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 "Bu Fang boy, save the drumstick for me. I'm going out to settle some trouble. Be right back..." Lord Dog's tender and attractive voice arose.

His words astounded Bu Fang.

Going out to settle some trouble? What kind of trouble Lord Dog had to settle?

Not only that, he even asked to save him the Roast Duck's drumstick...

However, Lord Dog didn't give Bu Fang time to ask more. He stomped his graceful cat-like steps, heading out. Shortly, he disappeared from the doors.

As soon as Lord Dog left, Yin Jiao's eyes lit up, crawling towards Lord Dog's seat.

He looked so passionate as he said, "Babe, your darling Yin Jiao is back."

At this moment, You Ji was in a good mood.

When she had confirmed that Bu Fang's dishes could suppress the curse in Nethery's body, it felt like a big rock in her heart was finally lifted, like she was freed from a great burden.

Now that she knew Bu Fang's dishes could suppress the curse, she would have enough time to find a way to lift it. She must find its origin and slash it with her sword! Only then would Nethery be free from the curse's torment.

All of a sudden...

Jin Jiao raised his brow, his mouth stuffed.

Luo Ji, who was eating Roast Duck to her heart's content, also arched her brow.

Yin Jiao and You Ji were startled.

The four Earth Prison Overlords frowned. Their hands slowed down as they turned their heads, looking outside the restaurant.

A terrifying but familiar aura diffused, permeating the entire place...

Facing this aura, every person inside changed their faces.

"This aura... Lord Ying Long's here." After shoving the Roast Duck roll into her mouth, Luo Ji pouted.

You Ji nodded. "Yeah, right... This aura... Lord Ying Long has arrived."

Ying Long's arrival wasn't beyond their expectations. After all, Lord Dog had taken his Hollow Eye Staff, so it's only natural that he would come to take it back.

The Hollow Eye Staff was the strongest weapon among the five Earth Prison Overlords' weapons. It got endless power to control justice in Earth Prison, so Ying Long couldn't afford to have it in the other's hand.

You Ji stood up and shouldered the Overbearing Hefty Sword. She turned to Jin Jiao, saying, "Looks like we have to go out there and check..."

Then, she walked outside.

Yin Jiao hurriedly followed her.

On the contrary, Jin Jiao and Luo Ji didn't want to leave. This Roast Duck tasted so delicious that they didn't want to leave it behind.

Jin Jiao lifted his blue-and-white bowl, wolfing down the thick soup down his throat.

The spirit herbs that were cut in round shapes crackled like a crunchy radish as his mouth chewed them.

"Mmm... Not bad," Jin Jiao complimented. Then, his giant body headed out of the restaurant.

Shortly, all four Earth Prison Overlords disappeared.


A hunchback old man with white hair inaudibly walked in the sky, approaching the restaurant.

There was no void tearing nor shattering. He was just casually walking in the air with clasped hands, his long, blue robe billowing in the wind.

The old man had murky eyes, which weren't bright with spirit at all.

However, his pace was really fast. It seemed he could cross hundreds of miles in just a single step.

In just a glimpse of time, he was right in front of Immortal Chef Little Store.


The restaurant's doors opened.

Lord Dog gracefully walked out of the restaurant. He stood by the gate, raising his head to look at the old man who was hovering in the sky.

The dog's mouth twitched as it mumbled something.

Lord Dog continued to move, slowly floating up. Not long after, he stood in front of the old man.

"Earth Prison Dog... Long time no see," The hunchback old man said casually, his voice hoarse.

Lord Dog rolled his eyes. "You stinky dragon..."

The old man's wrinkled face wore a smile as he looked at Lord Dog, whose fur looked as though it was about to explode.

"Give me back my Hollow Eye Staff. This place is the Immortal Cooking Realm anyway... I don't want to make a scene here."

The old man lifted his head. Instantly, people felt the entire world getting darker.

Hi's eyes suddenly turned gold. His pupils were like sharp blades crossing his eyes.

Lord Dog yawned, not even batting an eye on the old man. "You want to scare me? You rolled your eyes at Lord Dog... I got your Hollow Eye Staff, so shouldn't you behave and talk nicely?"

Lord Dog then stretched his paw, flicking his toes.

Below, the restaurant's doors were pushed open one more time.

Jin Jiao and the others appeared. Looking at an old man and a dog hovering in the sky, they took a breath of cold air.

Ying Long's eyes moved to the four Earth Prison Overlords underneath.

"You guys... have eaten well." Ying Long's aged voice arose. His wrinkled face revealed a smile.

Jin Jiao hurriedly swallowed the food in his mouth. He straightened his back, not daring to breathe loud.

Ying Long turned his eyes back to Lord Dog. He said lightly, "You mangy dog... Don't blame my Hollow Eye Staff. You can't control it. Give it back to me."

Lord Dog opened his mouth. "So bossy..."

However, before he could finish his sentence, Ying Long moved.

In a flash, his hunched figure appeared right in front of Lord Dog. His hand, which was like a dry tree branch patted, aiming at him.

Boom! Boom!

The void suddenly trembled, shaking hard at this moment.

However, Lord Dog disappeared. At his spot, Ying Long's palm had broken the void.

"You stinky dragon! You dared to attack me!" Lord Dog shouted. A moment later, his paw came.


Ying Long was directly sent away, soaring up into the sky.

Lord Dog jumped high, chasing after the other.

In the void, one man and one dog were fighting hard.

Below them...

Jin Jiao and the others were watching excitedly.

"You Ji, you're the strongest here. Can you tell who is stronger? Lord Ying Long or Lord Dog?" Jin Jiao wiped his mouth, asking excitedly.

Luo Ji discontentedly stared at Jin Jiao. "Of course, my idol is stronger! Ying Long, that immortal moron... Um..."

Yin Jiao nodded, looking at You Ji. "My babe is always right..."

You Ji was speechless as she looked at the other three. Then, she lifted her head, looking at the sky.

Her eyes brightened, as though she could pierce through the layers of clouds to see where Lord Dog and Ying Long were fighting.

"Lord Ying Long resides in Earth Prison. He controls a part of Earth Prison's Origin. Cultivating with Earth Prison's Origin, his cultivation base shouldn't be weaker than Lord Dog... As for Lord Dog, he often leaves Earth Prison, so his cultivation base couldn't be sufficient... Also, he was seriously injured before," You Ji said

"You mean, Lord Dog can't defeat Lord Ying Long?" Jin Jiao asked.

You Ji's face changed. Eventually, she nodded.

"Yeah, Lord Ying Long's a bit stronger."


As soon as she said that, the void shook all of a sudden.

Shortly after, a shadow appeared from the sky, brutally falling on the ground. It caused the ground to explode and shatter.

The most fearful thing had happened, and the atmosphere turned dead silent...

The four standing in front of the restaurant were dumbstruck.

After a while, Jin Jiao blinked.

"If I'm not wrong, Lord Ying Long is the one who just fell ... It took several seconds only... "

In the void, Lord Dog stomped his graceful cat-like steps. Raising his paw, he turned his head, his eyes arrogantly looking at the person underneath him.

Rumble! Rumble!

Rocks rolled.

Ying Long crawled out of the hole, coughing for a while. He lifted his head, coldly gazing at Lord Dog.

"This black dog... I haven't seen you for years. Your power is increasing... Looks like you've recovered well."

Lord Dog's mouth twitched. Without a word, he raised his exquisite paw, patting Ying Long again.

The void shook once more as a paw made of black Nether energy patted at Ying Long.

Standing in front of the restaurant, the four felt their minds shiver. They felt that terrifying pressure and energy.

"Wow... He's truly Luo Ji's idol!" Luo Ji was so excited. She bit her soft lip, squeezing her fists as she squealed.

You Ji's eyes were filled with fighting will. Lord Dog was her goal. One day, she will grow as strong as Lord Dog!

That's how she could be certain of finding the origin of Nethery's curse... and destroy it!

Actually, You Ji was sure about one thing-Nethery's curse must come from Nether Prison.

Among the three prisons in Netherworld, Nether Prison was the most mysterious.

Back then, the former Nether King had taken her and Nethery from Nether Prison. If she wanted to know the origin of Nethery's curse, she could only start with that place.

However, Nether Prison was really intimidating. Without power as strong as Lord Dog's, going there was equal to finding death.

Nethery's curse and the former Nether King's death were related to Nether Prison...


As the dog's paw patted, the ground blasted, sending out violent tremors unceasingly.

Inside the restaurant, Bu Fang flipped his sleeves, walking out. He had always been interested in Lord Dog's battles.

Naked Realm Lord Di Tai was biting a Roast Duck roll, leaning against the door. He, too, was excitedly watching the battle.

Nethery quietly followed Bu Fang, looking outside.

At this moment, Lord Dog's exquisite paw had created terrifying tornadoes.

The entire Immortal City shivered in fright.


An ear-piercing dragon roar arose.

The dust on the ground scattered, and the Nether energy dog's paw was torn apart.

Within the dust clouds, a giant and fearful monster emerged.

It was a formidable dragon!

The soot-back wings flapped once, revealing jutting bones on them.

The dragon's body was covered in black scales, which was blooming with divine light. It craned its neck as it opened its mouth, roaring angrily!

The mouth with razor-sharp teeth fumed black fire!

The tough and powerful limbs stomped the ground with exploding power.

"Mangy dog! Give me back my Hollow Eye!"

The dragon roared. Then, its wings flapped. Ying Long's giant body soared up into the sky.

The dragon's fire was shooting toward Lord Dog, burning everything along the way.

A dragon and a dog entangled in the sky.

The sky became dark. Thunder boomed and lightning flashed again and again.

Many people were watching the fight.

"Lord Ying Long transformed into his true form... He's really furious now!" Jin Jiao was startled.

Although they were Earth Prison Overlords, they had had rare chances to see Ying Long's true form.

Once Ying Long used his true form, it meant he was using all of his power.

"Earth Prison Overlord Ying Long, the strongest overlord who is in charge of justice... Tch, tch, tch... Too bad, he encountered that mangy dog. It has bitten the Immortal Cooking Realm's Heavenly Path. Even if he's the strongest overlord, he will endure this hardship." Realm Lord Di Tai shoved the entire Roast Duck roll into his mouth, grinning as he chewed.

Bu Fang turned to Realm Lord Di Tai. "You mean Lord Dog will win?"

"Of course. That dog could fight against me equally," Realm Lord Di Tai said arrogantly. He thrust his chest out as he placed both hands on his waist.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at him. If he weren't wrong, this maniac nudist had bruises all over his body after the fight with Lord Dog.

Under Bu Fang's look, Realm Lord Di Tai seemed to feel a chill on his lower part.

He changed his artistic pose, looking at Bu Fang as he said, "Little chef, we shouldn't talk about it. Let's talk about being my apprentice. How does it sound? You got excellent innate talent. With my training, you will absolutely have a chance to become a Qilin Chef."

"Apprentice? Training?" Bu Fang's mouth twitched. He cast Realm Lord Di Tai a sidelong glance before he indifferently added, "Not interested."

Realm Lord Di Tai was stunned.

Meanwhile, the void boomed hard.

A moment later...

A black dog grabbed the dragon Ying Long by its head, diving fast from the sky to the ground.


Everyone was shocked and frightened!