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 Chapter 103: Young Man, Use Your Eye-Blinding Cutting Techniques to Teach Him How to Be a Better Person

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Master Zhao was very confident. He had extraordinary confidence over his cutting techniques. There was no reason other than the fact that he had spent over a dozen years on practicing cutting techniques alone. Ever since he was an apprentice chef, he spent every single day continuously waving around a kitchen knife and handling ingredients.

He could stand other people saying his dishes tasted bad but he could not stand anyone saying his cutting technique was bad, because it was an insult to the time he spent on practicing his cutting techniques.

It was precisely because of this confidence and solid cutting techniques that Master Zhao stood out among the many capable chefs of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant and was eventually chosen by Qian Bao to challenge Bu Fang.

Master Zhao haughtily looked at Bu Fang. He did not think the youngster before him was superior to him in cutting techniques. Cutting techniques not only needed talent but also required constant effort, and Master Zhao felt he was someone who possessed talent and had made constant effort.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen had already finished eating their food and were curiously watching this stimulating scene unfold. Ouyang Xiaoyi was very excited as she thought, "Last time, the smelly boss almost wrecked the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. Now, they're upset and came for revenge!"

This little brat was purely watching from the point of view of a spectator. Her large eyes blinked as she looked at Bu Fang. She wanted to know how the smelly boss would handle this matter.

Honestly speaking, Bu Fang was truly not interested in stuff like challenges and learning from one another. He only wanted to peacefully cook dishes, run his business, earn crystals, and raise his cultivation level... His wish was that pure and simple. There was not much complicated things mixed within.

Previously, if the system had not given him a mission, Bu Fang would not have even bothered to step into the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

"Compete in cutting techniques? Why do I have to compete with you? Not interested." Bu Fang expressionlessly pursed his lips together as he turned around and headed for the kitchen. He could not be bothered to pay any attention to Qian Bao and Master Zhao.

Qian Bao was surprised for a moment. He did not expect Bu Fang's refusal. However, his eyes soon lit up as he thought, "He's refusing? Doesn't that mean he's lacking in confidence? This Owner Bu is definitely inept at cutting techniques... Otherwise, why would he refuse our challenge? He refused since he knew he would lose!"

The more Qian Bao thought this was the case, the more excited he became, and the more he could not let Bu Fang refuse his challenge because he felt he had discovered Bu Fang's weakness.

"Owner Bu... Aren't you being a little unreasonable right now? When you came over to find fault at the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, did I ever say a single no? I magnanimously allowed you to sample our dishes. Today, I came here with the intentions of learning from each other, yet you refused my invitation. This is a little unfair. Are you perhaps lacking in confidence? Are you self-conscious that your cutting techniques are inferior to my chef's?" Qian Bao said with a smile while his facial muscles were squeezed together.

His voice contained an extremely provoking tone, which was capable of causing any listener to become very uncomfortable. At the very least, Ouyang Xiaoyi, who was originally having fun watching the scene, became so exasperated that her teeth itched. She thought, "What do you mean by unfair? What do you mean by lacking in confidence? Would Owner Bu be lacking in confidence with his skills?"

"I am not lacking in confidence or being unfair. Rather, even if we're competing in cutting techniques, your chef is not qualified to compete with me. Since he isn't qualified, why would I compete with him?" Bu Fang stopped walking, turned his head and indifferently said. From his tone, not even a single trace of anger could be detected. It was as if he was just stating the truth.

Master Zhao was immediately angered. He thought to himself, "I am not qualified? I am the most skilled person in cutting techniques within the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, yet you're actually saying that I'm not qualified?"

Then, Master Zhao coldly taunted him, "Brat, you're really cocky. Unfortunately, you won't become better at cutting techniques by being cockier. We'll only find out whether or not I am qualified after we compete. Deciding whether I am qualified or not, who do you think you are!"

Qian Bao timely came out with a smile and said, "How about this, Owner Bu. Last time, the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's reputation was tarnished by you. This time, you can't expect us to be at a disadvantage as well. As long as you admit your cutting techniques are inferior to our Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's chef, we'll write off this matter. How about it?"

Bu Fang indifferently looked at Qian Bao. Was this fellow an idiot? He already said that the chef was not qualified to challenge his cutting techniques, yet this Qian Bao still wanted him to acknowledge his cutting techniques was inferior. What a joke.

Bu Fang's expression became cold as well. Since they wanted to seek their own deaths, he would fulfill their wish.

"Abrupt mission: Accept the cutting technique challenge from the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant chef arranged by Qian Bao and completely dominate your opponent. (As the saying goes, a scholar prefers death to humiliation. A chef's cutting techniques must not be disgraced. Young man, use your eye-blinding cutting techniques to teach him how to be a better person!)

"Mission reward: Meteor Cutting Technique advancement."

Just as Bu Fang was about to give a response, the system's solemn voice resounded within Bu Fang's mind. Even though the system was solemn as always, Bu Fang seemed to be able to feel the anger contained within the system's mission.

With a trace of strangeness on his deadpan face, Bu Fang indifferently glanced toward Qian Bao and Master Zhao. Since even the system issued him with the mission, he would really be unreasonable if he did not accept their challenge.

Since that was the case... then he would accept.

"Alright, I accept. However, wait until my opening hours is over," Bu Fang indifferently said.

The smile on Qian Bao's face froze and slowly disappeared. He seriously asked, "Owner Bu, are you accepting our challenge?"

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded.

"Then, is it alright for me to decide the location of the match?" Qian Bao asked. He still remembered Song Tao's instructions. When he recalled the terrifying aura he felt from Song Tao, he decided to follow Song Tao's orders.

"Up to you." Bu Fang could not be bothered to say anything else. He turned around and stepped into the kitchen.

Master Zhao and Qian Bao looked into each other eyes, and revealed a hint of triumph on their faces at the same time. Then, Qian Bao turned toward the kitchen and shouted, "Then, Owner Bu, I'll be leaving first. Once your opening hours has ended, I'll send someone to make arrangements for the challenge."

"Alright," Bu Fang's voice coldly drifted out of the kitchen.

Qian Bao and Master Zhao immediately left Bu Fang's store in high spirits. They had to prepare the stuff needed during the challenge.

Once they left, Ouyang Xiaoyi ran toward the kitchen window and asked, "Smelly boss, did you really agree with competing in cutting techniques? Is your cutting techniques... alright?"

Bu Fang raised his head and gave Ouyang Xiaoyi a glance. Then, a wisp of green smoke encircled his hand and an unassuming kitchen appeared. As Bu Fang's fingers nimbly started moving, that kitchen knife immediately wandered about his hand as if it was alive...

Ouyang Xiaoyi had never seen someone manipulate a kitchen knife in such a gorgeous manner before. Her eyes were almost popping out of her head. She suddenly felt her worry from just now was simply a joke... The smelly boss was a demonic genius with superb culinary skills. How could his cutting techniques be weak?

She could almost imagine the results of the coming match. The expression of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's owner would definitely become extremely ugly... She looked forward to the smelly boss slapping other people's face the most!

The opening hours soon ended. Both Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen were not in a hurry to leave. They were looking forward to this challenge.

Qian Bao's efficiency was still quite good. After a while, someone came and informed Bu Fang about the location of the match. However, the location startled Bu Fang for a moment.

"At the entrance of the alleyway?" Bu Fang puzzledly asked.

"Yes." The person who came to inform him nodded with absolute certainty.

Without saying anything, Bu Fang put on a fur overcoat and then walked out of the store.

At that moment, the entrance of the alleyway was buzzing with activity. The alleyway's entrance, where the pedestrian traffic was usually scarce, was surrounded by a large crowd. There were two large tables with various ingredients on top of them.

Master Zhao, wearing a chef uniform, was standing in front of one of the tables. On his table, there was a large knife rack filled with various kitchen knives and every single knife was glinting with sharpness.