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 The system gave him a duck. Did it want him to roast it?

Bu Fang was a little bewildered, blinking as he looked at the seven-colored duck. The cooking ingredients provided by the system were getting more exotic.

Would the seven-colored duck's meat have seven colors too?

The duck on the stove twisted its long neck and opened its beak, quacking loudly. As it quacked, it fumed thick spirit energy and immortal energy.


Now, Bu Fang realized that the duck wasn't just any duck.

He stretched his hand, grabbing the seven-colored duck by its neck before lifting it up. Immediately, the duck opened its beak and spread its wings, flapping unceasingly.

Thick spirit energy and immortal energy were continuously being released out of its open beak.

"Well, the system knows I want to cook something for Nethery's sister. Is that why it chose an energy-splattering duck like this?"

Actually, Bu Fang understood that Nethery's curse could be subdued by food with thick spirit energy. For example, the Dragon Blood Rice, which was cooked with ingredients with dense and abundant spirit energy, was always effective on her.

"Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck, living in Nether Prison. It can fly and fume spirit energy and immortal energy. It's the symbol of light. It eats heavenly dew and smashed spirit stones, and all kinds of precious grains," the system said, meticulously giving Bu Fang the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck's information.

"Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck? What an awesome name..."

Bu Fang was a bit impressed. Checking the duck in his hand, he couldn't help but smack his lips.

"System, this Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck could mend the sky?" Bu Fang asked.

This time, the system didn't answer him. Its silence seemed to say, "You're not a dummy, are you?"

As the system didn't answer him, Bu Fang's mouth twitched. He was just joking!

If it could mend the sky, this duck would be a supreme, heavenly existence. How could it become Bu Fang's cooking ingredient?

He rubbed his chin. Then, he raised his hand and patted the duck's belly.

The duck quacked hoarsely, and more spirit energy and immortal energy came out of its mouth.

"Roast Duck... Yeah, it's a very delicious dish."

Bu Fang was really looking forward to it.


Outside the kitchen of Immortal Chef Little Store, Jin Jiao, Yin Jiao, and the others were sitting with a curious look on their faces.

They were facing the kitchen, but they couldn't see what was going on inside. This kind of arrangement made them even more curious.

Of course, there were restaurants in Earth Prison. Actually, Earth Prison was a complete world, which was even bigger than the Immortal Cooking Realm.

In Earth Prison, the cooking ingredients were all extremely good. Bu Fang had even gone there before to find some ingredients.

The Yellow Spring Grass and Flower of Helplessness he had acquired weren't bad cooking ingredients, even in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

During that time, Bu Fang had picked a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass. There were more superior types of Yellow Spring Grass, such as the six-leaf Yellow Spring Grass, but the Yellow Spring Great Sage would risk his life with him.

Even if Lord Dog stopped him, the Yellow Spring Great Sage wouldn't stop chasing after Bu Fang to infinity until he was killed.

In Earth Prison, everybody knew one thing, and that is, the Yellow Spring Great Sage was too stingy.

"It looks small, but the atmosphere is really good." Luo Ji swayed her enchanting waist. Her sexy, hot body made Jin Jiao squint.

The Death God Scythe shrank, becoming a pendant she wore in front of her chest. That pendant was hung right at the deep cleavage of her fair breasts, which looked so seductive.

You Ji sat quietly. She closed her eyes, looking pensive. They didn't know what was going through her mind.

Nethery sat beside her.

Wherever You Ji was, naturally, Yin Jiao was there too. He supported his chin with both hands, foolishly gazing at You Ji with a lovestruck expression.

When Realm Lord Di Tai entered the restaurant, he was dumbstruck.

Initially, he thought that in this world, besides that mangy dog, nothing could stir up his heart.

However, the moment he stepped into this restaurant... he found that the Heart of Cooking Path in his chest was shaking hard!

It was an unknown shock to him, and it felt like he had just sensed a supreme, unsurpassed power!

However, it was just a restaurant. How could it have any kind of unsurpassed power?

That black dog?


Unless that black dog had eaten up all the Heavenly Path of the Immortal Cooking Realm... If it did, it could become unsurpassed.

Anyway, that black dog had just bitten the Heavenly Path once. Even if it had digested it, Realm Lord Di Tai would not be afraid of the dog!

It was really strange. Where did that power come from?

Realm Lord Di Tai took a deep breath, stroking his soft, blonde hair. Then, his eyes scanned and assessed the entire restaurant.

Small, but not packed. It was neat and clean. The tables were arranged properly, and their locations were really special.

It may be a small restaurant, but it got everything inside.

Realm Lord Di Tai was surprised, raking his eyes through the entire place. Eventually, the corners of his mouth curved up into a satisfied smile.

No wonder that young chef had the guts to reject his offer. It seems that he did have some power.

He walked to a table, pulled a chair, and sat down next to Jin Jiao.

Jin Jiao was a beefy man with a body as big as a small mountain. He sat there, making the space inside the restaurant shrink.

Realm Lord Di Tai sat down with a smiling face. He cocked his head, giving Jin Jiao a glance.

Looking at the imposing, muscular body, his eyes brightened.


His scream startled all the people in the restaurant.

Jin Jiao was baffled, looking at Realm Lord Di Tai sitting next to him.

Realm Lord Di Tai reached out his hand, rubbing Jin Jiao's naked upper body with a passionate look.

Normally, Jin Jiao didn't wear his black armor. Since he got a large-built body, it wouldn't be comfortable for him to wear the armor all day long.

"What the heck are you doing?!"

Jin Jiao was frightened. As he looked at Realm Lord Di Tai stroking his body, his eyes bulged out.

"Your body is full of art. Look at you, you're my kind. Look at your vigorous muscles, your hunky body. You can promote the art of nudity to the peak of glory..." said Realm Lord Di Tai. As he rubbed the other's muscles, he squinted, passionately sticking his face onto the other.

"What the f*ck..." Jin Jiao shivered. This guy... He's really sick!


Instantly, Jin Jiao emitted an enormous flow of energy, which shook and sent Realm Lord Di Tai away.

As Realm Lord Di Tai rolled in the air, one of his hands covered his forehead while the other was placed on his private part.


His robe was blasted by an invisible wave of air, exposing his naked body!

Everyone was speechless.

Jin Jiao shuddered. Shortly after, he became bewildered. He suddenly found Realm Lord Di Tai sitting in front of him.

"Let's enjoy the art of nudity together!"

"Get away from me!" Jin Jiao's eyes turned bloodshot as he roared.


Ding. Ding. Ding.

The bell hanging on the kitchen's door jingled, making some clear and pleasant sounds.

Bu Fang lifted the curtain as he walked out, his other hand holding a seven-colored duck by its neck.

"Please keep quiet," Bu Fang said calmly.

As soon as Bu Fang said that...


Jin Jiao felt a cold air sweeping over his nape. A massive sword was placed there.

"Be quiet. Don't talk... or else my Overbearing Hefty Sword will chill you to the heart." You Ji held her massive broadsword as she placed the blade behind Jin Jiao.

You Ji was serious. That was because she wanted to confirm if that chef's cooking skills could suppress her sister's curse.

If his cooking was disturbed by the noise, she would go on a rampage.

Jin Jiao broke out into a cold sweat, not daring to breathe loud.

His body was strong, but You Ji's broadsword was even sharper. He knew You Ji didn't joke around. She would really stab him, making several holes in his body.

Hence, he could only swallow this. Tears lingered in his eyes.

Naked Realm Lord Di Tai didn't look at Jin Jiao anymore. At that moment, he was stunned, looking at the duck in Bu Fang's hand.

"Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck... You little chef can get such a cooking ingredient!" Realm Lord Di Tai was astonished.

As a High Grade Qilin Chef, the leading chef in the entire Immortal Cooking Realm, he knew so many cooking ingredients.

When he was young, he explored the Immortal Cooking Realm and Earth Prison. He even came to... Nether Prison.

Although this Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck wasn't a high-level cooking ingredient, it came from Nether Prison, which was enough to surprise people.

Looking at Bu Fang's eyes, he knew this young chef wasn't ordinary.

"Go. Go back to your kitchen and cook, please. I really want to see how you little chef will cook the Seven-colored Sky Mending Duck... That duck isn't simple, you know." Realm Lord Di Tai supported his chin, smiling at Bu Fang.

If one were to ignore Realm Lord Di Tai's naked body, his words were indeed profound and immeasurable.

However, people just couldn't stand his naked body. It was too eye-stinging...

Bu Fang gave him a slight nod before sweeping his gaze across the place. Then, he lifted the curtain in front of the kitchen's door, going back inside.

He wanted to cook his Roast Duck now.


Outside Immortal City

The head of the Tong family, Tong Wudi, wore a dark and malicious face. Standing by him, the head of the Zhang family and the other leaders were also frowning.

This time, their families took a heavy loss. Their Immortal Chef teams perished in a first-grade land of inheritance...

To any family, it was a great loss. But for the Tongs and the Zhangs, they were in a better situation.

As the top families of Immortal City, they managed many Immortal Chefs, so losing several of them wouldn't affect their general situation that much.

However, to the other families, a team of Immortal Chefs was all they had.

"This is unacceptable! We can't let this slide. Our Immortal Chefs were destroyed, but that mortal chef has obtained a heavenly opportunity like that!" A head of a family bellowed with bloodshot eyes.

The other leaders supported him.

Tong Wudi looked at them, the corners of his mouth rising.

He disdained them.

He had thought to scratch that mortal chef to death. However... that mortal chef has that dog with him, so he didn't even dare to fart.

That dog was too powerful.

Unless... the Realm Lord appeared and expelled it. Or the City Lords would team up and drive it away. After that, he would have a chance to kill that mortal chef.

His Tong family also suffered a huge loss. Tong Cheng's spirit sea was shattered, and his silver-armored guards were all exterminated.

That was why Tong Wudi's grudge against Bu Fang had reached the peak. He hated that he couldn't eliminate that mortal chef himself.

However, he knew that killing him with the dog there was as hard as finding a way to heaven.

"Head of the Tongs, in the coming days, many families from the second layer will come here with their geniuses to participate in the Young Immortal Chef Tournament. At that time, we can cooperate with the experts from other families to deal with that old moron Mu Yang..." said the head of the Zhang Family, narrowing his eyes as he spoke to Tong Wudi.

As he said the last sentence, he raised his hand to his neck, making a throat-cutting gesture.

Tong Wudi's eyes brightened immediately, and the corners of his mouth rose.

"Right, I almost forgot it. The Immortal Chef Tournament that is held every four years is about to begin. We should seize this chance and have a power shuffle."


The Gongshu Family

After Gongshu Baiguang listened to Gongshu Ban's recounting of events, his eyes widened with disbelief.

"You mean... that f*cking naked pervert... is the Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord?"

Gongshu Ban nodded with a wry smile. It was hard to accept... It'd be better when you get used to it, don't worry.

Gongshu Baiguang felt both lucky and scared. He was lucky that his son had pulled him back. If he had followed Tong Wudi and messed around, the Realm Lord would have recognized and troubled them later.

The Realm Lord was the f*cking supreme existence here in the Immortal Cooking Realm!

Although he was... an enthusiastic nudist, he couldn't hide his glorious light!

At this moment, Gongshu Baiguang made a decision.

"Realm Lord His Highness is in the small restaurant. We should go there and meet him."

"Father, Realm Lord His Highness doesn't want us to reveal his identity. Earlier, City Lord Mu recognized him, but he didn't reveal the Realm Lord's identity... So, this time, we must stay low-key on this!" Gongshu Ban sounded mature and cautious.

"Son, do you think I should cooperate with that Realm Lord? Should I take off my clothes too?" Gongshu Baiguang rubbed his beard.

Gongshu Ban was stunned, his face paled. "No... There's no need?"

"Okay, I know what to do now. You two, prepare and go with me."

Gongshu Ban looked at Gongshu Baiguang's straight back. He suddenly had a very bad premonition...