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 Mu Yang, as the City Lord of the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, knew Realm Lord Di Tai.

The Immortal Cooking Realm had five City Lords, and each of them was in charge of one layer. Since Realm Lord Di Tai managed them all, of course they knew him.

However, the pervert hovering in front of them... Was he the handsome and cold Realm Lord Di Tai they knew?

Whenever the City Lords reported to the Realm Lord regarding the matters in their respective layer, Realm Lord Di Tai was always aloof. Wearing a long robe, his face was always stern and cold.

Overall, he exuded a divine presence that commanded respect and reverence.

However, at this moment... standing in front of them was a naked moron.

Who f*cking called you?!

This must be a fake Realm Lord!

Getting a hold of themselves, they became colder.

At first, they were frightened. How could they not be startled? A naked body just descended out of nowhere and stood right in front of them!

Ya Ya was speechless and embarrassed. Following such a Realm Lord, she did feel tired.

Her body flashed as a long robe appeared in her hand. The robe billowed, covering Di Tai's body right in front of everybody.

Then, Ya Ya grabbed the sleeve of the long robe, dragging Realm Lord Di Tai away.

The others were more astonished. How could they bump into a moron like that?!

Meanwhile, City Lord Mu Yang felt even more dumbfounded. Wearing a long robe, that naked man... matched perfectly with the perfect image of the Realm Lord in his mind.

Could it really be that... that naked pervert was really Realm Lord His Highness?


Mu Yang took in a breath of cold air. The fright in his eyes became more intense.

Wait a minute!

Why is the Realm Lord here?

And, it seems that... he got a good relationship with that mortal chef...

Naturally, the people from the influential families didn't know Realm Lord Di Tai. Seeing his naked figure that came out of nowhere, they thought that he was just a hilarious moron with some mental illness.

They would never imagine that that naked maniac was the Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord.

"City Lord... Please contact the Realm Lord and give us justice!" the head of the Tongs, Tong Wudi, said with tears in his eyes.

The other leaders also had tears lingering in their eyes. They were so moved and grief-stricken as they asked Mu Yang to report to the Realm Lord.

Tong Wudi knew clearly that to deal with that dog, they had to invite the Realm Lord or the five City Lords to join forces. That's how they could subdue that arrogant black dog.

However, what Tong Wudi saw and heard next was beyond his estimation.

City Lord Mu Yang was shivering, as though he was trying to suppress his feelings. Then, he coldly glanced at Tong Wudi and said, "They went to the land of inheritance for resources and to find a good opportunity. Some people could seize it.... but some wouldn't. When they died in the land of inheritance, it speaks to the fact that they weren't strong enough. Do I need to seek justice for every single person who died searching for treasures in the ancient ruins?"

Tong Wudi was astonished. He didn't expect Mu Yang to say those words.

It goes without saying that the people who died in the lands of inheritance had died in vain. Everyone was aware of the risks involved in it.

However, despite the pressure from the leaders of the influential families, Mu Yang was persistent in protecting that mortal chef...

In the distance...

Bu Fang was calm, watching them. Of course, he didn't bat an eye when they said they wanted to invite Realm Lord to deal with Lord Dog.

If that moron, nudity-maniac Realm Lord was able to finish Lord Dog, how could Lord Dog have Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for years without paying?

Moreover, that Realm Lord was standing right there.

Gongshu Baiguang was held back by his children, so he didn't join the group of famous families' leaders asking and yelling at the City Lord to contact the Realm Lord to help them.

Following Gongshu Ban's idea, Gongshu Baiguang just squinted. He then checked Bu Fang, then the City Lord.

In the end, he seemed to understand something, so he said nothing else.

Jin Jiao carried his massive iron fan, grinning evilly. With an impatient expression, he gazed at the crowd.

However, he didn't make any move. After all, this place was the Immortal Cooking Realm. It wasn't his Earth Prison.

With his hot-tempered character, when a horde of people gazed at him, he would have soon fanned them to death.

Each of the Immortal Cooking Realm's City Lords wasn't weaker than him. If he provoked them here and got besieged, it was like his boat had just overturned in a small canal.

Anyway, those guys wanted to punish that arrogant little chef, not him. It was also a good chance to check that chef's competence.

As for Bu Fang, he didn't plan to show anything. He just clasped his hands, strolling forward. His Vermillion Robe billowed as he moved.

The Netherworld Ship floated, drifting behind him where Lord Dog was lying.

As Bu Fang moved forward, the people from the aristocratic families wanted to stop him. However, they were frightened when they sensed an intimidating force, which made them unconsciously give way.

With Lord Dog there, they didn't dare to act rashly. They could only watch Bu Fang leave.

Tong Wudi's face was dark and malicious, gazing at the nonchalant Bu Fang entering Immortal City.

He clenched his jaw.

He had gathered the heads of those influential families to expel that black dog... Then, as soon as the dog was gone, they would be free to crush that shabby restaurant.

Unfortunately... Even though the City Lord had many people urging him, he decided not to contact the Realm Lord.

So... they could only make a new plan.

That City Lord was so useless. How about... changing to another City Lord?

The Mu family was old-fashioned. It was time to make another family the City Lord!

As Tong Wudi and the experts of the influential families exchanged looks, a strange glint appeared in their eyes.


A group of people entered the city.

Realm Lord Di Tai was now shrouded in a long robe. Because Ya Ya was walking close to him, he didn't have a chance to blast his clothes. And, at this moment, he was curiously looking around.

Although he was the Realm Lord who was in charge of the entire Immortal Cooking Realm, he rarely had chances to take a walk in Immortal City.

Since the City Lords had controlled and managed the five layers well, being the Realm Lord, his main duty was to wait in his wooden house, cultivating and practicing his cooking skills.

Even when he walked out of his wooden house, he would just be at the fifth layer. That's why it was his first time to see things here in the first layer.

He had to say that, compared to the highest layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, this place had a lower cooking level. Furthermore, the aromas of the dishes here were weaker than those in the upper layers.

No wonder, many monstrous Immortal Chefs had been born in the highest and the medium layers. Here in the lowest layer, no monstrous Immortal Chef had ever appeared.

The group didn't linger in the streets. Eventually, they followed Bu Fang to the doors of Immortal Chef Little Store.

"Is this your little restaurant?" Realm Lord Di Tai looked at the tiny restaurant, his face turning awkward and funny.

Ya Ya's mouth twitched.

With such a tiny restaurant, why did Bu Fang reject Realm Lord's offer to become his apprentice?

Once Bu Fang agreed to become the Realm Lord's apprentice, immediately, he would get a huge restaurant in the highest layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

It was one of the perks a chef would receive as the Realm Lord's apprentice.

Ya Ya actually had a very spacious restaurant in the fifth layer. But since she had to accompany the Realm Lord, her restaurant was often closed.

However, when Ya Ya had free time, she would occasionally stay in the restaurant to practice her cooking skills.

To an Immortal Chef, having an excellent restaurant was some sort of having glory.

Bu Fang gave Realm Lord Di Tai a sidelong glance, the corners of his mouth twitching.

Although the restaurant was small, the chef was more important.

A small restaurant could still... create a big miracle.


As soon as Bu Fang pushed the restaurant's doors open, Lord Dog dashed inside. He immediately found a corner and laid down.

The Black Dragon King carried the sleeping Flowery, walking into the restaurant and putting her next to Lord Dog.

After eating the jade-like tofu, Flowery could speak. However, her evolution would require a lot of energy, so at this moment, the little girl was leaning against Lord Dog, snoring.

When she woke up, it would be a big surprise.

"Come in," Bu Fang said, looking at You Ji.

Since You Ji wanted to see if his dishes could suppress Nethery's curse, of course he wouldn't let her down.

Holding the Overbearing Hefty Sword, You Ji looked at Bu Fang and nodded. Then, she and the others stepped inside the restaurant.

Ya Ya and Realm Lord Di Tai stood outside, hesitating whether they should get in or not.

Ya Ya frowned, looking at the tiny restaurant. She took a deep breath before saying, "Your Highness, with your status, this tiny restaurant is not worth your visit. We should go home."

Realm Lord Di Tai was the only High Grade Qilin Chef in the Immortal Cooking Realm, the idol of all chefs. This small, out-of-the-way restaurant wasn't worth his identity and status.

"Why should I come back?! That mangy dog is staying in this restaurant, so I have to keep my eyes on him!"

Realm Lord Di Tai whipped his blonde hair, then raised two fingers, pointing at his eyes and then at Lord Dog.

"But you... I got so many things for you to handle. You should return to the wooden house. Hurry."

Di Tai's words stunned Ya Ya.

A moment later...

Realm Lord Di Tai stretched his finger, gently touching Ya Ya's smooth, porcelain-like forehead.

The scene in front of Ya Ya changed rapidly...

When she finally got a hold of herself, she was inside the wooden house.

In front of her, many jade talismans hovered, glowing and sparkling. Each of those jade talismans records the events that had happened in each region of the Immortal Cooking Realm. In other words, it was stuff she needed to handle.

Ya Ya reluctantly rubbed her forehead. She knew that reading those jade talismans was her task now.

It was because she got an unreliable Realm Lord like that.

After seeing off Ya Ya, Realm Lord Di Tai grinned. Gripping his long robe, he slowly walked into the small restaurant, his head held high.

However, as soon as he got in...

Realm Lord Di Tai felt like he received an electric shock...

His eyes looked so disbelieving, as though he couldn't even imagine it!

"This restaurant... This aura..."


The moment Bu Fang entered the kitchen, the system's serious voice arose.

"Congratulations on receiving an immortal flame. You've just received the True Immortal Realm test. If you successfully pass this test, you will reach the One-star True Immortal Realm, and in turn, your mental force will increase."

Bu Fang stood still, closing his eyes. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he said, "I will take the test."

Since he was about to cook a dish to prove to You Ji that his food could suppress Nethery's curse, it was a good chance to take the test now.


After Bu Fang confirmed, his mind shook hard.

Right in front of him, a bright radiance arose, creating a formation by the stove.

The formation spun, and after a while, the radiance vanished...

In the end, lying at the center of the formation was a duck with seven-colored feathers.

The solemn voice of the system arose one more time. "True Immortal Realm test's dish: Secret Recipe Roast Duck. The system ranks this dish high-quality. If you successfully make it, you will pass the test."

Bu Fang's eyes focused as he exhaled. His gaze landed on the duck with seven-colored feathers, squinting.

He had to cook... Roast Duck?