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 Bu Fang was jolted in surprise.

Turning around, he saw Realm Lord Di Tai's handsome face. Locks of his blonde hair fell, setting out his smooth, fair skin, which made him very handsome.

Talking about handsome, he wasn't less good-looking than Nether King Er Ha.

However, Bu Fang could feel that Er Ha was more decent than Realm Lord Di Tai.

At least, Er Ha wouldn't choose to run around naked like this Realm Lord. Although the latter was handsome and attractive, it was so annoying to the eyes.

Just as Bu Fang was about to answer Realm Lord Di Tai, he narrowed his eyes, looking further ahead.

The void was torn apart one more time, and shadows walked out of that crack.

Seeing them, Bu Fang was bewildered.

Nethery was a little astonished as she didn't understand why those people were here.

Ya Ya walked out of the void. Giant bubbles followed her, which contained Xuanyuan Xiahui, Gongshu Ban, and the others. They gawked, their faces frightened.

After them, Jin Jiao, Yin Jiao, You Ji, and Luo Ji appeared, their bodies covered in thick nether energy.

As soon as they appeared, the air turned tense.

"I need to see your dishes that can suppress my sister's curse with my own eyes. Then, I can ease my mind and leave... Otherwise, I must bring her back to Earth Prison," You Ji said seriously, holding her massive Overbearing Hefty Sword.

Bu Fang nodded. His eyes turned, moving to Jin Jiao. That look seemed to say, why are you still here?

Jin Jiao thought for a moment, then raised his big hand, patting Yin Jiao's head, which made the man tremble. "I'm waiting for my brother to go back together."

"How rude!" Yin Jiao snorted and rolled his eyes at his older brother. "Of course, I have to wait for my babe to come back with me."

Yin Jiao then pursed his lips before approaching You Ji, smiling brightly.


You Ji, with a straight face, hurled her broadsword, which directly pounded on Yin Jiao's face. It hit him hard, blowing him far away from her.

His crash made a small mountain collapse.

"So annoying..." You Ji said casually.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched once, then he turned to Luo Ji.

Yin Jiao and Jin Jiao got a reason to stay. What was Luo Ji's reason?

Luo Ji winked, then parted her red lips to ask, "I just want to watch my idol, and I have a small request..."

"What request?" Bu Fang was surprised.

"I want to have another strand of fur from my idol." Luo Ji mumbled, as though she was really shy.

A moment later...

"Eh? My idol... Where's my idol, by the way?" Luo Ji checked behind Bu Fang. She didn't see Lord Dog, so she began to worry.

Bu Fang looked awkward. "I think he's gone because he's afraid of you..."

When Realm Lord Di Tai heard Luo Ji's request, his eyes brightened immediately. His body flashed as he pushed Bu Fang, appearing in front of her.

"Eldest Sister..."

"Eldest Sister?" Luo Ji rolled her eyes, her pink hair rising. "You called Luo Ji?"

Realm Lord Di Tai was bewildered. "Err, no..."

"Do you think I am as old as the Eldest Sister next to you? Please call me Miss Luo Ji!" Luo Ji said indignantly as she shouldered the Death God Scythe.

Far from them...

Ya Ya's eyes turned sharp. She seemed to hear that Luo Ji was saying she looked ugly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bubbles that covered Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others blasted open, water splashing out. Those people felt like they had finally seen the sunlight again.

They were so frightened as they looked at the mature, mild-mannered sexy woman, as though they were looking at a devil. Those bubbles... were simply not where people could live!

Ya Ya moved her slender legs. Her shiny blonde hair that reached her waist swayed as she charmingly headed toward Luo Ji.

"Who did you call Eldest Sister?" Ya Ya's eyes flashed with lightning.

Indeed, women were always sensitive to how someone addresses them.

Realm Lord Di Tai wore a baffled face. Why is he here? Why did he have to stand between these two women...

"Good, you want your idol's fur, right? No matter how many you want, I can give it to you."

After getting a hold of himself, Realm Lord flung his sleeves, breaking Luo Ji and Ya Ya's eye contact across the air.

Luo Ji was bewildered. She skeptically turned her head aside, looking at Realm Lord Di Tai. "I want my idol's fur, not your chest hair... Do you have my idol's fur?"

"Excuse me, during the great battle earlier, I scratched your idol's butt..." Realm Lord Di Tai's mouth twitched once. This ignorant girl...

Luo Ji's eyes brightened. "Hurry, give me!"

"Excellent, but first, you need to fulfill a request of mine!" said Realm Lord Di Tai sternly.

Being shrouded in a long robe, he had become very solemn, and the surrounding air seemed to freeze at this moment.

As the Realm Lord, he had always had people's attention.

Everyone's eyes moved, landing on Di Tai. They were curious what kind of request he would make.

"Wait a minute! I won't entertain unreasonable requests, though... Especially weird services!" Luo Ji seemed to remember something. She became cautious, gazing at Realm Lord Di Tai.

Realm Lord Di Tai frowned, beaming meaningfully. "Don't worry, how could I be that sort of man... I just have a small request... It is..."

After a dramatic pause, his voice arose. "Please enjoy my art of nudity!"


The long robe on Realm Lord Di Tai blasted, turning into pieces of fabric.

As the pieces of fabric fluttered, Realm Lord Di Tai's slender, naked body was exposed. The divine light in his crotch... was shining to the peak.

The corners of Luo Ji's mouth convulsed...

The perverted Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm... always lived up to his reputation!

Ya Ya was speechless, face-palming...

Bu Fang looked at naked Realm Lord Di Tai. He hated that he couldn't use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to hit that man on his face.

How could the Immortal Cooking Realm have a pervert as their Realm Lord?

Boom! Boom!

However, the wind rose suddenly, and the void cracked.

A dog's paw appeared. Directly, it patted the naked body of Realm Lord Di Tai to the ground, right in front of Luo Ji.

Below, the ground shook as a human-shaped dent appeared.

The crowd was speechless, their mouths twitching.

Far from them, the void changed. A fat dog stomped its graceful cat-like steps as it walked out.

"Just irritated my eyes. As soon as I got out, I saw that damn pervert..." Lord Dog mumbled.

Seeing Lord Dog appear, Bu Fang exhaled in relief.

Then, Nethery drove the Netherworld Ship, heading to Immortal City.

Not long after, the city gates came into their vision.

A group of people landed, preparing to get into the city through the gate.

However, Bu Fang and the others were stunned.

As soon as they landed, a troop of fierce soldiers dashed out of the gate, surrounding them.

Bu Fang was somewhat confused as he didn't know why they had to do that.

A moment later, another troop flew out of Immortal City, and Bu Fang saw many familiar faces.

One of them was the head of the Tong family.

Of course, the others were really imposing, and they were not weaker than the head of the Tong family.

Their eyes looked serious as they observed the others.


Gongshu Ban and Gongshu Yun saw their father, Gongshu Baiguang, the head of the Gongshu family. They waved at him excitedly.

Gongshu Baiguang was a middle-aged man with a long, beautiful beard. After hearing Gongshu Ban and Gongshu Yun's voices, he raised his head. The worry in his eyes disappeared completely.

"It's good that you're alive. Really good that you're alive."

Gongshu Baiguang felt lucky indeed. Earlier, he received a message from the family that the land of inheritance had just collapsed and turned into nothingness.

The Immortal Chef teams that had gotten in there were almost eliminated. Many were killed.

It was truly a disaster, and the bad news spread to the entire Immortal City in no time.

Of course, there were more important reasons behind this.

Rumble! Rumble!

The crowd parted, revealing an expert wearing a long robe, who was even more solemn. With several young people following him, he walked out of the crowd.

Bu Fang was surprised as he knew one of them-Mu Liuer, who had helped him a lot.

Mu Liuer also saw Bu Fang, winking at him.

Apparently, the guy Mu Liuer was accompanying was the City Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm's first layer, Mu Yang.

This time, the collapse of the land of inheritance was a horrible event to the Immortal Cooking Realm. Naturally, the City Lord was alerted, and so did all the famous families in Immortal City.

Mu Yang's eyes focused, looking at Bu Fang.

That young chef was the very talented mortal that Mu Liuer had told him?"

He... didn't look extraordinary.

"City Lord... The land of inheritance collapsed, and so many Immortal Chefs died there. How could those people survive? City Lord, please give us justice!"

The head of the Zhang family wore a mournful face. His son was dead in this event, which made his heart ache a lot.

He couldn't imagine that the journey to seize great opportunities had become the road leading to the Yellow Spring River.

Not only the head of the Zhang family, the other smaller families also wore grieving expressions.

"Why are our family's Immortal Chefs gone... but that mortal chef is still alive? And... how could that dog walk out of the land of inheritance too? Could it be... Could everything be because of that black dog? That mortal chef wanted to get all things in the land of inheritance, so he asked the black dog to kill our family's Immortal Chefs!'

The head of the Tongs, Tong Wudi, wore a dark and cold face. He coldly gazed at Bu Fang and the fat dog hovering by Bu Fang in the distance.

Lord Dog was a little bewildered.

What did that guy mean?

He's trying to instigate those people to deal with Lord Dog?

Tong Wudi was so mournful. He flashed and reappeared in front of City Lord Mu Yang, clasping his fists and bowing. His face looked depressed and aggrieved as he said, "City Lord, that black dog is the one the entire Immortal Cooking Realm wanted that year. Please contact the supreme Realm Lord His Highness to punish it! Capture it to take justice!"

The Zhangs and the other families stood behind Tong Wudi. Following him, they bowed to Mu Yang.

Gongshu Baiguang wanted to do the same. However, as soon as he moved, Gongshu Ban pulled him back.

"Father... we shouldn't get involved," Gongshu Ban said seriously. Then, he looked at the others with an expression that seemed to imply he was enjoying a joke.

No wonder, the Tong family was behind this. The Tong family had some grudges against Bu Fang, but they were afraid of Lord Dog. And now, they got a chance to tie Lord Dog down and make him run away one more time.

After that... without Lord Dog's protection, Bu Fang would have to endure the Tong family's torment.

Gongshu Ban didn't have any good impression about the Tong family.

In the lotus land of inheritance, Tong Ruo, a member of the Tong family, had ruined his chances!

Anyway, Tong Wudi might not know that... the Realm Lord, the one he was asking about... was right here!

And, surely, Tong Wudi would never expect that Realm Lord His Highness, the one he had always worshiped, was... a pervert!

As Bu Fang's cold eyes took in everything, the corners of his mouth rose. He had seen through their plot, so he pursed his lips, giving them a disdainful look.

Lord Dog laid down on the Netherworld Ship. The journey to the land of inheritance this time had exhausted him, so he thought he should rest first.

Mu Yang's face was stern. No doubt, Tong Wudi wanted to force him...

He wanted to force him to contact the Realm Lord. However, Tong Wudi's words weren't wrong... But it was hard to do...

All of a sudden...

Mu Yang was a little baffled.

From the sky, pink flower petals gently fell, floating and drifting in the air.

Mu Yang raised his hand, catching a petal. Why are flower petals falling from the sky?

Then, out of nowhere, gongs and drums, and even firecrackers resounded altogether...

A figure emerged. One of his hands supported his head while the other was placed on his waist, slowly descending from above.

He was naked, his crotch blooming with divine light.

The heads of the influential families were so dumbstruck, goggling and dropping their jaws.

Mu Yang looked at the naked figure. His entire being seemed to freeze as shock filled his face.

Realm Lord Di Tai raised his head. With an inquiring look, he glanced at City Lord Mu Yang.

"I heard that someone called me..."