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 "Why do you have to take Nethery away?"

Bu Fang's indifferent voice echoed in the air.

Everybody was dumbstruck.

Whether it was Jin Jiao, Luo Ji, or Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others in the distance, they were all astonished.

The corners of Lord Dog's mouth rose, looking at Bu Fang. Then, it turned to Jin Jiao.

Xuanyuan Xiahui paled. He had seen how strong Jin Jiao was, and he knew that the other could smash Bu Fang to his bone with only a wave of his hand.

Where did Owner Bu get his guts to challenge this sort of mighty existence?

His gaze crossed the air, seeing the black dog.

Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed inwardly. Right... With that kind of black dog that went against the heavens, Owner Bu could yell as he pleased.

"I didn't know that... that mortal chef has such a handsome face!"

Gongshu Yun looked at the sky. He somewhat admired Bu Fang, who seemed not afraid of challenging Jin Jiao.

To a girl like her, a man who wasn't afraid of anything and stood against a strong expert for a woman was so handsome and charming!

Gongshu Ban and Xuanyuan Xiahui exchanged looks.

"Why? You are just a lowly mortal. What do you know? The Netherworld woman has a horrible curse on her that can't be suppressed! Once it bursts out... you have no idea how dangerous and damaging it could be!"

Jin Jiao's eyes were as bright as torches as he coldly looked at Bu Fang.

He felt a little angry. He had met a lot of dumb and reckless guys like Bu Fang, who didn't care about the consequences for a woman.

Even the former Nether King couldn't remove the Netherworld woman's curse, let alone them! That was why bringing the Netherworld woman back was also a heavy pressure on them.

Indeed, the Netherworld woman was beautiful, but her beauty was like a thorny rose!

"That kind of curse is really terrifying. Just because a Master is here, you think you can do anything you want? When the curse is released, he will be powerless to stop it!"

Jin Jiao looked at Lord Dog. He was telling the truth, though.

The former Nether King could only suppress the curse. He couldn't expel it, let alone Lord Dog.

No matter what... Lord Dog was just a super powerful Earth Prison dog. He wasn't like the Nether King who had studied formations and tantras...

Lord Dog opened his eyes.

It was true that he couldn't do that. However, when Jin Jiao said so, he couldn't stand it...

No matter what, he could swallow an existence at the level of the Great Path.

"If the curse is released... The entire Immortal Cooking Realm will turn into hell, completely barren and desolate..." Jin Jiao continued with a dark face.

Bu Fang's eyes narrowed.

Nethery has such a horrible curse in her body?


"So what? Even if you bring her back, can you suppress the curse?" Bu Fang asked nonchalantly.

Hearing those words, Nethery felt touched. Her pitch-black eyes sparkled.

Lord Dog stuck out his tongue, showing that he didn't want to join this conversation.

"Wow! Owner Bu... Stunningly handsome! He isn't afraid of that powerful being!" Gongshu Yun clasped her fists, squealing excitedly.

She felt like she was watching a romantic, touching love....

"Well... Why are you so excited? It's only natural that Bu Fang wants to protect his restaurant's waitress..." Xuanyuan Xiahui looked at the stirred-up Gongshu Yun, scratching his head.

Gongshu Yun's body went stiff. Then, her sharp eyes swept over...

"You shut up... Owner Bu is a good man. How dare you assume such things with your dirty thoughts?"

Xuanyuan Xiahui didn't know if he should cry or laugh.

With his understanding of Bu Fang, he was sure Bu Fang had just stood up because Nethery was a staff in his restaurant.

Jin Jiao was astonished after hearing Bu Fang's words. He rolled his eyes, as though he couldn't say any rebuttal.

Luo Ji parted her red lips. Squinting, she watched Bu Fang with interest.

"Oh wow. Interesting... You little chef, do you like our sister Nethery?"

Luo Ji held the Death God Scythe as she stepped in the void. A moment later, she approached Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was taller than Luo Ji, although Luo Ji's legs were slender and looking fierily sexy.

"Nethery is my restaurant's staff... As an owner, protecting the staff is what I must do," Bu Fang said naturally.

Facing beautiful Luo Ji, Bu Fang's face didn't change a bit.

"Tch, tch, tch... Young men these days... Always finding excuses... Little chef, listen to me. Don't complain that I didn't remind you, alright? Sister Nethery is extremely violent. If you want to chase after her, be careful. That crazy girl could destroy your restaurant."

Luo Ji then covered her succulent lips, laughing. She laughed so hard that her body trembled.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at Luo Ji. Then, he turned to Lord Dog, who was standing a little far from him. "Lord Dog, can you blow this woman away? I'll give you a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs..."

Lord Dog's eyes brightened. A bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs...

"My pleasure... I've hated that woman since I first saw her. She dared to pluck my beautiful fur!"

Luo Ji's laughter froze in her throat. The conversation between Bu Fang and Lord Dog left her dumbstruck.

When she saw Lord Dog raise his paw, tears rolled down her face as she sobbed and whined, "My idol! You can't treat your most loyal fan like this!"

Lord Dog's paw halted...

Bu Fang gave Lord Dog a sidelong glance, the corner of his mouth rising.

"My idol... Think about it. Your number one fan or a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs? Which is more important?!"

Luo Ji tried to look pitiful, looking at Lord Dog as though she was a resentful young wife.

A fan or a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs?

Lord Dog fumed white smoke from his nostrils...

"Of course, Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs is more important!"

Lord Dog didn't think much. Widening his eyes, he made a fast decision.



A paw patted down.

Luo Ji was bewildered. Her body was sent away, falling fast to the ground.


The Death God Scythe stabbed deep into the ground beside her.

Luo Ji was completely dumbfounded. She was a loyal fan, but she wasn't as important as a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs...

"You mortal... you're so unreasonable," Jin Jiao said coldly. "Anyway, the Netherworld woman must go with us back to Earth Prison. With Lord Ying Long's capabilities, he can possibly suppress the curse..."

However, Lord Dog replied with a snort. "That stinky dragon can control the curse? You shouldn't talk. Your joke could make me laugh to death."

Apparently, Lord Dog's disdain of Lord Ying Long was great.

"If Lord Ying Long can't... then who can?" Jin Jiao asked.

"I can."

As soon as Jin Jiao finished his words, Bu Fang's indifferent voice arose.

Jin Jiao was bewildered.

Lord Dog's mouth twitched once...

"You?! You're just a mortal chef... How could you control the curse?" Jin Jiao ridiculed Bu Fang.

It wasn't that he wanted to ridicule Bu Fang, but compared to the Earth Prison Overlords, Bu Fang was too weak.

Too weak that he couldn't stir up the interest of the other.

This kind of power... How could he suppress the curse?

What did he have to control it?


Jin Jiao burst out his full strength. The entire void shook from his aura, as though it was scared.

Far from them, Gongshu Ban and the others felt their hearts shrinking in fright.

This aura...

Too suppressing! Too intimidating!

"Do you feel suffocated? Are your legs shaking? Your cultivation base... How could you subdue the curse?" Jin Jiao coldly looked at Bu Fang, the muscles in his entire body twitching.

He wanted to use his pressure to force Bu Fang to subdue.

Although Bu Fang knew Lord Dog, he must show Bu Fang that he had overestimated his abilities.

Lord Dog's eyes narrowed, the corners of his mouth rising. However, he didn't make a move.

On the Netherworld Ship, the green veins around Nethery's eyes slowly disappeared, revealing her beautiful eyes.

With worry in her eyes, she looked in Bu Fang's direction.

Boom! Boom!

Under Jin Jiao's pressure, the air boomed and shook continuously.

Bu Fang exhaled. He didn't know why so many people wanted to threaten him using prestige and pressure...

He calmly looked at Jin Jiao.

Suddenly, the Vermillion Robe on his body released radiance. At this moment, its original red-and-white color turned into a scarlet hue.

Then, people heard the Vermilion Bird singing.

Behind Bu Fang, a pair of flaming wings spread open as feathers fluttered in the air. At the same time, smoke wound around his hand as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared.

"I'm a chef... Did you just assess my competence using my power? Are you... a pig?" Bu Fang said.

Hearing him, Jin Jiao was dumbfounded.

That lowly mortal... What did he just say?


However, before Jin Jiao could get himself together, a black wok enlarged in his vision.

With an echoing thud, the black wok hit his head.

Jin Jiao's face turned dark.

Unbreakable Jin Jiao had almost been pounded broken...

Jin Jiao grabbed his horn, screaming in the air. The pain was so excruciating, burrowing deep in his bones.

On the ground, Luo Ji turned around, getting up. At that moment, her eyes caught the scene that left her baffled.

"That little chef... is so violent! He hit Jin Jiao just like that! Well, he isn't different from Nethery, though..."

Bu Fang was a little surprised. His wok didn't blow Jin Jiao away.

That man was really strong.

The Vermillion Robe's power subsided. However, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was still in his hand.

"Nethery's curse... I can subdue it. My dishes can suppress her curse," Bu Fang said naturally.

"Are you sleep-talking?! If dishes could suppress her curse, why would it trouble the entire Earth Prison?"

Tears rolled from Jin Jiao's eyes.

If Lord Dog weren't here, his wrath would burst out, tearing that mortal who dared to offend him!

How could his dishes suppress the curse? That year, to control the curse, what else the former Nether King had never tried?

He even searched for the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm to cook a dish. However, that man couldn't remove nor suppress the curse.

And now, this young chef in front of him said that he could? It was the biggest joke in the world!

Did this chef think that his cooking skills were better than the Immortal Cooking Realm's Realm Lord?

The Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm was known as the strongest chef... a High Grade Qilin Chef!


In front of the wooden house in Immortal Cooking Realm, the naked, blonde man was excitedly watching Bu Fang.

"Interesting... That little chef is a little arrogant, but it's good arrogance anyway! He must be an awesome chef if he's that crazy!"

Ya Ya looked at the excited Realm Lord, rubbing her forehead.

"Realm Lord, it's not crazy... It's overestimating oneself," Ya Ya said. "That year, a dish of yours that came with the Great Path's Principle couldn't subdue the curse... so where did that young chef get his guts to say that?"

"Why couldn't he say that?" Realm Lord looked at Ya Ya, his face awkward. "Isn't it good that he's confident in his skills? You should know that... to become a Qilin Chef, you must have the Heart of Cooking Path. If you're not confident in your skills, how could you create the Heart of Cooking Path?"

Ya Ya was stunned. The Realm Lord's words made sense. Unexpectedly, she had nothing to retort.

Realm Lord flipped his blonde hair, his eyes bright as he gazed at Bu Fang below.

"It's time for me to get on the stage! That young chef has a bright future... so I'm willing to take him as my apprentice! I hope he could condense the Heart of Cooking Path and push the gates of the supreme cooking skills open... Hahahaha!"

As the Realm Lord laughed, he placed both of his hands on his waist. Divine light bloomed on his naked body.