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 The serious words of the system suddenly resounded at this moment.

Bu Fang was somewhat bewildered, feeling a bad premonition.

Why did the system always have to interrupt at such times? It's too coincidental. According to this situation, the system would surely ask him to participate in the Young Immortal Chef Tournament.

But then, the first prize was True Dragon Meat?

A True Dragon was a divine beast, and it was higher than Ying Long's level. Why would a dragon meat of this level appear unexpectedly?

"Temporary task: Host, please participate in the Young Immortal Chef Tournament of the Immortal Cooking Realm. Enter the top ten and obtain the qualification to enter the Immortal Tree space and get the Immortal Tree seed. Task reward: Immortal flame fusion qualifications."


Bu Fang was stunned. This time, the system didn't want him to get the first prize in this competition?

According to Gongshu Baiguang, as long as he entered the top ten, he would be qualified to enter the Immortal Tree space. However, he would only feel its cooking energy. How will he be able to obtain the Immortal Tree seed in there?

The Immortal Tree seed... sounded like a strange thing.

Moreover, the reward this time was the immortal flame fusion qualifications. Such a vague thing.

Did the system now learn to surprise him in a roundabout way?

"Temporary task: Host, please participate in the Young Immortal Chef Tournament and condense the Heart of Cooking Path in the competition. Task reward: God of Cooking Set fragment."

This time, the system didn't wait for Bu Fang to recover. Its serious voice rang out one more time and announced the additional task.

This shocked Bu Fang even more. The system has given him two tasks at the same time. This was unlike its style at all.

"Condense the Heart of Cooking Path... What's the Heart of Cooking Path?" Bu Fang frowned, feeling bewildered.

However, the system didn't reply to him. Perhaps it wanted him to find out by himself.

The reward of the second task was even more stressful for Bu Fang. It was a God of Cooking Set fragment!

As of this day, Bu Fang had gathered four fragments, and he only needed one more. Once he got all five fragments, he would receive the next item in the God of Cooking Set.

Therefore, when it comes to this reward, Bu Fang felt competitive. He was even determined to win it.

Touching his chin, Bu Fang fell into deep thought.

Gongshu Baiguang and City Lord Mu Yang looked at each other, seeing the excitement in each other's eyes.

Did Bu Fang change his mind?

It seems that they will be able to persuade Bu Fang to join the competition.

Earlier, Bu Fang's dish had triggered three lightning punishments, and it was already quite good in the young generation of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

With that in mind, entering the top one hundred should be no problem.

The Immortal Cooking Realm was divided into five layers. Among the five layers, the level of the Immortal Chefs in the first layer was at the bottom.

It couldn't be helped. After all, they were at the base of the Immortal Tree, so the resources available to them were scarce.

The higher one was, the more resources they would receive from the Immortal Tree.

In the previous Young Immortal Chef Tournaments, the highest ranking chef in the first layer was only at rank ninety. And recently, it had become more pathetic-no one had even entered the top one hundred.

This affected the morale of the first layer.

But this time, it seems that they had the most opportunities. That was because there were many talented people now in the aristocratic families.

Whether it was the Zhang family, Tong family, or Gongshu family... their young generation of Immortal Chefs amazed everyone.

Therefore, this time, there were definitely many opportunities to get into the top one hundred.

Moreover, there was also Bu Fang, the Immortal Chef who had stirred up three lightning punishments.

"Owner Bu, what's your decision?" City Lord Mu Yang looked at Bu Fang with a smile.

They really hoped that Bu Fang would participate in the competition. After all, they had already witnessed his talent with their own eyes.

"What's my decision? Yes, I will participate... But I have a small request," Bu Fang indifferently said, looking at City Lord Mu Yang.

City Lord Mu Yang frowned. "What is it? If it's within my capabilities, I will definitely give it."

"It's not a difficult request... My restaurant has been open for a long time now, but I still lack an apprentice, so I want to look for one," Bu Fang said.

City Lord Mu Yang was stunned. He looked at Gongshu Baiguang, and they both looked at each other in bewilderment.

That's all?

Gongshu Ban and Mu Liuer were also puzzled.

Indeed, Owner Bu was always beyond everyone's expectations.

"Owner Bu wants to look for an apprentice? Yes, I will gather the city's talented chefs for you to choose..." Mu Yang said.

To be honest, Bu Fang's request wasn't really that hard. It was even simpler than asking for immortal ingredients.

However, Bu Fang shook his head. His eyes looked somewhat strange as he stared at City Lord Mu Yang.

This look surprised Mu Yang.

"Do you want me to be your apprentice? It's impossible..." City Lord Mu Yang shook his head as he waved his hand. "Although I'm one of the five City Lords in the Immortal Cooking Realm, my strength and cooking skills are the weakest. That's because the previous City Lord had fallen, so I hurriedly took over. There's not enough time to practice cooking skills. However, my skills are considered good as I'm a Third Grade Immortal Chef. But to be Owner Bu's apprentice, I'm afraid that I couldn't handle it." City Lord Mu Yang explained with a smile.

Bu Fang was somewhat speechless. This City Lord's understanding ability had a bit of a problem...

Anyway, City Lord Mu Yang was too old, so Bu Fang just let it slide.

"You thought too much. I have already chosen someone, and that person is in your Mu family," Bu Fang said expressionlessly. "I will participate in the Young Immortal Chef Tournament. When the competition is about to start, just let me know..."

"Hahaha! This old man can easily grant your request. My Mu family's younger generation would be grateful. Becoming Owner Bu's apprentice chef will be his honor." City Lord Mu Yang laughed and stroked his beautiful beard.

After that, everyone left.

In the distance, Lord Dog had already finished eating the Roast Duck rolls. He was now licking his paws.

Flowery was still in a deep sleep, and the Black Dragon King was taking care of her.

Nethery quietly followed Bu Fang.

Now that the crowd had left, the restaurant became peaceful.

Bu Fang pulled a chair and laid down in front of the restaurant. He exhaled, feeling contented.

The quiet relaxation after a busy time was indeed pleasant.

In the distance, Lord Dog was lying on the ground, and he suddenly asked, "Bu Fang boy, will you really join that Immortal Chef competition?"

Bu Fang turned his body and settled more comfortably in his chair. "That's right..."

"Then you need to improve your strength. You could enter that Immortal Tree space and get more benefits. Unfortunately, the Immortal Tree won't welcome Lord Dog. Lord Dog also wanted to enter that Immortal Tree space to play again," Lord Dog said.

Bu Fang was stunned. He suddenly remembered Realm Lord Di Tai saying that Lord Dog had bitten the Heavenly Path of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

That so-called Heavenly Path... was in the Immortal Tree space?

"I heard that the first prize is True Dragon meat. Bu Fang boy, improve your strength and skills, and bring that dragon meat back. Your dear Lord Dog is waiting for Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs!" Lord Dog casually said, lying down to sleep.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curved up. So, Lord Dog just said those words so he could eat Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs.

However... Bu Fang was a little curious about the True Dragon meat. His heart suddenly felt anticipation.

It seems that this time, he could have the chance to win the first prize.


Time passed by.

The restaurant was again calm as its daily business resumed.

Since Flowery had eaten a higher grade immortal dish, she was still in a deep sleep. Her whole body was covered by the hazy energy.

Lord Dog seems to be tired because of the previous events. These days, he just laid on the floor, feeling lazy.

Nethery was somewhat bored. She walked back and forth in the restaurant, and sometimes, she returned to the Netherworld Ship to sit on the deck. She didn't even know what to think.

As for Bu Fang, these peaceful days made him very comfortable.

Because he had passed the system's True Immortal Realm test, his cultivation had successfully reached the True Immortal Realm.

For others, this was a difficult and challenging step, but Bu Fang had effortlessly broken through.

However, after breaking through, Bu Fang's cooking skills didn't change too much.

The improvement in his mental force wasn't that obvious. Generally speaking, it could compare to a Two-star True Immortal Realm expert, and if fused with the tool spirits, his mental force could even reach the Three-star or even Four-star True Immortal Realm.

At this point, Bu Fang had also started to learn how to use the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

This immortal flame had been cultivated by Tong Ruo, and its level had reached the top fifty in the immortal flame ranking.

Its strength was very good, which made Bu Fang very satisfied.

However, this immortal flame could only be ranked fifty. Thinking about it, he was curious how strong and frightening the higher ranking flames were.

It was very difficult to fuse an immortal flame.

Anyway, Bu Fang thought that as long as he completed the system's task, he could obtain the immortal flame fusion qualifications provided by the system. He had learned earlier that this vague reward was actually used here.

It seems that the system also wanted his immortal flame to level up and continuously improve.

Bu Fang thought that it was to be expected. Along with the improvement of his cooking skills, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame would be like the previous Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame that wasn't able to keep up with his level.

Eventually, he would need a stronger flame.

He believed that the immortal flame of each Qilin Chef was ranked at the very top, such as the immortal flame of Realm Lord Di Tai... It was hard to imagine how powerful it was.

Of course, in these peaceful days, besides running the restaurant, practicing how to control the immortal flame, as well as practicing the Cutting Immortal Style, he also came to the Mu family residence to continue his teaching.

This time, he wanted to choose an apprentice chef.

The net was good, and it was time to draw it in.

As for who it was, after a long time of observation and analysis, he finally had an answer.

On that day, Bu Fang was resting on a chair. He swayed his legs leisurely, enjoying the rare tranquility inside the restaurant.

Today's business had ended, and he had also finished practicing his new knife skill.

However, just as he was about to narrow his eyes to rest...

In the distance, a figure was running fast.

With a creaking sound, the restaurant's doors opened.

That figure got into the restaurant, seeing Bu Fang resting on a chair and looking very relaxed.

When Mu Liuer saw Bu Fang's sleeping form, she didn't know if she should cry or laugh.

"Owner Bu, the talented Immortal Chefs of the second layer has arrived at our first layer. Right now, they're gathering people in the City Lord Mansion to study and discuss cooking skills. You should come and join them."

Hearing Mu Liuer's voice, Bu Fang couldn't help but open his eyes.

"Why should I go?"

Mu Liuer was stunned.

"The Immortal Chefs of the Tong family and the Zhang family were talking about you... They said you're very arrogant... Now, the Immortal Chefs from the second layer are very angry. They mentioned your name and wanted to compete with you."

Mu Liuer sighed.

"Owner Bu agreed to participate in the Immortal Chef Tournament, right? Then it's necessary to attend the discussion. You can observe and understand the strength and skills of the Immortal Chefs of the second layer."

Bu Fang opened his mouth wide and yawned. Then, he calmly looked at Mu Liuer.

"Just because they mentioned my name, I must go? I agreed to join the Immortal Chef Tournament, but that doesn't mean I have to go and attend the discussion. I don't need to understand their skills and level anyway. Just go back and say that I'm busy. I have no time for it."

After Bu Fang said that, he turned his body around, looking for a comfortable position to sleep.