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 Everyone present was startled!

The entire city was startled!

This scene shook the entire Immortal City.

At this moment, the influential families were attracted by this battle, watching in the distance. Everyone's eyes revealed a shocked look.

Seeing Lord Dog's might, the minds of Tong Wudi and the other influential family leaders trembled.

This dog was really as terrible as before. Fortunately, they hadn't made a move against this dog. Otherwise, they wouldn't even know how to write the dead character.

This black dog was very powerful!

Tong Wudi's face was gloomy, and a frightened look appeared in his eyes.

"We made a wise decision not to attack that mortal earlier. But still, everything must proceed according to plan..." Tong Wudi said to the influential family leaders around him.

This disturbance did not cause a huge commotion as the crowds were isolated by the City Lord's people.

Therefore, they didn't know exactly what had happened.

All they knew was that they saw a huge dragon being defeated by a black dog. They were really shocked and felt a bit dazzled.

In the end, under the orders of the City Lord's guards, the crowds dispersed.

The battle seemed to be over.

In the small restaurant, everyone was all waiting, watching the smoking ruins in the distance.

In those ruins, a black dog emerged. As it gracefully walked out, its tail wagged, showing that Lord Dog's heart, at this moment, was very pleased.

From the hole, a trembling figure crawled up.

Ying Long was back in his human form. However, his initially calm look was nowhere to be found.

His face was bloody and swollen, and the green robe on his body was tattered.

However, the old man was holding a pitch-black staff in his hand, which was the Hollow Eye Staff.

Although Ying Long was seriously injured, he still found a way to take his staff back from Lord Dog.

Leaning on the staff, Ying Long hunched with a gloomy expression, blood flowing down his nose.

Actually, he wanted to fight back, but thinking of Lord Dog's strength and cultivation, he reconsidered and let it pass.

That black dog had recovered from his serious injury before, and his strength has improved as well.

He would just be wasting his time if he continued to fight with that mangy dog. Moreover, that dog did not use all of his strength...

That dog didn't even use his true form!

"Lord Ying Long... are you alright?" Jin Jiao asked as he looked at Ying Long, who was trembling and leaning on the Hollow Eye Staff.

"How could anything bad happen to me? It's just a small injury, not even worth mentioning."

Ying Long wiped his bleeding nose. His wrinkled face wore an indifferent look as he looked at Jin Jiao.

"But you guys... Have you eaten your fill? You should go back to Earth Prison... As Overlords, there are many matters waiting for you to deal with," Ying Long said.

The faces of Jin Jiao and the rest suddenly changed, smiling awkwardly.

Ying Long leaned on the staff and stared at Lord Dog.

"What are you looking at? Want me to thrash you again?" Lord Dog, who was lying in front of the restaurant, smirked as he said that.

Ying Long slammed the staff on the ground. The rage in his heart had yet to calm down, and now it was roaring again.

The eyes of an old man and a dog clashed in midair.

"One day, Lord Dog will tear your dragon wings off for Bu Fang to make into Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs!" Lord Dog smugly said.

Ying Long's eyes widened, his face revealing a furious look.

Bu Fang let out a dry cough. "Lord Dog, the meat on the wings is not suitable for Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs... How about aiming for the meat between the wings? The meat there is very good..."

Lord Dog was slightly stunned. He only knew that Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was delicious, and he had no idea what part of meat was used for certain dishes.

As Ying Long looked at the pair of man and dog chatting about which part of his body would be suitable for Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, the anger in his heart surged.

However, he was, after all, the strongest Overlord in charge of justice in Earth Prison. He was still shrewd.

After reining in and suppressing the anger in his heart, he glanced at Bu Fang and Lord Dog.

Without a word, he turned around and waved his staff, causing a crack to appear in the void.

"Alright, let's go back to Earth Prison!" Ying Long looked at the four Earth Prison Overlords, coldly snorting. A moment later, his figure disappeared into the void crack.

Jin Jiao touched his head and grinned, his tongue licking his lips. He actually wanted to stay a bit longer and eat more Roast Duck, but they must obey Lord Ying Long's order.

And so, Jin Jiao took the lead and stepped into the crack.

Luo Ji waved at Lord Dog. "My idol, Luo Ji must go now. You must remember your number one fan, Luo Ji, okay? But before I go, can I have a small request?"

Lord Dog looked at Luo Ji, his mouth twitching.

"No. If you ask again, I'll break you to pieces!"

The quick-witted Lord Dog had already seen through her, so there was no need to guess what this crazy woman wanted. He knew she wanted his fur.

"This mangy dog... So stingy. It's just a strand of fur. It won't be easy for this little girl to come again, you know," Realm Lord Di Tai piped up.

Lord Dog didn't know when this naked moron had arrived at his side. He glared at him and said coldly, "Do you want to fight again? I'll gladly take off all the hair on your body. It doesn't bother you anyway, right?"

"Doesn't bother..." Realm Lord Di Tai stroked his blonde hair, his eyes blurry as he said that.

In this regard, Lord Dog chose to turn a blind eye.

Since she couldn't get another strand from Lord Dog, Luo Ji's mood was somewhat gloomy. Feeling depressed, she covered her face with her hands as she rushed into the void crack.

"Babe, let's go together. I'll accompany you." Yin Jiao moved closer to You Ji's side, blinking his eyes.

You Ji looked expressionlessly at Yin Jiao. A moment later, her massive broadsword fell, striking him fiercely.


Yin Jiao's body flew into the crack.

"Nice aim, little girl." Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes shone.

You Ji didn't pay attention to Realm Lord Di Tai. She turned to Bu Fang, looking at him with a serious expression.

Being stared at, Bu Fang was somewhat flustered.


Suddenly, the formation that was used to probe Nethery's curse appeared in You Ji's palm.

"Stretch your hand out," You Ji said to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang helplessly stretched out his black-and-white bandaged arm. In the next moment, the formation was absorbed by his palm.

You Ji exhaled.

"This is the method used to check the curse in Nethery's body. You must always pay attention. If the curse turned purple... bring her at once to Earth Prison and look for me. If the snakes wake up, feed her with your dishes right away to suppress it..." You Ji instructed.

As Nethery's older sister, of course she didn't want anything bad to happen to her.

Bu Fang nodded. He was confident he could suppress the curse in Nethery's body.

You Ji then turned and looked at Nethery. She reached out her hand and patted her little sister's head. "Wait for Elder Sister, alright? Elder Sister will definitely destroy the curse in your body!"

Nethery nodded.

After that, You Ji didn't say anything more. She turned around, stepping into the crack in the void.

However, the moment she was about to step in, she froze, as though she just remembered something. Turning to look at Lord Dog, she roared, "Trust Lord Dog. Live to eternity!"

With a loud bang, You Ji finally stepped into the crack.

Lord Dog was so startled that he jumped up, feeling bewildered.

Now that the Earth Prison Overlords had left, the place became rather quiet.

However, Gongshu Baiguang and the others remained inside the restaurant, not daring to come out.

Realm Lord Di Tai flipped his blonde hair, his eyes blurred as he said, "It's time for this Realm Lord to return. Little brother Bu Fang, your dish is very good, but there's still more room for improvement. You really don't want to become my apprentice? Training is free, you know!"

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. Training, your sister!

I'd rather die!

"I refuse," Bu Fang answered.

"Alright, what a pity. My offer is sincere, but you didn't cherish it..." Realm Lord Di Tai said with great emotion, patting his forehead.

After that, he looked at Bu Fang again. Raising two fingers, he pointed at his own eyes, then pointed to Bu Fang.

"Little brother, this Realm Lord respects you! We will meet again! I hope that next time, you will show this Realm Lord more surprises."

Realm Lord Di Tai smiled, his blonde hair swaying slightly against his handsome face.

Then, he came to the ruins outside the restaurant. Looking at Lord Dog, who was lying on the ground, he snorted arrogantly.


The ground suddenly trembled.

Realm Lord Di Tai did a meditating pose. As his crotch bloomed with divine light, he suddenly shot up to the sky, shooting like a cannonball.

His figure seemed to sparkle like a star, flickering for a while before disappearing. His voice echoed, "This Realm Lord will miss you, little brother Bu Fang..."

Bu Fang's mouth convulsed. For a moment, he was afraid that he was hallucinating.

Everyone turned around to go back inside.

In front of Lord Dog's seat was a plate of Roast Duck rolls. Lord Dog was very happy and started to eat them.

The Realm Lord had left, but the Gongshus and Mus were still in the restaurant.

This made Bu Fang a little bit surprised.

Since they had finished eating, the crazy Realm Lord had already left. What are they still doing here?

Facing Bu Fang's suspicious look, Gongshu Baiguang and City Lord Mu Yang looked at each other. They seemed to see the thrill in each other's eyes.


City Lord Mu Yang coughed, then seriously looked at Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu's cooking skills are very good. You could be considered one of the best in the younger generation..."

Bu Fang didn't say anything. He just looked at City Lord Mu Yang.

Towards City Lord Mu Yang, Bu Fang's manner was not bad. After all, he planned to go to the Mu family residence later to do the task assigned by the system.

After completing it, he would get the Enhanced Abyssal Chilli Sauce reward.

Currently, the Abyssal Chilli Sauce couldn't keep up with Bu Fang's high-grade dishes. He didn't know if this Enhanced Abyssal Chilli Sauce could pleasantly surprise him.

"Owner Bu, the thing is... I have a favor to ask," City Lord Mu Yang said to Bu Fang with a smile.

Bu Fang was a little surprised. "What is it?"

"Today, I witnessed Owner Bu's cooking skills, and it was surprisingly good. The Immortal Cooking Realm's Young Immortal Chef Tournament, which happens every four years, is about to start. I would like Owner Bu to represent our first layer and participate in it..." City Lord Mu Yang said.

"Participate in the tournament?" Bu Fang was dumbfounded. A moment later, he added, "Sounds boring. What will I get if I participate?"

"Of course, the rewards are great... If Owner Bu could enter the top one hundred, you will receive supreme glory!" City Lord Mu Yang said.

"Can this glory help me improve my cooking skills? If that's all, it'll just be a waste of time," Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

In the distance, Gongshu Baiguang frowned. "Owner Bu, there are other rewards. The top fifty chefs will receive an immortal ingredient from the Immortal Tree. The higher your rank is, the higher grade immortal ingredient you will get...

"The top ten will have the opportunity to enter the Immortal Tree space and feel the cooking energy... Also, the reward will be even better! It was said that the first prize will be a top-grade immortal ingredient, a True Dragon Meat."


Bu Fang froze, then raised his head. True Dragon Meat?

A moment later, the serious words of the system rang out in his mind.