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 In the kitchen of Immortal Chef Little Store, Bu Fang grabbed the long neck of the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck.

The duck continuously fumed spirit energy and immortal energy as it quacked.

For the True Immortal Realm test, the system asked Bu Fang to cook Roast Duck, but it didn't provide him with a recipe. What he had was just a cooking ingredient.

Hence, Bu Fang had to cook the duck in his own way.

Luckily, in Bu Fang's previous life, he had enjoyed all kinds of dishes, so he had studied roast duck too.

Duck is one of the most popular fowls. Even in his previous life, there were so many ways to cook duck-duck cooked with beer, duck cooked with ginger, duck stewed with herbs, and so on.

However, the most famous duck dish was Roast Duck. It was really famous around the world.

Cooking Roast Duck was different from eating Roast Duck, though.

Bu Fang didn't start to cook right away. As one of his hands held the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck by its neck, his other hand was placed on his back. He stood there, sinking in his thoughts.

He had to recall the methods to process the duck and how to roast it.

It was really complicated to cook Roast Duck. A minor mistake could change the duck's taste significantly.

In his previous life, he could find Roast Duck in any place. However, they didn't taste the same.

With different cooking methods, heat controls, and changes in recipes, the Roast Duck would have different tastes.

After a long while...

Bu Fang moved.

The Seven-colored Sky Mending Sky quacked one more time. Its hoarse voice echoed, thick spirit energy and immortal energy fuming out of its beak.

His mind flickered, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grip with dazzling golden light. As it spun in his hand, it created wind blades swishing around.

In order to cook Roast Duck, he must process the duck first.

Although the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck was an immortal ingredient, it was still a duck.

Grabbing the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck, Bu Fang's eyes became sharper. An intimidating aura arose from him, making it seem like an overlord was hovering behind him.

The Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck froze. It didn't even dare to wiggle.

A moment later, a jet of blade light slashed over. Tens of thousands of lights gathered into a blade, the Overlord's first blade.


Instantly, it cut the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck's throat.

Bu Fang had used the three-pipe cutting method, which was the common and most effective way to deal with ducks as it could keep the body intact.

The three-pipe cutting method's first step was at the throat of the fowl. The knife would cut through the artery, meridian, and even cut off the windpipe and gullet.


The Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck didn't wiggle anymore.

Bu Fang then took out a basin, catching the duck's gushing blood out of its throat.

The Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck was worthy of being an immortal ingredient. Even its blood could fume immortal energy.

The duck's blood could be processed and become a delicious side dish to have with hotpot. Its blood curd would feel soft and smooth.

After killing the duck, of course, he needed to deal with its feathers.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

Bu Fang put the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck into a pot of boiling Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water and blanched it for a while, which would soften the duck's feathers. After that, he could pluck them out.

Boiling and plucking the feathers were actually part of the process, but to Bu Fang, it wasn't a big deal.

Rattle! Rattle!

When he fished the steaming Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck from the boiling water, hot water dripped from it.

Bu Fang emitted true energy to cover both of his hands. Then, his eyes focused as he casually grabbed the duck by its neck.

A moment later, he began to pull, plucking the feathers out of its body.

Throwing a handful of feathers, Bu Fang plucked the duck again.

After doing this several times, the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck had only several down left. Meticulously, Bu Fang also plucked the down.

Seeing the duck's smooth and radiant skin without any feather or down left, he finished his plucking process.

Next was the gutting process.

This step was very important because the Roast Duck needed to keep the integrity of its body. If the duck had a hole on the skin, it was already wasted.

Bu Fang raised the duck's wings as he carefully made a hole using the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Then, he took out the internal organs.

This step wasn't really hard. Since he had opened the duck right under its wing, the skin of the duck looked perfect with no damage.

When taking out internal organs, it should be done fast. Since Bu Fang worked really fast, he had done it effortlessly and flawlessly.

Then, he began to clean the duck.

Without the feathers, the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck didn't look much different from the ordinary ducks. Of course, its meat was incomparable.

With thick immortal energy that the meat absorbed every day, its texture was so good, which was beyond one's imagination.

It was even better than Eighty's meat.

Although Eighty was considered an immortal ingredient, it hadn't reached the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck's level yet.

At this moment, Bu Fang was thinking if he should ask the system to have one more duck, so he could breed it in his farmland.

Anyway, he could ask later. His priority right now was to cook Roast Duck.

It took Bu Fang a while to clean the duck. After putting it aside, he started to prepare the other ingredients.

He summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, then added the syrup he took from the system into it.

Parting his lips, a gold lotus flame flew out, going underneath the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

It was the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame. After Bu Fang had swallowed the immortal flame, he could totally control it now.

Although Bu Fang's control of the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame hadn't reached the level he used to have with the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, which was like an extension of his arms, it wasn't a problem just to heat up some syrup.

No matter what, it was an immortal flame with extreme heat.

If he used the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to boil the syrup, it would take a long time. But with this immortal flame, it boiled fast.

No wonder every Immortal Chef wanted to have a good immortal flame. Good or bad, it was crucial to the chef.

Moreover, the first fifty flames of the immortal flame ranking were extraordinary.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

As the gold syrup began to boil, a sweet aroma arose as its surface bubbled.

Bu Fang then brought the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck over, using a hook to hang it.

Scooping a ladle of boiling syrup, he poured it on the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck's throat.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

As steam rose, a wisp of immortal energy wound around the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck.

Bu Fang's eyes focused. He took more syrup, pouring it again. He repeated this step several times.

Eventually, he covered the entire duck. It now looked golden, sparkling with a crystal-like radiance.

However, it wasn't done yet.

After covering the duck with boiling syrup, Bu Fang used the room temperature syrup and continued to pour it all over the duck.

After this, the cooldown process would be next.

Usually, the cooldown process would need twenty-four hours, and he needed to put the duck in a cool and well-ventilated place. Anyway, he got the tool from the system that would significantly reduce the time required.

He opened the cabinet and hung the gold duck inside, which still dripped syrup from its body.

Bu Fang had used this cabinet to make his good wine as it could increase the time flow, which reduced his waiting time.

Originally, it would need twenty-four hours, but now, he just needed around two hours.

After this step, the duck's process was almost done.


In the immense mountain ranges in Earth Prison, an imposing palace was situated in a valley, which looked like it was slashed and leveled by some sharp divine sword.

Outside the palace, a figure sprinted.

Nether King Er Ha fell and landed outside. Looking at the closed gate, he exhaled.

He got a Spicy Strip in his mouth as usual.

His stock of Spicy Strips was still sufficient, so he wasn't alarmed.

Anyway, since he had returned to Earth Prison, he needed to save his Spicy Strips since he didn't know when he would meet Bu Fang again.

This time, Nether King Er Ha wanted to improve his cultivation base. Even if he couldn't be as strong as his father, he must try his best to approach that level.


Actually, Nether King Er Ha always had a load on his mind.

His father was invincible in Nether Prison. Why did he die? It was a question that he hadn't figured out the answer.

There were times that he wanted to search and investigate the cause. However, he was prevented from doing so.

And... the man who did that to him was right in his palace. He was the leader of the five great Earth Prison Overlords, Earth Prison Overlord Ying Long.

As Nether King Er Ha pushed the palace's gates open, it let out an echoing squeak.

Walking on the blue-tiled path, he entered the palace.

This was his familiar place, the palace where he grew up. It was a place that was deeply etched in his memory, the Nether King Palace.

It used to be a glorious palace where ten thousand tribes in Earth Prison came and worshipped the king, who no one dared to disrespect.

Of course, that was when Er Ha's old man was still alive. Now, the Nether King Palace was already shabby.

It couldn't subdue the ten thousand tribes in Earth Prison and make them worship their king.

And so, Nether King Er Ha had a dream, which was to reach his father's level one day.

By the side of the palace, an old man was sitting. When he saw Nether King Er Ha, his aged eyes released gleams of pressure.

Beside the old man, Old Tie stood restlessly. When he saw Nether King Er Ha, his eyes lit up, and excitement filled his face.

"Nether King Your Highness, you're finally back... I've been waiting for you for so long," Earth Prison Overlord Ying Long said. He stood up, his back humped. "That mangy dog took my Hollow Eye. So, after handing things over to you, Your Highness, I will go find that mangy dog."

Nether King Er Ha tilted his head as he sucked a Spicy Strip, his shirt open at his chest. "Spit it out, old man, what do you want to tell me?"

Ying Long frowned. Looking at Nether King's attitude, he shook his head. He was somewhat angry.

"You're always carefree! Anyway, it's good because you can give up finding the cause of your father's death... There are some things you can't handle, so just stay in the Nether King Palace and be the Lord of Netherworld," Ying Long said as he descended from the steps.

Shortly, he came to Nether King Er Ha's side.

Nether King Er Ha's pensive face vanished. His eyes turned so cold as he gazed at Ying Long.

"You old man, you must know something... Why don't you tell me?!"

"It's not suitable for you to know now... Behave and stay in the palace," Ying Long answered calmly.

Clasping his hands, he walked out of the Nether King Palace with a humped back. It seems that he just came here to say Nether King Er Ha those several sentences.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes remained icy cold. However, when he turned around, a formation arose from Earth Prison Overlord Ying Long.

Nether energy shot up into the sky. A moment later, two Corpse Ghosts with intimidating aura emerged. The Corpse Ghosts were indeed fierce.

It seems that that old man wanted to seal him in his Nether King Palace...

Nether King Er Ha's eyes narrowed, angrily biting off the Spicy Strip in his mouth.


Immortal Chef Little Store

The head of the Gongshu family, Gongshu Baiguang, hurriedly brought Gongshu Ban and Gongshu Yun with him.

Since he knew that the Realm Lord was in that restaurant, he had to rush to meet him, right?

If he didn't know that, it would be alright, but now that he knew, he must come and meet the other.

As soon as he arrived in front of the restaurant, Gongshu Baiguang was stunned.

Not far from them, City Lord Mu Yang and Mu Liuer were slowly approaching.

The City Lord wore an elegant yet solemn robe. Seeing Gongshu Baiguang at the restaurant's doors, he was a little surprised. After all, both of their status and identities were extraordinary.

As though they knew each other's thoughts, they exchanged looks and smiled, nodding.

You don't talk, I don't talk. We're good friends.

After that silent agreement, both of them turned, walking into the restaurant.

However, as soon as they turned around, dark clouds rolled over above them.