Earth Immortal Puppet cannot sense anything and rescue you."

As the second layer Immortal Chefs spoke, they sneered, their faces filled with disdain.

"How dare you! All of you are guests in our first layer, which is under the jurisdiction of City Lord Mu Yang! Is this how you treat our hospitality?" Mu Liuer glared at them, furious.

Those people are in their first layer! How dare they throw their weight around in front of the City Lord's residence!

Tong Shui laughed. "City Lord Mu Yang? Not for-"

Immediately, Tong Shui stopped speaking, as though he had said too much. He was about to say "not for long."

Mu Liuer's eyes shrank. What did he mean?!

"The discussion these days are so boring. The so-called Immortal Chefs of the first layer are simply trash. We hope... that you won't disappoint us." A young man coldly said, narrowing his eyes at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang met that cold gaze with his own. "So... you arranged this magic array and spent all this effort just to compare your cooking skills with mine?"

"Yeah. We want to... crush you."

"You don't want to? If you don't, why did you agree to join the competition? You know, what happened to that fool Xiao Buqun might happen to you... Anyway, it's his fate," A female said with a smile.

Bu Fang understood. He expressionlessly stared at them, then heaved a sigh.

Turning around, he looked at the children, who were wrapped in Mu Liuer's arms.

"Mu Shou, Mu You... Teacher Bu will teach you the last lesson... Watch carefully," Bu Fang said.

Then, he raised his head and looked at the second layer Immortal Chefs.

"I know a better way to compare cooking skills. Have you heard of Chef's Challenge?"

Everyone was stunned. Chef's Challenge?

Bu Fang raised the corner of his mouth.

"A Chef's Challenge is a cooking competition where the loser must hand over their kitchen knife to the winner. Since you want to compare skills and you find the discussions boring, we should do a Chef's Challenge...

"So... All of you against me. Let's do a five-on-one..."