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The horrible sword air shot from that broadsword, sweeping around. It even slashed the ground.

With a majestic aura, the sword's tip pointed at Bu Fang.

"Go to Earth Prison now?" Bu Fang looked at You Ji, who somewhat resembled Nethery, and he couldn't help but furrow his brows.

Yes, he will go to Earth Prison, but not now...

Without hesitation, Bu Fang shook his head. "No. It's not the time for me to go to Earth Prison."

"Do you think you have the right to choose?"

You Ji narrowed her eyes. She didn't expect Bu Fang to refuse.

"No need to choose. Just let Nethery stay in my restaurant, and the curse will be naturally suppressed... But if you want me to go to Earth Prison with you guys... Hmm... Let's just say, when you pick the melon early, it's not ripe and sweet."

Bu Fang shook his head. He was too lazy to argue with this woman.

Then, his mind flickered, retrieving the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


You Ji's eyes widened. In the next moment, her body sprang out, her broadsword tearing the sky as it aimed at Bu Fang.

As her sword stabbed downwards, it came with a malevolent pressure that could clean up the entire sky.

Rumble! Rumble!

The void shattered as the heavy sword crossed over. No doubt, her strike... was an attempt to kill Bu Fang.

Bu Fang clasped his hands as the Vermillion Robe billowed. With an indifferent face, he watched the broadsword zooming bigger in his eyes.

The surrounding people yelped as they took in a breath of cold air.

Gongshu Ban and Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes shrank.

Owner Bu wanted to die here? He wanted to die under that woman's sword?

Yin Jiao and Jin Jiao looked up.

Nethery's eyes shrank. She didn't look willing at all.

You Ji's body emitted a murderous aura, and it felt like facing a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses.

Far from them...

Lord Dog yawned, still lying on the ground. He stuck his tongue out to lick his mouth.

However, his eyes looked pensive.


A strong wind swept over, and Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe billowed.

Around three inches away from him, the shiny black broadsword halted. It didn't move further.

Bu Fang's emotionless face seemed bewildered, and he looked skeptically at that woman.

"You got guts!"


You Ji's sword hit the ground again. She felt pleased as she looked at Bu Fang. "Your expression didn't change when facing my sword. Not bad! I, You Ji, have never forced people. If you don't want to go to Earth Prison, you don't need to go... Since my sister trusts you, then I trust you too. I hope you can fully suppress my sister's curse."

Bu Fang was surprised.

This woman... She changed her attitude that fast.

A moment ago, she was so intent on killing him, but now, she's smiling. Is she sick...

"Anyway... If you can't suppress the curse in my sister's body, then my sword will... of course, separate your flesh and bones!" You Ji warned.

In the distance...

Jin Jiao furrowed his brows. You Ji gave up?

She wouldn't bring the Netherworld woman back to Earth Prison?

"Wow, my babe! She's always so good at understanding people... Too adorable," complimented Yin Jiao.

Luo Ji got up from the ground. Shouldering the Death God Scythe, she brushed off the dust on her body.

"You don't want to bring her back? How will you answer to Lord Ying Long?" Luo Ji asked, looking at You Ji.

You Ji smiled. "Why would I need to answer him? When You Ji works, I don't need to explain to anybody."

Luo Ji grinned. Right, here she goes again...

"If Lord Ying Long thinks that I didn't settle the matter well, let him come here. I'm not afraid to fight against him!" You Ji said fearlessly, full of fighting will as she held the Overbearing Hefty Sword.

"Not bad, little girl. Lord Dog likes you."

Lord Dog was pleased with You Ji.

You Ji was momentarily taken aback. She turned around and found a black dog lying on the ground.

Her eyes focused. Then, she recognized Lord Dog's identity.

"Oh... Master!" You Ji said respectfully.

"I'm in the mood to be a little talkative now, so I'll go ahead and say that Bu Fang's cooking skills are very special. It can actually suppress Little Nethery's curse. If you trust Lord Dog, let Nethery stay with Bu Fang. If you don't... then just take her with you," Lord Dog said.

However, as soon as Lord Dog said that...

You Ji wielded her Overbearing Hefty Sword, making her decision. "No need. Lord Dog said so... Little girl, you stay here!"

Then, she suddenly stabbed the Overbearing Hefty Sword into the sky, roaring, "Trust Lord Dog. Live to eternity!"

Nethery and Bu Fang were dumbstruck.

Jin Jiao covered his face.

Yin Jiao wore an indulging face, looking at her with lovestruck eyes.

Luo Ji had stars in her eyes. She wielded her Death God Scythe as well, screaming, "Trust Lord Dog. Live to eternity!"

Jin Jiao was bewildered. What did that fat dog do? It pawed these two women...

"Trust Lord Dog, live to eternity... Wow, not bad. Lord Dog likes it." Lord Dog laid his head back on the ground, grinning.

All of a sudden...

Lord Dog lifted his head, looking up.

A grumbling explosion echoed before black clouds rolled over, covering the entire sky.

Shortly after, a suppressing pressure filled the place.

What was going on?

Everybody was astonished.

Jin Jiao, Yin Jiao, Luo Ji, and You Ji raised their heads, looking at the sky. They all looked stern.

It seems that something was about to descend from the sky.

"So intimidating... This aura!" You Ji held the Overbearing Hefty Sword, her eyes narrowing.

Jin Jiao wielded his hand, causing a massive gold gourd to appear and fly towards Yin Jiao's hand.

Grabbing the gold gourd, Yin Jiao slightly squinted as he looked at the void.


That loud explosion felt like something had just been shattered. Then, they saw a giant hole in the sky.

Black clouds rolled over, surrounding that hole, turning into a massive whirlpool.

This phenomenon... was extremely astonishing.

Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others were shivering.

That hole... Would some intimidating existence come to this place?


Waves of strange energy expanded. A moment later, a jet of gold light appeared in that pitch-black hole.

The gold light stormed out like a meteor, plunging fast to the ground.


Its great speed had caused horrible friction, making the jet of gold light spark along the way.

As the jet of gold light crossed the sky, everyone became mesmerized...

Right after that....

Their eyes shrank. That jet of gold light halted in the sky.

There, a figure could be seen hugging his knees, spinning in the air.

Divine light emitted from his body, and behind him was a curtain of black clouds...

This debut was so abnormal.


The ground blasted as that figure landed. At the same time, those black clouds in the sky scattered, revealing a clear sky.

"Ahh! Feeling the art of nudity is a direct mind-shocking experience... Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, your dear Lord Di Tai... has arrived!"

As that person pompously announced his arrival, his gold hair was flying with dots of sparkling gold light, accentuating his fair skin and slender body...

Everybody gawked, dropping their jaws.

His crotch was so bright with dazzling light that stabbed people's eyes.

A pervert... descended from the sky?

Everyone wore a dumbstruck face. Where did this naked moron come from?

The man looked around. When he saw their dropped jaws and gawking faces, he felt very satisfied. He thought that they were so immersed in his art of nudity that they couldn't help themselves.

And so, the man decided to change his pose.

One of his hands covered his crotch while the other hand supported his forehead, showing his curves...

"Your admiration makes His Highness Di Tai happy... For you, Di Tai will try my best!"


However, as soon as the man said that, a dog's paw appeared in the void, pounding at him mercilessly.


The blonde man's voice still lingered in the air, but he was blown to somewhere.

The void blasted, booming unceasingly. It showed the fact that that paw was so formidable.

Everyone was in a daze, looking at Lord Dog with baffled faces.

"Well... He's still as perverted as usual. Lord Dog feels irritated. I can't stand it..." Lord Dog's gentle and magnetic voice echoed in the void.

Their mouths twitched.

Bu Fang wore a serious face as he looked at the figure Lord Dog had just blown away. The moment that man appeared, his mind was shaken.

That strange feeling still lingered in Bu Fang's mind.

"Who... is that pervert?" Bu Fang asked skeptically.


Far from them, a jet of gold light bloomed. A moment later, it roared and reappeared in front of everybody.

His body was still naked, his blonde hair flying as he roared, "Who did that?! Don't you understand the rule of not hitting a man in his face?"

The blonde man's face had a paw print. He arched his brows, panting in anger.

This time, people finally got a hold of themselves. But then, an awkward expression appeared on their faces.

Jin Jiao, Yin Jiao, You Ji, and Luo Ji wore an odd face.

Of course, they recognized the man in front of them. He's the renowned... perverted Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Gongshu Ban and the others didn't know him. However, to his perverted arrival, they couldn't help but spit once.

Realm Lord Di Tai's eyes swept around. Eventually, his eyes landed on Lord Dog.

He narrowed his eyes.

Lord Dog also squinted. Their eyes met and clashed across the air.

Not long after...

A man and a dog took in a breath of cold air.

"Y-You... You, you, you..." Realm Lord Di Tai's nostrils flared as he widened his eyes, pointing a finger at Lord Dog.

Meanwhile, the air twisted, and a sexy figure walked out of the void crack.

Rattle! Rattle!

A long robe flew, shrouding Realm Lord Di Tai's body. In an instant, his dazzling nakedness disappeared.

"Realm Lord... Right, it's that dog." Ya Ya begrudgingly interrupted Realm Lord Di Tai.

Then, the beautiful and mature woman, who looked so mild, turned to the others, beaming warmly.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Excuse us, it's so embarrassing. Please forget what you've seen. It's just some sort of hallucination."

However, the moment she finished her words, Realm Lord Di Tai shrilly bellowed, "F*ck! As soon as I saw you, I knew you looked so familiar! Indeed, it's you! Quick, spit out my Heavenly Path!"

In a heartbeat, his body flashed, disappearing. When he reappeared, he was right in front of Lord Dog.

Lord Dog's mouth twitched. His paws patted on the ground before he rocketed into the sky.

Realm Lord Di Tai majestically stormed over. When he was in midair, his clothes blasted again, revealing his bare butt as he chased after Lord Dog.

Everybody goggled, dropping their jaws. They looked at the sky that was booming unceasingly, feeling bewildered.

The void in the sky was constantly shattering. Sometimes, big holes appeared.

Apparently, Realm Lord Di Tai and Lord Dog were having a great fight.

Underneath, the people were so perplexed. They didn't know what had happened.

Yin Jiao, Jin Jiao, and the others weren't sure why the Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord began to attack Lord Dog as soon as he saw him.

As for Bu Fang, he wasn't really worried about Lord Dog. After all, it's... Lord Dog.

"Please forgive us. We made you laugh. Realm Lord His Highness just had his crazy episode. He'll be okay soon..." said the mature, smart, and mild woman called Ya Ya with a smile.

Then, her eyes turned to Bu Fang, and they lit up in an instant.

"Oh, wow. You're that little chef..."

Ya Ya swayed her sexy waist as she walked over to Bu Fang. Her red lips parted, saying, "You're a handsome little brother... Realm Lord His Highness said that he wants to take you as his apprentice... so from now on, you're my little brother."