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 "Mangy dog! If you dare break my Hollow Eye, I'm not gonna let you off!"

Ying Long's phantom arose above the Hollow Eye Staff. His white hair fluttered in the wind as he roared at Lord Dog.

However, Lord Dog just sneered in response. Without a word, he wielded his paw.

That dog's paw smashed the air, hitting Earth Prison Overlord Ying Long's phantom.

As the phantom shook, Ying Long's angry screams echoed, disappearing along with it.

In the distance...

Jin Jiao took in a deep breath of cold air. Looking at Lord Dog smashing Lord Ying Long's phantom effortlessly, his body shivered.

The Hollow Eye Staff bloomed in divine light as wisps of Nether energy twirled around it.

After smashing Ying Long's phantom, the paw wielded again in the void. Instantly, a crack appeared.

That paw patted on the Hollow Empty Staff, sending it into the crack in the void.

Lord Dog seized it.

Jin Jiao's mouth trembled.

That staff was Lord Ying Long's divine weapon... and Lord Dog had just confiscated it!

Among the Earth Prison's legendary figures, the infamous Earth Prison Dog... really lived up to his reputation.

Nether King Er Ha continued to suck his Spicy Strip, smiling. He wasn't so surprised since he had been immune to Lord Dog's contemptible personality.

If that moron Ying Long wanted to take his Hollow Eye Staff back, he must prepare himself to struggle.

Lord Dog's eyes scanned over, making Jin Jiao's body tense.

He hurriedly hid the Primal Chaos Gold Gourd. It was his brother Yin Jiao's weapon, and if that mangy dog took it, it would be difficult for him to retrieve it.

Luo Ji got up from the ground, carefully putting away the strand of dog fur.

Then, she held the Death God Scythe, admiring Lord Dog. She looked at him in the eyes.

"Lord Dog, I'm your number one fan. As an idol, you can't treat your fan like that!" Luo Ji said seriously, holding her Death God Scythe.

Lord Dog couldn't help but twitch his mouth at that crazy woman.

Far from them, Bu Fang was walking across the void, approaching them.

Looking at Bu Fang, Lord Dog's eyes lit up. "Bu Fang boy, your aura's changed again. Oh... You've made progress."

Seeing Bu Fang, Jin Jiao and Luo Ji furrowed their brows.

They didn't know Bu Fang, so they had no idea why this human could attract so much attention.

When Bu Fang landed on the Netherworld Ship, Nethery's black eyes gazed at him, making him uneasy.

The Mapo Tofu on his hand was so aromatic, which shook people's taste buds.

"Hmm? What happened?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

"Oh... Bu Fang, my little friend, that fat dog wants to eat Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs!"

Before Nethery could speak, the Black Dragon King had seized the chance, hugging Bu Fang's leg as he sobbed.

Bu Fang was dumbstruck.

The corner of Nethery's mouth twitched.

Flowery sighed. Her little hand rubbed her forehead as she shook her head.

Bu Fang was a little speechless.

If Lord Dog wanted to eat Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs, how could this Black Dragon King still be alive, clutching his leg as he cried his heart out?

Under one paw, he would become dragon paste.

His eyes turned, looking at Flowery. Then, the corners of his mouth curved into a slight smile.

Glancing at the white jade-like tofu in his hand, then at the little girl, he said, "Flowery, this delicious thing is for you."

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes brightened. She lifted her head, looking at Bu Fang.

"Here, this good-smelling tofu is yours..." Bu Fang handed Flowery the tofu.

It was the tofu Tong Ruo had prepared to become a Qilin Chef, so the energy in it was extremely profound.

Giving the tofu to Flowery was an excellent choice. With an enormous amount of energy, she should be able to evolve soon.

As the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, she naturally needed a massive amount of energy to evolve.

Flowery thought that Bu Fang wanted to feed her something nice, but it turned out that he was just giving her a block of tofu.

She wanted meat! She wanted to eat Spicy Blood Lobsters!

However, although she wasn't willing, she still received the tofu.

In the distance...

Gongshu Ban watched with an aching heart.

It was an immortal dish that had almost become rank ten! Bu Fang had just wasted a gift from heaven!

He had given a high-level immortal dish to a child. And, more importantly... that child didn't even look happy at all.

If Bu Fang had given him that, even if he was asked to sacrifice himself, he would have agreed!

Chomp. Chomp.

Watching Flowery chewing and swallowing the tofu, Gongshu Ban felt his heart bleeding.

This trip to this land of inheritance was really soul-crushing... They lost so much blood!

"How do you feel?" Bu Fang asked as he watched Flowery.

"Hey, little friend Bu Fang, what did you use to lure my daughter?" the Black Dragon King asked cautiously.

Bu Fang just gave the Black Dragon King a sidelong glance, ignoring him.

As soon as the white jade-like tofu entered Flowery's body, she emitted radiance.

Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes spun fast, and a wave of strong energy rippled from her body.

The Black Dragon King was startled.


Flowery felt that her eyelids were so heavy.

A moment later, she narrowed her eyes. She opened her mouth and said in a childish voice, "Bu Fang... those two bad guys want to take Nethery away. We shouldn't let them kidnap her!"


Bu Fang was astonished.

Nethery was bewildered.

The Black Dragon King was frightened... Oh my God!

Flowery could talk now?!


Flowery's words made Bu Fang's eyes turn sharp...

"They want to take Nethery away? Why?"

Bu Fang turned to Nethery, frowning skeptically.

Nethery pressed her lips into a thin line. Blinking her black eyes, she just looked at Bu Fang, not saying a single word.

Far from them, Nether King Er Ha almost choked on his Spicy Strip.

"Hey, obviously, they want to kidnap this king, okay? In Nethery's case, they just want to take her along since she happens to be here. I'm the real victim here, okay? You little snake, don't misunderstand the important thing!"

Lord Dog hadn't expected that a block of tofu could make Flowery talk. And, looking at the energy shooting from her body, he knew that the little girl was about to evolve.

It was her third evolution.

Every time the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python transformed, it would have one more color, and its power would progress greatly.

Anyway, Lord Dog's nose twitched, his eyes narrowing. "Bu Fang boy... What's in your hand?!"

Taking in the Mapo Tofu's fragrance, Lord Dog's eyes turned sharp...

"Oh, this... Mapo Tofu?"

Holding the Mapo Tofu in his hand, Bu Fang looked closely at it.

After he had finished this dish, Tong Ruo made a scene, so no one had had a chance to eat it yet.

"Hey... Can you pay attention to His Highness? I'm leaving now..." Nether King Er Ha said.


Hearing Nether King Er Ha's voice, everyone was bewildered.

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji instinctively turned to look at Nether King Er Ha.

The Nether King wanted to leave?

Did he want to return to Earth Prison now? But he had always resisted...

It seems Lord Dog couldn't catch up with Nether King Er Ha's brain. He cocked his head, asking skeptically, "What do you mean?"

"I've made up my mind... As the Lord of Netherworld, I have to shoulder a heavy responsibility. For this responsibility, my old man had even fought against the Nether Prison. Anyway, even if I'm still young, I'll reach my old man's level one day. When that happens... I will also attack the Nether Prison!" Nether King Er Ha said.

Jin Jiao's bright eyes gazed at Nether King Er Ha.

Luo Ji's eyes were filled with admiration. "Big Brother Nether King, you're so handsome!"

Nether King Er Ha exhaled. Sucking his Spicy Strip and shaking his hair, he said with blurred eyes, "Mangy dog... When that day comes, will you accompany me to attack the Nether Prison?"

Attack the Nether Prison!

Jin Jiao's eyes emitted his fighting will.

Among the three prisons of the Netherworld, the Ruin Prison was the weakest, and the Nether Prison was the most mysterious... As for the Earth Prison, it stayed in the middle. They had attacked the Nether Prison so many times, but they all failed.

If they could accompany His Highness to invade the Nether Prison, it wouldn't matter if they died there!

Lord Nether King, His Highness... has finally recognized his role!

"Attack the Nether Prison?" Lord Dog looked at Nether King Er Ha.

"Yes! We will conquer the sea of stars! You... will you go with me?" Nether King Er Ha grinned.

"Nope..." Lord Dog answered with a straight face.

At this moment, the atmosphere turned awkward...

Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

Nethery pursed her lips, looking at Nether King Er Ha with his dark face, trying not to laugh.


In front of the wooden house at the peak of the Immortal Tree, a loud guffaw could be heard.

"Muahaha! How awkward is that? That dog is such a character! It just said 'nope'... Hahaha!"

The blonde man laughed so hard that tears rolled from the corners of his eyes.

Ya Ya pursed her lips. Worthy of being the Earth Prison Dog... It did have a unique personality...

However, my dear Realm Lord... Why are you laughing so hard? Have you forgotten that that dog had almost killed you?

Ya Ya glanced at the Realm Lord, who was laughing so hard his muscles shook, feeling helpless.


Nether King Er Ha thought that the fat dog was his true nemesis!

"You've changed! You agreed to accompany my old man to attack the Nether Prison!" Nether King Er Ha bit his Spicy Strip, his voice filled with reproach.

"Your father was very strong, but you..."

Lord Dog scanned Nether King Er Ha from head to toe. "Tch, tch, tch..."

Nether King Er Ha thought that his lungs would explode in rage. He wasn't this indignant when Jin Jiao used five divine weapons to subdue him.

After a while, he exhaled. "Alright... You mangy dog, you're so unreasonable."

Bu Fang frowned. Nether King Er Ha wanted to leave now?

His eyes turned to Jin Jiao and Luo Ji. Those two wanted to take Nethery away too?

Nether King Er Ha seemed to remember something. He raised his head, his bright eyes gazing at Bu Fang as he said, "Bu Fang young man... you will miss this king, won't you?"

Bu Fang looked at Nether King Er Ha, his face emotionless.

After a long time...

He shook his head. "Why would I miss you?"

At this moment, the air became extremely awkward...

Suddenly, Bu Fang wielded his hand.

The steaming Mapo Tofu with immortal energy flew towards Nether King Er Ha.

"Do you really want to leave?" Bu Fang asked.

Nether King Er Ha was surprised, receiving the Mapo Tofu. The aroma surged, making him open his mouth.

"Smells so good..." Nether King Er Ha complimented. Then, he turned to Bu Fang, giving the other a beaming smile. "It's time to find something that belongs to me! You're continuously making progress for a goal, so I should come back and fulfill mine..."

Of course, Nether King Er Ha recognized Bu Fang's progress. From a little, weak chef, he was now an Immortal Chef.

Nether King Er Ha was touched.

"Good! That Mapo Tofu... is for you," Bu Fang said.

Nether King Er Ha grinned. Bu Fang young man has this king in his heart!

"Excuse me, Bu Fang young man... Could you consider my small request?"

Bu Fang was surprised. "Go on."

"Could you provide this king one thousand Spicy Strips for my stock? When I return to Earth Prison, I will be in a life-and-death situation there..." Nether King Er Ha said bashfully.

Bu Fang was dumbstruck. "Get lost!"

"Hahaha!" Nether King Er Ha burst out laughing. Then, he grabbed the spoon and scooped up some Mapo Tofu before putting it into his mouth...

As soon as a spoonful of Mapo Tofu got into his stomach, its numbing and spicy taste exploded. The soft, aromatic tofu made Nether King Er Ha's pores open entirely.

"So good!"

Nether King Er Ha held the Mapo Tofu aloft as he turned around. In the next moment, Nether energy surged underneath his feet as a formation emerged.

He stepped into the formation while eating tofu, then, slowly, he disappeared.

"Bu Fang young man... His Highness will be back! Spicy Strips, I will be back!"

And with that, Nether King Er Ha disappeared from everyone's sight.

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji exchanged looks. Then, they soared up, heading over to Lord Dog.

Jin Jiao bowed, saying respectfully, "Sir, we must bring the Netherworld woman back... Please, don't interfere with us."

Luo Ji curved her lips as she held her Death God Scythe. "My idol, as your most loyal fan, can you give me another strand of your fur?"

Lord Dog just stared, speechless.

However, before Lord Dog could say anything... Bu Fang's cold voice rang out behind Jin Jiao and Luo Ji.

"Why do you have to take Nethery away?"