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 "You don't believe me?" Bu Fang asked Jin Jiao in a serious voice.

"What do you have to make me believe you?" Jin Jiao retorted.

Even the Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord couldn't do that, so how could he, a mortal and only a First Grade Immortal Chef, do it? Where did he get his guts to say that?

Lord Dog said nothing. From the sky, he gently landed on the ruined ground.

"Lord Dog is tired. Let me rest for a while..." He mumbled as he laid on the ground.

Actually, he believed in Bu Fang. That was because Bu Fang... was not as he used to be. His cooking would always be beyond people's estimation, surprising them in the end.

Furthermore, Lord Dog had witnessed how Bu Fang's dishes suppressed Nethery's curse...

Although Lord Dog knew that, he said nothing. He was tired from flying, so he just wanted to lie down quietly...

Jin Jiao and the others landed as well.

Bu Fang descended with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his hand, indifferently looking at Jin Jiao.

"Jin Jiao, Sir... Bu Fang's food can actually suppress my curse."

From the Netherworld Ship in the distance, Nethery got off and approached them. As she walked, her legs seemed to sparkle like gems.

Her black dress gently fluttered in the wind, and her black, waterfall-like hair swayed, which set off her fair and flawless skin.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, like a lady walking out of a painting.

Jin Jiao glanced at Nethery, saying nothing.

Although Nethery was very beautiful, seeing her exquisite and breathtaking face, he couldn't help but remember that violent woman, which made him shudder inwardly.

With a sword, she dared to rebel against all the powerful families in Earth Prison. A fierce woman indeed.

Violent, beautiful, and cold... All could be found in that strange woman.

Remembering her words, Jin Jiao thought that he should bring the Netherworld woman back at all costs...

The corners of Jin Jiao's mouth twitched once. He didn't know why his younger brother had a big crush on that violent woman.

She was like the good women from the Dark Fox Tribe in Earth Prison, who had small waists and round buttocks... Indeed, they were all beauties.

"Netherworld woman, you should know... with the curse in your body, you and that person wouldn't have a decent end if you stay together."

Jin Jiao looked at Nethery, the muscles on his face convulsing. "I didn't want to speak for him, but you have to understand that you got a curse that is enough to destroy the entire Immortal Cooking Realm... So, if you love him, please leave him."

Luo Ji was bewildered as she looked at Jin Jiao. Since when did that guy become a love guru?

Anyway, what he said was true.

Bu Fang and Nethery were speechless.

That big man... Where did he get his relationship insights?

"I'm just telling the truth. Bu Fang's dishes are different from the others. They can suppress the curse, but I don't know why either," Nethery said with a cold face.

Jin Jiao furrowed his brows. He knew that it was not in Nethery's character to joke around.

Could it be...

Could that mortal's dishes actually suppress Nethery's curse?

If it were true... it would be really good!

Jin Jiao looked at Bu Fang in surprise.

Boom! Boom!


The void shook hard.

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji's expressions shifted, turning to one side to look at a far distance.

There, the void cracked, and a pair of exquisite hands emerged from it. They tore the crack apart, making it a giant crack.

Shortly after, two figures slowly walked out of it.

"If that young chef said that his dishes could suppress my sister's curse, then we should bring him back to Earth Prison as well..."

A voice arose nonchalantly. That voice rang out in an imposing manner, its terrifying and murderous aura evident.

Far from them...

Gongshu Ban and the others shivered in fear, their legs trembling.

As soon as the two appeared, the entire air was filled with a murderous aura.

"Wow... What a fierce aura!"

A shiny black armor shrouded a sexy body. Her hair was swept up and held by metal rings, making her ponytail look like a whip on her head.

Each metal ring came with a deadly aura, and whenever her hair swung, they seemed to whip the void broken.

It was an extremely beautiful woman.

Her exquisite face wasn't less beautiful than Nethery's. Furthermore, they looked almost alike.

Although the woman wore black armor, she had a completely different style and manner from Luo Ji.

Luo Ji had a hot body as well, and in her black armor, she looked evilly charming and adorable.

In contrast, You Ji looked valiant and majestic. The armor on her legs included only greaves, which revealed her fair thighs.

Although she looked vigorously heroic, she didn't lose her charming and attractive features.

"Wow... Stunning!"

Seeing the woman walking out of the void crack, Gongshu Ban and Xuanyuan Xiahui were dazed, seemingly captivated by her.

Gongshu Yun noticed Xuanyuan Xiahui's stupid and enchanted look, and she immediately felt anger. However, she didn't know how to vent it out, so she poked his nose, making him roll and cross his eyes.

"What are you looking at? You're not allowed to look!" Gongshu Yun said vehemently.

Lord Dog looked at the two figures.

One was a woman, while the other was a handsome man with a silver horn on his head. His silver hair scattered, giving him a noble and stunning look without losing his elegant features.

He was totally different from that bald Jin Jiao.

"You Ji... Yin Jiao... Why are you here?" Jin Jiao's eyes shrank. When he saw the two, he couldn't help but ask.

You Ji indifferently looked at Jin Jiao. She raised her hand, and a wisp of Nether energy appeared on it.


With a loud boom, a shiny black radiance burst out from a distance. A moment later, a black broadsword emerged in You Ji's hand.

That broadsword was so big. It was even bigger than her body.

It was one of the five divine weapons that had subdued Nether King Er Ha, the Overbearing Hefty Sword.

"Brother, you're too slow... And since you guys found the Netherworld woman, my babe couldn't wait. She wanted to come here right away." Yin Jiao squinted, looking gentle and handsome as he smiled.

However, as soon as he said that...


A massive sword was placed at his neck. The cold and menacing aura from its blade was so terrifying.

"Who's your babe?" You Ji said in a cold voice.

"Babe, what are you saying? My heart is only for you. You're my one and only babe!" Yin Jiao exclaimed, his eyes filled with love. "I like your violent face-"


Before Yin Jiao could even finish his passionate speech, the broadsword slashed horizontally. He turned into a jet of silver light, shooting away as he crashed on the ground.

"I don't want to see your face. Get lost!"

You Ji was so cold. She put the Overbearing Hefty Sword on her back and didn't bat an eye on Yin Jiao, who she had just blown away.

In the distance, rocks moved, rolling as Yin Jiao got up from the ruin.

Two trickles of blood oozed out of his nostrils. He patted his silver hair, trying not to lose his elegant manner and appearance.

"Babe, you're so bad... but your violent face is so cute!"

Jin Jiao rubbed his forehead. He was a dignified man with a great reputation. How could he have such a masochist younger brother?

Luo Ji's mouth twitched. When she looked at Yin Jiao, goosebumps appeared all over her body. "My Big Brother Nether King is still the most handsome..."

Clear footsteps arose in the void.

Soon, You Ji's eyes fell on Nethery.

Nethery's shiny black eyes didn't move, gazing at the woman in black armor.


As You Ji walked past Bu Fang, she didn't avoid him. Her shoulder collided with his shoulder, making Bu Fang frown.

This woman... is so domineering and aggressive.

She... She's Nethery's older sister?

Nethery looked at You Ji. Her emotionless face couldn't help but shake once. Eventually, she opened her mouth to say, "Sister..."


A loud sound startled everybody.

The heavy broadsword was thrust into the ground, and cracks expanded from the hole.

As You Ji's hand held the broadsword's handle, she looked at Nethery, reaching out her other hand to grab the latter's head and shove it into her ample bosom.

"Little girl, come home with me. That curse... I will take it for you!"

Her touching words and majestic move stunned everyone.

Bu Fang was astonished. At this moment, he was at a loss.


You Ji, who was hugging Nethery, frowned. She lifted her head, looking at the sky.

There, a naked little boy with two white wings was looking down, watching them.

"What are you looking at?"

You Ji's voice was cold. A moment later, she wielded the Overbearing Hefty Sword, flinging it at the naked boy in the sky.


The void seemed to shatter, booming.

Her move was too sudden that that boy couldn't avoid it, splitting him into two.


The little boy that was halved fell on the ground... turning into some kind of fruit. An aromatic juice splashed out from it.

The entire place turned dead silent.

"Wow! My babe... So stunning!" Yin Jiao rubbed his bleeding nose, his eyes infatuated.

"Little girl, don't be scared. It's just my quirky habit. I hate people peeping on me the most. Actually, I'm very gentle."

Lifting Nethery's head, You Ji checked her for a while before shoving her head back to her chest once again.

On the Netherworld Ship, the Black Dragon King was protecting the sleeping Flowery. As he looked at the violent, imposing woman named You Ji, his mouth twitched.

Now he knew why Nethery was so violent. It turns out she got violent genes.

She f*cking had a violent sister too.

After some time...

You Ji released Nethery. Turning around, she looked straight at Bu Fang.

"You... You are the chef that said he could control the curse?"

Bu Fang froze. Then, he looked around to check before giving her a nod. "If you didn't ask anyone else... It's me."

"Good." You Ji grinned.

After that, she wielded the Overbearing Hefty Sword. It released a gust of strong wind as the sword's tip pointed at Bu Fang.

"Then... you should come with my younger sister to Earth Prison!"


The Peak of the Immortal Tree, Fifth Layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm

The atmosphere in front of the wooden house turned awkward.

"M-My... My little brother Ginseng Fruit! You damn violent woman!" The blonde man cried out, covering his face as he grieved.

Ya Ya was speechless.

"Go, go, go! We must depart now. I want to have a few words with that woman! Why did she slash my little brother Ginseng Fruit?! He's innocent!" The blonde man said in a sorrowful voice, shedding tears.

Ya Ya was bewildered.

A moment later, she saw the blonde man flashing, reappearing at the edge of the tree's canopy.

Rumble! Rumble!

A gust of strong wind came, blowing the man's blonde hair unceasingly.

"The wind feels so cool... My heart is touched. It's the art of nudity..." the blonde man said passionately.

Then, in front of Ya Ya's flabbergasted face, he jumped, hugging his knees.

His naked body was like a little sun that bloomed with divine light. Rolling one round as he somersaulted in the air, he directly dove off.

"Holy sh*t... Realm Lord, Your Highness! You can't go there naked!"

Ya Ya's countenance changed greatly, tears rolling down on her face.

Wasting no time, her body flashed. She gripped her long dress as her curvy body swayed, following him.