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 "Realm... Realm Lord?"

In the distance, Gongshu Ban and the others were baffled. They couldn't believe what they had just seen.

The Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord... He was the boss of the bosses, the existence that they couldn't even see in their dreams!

He was the only High Grade Qilin Chef in the Immortal Cooking Realm, the existence that topped everyone, the idol and goal of every Immortal Chef!

However, even the fifth layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm rarely saw the Realm Lord.

Anyway, no matter what, they couldn't wrap the fact around their heads that they were seeing the Realm Lord, the idol of all Immortal Chefs, at this very moment.

Moreover... the Realm Lord gave them a very unique first impression.

His creamy skin, his slender figure, and his... crotch that emitted divine light...

Oh God... The Realm Lord His Highness is a pervert?!

The belief that Gongshu Ban and Xuanyuan Xiahui had held on for so many years completely collapsed at this moment.

Gongshu Ban seemed to remember something. Raising his hand, he covered Gongshu Yun's eyes. "Girl, don't look! Close your eyes!"

Young ladies shouldn't watch those eye-stinging things.

Gongshu Yun looked mesmerized before her brother's hand covered her eyes. Deep down, she rejected his action.

It was such a huge honor to have a chance to behold the Realm Lord's hunky body!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

In the sky, the booming sounds echoed unceasingly. Explosions reverberated all the time.

Void cracks appeared, expanding.

Apparently, there was a heated battle taking place in the air.

Strong winds flapped, raising dust and sand from the ground...

Rumble! Rumble!

Below, Ya Ya's sleek golden hair cascaded like a waterfall. Dots of radiance sparkled on her hair as she moved, which was too magnificent to behold.

Time seemed to freeze at that moment as her beautiful face became more enchanting.

However, Ya Ya's words bewildered them.

Jin Jiao and Yin Jiao exchanged looks. They both saw the odd gleam on the other's faces.

The Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord wanted to take this little chef as his apprentice?

It was interesting, though...

Luo Ji blinked, her beautiful eyes turning pensive. "If this young chef becomes the apprentice of the Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord... will he stay naked like that every day?"

It was too extreme to imagine...

You Ji and Nethery's expressions shifted, glancing at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was baffled.

The way the others looked at him now made him feel like he was being stripped off...

What the heck?!

He hadn't agreed! Why did those people already envision him running around naked?

Did he look like he was that sort of man?

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. His calm eyes looked straight at the mild, mature woman in front of him.

"Senior..." Bu Fang exhaled, then said, "I don't need to become anybody's apprentice. I won't become anybody's brother either...I am just me. I'm some sort of different smoke and fire."

When Bu Fang said that, he looked really sincere.

Thinking about himself running around butt-naked like that pervert Realm Lord, he had enough reasons to reject the offer that could make all the Immortal Chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm crazy.

Becoming the Realm Lord's apprentice was the dream of many chefs in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Unfortunately, it wasn't Bu Fang's dream...

Gongshu Ban and Xuanyuan Xiahui took in a breath of cold air.

Owner Bu refused! He rejected such a great opportunity! Even if he got the immortal flame in this land of inheritance, it couldn't be compared to this good fortune!

"Indeed, Owner Bu is Owner Bu. He's really extraordinary..." Xuanyuan Xiahui said sincerely.

As for Ya Ya, it seemed that she didn't expect his answer either.

Bu Fang was a chef, but he rejected an extremely good opportunity.

"You should consider it carefully... Becoming a High Grade Qilin Chef's apprentice can benefit you a lot and can save you from taking the difficult road..." Ya Ya said sincerely. This time, she was very serious.

In the Immortal Cooking Realm, every step an Immortal Chef would take was very tough.

Someone could even be stuck in a bottleneck, being held back by a small matter. Some had to stay there for a couple hundred years, several thousand years... or even... an entire lifetime.

At such times, if there were a good teacher to guide him or just to kick him once to break the shackles, it would be an extremely happy event in his life.

Ya Ya thought that as Bu Fang had just become an Immortal Chef, he couldn't understand such a thing.

Tong Ruo, for example, didn't even regret it when he turned himself into a dish. That was because there was no one showing him how to achieve the Qilin Chef level. No one had guided him on the right track.

A wrong step would lead to a wrong journey. When an Immortal Chef made a serious mistake, he himself couldn't endure that.

"Difficult roads..."

Bu Fang clasped his hand. His red-and-white Vermillion Robe fluttered in the wind.

"Even if it's a difficult road... I will cross it and any obstacle on it. I will reach the peak because I want to become the God of Cooking," Bu Fang said seriously, wearing an indifferent expression.

The atmosphere became awkward. Looking at Bu Fang, they didn't know what to say.

To them, it turned out that Owner Bu, the man who was always as calm as water, also had his ambition. Furthermore, he could say something so shameless like that.

"You little fellow... You're so arrogant! Even the Realm Lord His Highness doesn't dare to dream to become the God of Cooking... You're just a newly-promoted Immortal Chef. Where do you get your confidence?" Ya Ya's red lips curved, ridiculing.

However, her ridicule came with goodwill since she thought Bu Fang had overestimated himself.

An Immortal Chef had different rankings, and a Third Grade Immortal Chef could become a Qilin Chef later. In the Qilin Chef's level, there was the Low Grade Qilin Chef and the High Grade Qilin Chef. The latter was the top-quality Qilin Chef, and the gap between each grade was like the distance between heaven and earth.

It was really hard to break through. Without external support and innate talent, it would be difficult to advance further.

What did Bu Fang have to say such arrogant words?

All of a sudden, Ya Ya froze. She recalled what Realm Lord Di Tai had told her, which was related to the Heart of Cooking Path.

Realm Lord Di Tai had mentioned that the little chef in front of them could possibly create his Heart of Cooking Path.

And that Heart of Cooking Path was the key to become a Qilin Chef.

Only a chef with absolute confidence in his cooking skills could create the Heart of Cooking Path.

Thinking about it, Ya Ya now understood Bu Fang's wild and arrogant ambition.

"Tch, tch, tch... Too bad. I'm a little hurt when I can't have such a handsome brother like you," Ya Ya said warmly.


A loud explosion echoed above, causing the entire sky to shatter.

A jet of gold light and a jet of black light fell, making a massive crater on the ground.

Eventually, the dust clouds settled, and everyone finally saw the scene over there.

A black dog with sleek fur was yawning while looming over the deep hole, looking at the gold light down there.

When the gold light scattered, it revealed the same eye-stinging appearance of Realm Lord Di Tai.

His naked body was shivering in anger as he clutched a bunch of dog fur in his hand.

He gritted his teeth indignantly. His entire face was bruised... and many pawprints could be seen on his bare chest...

His smooth butt cheeks also had scratches, which were bleeding. All in all, his figure looked very pathetic. It looked funny, though...

It seems that Lord Dog had the upper hand in their fight.

"Worthy of being the dog that has bitten the Heavenly Path... You are even stronger in reality!" Realm Lord Di Tai whipped his blonde hair.

"You fart! Lord Dog's cultivation base is always higher than yours, okay? If you weren't a chef, let's see if Lord Dog can spank you until your butt bleeds." Lord Dog said disdainfully as he laid on the ground.

He could never spit out the Heavenly Path. How could he vomit something that had already been digested?

That was also the reason why Realm Lord Di Tai had to end the fight.

Anyway, it was a meaningless fight. It was just a waste of time to continue fighting. Who said he couldn't handle this dog?

He sneered. Show off...

Realm Lord Di Tai tilted his head up, storming away. His body flashed and reappeared at his previous spot.

"Woman, why did you slash my little brother?!"

Realm Lord Di Tai widened his eyes at You Ji, who was holding a massive sword. He now remembered the reason why he came here.

You Ji was stunned.

Everybody around was stunned as well.

Ya Ya was speechless, rubbing her forehead. She felt so embarrassed looking at her Realm Lord.

"My Overbearing Hefty Sword has never touched that sort of dirty thing! Don't say anything disgusting, or I'll risk my life against you!"

You Ji smirked. Her eyes glanced coldly at Realm Lord Di Tai's crotch where divine light emitted.

Rumble! Rumble!

Ya Ya seized this chance and covered Realm Lord Di Tai's body once again.

"Dirty? You said my little brother is dirty?! You damn woman... You should be dragged out and cooked into braised meat!"

Realm Lord Di Tai was really enraged. She cut his little brother Ginseng Fruit into two halves, and now she said he's dirty!

He had never met such a shameless existence in this world!

"Oh, Realm Lord is always special. He's the Realm Lord anyway. His words and style are so extraordinary..." Gongshu Ban and the others were surprised.

Others would say, drag her out and behead her, but the Realm Lord said that she should be dragged out and cooked as braised meat...

Worthy of being the High Grade Qilin Chef. His awareness was really high indeed.

To You Ji, who was like a dead pig that wouldn't be afraid of boiled water, Realm Lord Di Tai felt his hands tied.

Eventually, his eyes turned to Bu Fang.

"Realm Lord, you don't need to ask him. This little chef has used a very solemn attitude to reject your offer to make him your apprentice," Ya Ya reported.

Shrouded in a long robe, Realm Lord Di Tai was shocked. His blonde hair whipped once...

"Is it really face-losing to become my apprentice?" Di Tai shouted discontentedly.

Ya Ya said nothing, but Bu Fang spoke up. He earnestly rejected the Realm Lord's goodwill of taking him as an apprentice.

Realm Lord Di Tai was stunned. In a flash, he came right in front of Bu Fang, looking at him in the eye.

"Look at me... Don't you want to learn and feel the profound art of nudity... Ah no, art of cooking?" Realm Lord Di Tai asked sincerely.

Keeping in mind that if he agreed to become the Realm Lord's apprentice, he would most probably have to cook naked... And so, Bu Fang decided to reject him without a bit of hesitation.

The Realm Lord looked shocked.

"Turns out it's the feeling of being rejected... It's so sad." Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes were filled with tears.

Rumble! Rumble!

Void cracks appeared in the sky.

The lotus land of inheritance could no longer withstand the pressure. It boomed and exploded unceasingly...

As the sky was torn apart, fierce space cracks crowded above them.

People shook hard. The ground underneath their feet trembled, collapsing.

"This land of inheritance is about to collapse. Seems we have to go out for a little chat," Realm Lord Di Tai said.

His eyes scanned through Bu Fang. After putting on the long brocade robe, he became more decent.

Finally, his body had the aura and prestige of a Realm Lord.

Boom! Boom!

The lotus space began to shatter, and the ground caved in, falling into an infinite void.

Jin Jiao and Yin Jiao exchanged looks. They knew it was time to leave.

Although they couldn't bring the Netherworld woman back, at least, this time, they were able to make Nether King Er Ha come back. They had completed their mission anyway.

Bu Fang stood on the Netherworld Ship.

Nether energy wound around the ship. With a boom, it shot away, avoiding countless pieces of rocks as it swayed through the void crack.


Immortal City, First layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm

The void was torn apart.

A moment later, the black Netherworld Ship emerged, releasing unceasing waves of Nether energy.

As it hovered in midair, the Immortal City in the distance looked magnificent and imposing.

Standing on the deck of the ship, Bu Fang exhaled deeply.

"It's over..."

Bu Fang's eyes appeared blurry as he parted his lips, fuming a jet of fire. The shining gold flame floated on his finger, and it seemed to dance as it bloomed its intense light and heat.

"Wow... Looks like the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame has become stronger... You little boy, you subdued this flame. Young generations will really surpass us in time."

Right when Bu Fang was sighing with emotion, shadows emerged behind the Netherworld Ship.

The first one was Realm Lord Di Tai, who arrived with curious eyes and a slight smile.