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 "Bu Fang's Secret Recipe Roast Duck... Done."

Bu Fang's faint voice echoed around the place, which made everyone's eyes focus on him.

A big, brown Roast Duck sat in the middle of a fancy blue-and-white porcelain tray. The brown duck was tinged with gold, and under the light, it sparkled with dots of radiance.

It looked like real gold that attracted people's eyes.

As the delicious fragrance diffused from the Roast Duck, it lingered in people's noses, making their eyes brighten.

The moment Realm Lord Di Tai saw the Roast Duck, he couldn't help but scream in surprise.

He couldn't imagine that the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck could be cooked like this. Where are the seven colors?

Cooking it like this, did Bu Fang lose the most important flavor of the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck?

Young man, your dish isn't good!

Realm Lord Di Tai raised his smoking head, looking at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was a little bewildered. "What happened to your head?"

Previously, Realm Lord Di Tai had beautiful blonde hair, and his head didn't fume smoke.

If this guy didn't stay naked, Bu Fang would think he had mistaken someone else.

"It's the hair-exploding art... It's art, understand?" Realm Lord Di Tai said solemnly.

Everyone's mouths' twitched.

Art, my ass. You got struck by purple lightning because you were peeping at his kitchen!

Realm Lord Di Tai was actually astonished... Purple Extreme Divine Lightning... How could this restaurant have this kind of lightning?

As the Realm Lord and a High Grade Qilin Chef, he was really sensitive to lightning because each immortal dish was somehow related to it.

Whenever the Immortal Cooking Realm's Heavenly Path would send lightning punishment, the chef must resist it to complete his dish, making his dish contain the meaning and essence of the Great Path.

In Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, the chefs had created many lightning protection formations. However, those lightning protection formations could only help with low-level lightning punishment.

To bear the immortal dish's lightning punishment, a chef could use his body or use his Earth Immortal Puppet to shield it for him. Or, he could use immortal tools or some other way to avoid or take the lightning.

Only if the chef could resist the lightning punishment would his immortal dish receive more power from the Great Path.

Furthermore, as the immortal dish's rank increases, the Immortal Cooking Realm's lightning punishment would also strengthen unceasingly.

However... this Purple Extreme Divine Lightning was really something. It was a sort of lightning punishment that was really powerful.

He just wanted to take a peek inside the kitchen!

"Is that your dish? This dish could suppress the curse in Nethery's body?" You Ji looked at Bu Fang, her eyes bright with anticipation.

Bu Fang wasn't afraid. Facing her, he nodded. He was really confident in his dishes.

"Impossible... I tried to suppress that little girl's curse. The dishes I cooked myself didn't work much. Even if they could, they couldn't last long," Realm Lord Di Tai said, his hand supporting his chin.

He added solemnly, "You want to use the strong essence and energy in your dish to suppress the curse? Yeah, it's true that the girl's curse could be subdued by the thick spirit essence. However, I tried but failed to do that. Besides, your dish doesn't have abundant essence and energy. If you made rank seven or eight immortal dishes, it could work, I guess."

Bu Fang was baffled.

How could it be? He had used Dragon Blood Rice to suppress it all these years. Why did Realm Lord Di Tai say that only rank seven or rank eight immortal dishes could do it?

Is there some misunderstanding?

"Is it true?" You Ji's eyes shrank, her face turning grave.

Although Realm Lord Di Tai was a pervert, he was the strongest chef in the Immortal Cooking Realm, a High Grade Qilin Chef. He couldn't be wrong.

Did Bu Fang lie to her?

"Of course not... You trust him?" The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

At that moment, You Ji didn't know what to say.

Bu Fang's gaze passed You Ji, falling on Nethery. His mouth twitched as he asked, "Nethery, tell me. Who do you trust more?"

"You, of course," Nethery said sincerely, despite her nonchalant face.

Hearing Nethery's answer, You Ji's face relaxed. "I hope so."

Realm Lord Di Tai had tears in his eyes. Is this fair? Why did he even get involved...

"Stop talking nonsense. Time to eat!"

Jin Jiao inhaled the aroma that filled the air, and his stomach growled like thunder.

"Wait a minute... I need to take the lightning punishment first," Bu Fang said.


As soon as Bu Fang finished speaking, Whitey dashed out of the restaurant. It soared, heading towards lightning in the sky.

Boom! Boom!

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed. It took out the War God Stick, aiming at the Thunder Dragon that was plunging down.


The deafening explosion reverberated in the entire Immortal City.

As Whitey's body had lightning arcs winding around it, the lightning crawled toward its stomach, its black hole continuously swallowing it.

Boom! Boom!

When people thought that the lightning punishment was over, a second thunderclap bellowed.

Everyone was stunned speechless. They couldn't believe their eyes as they looked at the new lightning punishment.

Another lightning strike appeared in the dark clouds. This time, it was bigger.

"I told you those black clouds look strange. This time, the lightning punishment wouldn't be ordinary." Gongshu Baiguang stroked his beard while smiling.

City Lord Mu Yang also rubbed his chin. "It's the second lightning punishment. Looks like this dish is really good..."

"Second lightning punishment? Impossible... He's just a First Grade Immortal Chef. How could he cook a dish that could trigger the second lightning punishment?" Gongshu Ban was skeptical.

"Kid, you're wrong... The grade of the Immortal Chef has nothing to do with how many waves of lightning punishment he could trigger. The number of lightning punishments would show how exquisite or perfect the dish is. Getting two lightning punishments means the dish is sufficiently good, and the third one means it's perfect. Also, besides the third lightning punishment, we have observed the fourth and the fifth... Of course, such a level is rare to be seen," Realm Lord Di Tai languidly explained to Gongshu Ban, speaking in a calm voice.

It seems that this Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck dish would be unexpectedly exceptional.

Seeing the second lightning punishment, Whitey was a little bewildered. However, it wasn't afraid. Wielding the War God Stick, it stormed over one more time.


Lightning flashed.

As lightning arcs crawled on Whitey's body, it fell from the sky.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed rapidly, showing that this lightning strike had reached its limit already.


People's eyes shrank. They couldn't believe it.

"What?! Another one?!?

"What's going on? An immortal dish could attract three lightning punishments? Unbelievable!"

"Wow! A perfect immortal dish? How could such a dish appear in this place?"

This series of lightning punishments had scared many chefs in Immortal City.

When the third lightning punishment appeared, people shuddered in fright.

Realm Lord Di Tai jolted up. "Three lightning punishments?! Tch, tch, tch... Worthy of being the man I've chosen!"

Gongshu Baiguang and City Lord Mu Yang have long been stunned. They couldn't believe it as they watched Bu Fang.

A moment later, City Lord Mu Yang's eyes shot out sharp light. "His innate talent, his level... If he joins the Young Immortal Chef Tournament... our first layer can hope to get in the top ten!"

He looked at Bu Fang as if he was admiring a treasure.

However, shortly, they were all taken aback. They just saw Bu Fang frown.

Bu Fang was looking at Whitey, realizing that the puppet can't bear the pressure anymore.

Apparently, it couldn't bear the third lightning punishment.

"You guys wait for me. I'll be right back," Bu Fang said nonchalantly.


Everybody was bewildered. What did that little chef want to do?

Realm Lord Di Tai was astonished.

They watched Bu Fang walking out of the restaurant, approaching Whitey.

He stretched his hand and rubbed Whitey's smooth, round head, asking it to return to the restaurant.

Then, clasping his hands, he lifted his head, watching the third lightning punishment in the sky.

Everybody was frightened.

"Owner Bu wants to take the third lightning punishment himself?!"

"Is he crazy? The third lightning punishment is much stronger than the previous one... Where will he get the power to resist such a lightning punishment?"

"His Earth Immortal Puppet couldn't endure that, so Owner Bu decided to resist it himself."

Everyone took in a breath of cold air. They couldn't believe it.

At this moment, many people had already surrounded the restaurant. They all thought it was unbelievable. Moreover, they were laughing at the other's misfortune.

If Bu Fang couldn't withstand the third lightning punishment, he would turn into human charcoal!


An explosion echoed, and the lightning struck from the vault of the sky. It was like a sword that attempted to pierce through the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Bu Fang clasped his hands and lifted his head. Under the pressure, his hair fluttered.


However, when the lightning strike was around three inches away from Bu Fang...

The Vermillion Robe immediately turned scarlet, and a pair of red, flaming wings spread open behind him.

A bird's song rang out, its melody loud and clear as it reverberated.

The dazzling lightning strike made people close their eyes.

Shortly after, they heard footsteps.

With clasped hands, Bu Fang turned around, returning to his restaurant. He didn't even shed a single hair.

"Alright, let's taste... Bu Fang's Secret Recipe Roast Duck," Bu Fang said calmly.

Everybody was so excited. They could only get a hold of themselves when Bu Fang took out the gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife to cut the duck.

Realm Lord Di Tai stared hard at Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe, his eyes bright.

"That robe is an immortal tool, and... it's superb. Too bad, I don't like to wear clothes. Otherwise, I would borrow and try once," Realm Lord Di Tai thought.

Crack... Crack...

A crunchy noise arose as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife effortlessly cut through the Roast Duck.


Everyone was stunned.

Rumble! Rumble!

From the belly, a milky soup gushed out, and a thick aroma shot up into the sky.

One jet of gold light... Two jets of gold light... Three jets of gold light!

After Bu Fang withdrew his knife, the Roast Duck's belly shot dazzling light. It was so bright that people couldn't look at it.

Wow, a food that could light up!

Indeed, it was Bu Fang's personal style.

"Everybody, take a bowl of thick soup first..." said Bu Fang. Then, he passed each of them a fancy blue-and-white bowl filled with soup.

It was the soup he cooked inside the Roast Duck, which had many precious spirit herbs. It looked magnificent as the thick, viscous soup rolled with the food, releasing hot steam.

It smelled very, very good.

This steaming, magnificent bowl had stunned people.

Next, Bu Fang poured a spoonful of soup into the chili paste he had prepared. He only added a bit of Abyssal Chili Sauce as he didn't need it to be spicy. After that, he stirred the soup, blending in the spicy flavor of the Abyssal Chili.

Then, Bu Fang stirred the mix of Abyssal Chili Sauce and soup into some red sauce.

Bu Fang looked at the crowd before he stretched out his hand...


He patted the table, and in an instant, the Roast Duck in the blue-and-white tray bounced.

Taking a deep breath, his mind flickered as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grip. As the knife spun, it released dazzling blade lights.

Bu Fang's eyes focused.

Suddenly, a blade fell as though it came from the sky.

It was his new knife skill, the Cutting Immortal Style.

Everybody took in a deep breath. They were surprised by that blade.

That single blade cut through, and in front of everyone's thrilled gazes, they saw the Roast Duck's skin cut into square pieces, falling gently on the tray.

After Bu Fang kept his knife, he placed both of his hands on the table, his body slightly leaning forward.

The corner of his mouth rose. "Please enjoy."