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 "Please enjoy."

When Bu Fang said that, everyone exchanged looks.

How do they eat it? Should they drink the soup, then eat the duck?

They blinked, turning to Bu Fang with confused faces.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

"Alright, I'll show you how to eat it. Please pay attention. This is the way to prepare and eat the Roast Duck..."

The crowd was bewildered one more time. They had to pay attention to eat Roast Duck?

However, they didn't have much time to think.

Bu Fang took a sheet of soft dough wrapper, which he made using flour made of spirit wheat in his farmland. It had abundant spirit energy.

The soft dough wrapper was thin and warm. As he spread it on his palm, he felt warm. It felt like stroking someone's skin that gave people a comfortable feeling they had never had.

Everybody looked at Bu Fang, anticipating.

Bu Fang held the soft dough wrapper in one hand, while his other hand grabbed the chopsticks, picking up the spirit vegetables he had cut and placing them on it.

Then, he picked up a piece of sparkling Roast Duck, placing it on top of the spirit vegetables. He also added some scallions.

Next, his chopsticks grabbed a corner of the soft dough wrapper and pulled it over. He did the same to the other corners. Eventually, it became a roll.

His chopsticks grabbed the roll with the Roast Duck inside, then dipped it into the fine mix of sauce he had prepared just now.

Bu Fang had especially blended and prepared the sauce. When eating Roast Duck, they had to be able to taste the Roast Duck, the soft dough wrapper, and the sauce altogether.

Each of these three components were inseparable. If one was missing, they couldn't enjoy this good food to its peak.

Dipping the roll into the red sauce, Bu Fang lifted it up and shoved it into his mouth.

"Ah... Oh..."

Having the roll of soft dough wrapper in his mouth, he began to chew.

The moment his teeth sank into the roll, the soft dough wrapper reacted in a way that made him infatuated.

The sauce's flavor exploded. It was the combined taste of the duck's thick soup and the Abyssal Chili Sauce.

The spicy taste was neutralized. It wasn't really spicy, but a tinge of it made people never forget it.

Swish. Swish.

The soft dough wrapper was broken. The spirit vegetables felt so crunchy, and the taste of the Roast Duck exploded.

Instantly, oily juice oozed from the duck meat. It was so thick and sweet in the mouth that people had to gawk in delight!

Gulp. Gulp.

Seeing Bu Fang swallow the Roast Duck roll, people couldn't help but widen their eyes and gulp.

It looked really delicious...

"You guys, enjoy..." Bu Fang said while chewing. As he spoke, thick essence and immortal energy instantly fumed from his mouth.

"You didn't get it? Want me to do another example?" asked Bu Fang, feeling excited.

Finally, everyone snapped out of their daze and rejected Bu Fang's offer. Their hands began to move.

Copying Bu Fang, they picked up the soft dough wrapper, laid it on their palm, then carefully placed the vegetables on it.

Next, they grabbed a piece of Roast Duck Bu Fang had cut, which was sparkling exquisitely. They put it on the vegetables before folding the soft dough wrapper.

Finally, they dipped the roll into the sauce.

Jin Jiao stuck his tongue out, licking his lips before he shoved the Roast Duck roll into his mouth.

Swish. Swish.

As soon as he bit on it, his eyes changed instantly. His mouth sucked, and his cheeks slightly sank. It seems that the sauce had something.

"This feeling! It's the smell of the abyss!" Jin Jiao shivered. His mouth was moving, and so were his muscles.

He chewed, breaking the soft dough wrapper as he tasted the Roast Duck.

That tender texture and delicious taste of Roast Duck made Jin Jiao's eyes blurred.

Chomp. Chomp.

Jin Jiao continuously chewed and swallowed. After that, he drank a mouthful of hot soup. Closing his eyes, a drop of glistening tear rolled down his face...

"So touching... Perfect taste. The meat is so aromatic with bits of unforgettable abyssal aura... Super delicious!'

Gongshu Ban solemnly wrapped his Roast Duck, dipped it into the sauce, and put it in his mouth.

He had always thought that his cooking talent wasn't weaker than Bu Fang. While taking the inheritance inside the lotus land of inheritance, he failed because of Tong Ruo's dark scheme.

In that battle, his tofu dish, A Lady and a Lotus, wasn't actually defeated by Bu Fang's Mapo Tofu. Hence, he wasn't really convinced that he lost.

This time, he must experience Bu Fang's food.



After the first bite, Gongshu Ban's body shuddered. It seems that a shooting star had just crossed his brain.

"Excellent... So delicious..."

Gongshu Ban's eyes were so disbelieving. This dish had a taste that touched people's hearts.

The warm and soft dough wrapper, the aromatic Roast Duck, the crunchy vegetables, especially the flavor of sauce... simply made people sink in them.

The soft dough wrapper was soft, but it covered an exploding force, which was like bullets being blasted in their oral cavity. It was a feeling that was really hard to forget.

However, the best part was the Roast Duck. The heat control was perfect, and the meat texture was so soft while the skin was perfectly crunchy. All of this Roast Duck's elements bloomed to the pinnacle.

"Perfect! It could only be described with the word "perfect!" It's the dish that had triggered three lightning punishments! Unbelievable!"

Gongshu Ban's face was filled with awe and disbelief. This dish didn't have thick immortal energy, so its level wasn't high.


Its taste had surpassed many dishes. It was so exquisite that almost all of its ingredients were perfectly flawless.

Gongshu Ban exhaled, his face passionate

At this moment, the others had the same face.

Realm Lord Di Tai was so curious.

This was the first time he had seen this way of eating. As the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm, he knew how to combine ingredients and flavors. However, this combination was really interesting.

The Roast Duck's heat control was excellent. Actually, he could see that the whole process was taken meticulously, and every step was done precisely and with utmost care.

The soft dough wrapper stored explosive energy, which made Realm Lord Di Tai furrow his brows. Apparently, this kneading technique was somewhat strange.

He chewed and swallowed.

In the end, Realm Lord Di Tai smiled. "Not bad!"

His mind flickered.

A long robe appeared in his hand, and he covered himself with it.

Then, Realm Lord Di Tai wrapped himself another roll and shoved it into his mouth. Drinking hot soup, he exhaled steam.

"Wow! So delicious!"

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes sparked as his hand pounded on the table.

He startled everybody.



Realm Lord Di Tai grabbed the robe he had just shrouded himself, tearing it apart!

"Such delicious food deserves me tearing my robe! This dish should be praised by my art of nudity!"

The others were stupefied. Looking at the lunatic Realm Lord Di Tai, they were all speechless.

When Gongshu Baiguang and City Lord Mu Yang saw this scene, they almost choked on their roll of Roast Duck.

Holy sh*t... that Realm Lord is such a pervert!

However, Bu Fang's eyes didn't mind the others. He was looking at Nethery.

Firstly, he needed this dish to fulfill the system's task. Secondly, he had to prove that his dishes could suppress the curse in Nethery's body.

You Ji looked at Bu Fang. Then, she did his way of eating the Roast Duck, making a roll.

"Here, little girl. Eat it," said You Ji to Nethery.

"Oh... Babe, I want one too." Yin Jiao walked over with an infatuated look.

However, You Ji's reply to him was her broadsword sweeping over.


Yin Jiao was struck, flying and hitting the restaurant's doors.

Now that there's an available seat, Lord Dog strutted over, stepping his graceful cat-like steps. He, of course, wanted to try the delicious Roast Duck.

Although it couldn't be as good as Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, it was still Bu Fang's dish. Lord Dog could eat it.

Nethery shoved the Roast Duck roll into her mouth, instantly chewing it.

You Ji and Bu Fang observed her carefully.

Nethery's mouth moved. Her lovely cheeks bulged, as though she couldn't chew the food well. Then, a moment later, she chewed faster and faster...

Her eyes brightened.

"Delicious!" As she chewed, she parted her lips to exclaim. Instantly, thick essence and spirit energy fumed out.

Nethery was startled. She immediately sucked them back and covered her mouth.

Chomp. Chomp.

The only thing that could be heard in the restaurant now were chomping sounds...

Lord Dog used his paws to wrap a Roast Duck roll, dipped it into the sauce, and contentedly shoved it into his mouth.

His eyes narrowed. Then, he stuck his tongue out, chewing and devouring it with relish.

Gulp. Gulp.

Nethery swallowed the steaming hot soup.

You Ji exhaled deeply. She looked at Bu Fang, her eyes extremely solemn as she said, "Now, let's see if your dish can suppress the girl's curse or not..."

Bu Fang became serious. "Could we see the curse?"

"Of course..." answered You Ji.

A moment later, a formation arose in her hand, which was made of winding Nether energy.

That formation was small, about half of her palm.

You Ji wielded her hand, and in an instant, the formation floated up, hovering in the air. She then touched the formation and pushed it toward Nethery.

As the formation flew closer, Bu Fang's eyes shrank.

The closer the formation was to Nethery, the more green radiance dots emerged, floating around her.

The green radiance turned into small snakes, winding around Nethery's body.


Naked Realm Lord Di Tai also saw Nethery. He was a little surprised.

"It does seem... to be suppressed."

Realm Lord Di Tai couldn't believe it. So, his previous analysis was just some fart made in vain?

He said that the essence and energy in Bu Fang's dish couldn't subdue the curse.

However... it seems that those cursed snakes were sleeping?

This young chef's food... could really suppress the curse? This dish had some element he didn't know?

Nethery's curse was actually suppressed. If it weren't, those snakes would move and wiggle unceasingly, releasing the power of the curse. They would erode Nethery's body and painfully intrude her soul.

"Indeed, it can suppress it..."

It was the first time Bu Fang saw such a scene. He felt somewhat moved.

He had never imagined such a horrible curse in Nethery's body.

"It's not a normal curse. Without some special methods, you can't see it..." You Ji said.

Bu Fang frowned. "How did Nethery get that curse?"

He had soon wanted to ask this question. The cursed Netherworld woman... Why was she cursed?

Nethery was exiled because of her curse. But how did she get it?

Was she born with it?

However, the moment Bu Fang asked about this, You Ji exhaled, shaking her head. Her face changed again.

"You don't need to know where the curse came from... My little sister counts on you. You don't need to mind the other things... Just continue suppressing the curse in her body. One day, I will use my sword to cut off the origin of her curse and free her," You Ji said.

Bu Fang frowned. He wanted to know more.

At that moment, Lord Dog's gentle and magnetic voice intervened. "Bu Fang boy, Lord Dog wants to eat the duck's drumstick. Can you give me the drumstick?"

Bu Fang was surprised. He looked at Lord Dog and saw that the latter raised his paw, signaling him not to ask about it.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

All of a sudden, Lord Dog's eyes moved, gazing at the direction outside the restaurant.

The corner of his mouth curved up into a smirk. "Bu Fang boy, prepare the drumstick for me. I'm going out to settle some trouble. Be right back..."