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 "Such strange and unconventional clouds... Looks like this restaurant has another immortal dish." Gongshu Baiguang stroked his beard, his eyes squinting.

City Lord Mu Yang stroked his beautiful beard as well. "Also, it's not an ordinary immortal dish. From the wind's direction and the clouds' thickness, this dish... is surely extraordinary."

Gongshu Baiguang and Mu Yang exchanged looks. Then, they suddenly burst out laughing.

Gongshu Ban and Mu Liuer were confused. What are these two leaders laughing about?

Without any more greetings, they pushed the doors open, entering the restaurant.

As soon as the doors opened, a dense fragrance greeted them. That fragrance rolled with a hint of sweetness and the delicious smell of meat that teased people's appetites.

The restaurant wasn't big. Since it was the first time Gongshu Ban and Gongshu Yun came here, they were a little curious.

Gongshu Ban admired and respected Bu Fang a lot as the other could cook a first-grade immortal dish and discovered the scheme of the former head of the Tongs, Tong Ruo.

Without Bu Fang, he could have been killed, that's why he was grateful, and at the same time, curious about him.

At this moment, the little restaurant was hosting many people.

There were many familiar faces that they had seen in the land of inheritance.

After the Gongshus and the Mus got in, they sat on the available chairs. Since there weren't many seats, and the place was packed to begin with, there wasn't an available spot anymore.

Actually, Gongshu Baiguang wanted to sit near the Realm Lord. However, at first glance, he found that the Realm Lord was sitting beside a huge muscular man, who was emitting an intimidating aura that frightened people.

If he asked such an existence to switch seats with him, would the other beat him up?

Mu Yang came over, glancing at the Realm Lord's direction. Seeing the Realm Lord naked once more, his mouth couldn't help but convulse.

He couldn't believe that the Realm Lord was such a pervert!

The people who were sitting in the dining tables, which encircled the kitchen, were all exceptional, not to mention the naked Realm Lord.

That black-faced, muscular man was so intimidating. Beside him sat one of the beautiful ladies who had an ice-cold face. She wore black armor and was holding a massive broadsword.

The other had pink hair, and her lips were rosy. At this moment, she was admiring a strand of fur.

The last one looked more natural. She wore a long, black dress, and her long hair reached the waist of her delicate body.

Those people seemed extraordinary and unique. Were they waiting for Owner Bu's dishes?

As the newcomers took in the aroma in the air, their eyes focused.

City Lord Mu Yang became more serious. The dish that was about to be served should be very interesting...


In the kitchen, Bu Fang opened the cabinet to check the duck that had cooled down.

After cooling, the duck turned gold as syrup had seeped into it. However, it made the duck look a little tight.

The next steps were critical in cooking Roast Duck. Obviously, roasting was part of it, and this should make the duck really delicious.

How to roast and what heat it required were the key factors that decided the taste of Roast Duck.

Bu Fang sealed the lower part of the duck. Then, he boiled the soup using Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and poured it on the duck by the cut at its throat. This step was called "pouring soup." During the process of cooking Roast Duck, when the soup changed its color, it meant that the Roast Duck had "matured."

After pouring the soup, Bu Fang coated the duck with cooking liquor, which was known as "colorizing." Once this was done, the plump duck could be put in the oven.

His mind flickered...

Bu Fang disappeared at his spot and reappeared in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

It had been a while since he last visited the farmland. The spirit energy in this world was getting thicker. On the ground, he could see abundant rice, spirit vegetables, and herbs.

In the distance, Niu Hansan seemed to sense Bu Fang's arrival, and he waved his hand at the other.

"Owner Bu! Over here!"

Niu Hansan was standing in front of an oven made of dry mud. He looked so excited as he waved at Bu Fang, smiling and revealing his shiny, white teeth.

Bu Fang walked to the oven, bringing the syrup-coated duck. He checked the oven, looking satisfied.

"When Owner Bu asked me to make this oven, I didn't hesitate a bit and followed your design. Look, it's a new, perfect oven."

"Well done. Have you prepared the wood I asked?" asked Bu Fang.

"Of course. This farmland doesn't have many materials but wood, and I've chosen the best!" Niu Hansan reported with a beaming face.

Far from him, the Eight Treasures Pig was observing with Eighty sitting on its head.

These two were watching from a distance, not daring to come near. As Bu Fang had cut one's leg and the other's meat, in their eyes, Bu Fang was the true devil.

Bu Fang thanked Niu Hansan and began to burn the wood in the oven.

As soon as his immortal flame was released, the heat rocketed, making the entire oven turn red.

He hung the duck inside the oven, then he sat down cross-legged in front of it.

A moment later, his spirit sea surged with high waves.

Boom! Boom!

Waves of spirit energy expanded, shrouding the oven in just a blink of an eye. Bu Fang then began to sense the changes of the duck inside the oven.


In the restaurant, the group of people sitting there became impatient.

Black clouds had covered the sky, and thunderclaps reverberated for a long time, but nothing had struck the place yet. It meant that Bu Fang's dish wasn't finished yet.

"What kind of dish is that little chef cooking? Why is it taking so long... Although the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck is really hard to cook, it shouldn't take a lot of time like that."

Naked Realm Lord Di Tai put one hand on his waist while the other hand supported his forehead, posing as if he was thinking over something.

While talking, he didn't break his pose. According to him, it was the art of nudity.

You Ji's eyes focused, gazing at the kitchen.

She hoped Bu Fang's food wouldn't disappoint her. Otherwise, she could only bring Nethery back to Earth Prison.

However, after returning to Earth Prison, she didn't know if they could suppress Nethery's curse. Once her curse was released, the consequence... would be unbearable.

It would be complete chaos.

Realm Lord Di Tai gave up on his artist's act. He lifted his head, whipping his beautiful blonde hair.

"No, I can't stand this. I'm so curious about what that little chef is doing ... I'm going to peep just a bit," Realm Lord Di Tai said.

Jin Jiao cast him a sidelong glance.

A moment later, Realm Lord Di Tai jumped from his seat. With divine light blooming at his private area, he raised his leg, jumping over the other side towards the kitchen.

He knew the difficulty level of cooking the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck, that's why he was so curious what dish Bu Fang was cooking.


"Restricted area. No trespassing."

Just as Realm Lord Di Tai was about to walk into the kitchen, a mechanical sound rang out. Immediately, Whitey appeared right in front of him.

"Troublemakers... will be stripped in front of everyone and thrown out!" The leaf-like palm patted at Realm Lord Di Tai.

Realm Lord Di Tai was bewildered. He didn't expect an Earth Immortal Puppet to stop him there.

He placed his hands on his waist, his eyes bright as yelled, "What do you want to do? Strip my clothes? Come! I'll let you strip my clothes!"

Whitey seemed speechless.

The group sitting at the tables were dumbstruck.

Lord Dog rolled his eyes. When it comes to Realm Lord Di Tai, his hands were tied.

Compared to this Realm Lord Di Tai, Nether King Er Ha was just a normal guy.

Gongshu Baiguang dropped his jaw. That f*cking moron... Is he really the Immortal Cooking Realm's supreme and aloof Realm Lord His Highness? Why is he some pervert that came out of nowhere?

Mu Yang's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Gongshu Yun was shy, covering her face. However, through the cracks between her fingers, she was admiring the other.

"What? Scared? I have never been afraid of being stripped... Stripping is an art! I think you are one of my kind. Unfortunately, you're just an Earth Immortal Puppet. Otherwise, I do want to perceive your stripping art..." Realm Lord Di Tai said sincerely.

A moment later, he sauntered towards the kitchen.

Lord Dog stood up, his bright eyes eagerly watching him.

Whitey wanted to stop him, but it wasn't Realm Lord Di Tai's opponent. With just a flick of the latter's fingers, tens of thousands of energy wisps gathered, tying Whitey.


Ding. Ding. Ding.

The curtain was lifted, and the bell jingled.


Sizzle! Sizzle!

"Ouch! Ouch!"

Sizzle! Sizzle!

"Ouch! Ouch!"

A shrill scream reverberated, sounding like a desperate melody.

Everyone's eyes shrank as they looked at Realm Lord Di Tai.

Lord Dog's mouth cracked open, his face so excited...


With a loud thud, Realm Lord Di Tai's body fell back on his place.

His face was soot black, and his soft, straight blonde hair rose up, fuming smoke.

As purple lightning arcs scattered all over his body, Realm Lord Di Tai felt his face stiffen.

It's just a kitchen! How come it's guarded by Purple Extreme Divine Lightning?!

He just wanted to take a peek!

That's f*cking overkill!

Witnessing Realm Lord Di Tai's experience, the others shrank their eyes.

Jin Jiao raised his brows, while Luo Ji looked so curious.

Gongshu Baiguang and Mu Yang were stunned, doubt filling their faces.

Is he really the Realm Lord? How could he be beaten by a door in a small kitchen?!

Whitey retreated into the kitchen.

Realm Lord Di Tai parted his lips, fuming white smoke.

Boom! Boom!

Outside, thunderclaps boomed unceasingly. It seemed lightning was about to strike.

Lord Dog looked at Realm Lord Di Tai's baffled face after getting electrocuted. His mouth opened wide, laughing at the other's pain and appearance.

"Bu Fang's kitchen has advanced further. It's not that easy to enter that kid's kitchen!" Lord Dog said smugly.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

The bell jingled. A moment later, a figure slowly walked behind the curtain.

A thick aroma permeated, sweeping the entire place. This aroma awakened people's spirits.

Realm Lord Di Tai craned his neck. His toasted, smoke-fuming head gazed at the kitchen, squinting.

"That fragrance... smells strange."

Realm Lord Di Tai's nose scrunched up. He had never smelled this aroma before!

It smelled like roast meat, but it was way different from roast meat.

Bu Fang's figure became visible, revealing a huge dish in his hands.

Everyone's eyes lit up.

As Bu Fang approached the tables, they could see the crystal-brown Roast Duck sitting in a fancy blue-and-white tray.

The duck's skin was like a sparkling, clear mirror as steam rose from it.

It looked perfect.

Beside the Roast Duck, there was a stack of soft dough wrappers, chili sauce, some pieces of scallions, and other garnishes.

Boom! Boom!

Above them, thunder boomed, echoing in people's ears. The lightning strike that had accumulated for quite a long time roared.

"Bu Fang's Secret Recipe Roast Duck... Done."

The moment the lightning struck, Bu Fang's faint voice echoed around the restaurant.

It made the others flustered.