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 "Troublemakers... will be stripped in front of everyone and thrown out!"

Whitey's words momentarily stunned Xiao Buqun. Shortly after, he burst out laughing.

His laughter was full of ridicule.

"Only an Earth Immortal Puppet, but it dared to say such crazy things?" Xiao Buqun smirked.

A moment later, light shone out of his eyes.

In the second layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, the Immortal Chefs not only crushed the first layer Immortal Chefs on cooking skills, but their battle strength was also cultivated, which was much stronger than the first layer chefs who used spirit herbs and legendary potions.

In Xiao Buqun's impression, the Earth Immortal Puppets of the first layer were just trash.

An Earth Immortal Puppet could only reach One-star True Immortal Realm, and Xiao Buqun was pretty confident that he could beat it easily.

Hence, those arrogant words from that Earth Immortal Puppet were like a joke to him.

Strip off their clothes, huh.

It would be me who would tear the iron sheet off your body!

Xiao Buqun suddenly stepped on the ground, his figure soaring then dashing over.

Two legs gripped Whitey's arm.

"This trick is called, Hanging Upside Down the Star Hook! Come, fall for me!"

Xiao Buqun's eyes revealed fine light as true energy gathered in his legs. Filled immense strength, both legs pulled down Whitey's arm.

This was the trick he always used to destroy Earth Immortal Puppets.

In the second layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, their Earth Immortal Puppets were much stronger compared with the ones on the first layer.

In fact, the gap between the Immortal Cooking Realm's second layer, third layer, and fourth layer was not very big.

However, on the fifth layer, because of its great terrain, the spiritual energy and the natural resources were the best in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm. Hence, their Immortal Chefs were more talented, and their cultivation base were far superior.

Just like the top ten of the previous Immortal Chef Tournament... Eight of them came from the fifth layer.

Their dominance over everything was well-known and feared.

Powerful Earth Immortal Puppets in the first layer were very rare. However, in the upper layers, they were common and considered very important.

That was because every month, the Immortal Tree would bear fruits, and some of those fruits had Earth Immortal Puppets inside.

Naturally, those Earth Immortal Puppets were different from the first layer's Earth Immortal Puppets. They could help an Immortal Chef resist lightning punishments.

Not only that...

There was also the Heavenly Immortal Puppet, which was much stronger than an Earth Immortal Puppet.

Hence, Xiao Buqun was very confident. Facing this first layer Earth Immortal Puppet, he could absolutely crush it into a pulp.


Xiao Buqun widened his eyes, disbelief written all over his face.

His Hanging Upside Down the Star Hook trick could not break the arm of the Earth Immortal Puppet, let alone shake it.

Whitey's head slightly tilted. Then, it suddenly flung its arm.

Like a stinky fly, Xiao Buqun's figure was swatted, flying into the distance.

After Bu Fang had said a few words, he didn't say anything more.

Whitey's eyes shone with fierce light.


Under Whitey's feet, its strength suddenly burst out. Like a cannonball, it shot towards the crowd.

Those aristocratic families' Immortal Chefs suddenly had a bad feeling. Where have they seen this before?

They just came here to watch a good show.

They had not thought that Whitey would aim at them!

In an instant, Whitey appeared in front of the dumbfounded Tong Shui.

"No... No! I have nothing to do with this!" Tong Shui's face almost wrinkled as he pleaded.

Whitey ignored his pleas. Its massive palm-leaf hand fell...


"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Amidst the tearing sounds, pitiful screams were heard.

Tong Shui shivered, feeling the cold night air all over his body.

A cold breeze blew through, passing through his balls...

"Damn it!"

Tong Shui's eyes bulged out. Seeing his naked body, his face suddenly darkened.

You don't hit a man's face, and you certainly don't strip their clothes off!

This Earth Immortal Puppet... you have no moral integrity!

Tong Shui, a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert, could easily resist Whitey. However, he basically didn't have the courage as his clothes have been stripped off.

Without warning, Tong Shui was suddenly thrown away.

Whitey followed Bu Fang's instruction, throwing them a little far away...

Tong Shui felt that he was thrown to the void.

Under the multi-colored shining lights of Immortal City, he felt the cool and refreshing wind on his balls...

With a loud bang, he fell into a far-off area.

The surrounding people saw the naked Tong Shui, who was falling from the sky.

"Oh! Looks like the Tong family's genius Immortal Chef... Why is he not wearing clothes?"

"Interesting. Based on the direction of Tong Shui's fall, he came from Owner Bu's restaurant. Didn't he come to Owner Bu to find the trouble?"

"The mortal Immortal Chef Owner Bu could be considered a legendary character, you know. The head of the Tong family even chose to retreat, but these young Immortal Chefs... Tch. What are they even thinking? Do they have shit in their brains?"

The surrounding people recognized Tong Shui and whispered continuously.

Tong Shui burst into tears... Damn. He was just a person who passed by here.


In front of the restaurant, Whitey's movements were extremely fast.

Its leaf-like palm constantly swung. Every time it waved, there was a sound of tearing clothes.

After that, one more naked figure was flung, flying into the sky. It flew in a graceful arc before falling into the crowd.

Whitey's strength was very strong, so it threw also very far.

The surrounding people looked at every naked figure falling from the sky. Their faces looked like they were watching a funny play.

That was because they had discovered that these naked people were all famous Immortal Chefs in Immortal City.

There were some from aristocratic families, and there some who joined those families.

Xiao Buqun glared at Whitey, who was stripping off the clothes of those Immortal Chefs. His whole body trembled as a chill ran down his spine.

"What the hell... A perverted Earth Immortal Puppet exists in this world?!"

This was the first time he saw an Earth Immortal Puppet strip off the clothes of other people.

After Whitey was done stripping all the aristocratic families' Immortal Chefs, its mechanical eyes twinkled as it looked at Xiao Buqun in the distance.

Xiao Buqun raised the small knife in his hand with a stern look, muttering, "This Earth Immortal Puppet is not ordinary... It could even be compared to a second layer Earth Immortal Puppet! It seems that it has something special."

A moment later, his knife spun. His true energy burst out, and like a lightning bolt, he sped towards Whitey.

He wanted to cut off Whitey's joints.

The most effective way to deal with Earth Immortal Puppets was to cut off their joints, so they would lose their fighting capacity.


An incredible heat suddenly swept past.

Xiao Buqun's figure turned around in the air before landing on the ground. His face was filled with shock.

Because, at this moment, a metal stick appeared unexpectedly in Whitey's hand. That stick was covered with flashing lightning arcs.

Xiao Buqun widened his eyes. His heart suddenly had a bad feeling.

Boom! Boom!

A metal pair of wings spread open behind Whitey. As soon as Xiao Buqun saw that, his face turned darker.

In a flash, Whitey appeared in front of him.

Xiao Buqun took a deep breath. His gray steel knife was constantly moving, colliding against the metal stick.

Whitey's movements were not very fast, but Xiao Buqun had a hard time resisting it.

"Don't play anymore... Quick, finish it. It's time to sleep."

The cold voice resounded from the restaurant.

Xiao Buqun was stunned. His face looked constipated.

Don't play anymore?

Could it be that until now, the Earth Immortal Puppet was just playing with him?

Who are you looking down on, huh?!


Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed. In an instant, the War God Stick stabbed him.

Xiao Buqun's face changed as he took a step backward. The knife in his hand was flung away, stabbing the ground with a tearing sound, as though it wanted to pierce the sky.

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

Lightning arcs burst out from the War God Stick.

Xiao Buqun looked at the stick that was bursting out lightning arcs, completely floored.

This Earth Immortal Puppet... could actually wield lightning?!

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

As Xiao Buqun was attacked by the lightning arcs, his whole body lit up, as though his bones could be seen faintly.

His body trembled unceasingly.

Xiao Buqun rolled his eyes as he fell on the ground. His long green hair was shriveled and messy now, and his mouth was vomiting foam.

Whitey slowly stepped forward and proceeded to tear his clothes off... revealing his lightning-struck black body.

One, two, three... Go.

Whitey swung fiercely, throwing Xiao Buqun's figure into the sky. His naked body drew a graceful arc as smoke trailed it, falling into the distance.

Once again, the crowd clamored.

Tong Shui saw this scene and rushed forward.

Tong Wudi wanted him to entertain those Immortal Chefs, but he unexpectedly led them all to a stripping session.

If Tong Wudi finds this out, Tong Wudi would personally beat and make his buttocks explode!

"Xiao Buqun, Senior..." Tong Shui went over to Xiao Buqun and raised his arm to help him up.

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

A lightning arc suddenly jumped out.

Tong Shui's body twitched and shook unceasingly.


Main Hall of the Tong Family Residence

At this moment, the Tong family was entertaining important guests. Various immortal ingredients and immortal fruits were carried, and immortal dishes were also arranged on the table.

Tong Wudi was joking about something with a middle-aged man next to him.

That middle-aged man welcomed the immortal ingredients and immortal fruits on his table. However, his chopsticks rarely moved over to the immortal dishes.

"Manager Cui, this is a good wine specially brewed by our Tong family. Here, try it."

Tong Wudi picked up a blue wine jar from one of the servants, then personally poured a cup for that middle-aged person.

The wine's fragrance spread as it was poured, its liquid like sparkling jade.

Picking up the cup of wine, the man drank all in one sip. He clicked his tongue, narrowing his eyes.

His eyes lit up.

"Wow... Good! The aroma is rich, and the flavor is fresh. The wine flows easily, and the taste is just right... It's not a bad wine," the middle-aged person said with a smile.

Tong Wudi's face suddenly became stiff. This was the best wine of their Tong family, and he usually did not dare to drink it freely.

In order to carry out his plan, Tong Wudi had spent a lot.

However, thinking about the advantages that the Tong family could gain, a smile appeared on Tong Wudi's face as he continued to pour more wine.


Xiao Buqun had been brought back.

His whole body flashed with lightning arcs, and his hair was shriveled and messy.

All the Immortal Chefs from the second layer heard the news and quickly came.

Seeing Xiao Buqun's pathetic appearance, they couldn't help but laugh.

"His hair is like a toasted green mushroom." A beautiful woman covered her mouth, giggling as she said that.

"Xiao Buqun unexpectedly became like this... Who did it?" A man frowned.

"Xiao Buqun's strength is good, and his cooking skills are also strong, but how could he end up like this?"

The Immortal Chefs of the second layer came here for the discussion, and there were only six or seven of them.

After a while, Tong Shui cautiously walked in, wearing a robe.

The second layer Immortal Chefs saw him and asked what had happened.

Tong Shui didn't dare to hide the truth, so he told everything to these Immortal Chefs.

"So arrogant!"


"The first layer has someone who overestimates his capabilities like that?!"

After these people listened, their anger surged, shouting loudly.

They usually looked down upon the Immortal Chefs of the first layer and had not thought that their comrade, Xiao Buqun, was shamed by a lower-layer Immortal Chef.

He was even stripped off his clothes and thrown out!

"This chef... is seeking death!" a young man said coldly.

"Everyone, since we're here at the first layer, naturally, we're working together with a common goal. Since someone dared to shame our fellow Immortal Chef, we couldn't just sit and watch, right?"

"Of course. We'll go to that restaurant tomorrow to teach that chef a lesson!"

Tong Shui looked at the group of people who were filled with indignation, his heart was somewhat overjoyed. That mortal chef would surely be crushed!

"If you go to that restaurant tomorrow, you might be ignored. You can only use cooking skills to subdue that chef. Don't use force to deal with him!" Tong Shui warned.

"Why couldn't we use force?" A woman frowned.


Tong Shui smiled mysteriously. He raised his finger, pointing above. "Because that chef... has a dog above him!"

Everyone was stunned, thinking that Tong Shui was joking around.

However, after Tong Shui explained it to them, they understood that Bu Fang's background was not ordinary.

"Please trust me. I know that chef's every move... As far as I know, he goes every day to the Mu family residence. At that time, we only needed to come to the Mu family and ask for someone. It's possible!"

Tong Shui rubbed his hands, narrowing his eyes as he added, "At that time...everyone can use their cooking skills to avenge Xiao Buqun!"