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 He had no time for it?

Mu Liuer was dumbfounded. She silently watched Bu Fang, who was lying on the chair while yawning continuously.

Is this the look of a person who had no spare time?

No time, my ass!

He could have, at least, pretended to be busy.

Mu Liuer patted her forehead helplessly.

Looking at Bu Fang's appearance, he really did not plan to go. Anyway, Mu Liuer had a bad feeling about those Immortal Chefs from the second layer.

Although those Immortal Chefs had said that they came to study and have a discussion, they were actually looking down at them.

They were the only Immortal Chefs that the Tong family and Zhang family bowed their heads to.

As for Gongshu Ban, Xuanyuan Xiahui, and the others, they did not attend as well.

Actually, Mu Liuer didn't want to go, but as the City Lord's daughter, she was obligated to come. Even though Mu Yang was a City Lord, his position was at the bottom of the five City Lords, which was the easiest position to suppress.

Since Mu Yang had prematurely assumed his current role, he had not achieved the ideal qualifications of a City Lord.

To become a City Lord, one must first have the corresponding strength, then have the corresponding cooking level.

Before Mu Yang became the City Lord, the previous City Lord was a Qilin Chef. He was also the head of the five Qilin Chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Mu Yang, on the other hand, was only a Third Grade Immortal Chef.

In the Immortal Cooking Realm, Third Grade Immortal Chefs were considered rare, but there were still dozens of them.

And on the upper layers, there were even more Third Grade Immortal Chefs...

Mu Liuer also pulled a chair, then sat next to Bu Fang. Imitating his appearance, she stretched her body and found a comfortable spot.

"Well, I have to say that this is very comfortable. You don't need to think of anything. You can just watch the flowers bloom and fall," Mu Liuer mumbled.

"It is. After business has ended and I finished my practice, I can lie down for a while and relax," Bu Fang said.

He turned to look at Mu Liuer, sensing the exhaustion on her body.

"You won't go to that discussion?" Bu Fang asked.

"If you don't want to go, then I won't go too... Those people... are hateful. Anyway, you can beat their asses to death in the competition. It's like I'm hitting them myself!" Mu Liuer smirked, then laughed.

Mu Liuer was not very good looking. Compared to Nethery, she could even be considered ugly.

Perhaps it was the genes of the Mu family.

"It's a cooking competition, not a fighting tournament. Hitting them to death is a very violent method. I would do it in a more refined way." The corner of Bu Fang's mouth curled up.

Mu Liuer was stunned. "How?"

"I will flip them for you, then you can beat them..."

Mu Liuer didn't know if she should even reply to this. Seriously?

"I'm also looking forward to this Immortal Chef Tournament," Bu Fang suddenly said.

"Eh?" Mu Liuer furrowed her brows, looking at Bu Fang.

"The first prize is True Dragon meat. If a chef wants to improve, he must try higher grade ingredients. If one has experienced cooking using a variety of ingredients, then they would have a wider perspective. In turn, their skills will improve. I'm also looking forward to entering the Immortal tree space."

However, Mu Liuer was silent.

"The Immortal Tree space... is the most important place of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Owner Bu, if you happen to be one of the chefs who could enter it, please be careful," Mu Liuer warned.

"If that's the most important place, why should I be careful? Is it dangerous there?" Bu Fang suspiciously asked and looked at Mu Liuer.

"Yes... it is. Do you know why the previous City Lord died? He died exactly in the Immortal Tree space..." Mu Liuer answered, a little sad.

This was, of course, a secret, so many people didn't know.

Bu Fang was taken aback. The previous City Lord of the first layer, a Qilin Chef, had died in the Immortal Tree space unexpectedly?

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet again. Both of them didn't speak anymore.

After a while, Mu Liuer stood up from the chair. Saying goodbye to Bu Fang, she then left the restaurant.

Quickly, her figure disappeared on the street.


After Mu Liuer left, night gradually fell.

The Immortal Cooking Realm's night sky was not very beautiful. Above them, there were no stars and no moon.

It was entirely pitch-black, like a bottomless abyss.

However, the nights in Immortal City were lively. Stalls were everywhere, and the streets were decorated with lanterns.

From a distance, the city lights were flickering, as though they were starlights shining on the ground.

However, the Immortal Chef Little Store was located in a slightly remote area, so the lights were sparse. Overall, the surroundings were rather dim and quiet.

In the distance...

A group of people slowly came.

These people were all wearing neat chef robes. Under the cover of the night, their faces were barely discernible.

But from their bodies, there was a terrifying aura, silently intimidating anyone they passed.

"Ah... so this is the small restaurant you told me about? It's really pathetic..."

A languid voice arose, and a figure slowly appeared from the darkness.

It was a man with long green hair. His chin was sharp, and he wore an elegant chef robe. Wearing an arrogant expression, he looked coldly at Immortal Chef Little Store.

"Xiao Buqun, this is exactly the restaurant that is highly appreciated by the City Lord. They consider its chef to be our first layer's hope in entering the top one hundred of the Immortal Chef Tournament," said another person. His voice had a hint of flattery as he said that.

The green-haired man slowly walked towards the restaurant's doors. He took out a small, sparkling, steel gray knife, spinning it in his grip.

"Since the discussion is all about cooking skills, we must look for the strongest chef... Is there anything to discuss with your group of trash?" Xiao Buqun laughed loudly, spinning the knife in his hand. As the knife revolved, there seemed to be a sharp whistling sound coming from it.

Tong Shui was somewhat sullen as he looked at Xiao Buqun.

This arrogant guy was one of the people in the Immortal Chef team that the second layer dispatched for the discussion.

He had to say that his cooking skills were indeed really strong...

He even heard that he had already reached the Second Grade Immortal Chef threshold, which meant that he was even stronger than Gongshu Ban.

However, this guy was very arrogant. He obviously disdained them, the Immortal Chefs of the first layer.

It could be said that the people in this Immortal Chef team this time were all very arrogant, and the others were even more arrogant than this Xiao Buqun.

However... they really had the strength to act like that.

Tong Shui was a talented Immortal Chef of the Tong family, and that talent, compared with Tong Cheng, was somewhat stronger.

But facing Xiao Buqun, he felt a tremendous pressure. This pressure made his hand tremble a bit as he grabbed a kitchen knife.

"Alright... Let's see how strong the most powerful young Immortal Chef of your first layer is."

Xiao Buqun shook his hand. Suddenly, spirit herbs emerged in his palm, which he promptly shoved into his mouth.

A group of people followed him, quickly surrounding him as he arrived in front of the doors of Immortal Chef Little Store.

Since it was already late at night, the doors were closed.

But through the crack between the doors, they could see that there was light inside, indicating that someone was still awake.

"You, knock on the door and tell him to come out," Xiao Buqun said indifferently, still holding some spirit herbs in his hand.

Tong Shui raised his brows. The corners of his mouth curved up as he excitedly stepped forward.

Tong Wudi, the head of the Tong family, had said that he could not use force to deal with this restaurant, but... he hadn't mentioned that he could not use cooking skills to crush it!

As soon as he defeated that mortal chef, at that time, he could represent the Tong family and ruthlessly laugh at him.

That kind of glory was fascinating to think about.

"What are you doing? Quick, call him out." Xiao Buqun bit the spirit herbs, frowning at Tong Shui who was standing in front of the doors.

Tong Shui focused. Then, his body suddenly burst out a fierce aura, true energy surging out of him.

His fist shot out, punching the tightly closed doors.

Tong Shui was a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert. Of course, this cultivation was achieved with the help of precious spirit herbs, and his strength was not any weaker than Tong Muhe's.

Basically, many Immortal Chefs' cultivations were built with spirit herbs. That was because they wanted to reach the next rank, and for that, their cultivation must keep up with them.

Tong Shui's fist radiated light, which was dazzling to behold. It was a punch that contained the might of a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert.

As his fist hit the doors, Tong Shui felt very smug. This punch of his could shatter a small mountain, so breaking a door was just like crushing an ant.


The doors remained tightly shut. His punch did not even leave a scratch...

Everyone blinked at him.

Xiao Buqun rolled his eyes. These first layer people... are so weak. They couldn't even break open a door.

Tong Shui was a little embarrassed. Then, he felt rage surging within him.

It was only a door! How could it not break? This door dared to make him lose face!

His true energy burst out once again, gathering on his fist. He hit the doors again.


The doors remain unchanged. It didn't even let out a fart.

"This... something's strange."

Tong Shui was not a fool. Two punches from a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert was considered a huge thing, but both could not break the doors. It was enough to know that something strange was going on with this restaurant.

Xiao Buqun smirked.

Suddenly, from inside the restaurant, a calm voice rang out.

"The restaurant is already closed. If you want to eat, please come here tomorrow to line up..."


Everyone present froze.

"Indeed, that chef is really arrogant..."

Xiao Buqun spit out the spirit herbs, their essence had already been sucked clean. He grinned, his eyes filled with disdain as he looked at the restaurant.

"Pretending to be high and mighty, huh?"

Xiao Buqun took a step, and his true energy suddenly covered his entire body. Eventually, it gathered above his palm, forming a true energy ball.

"Come out, or else... I'll break your doors," Xiao Buqun said indifferently. In this lowly first layer, someone actually dared to give him attitude.

Tong Shui and the rest of the Immortal Chefs looked at each other.

After thinking about it for a while, Tong Shui said, "Xiao Buqun is a talented Immortal Chef from the second layer, and he's a respected guest of the City Lord Mansion. You should not be disrespectful and lose our first layer's face."

After saying those words, the place became quiet...

"I already said that the restaurant is closed. Come back tomorrow and line up if you want to eat. Are you guys deaf?"

The calm voice arose once again.

Tong Shui was stunned.

Xiao Buqun lifted the corner of his mouth, narrowing his eyes. Then, he stepped out, throwing that true energy ball towards the doors.

"Don't say we didn't warn you. Take this!"

That energy ball contained terrible power, and the void seemed to distort as it shot forward.


Xiao Buqun roared, his fist shooting out. His speed was extremely fast, and the power contained in that punch was very strong.

Along with Xiao Buqun's roar, a creaking sound was heard.

The closed doors were suddenly opened...


Xiao Buqun's punch suddenly smashed into a chubby iron puppet. Its energy gradually disappeared.

"An Earth Immortal Puppet?!"

Seeing Whitey standing in front of the doors, the group of people laughed.

Of course, that immortal chef would give up... After all, a talented second layer Immortal Chef was a bigshot.

Xiao Buqun laughed loudly. That chef finally opened his doors after being threatened with force.

These first layer people are really pathetic.

"Looks like you understand now. I heard that your cooking skills are highly appreciated by the first layer City Lord. Therefore, I won't say too much. Come out here and let me see your skills. I want to get to know more about the strongest young Immortal Chef of the first layer."

Xiao Buqun rubbed his arm. Then, spinning the kitchen knife in his hand, he walked towards the restaurant.

However, the moment he took a step...

The iron puppet moved, its massive palm blocking his way.

Xiao Buqun was stunned.

Tong Shui and others were also shocked.

"Whitey, strip off their clothes and throw them out for me. This time, throw them far away... I've had enough of foolish naked people. I don't want them to get into my eyes."


Everyone froze.

Xiao Buqun arched his brow.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed, lightning arcs dancing around it.

"Troublemakers... will be stripped in front of everyone and thrown out!"