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 Crack! Crack!

Sounds of chewing arose, which sounded like someone was munching on a radish.

Inside the flame space...

Tong Ruo was bewildered.

Gongshu Ban's desperate expression froze on his face, his eyes disbelieving. After hearing those noises, he couldn't help but turn his head.


A lean figure was grabbing the immortal flame, biting on it.

As the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame got bitten, losing a corner, something looked like viscous flame oozed from it.

It was a little fierce, though.

Bu Fang raised his brows, looking at the flame in his hand as he smacked his lips.

Tong Ruo's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "How could it be?! It's an immortal flame... It's not a big radish!"

The immortal flame was bitten off?

That fellow had such good teeth? Why didn't he burn into ashes?

However, Bu Fang didn't mind Tong Ruo. After chewing for a while, he shoved the whole flame into his mouth.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

After chewing several times, the entire flaming lotus was swallowed. Then, Bu Fang licked his fingers.

"Hmm? Tastes like chicken!"


Gongshu Ban gawked. An immortal flame that tasted like chicken?

Owner Bu is insane!

Anyway, nobody had ever eaten an immortal flame before. They couldn't confirm how the immortal flames tasted, so if he said it tasted like chicken, it could be chicken...

Anyway, if it tasted like chicken, how could it sound so crunchy like a radish?

Gongshu Ban felt his world turn upside down...

Tong Ruo was trembling. It was his immortal flame! That kid had swallowed it all!

How could he swallow a flame?


His Star Knife... was shattered!

That's a f*cking immortal tool, you know?!

That chef... What kind of toxic flower is he?

"Spit out my Golden Lotus Demonic Flame!" Tong Ruo was madly enraged. How could Bu Fang eat his immortal flame?!

Without the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, how could he break through and become a Qilin Chef?


The Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok that initially restrained Whitey was grabbed. It rose, aiming at Bu Fang who was hovering in the air.

Boom! Boom!

The Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok was his immortal tool, so of course it wasn't ordinary.

It roared, booming unceasingly.

He wanted to pound Bu Fang with his wok.

The Golden Lotus Demonic Flame couldn't be eaten. He must spit it out. If the little chef didn't spit it out, he must use this wok to make him vomit!

All of a sudden...

Whitey, who was now free from the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok's restraint, began to flash lightning on its body.

The War God Stick enlarged instantly, aiming at Tong Ruo.

At this moment, Tong Ruo wasn't in the mood to play with Whitey, even though he wanted to tame it. He couldn't be bothered now with that Earth Immortal Puppet.

"Get lost!"


Tong Ruo turned to Whitey. Radiance shot out of his eyes.

Instantly, an invisible force erupted.

Whitey was attacked by that invisible force. Its body was sent away, shooting like a cannonball.


A giant gold flame beast hit Whitey's stomach. Then, its body discharged lightning, striking.

Whitey flew out of the flame, then crashed on the ground, which was cracked open with a loud blast.


It hit the wall, cracking it entirely.

Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun were dazed as they looked at Whitey flying backward, their faces dumbstruck.

This commotion caught Nethery and the others' attention.

Nethery's black eyes turned, looking at Whitey. Her face changed instantly.


Whitey was pounded out of the flame?

Bu Fang now lost his protection? Bu Fang was in big trouble?

In the sky...

A naked baby flapped his white wings, taking in everything that was happening down there.

Suddenly, that baby saw the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame...


The Peak of the Immortal Tree, Fifth Layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm

In front of the wooden house, a naked, blonde man was standing, his eyes blurred.

"Good, a fat dog, really meaty..." he muttered, sticking his tongue out to lick his lips.

Standing by him, the sexy woman called Ya Ya looked at him, her face blushing.

"Ah... Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, interesting... Want to try a strange path? Too bad... It's not that easy to become a Qilin Chef."

The man twisted a lock of his blonde hair, watching the scene below enthusiastically.

"Realm Lord, Your Highness... Don't you think that the fat dog looks so familiar?" The corner of Ya Ya's mouth twitched as she asked the naked Realm Lord.

"Yeah? Familiar?" The Realm Lord was a little absent-minded. "Um, lately, I haven't gone to Old Feng's to eat dog meat..."

Ya Ya rubbed her forehead. Realm Lord His Highness was really absent-minded. Did all the big characters have so many defects like this?

"Realm Lord, it's good that you're happy..."


Gurgle. Gurgle.

After swallowing the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, Bu Fang's face began to change, and he furrowed his brows.

Tong Ruo watched Bu Fang. At first, he was a little bewildered, but in the next moment, he burst out laughing.

"Now that you ate fire, take the consequences!"

The Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok dashed forward. It wanted to seize the chance when Bu Fang was distracted to attack him.

However, soon, Tong Ruo's expression shifted.

When the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok came near Bu Fang, it was stopped by a red energy. The closer it was to him, the slower it became.


Bu Fang raised his arm, where a black smoke was moving.

A moment later, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his hand. He glanced at Tong Ruo indifferently, then moved his gaze to the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok.

Bu Fang exhaled. His breath came with gold sparks.

Without warning, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun, aiming at the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok as it pounded.


Tong Ruo was startled.

A bestial roar echoed as high waves surged in Bu Fang's spirit sea one more time.

The Vermilion Bird was singing, and the Black Turtle was roaring.

The Black Turtle with a mountain on its back shot radiance from its eyes, roaring.

At the same time, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok shot out tens of thousands of light beams.


The Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok shivered under the attack.

Tong Ruo's face was filled with disbelief, quivering. He could feel the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok's Spirit... shiver in fright!

The Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok was a high-grade immortal tool! And now, its spirit was shaking in fear!

Was the wok in that young man's hand... stronger than the immortal tool Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok?

In Bu Fang's spirit sea...

A giant toad appeared. As soon as it emerged, its eyes rolled, gawking.

Shakily, it looked at the three fearful figures in front of it...

Gold Divine Dragon, Heaven-supporting Black Turtle, and Fiery Vermilion Bird!

Where was he?

The black turtle with divine light in its eyes stomped its giant foot on the toad.

That toad was the tool spirit of the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok. Facing the black turtle, it didn't have a bit of strength to resist.

Then, the black turtle craned its neck, swallowing the toad.



Many fine cracks appeared on the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok. In just a blink of an eye, they covered the entire wok.

A moment later...

It blasted, turning into tens of thousands of pieces as it scattered.

Tong Ruo's body shook, taking several steps backward. Disbelief and shock filled his eyes.

His Star Knife was broken, and now, his Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok was shattered too!

Is he the biggest loser in the eight generations of his family? What kind of chef he had run into?

Oh f*ck... Is this kid the illegitimate son of the Realm Lord?

How come he had such an intimidating tool in his hands?

Whether it was the golden knife, the black wok... or even the chef robe on his body! They were all unimaginably powerful immortal tools!

After pounding and breaking the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok, Bu Fang raised his head and opened his mouth, burping. A gold flame was let out along with that burp.

Bu Fang grabbed that flame and shoved it back into his mouth!

As he held the steaming Mapo Tofu in one hand while his other hand kept the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the flaming wings spread open behind him. All in all, he looked quite impressive.

Tong Ruo was shaking.

He had plotted for a long time! How could his scheme fail because of a little chef!

He refused to accept it. He wanted to become a Qilin Chef!


Tong Ruo stormed out, his face malicious. He aimed at Bu Fang.

The entire space shook hard.

Gongshu Ban paled, looking at Bu Fang with worry in his eyes.

Tong Ruo wanted to risk his life. He wanted to use his formidable spirit sea to subdue Bu Fang.

No one was sure if Owner Bu could resist him.

Another tremor expanded, and a moment later, the entire space was swept off!

"This is my spirit sea! In this place... I'm the sole god! You can't stop me!" Tong Ruo was madly furious, screaming and roaring.

His spirit sea rolled forward, crushing toward Bu Fang, wanting to use his superb force to defeat him.


What he had expected to happen didn't happen. The events he was about to witness were beyond his imagination, extremely unfamiliar to common sense.

The moment his spirit sea suppressed Bu Fang's, his body froze, floating in the air.

Before him, towering waves reached the sky as three giant beasts loomed over him...

A divine golden dragon was roaring, a black turtle was stomping and devouring a giant toad, and a vermilion bird was spreading its wings, singing loudly.

"Is that... the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok's spirit?"

As the owner of the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok, Tong Ruo naturally knew its tool spirit. Watching his spirit being devoured, his expression changed...

He was scared!


The Gold Divine Dragon roared together with the Black Turtle and the Vermilion Bird.

Tong Ruo turned as white as a sheet, shaking hard. In the next moment, his spirit sea fell apart, shattering...

"Nooooo! Nooooo!"

Tong Ruo was in a frenzy, shrilling desperately. He had never envisioned such an end...

His spirit sea came to Bu Fang's spirit sea like a moth heading into the flame!

In just a short while, the flame space began to collapse.

Tong Ruo's body shook continuously. The immortal energy seemed to lose control, running wild.

After Tong Ruo's spirit sea was crushed and shattered by Bu Fang's spirit sea, Tong Ruo's remaining consciousness vanished.

His aura drained away. In the end, he turned into a fulgent, sparkling, jade-like tofu...

That block of tofu had a dense and rich immortal energy winding around it, its white light reaching the heavens.


The flame scattered.

Bu Fang's Vermillion Robe quieted down, resuming its red-and-white color.

At this moment, a gold flame was floating quietly on Bu Fang's palm.

Gongshu Ban gawked, dropping his jaw.

As the flame space disappeared, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun finally saw Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban.

Seeing Gongshu Ban alive, Gongshu Yun was so happy. Tears streamed down her face as she shouted, "Brother!"

Gongshu Ban turned his head and saw Gongshu Yun. Finally, he got himself together.

When the flaming space disappeared, the real place was revealed.

Before them was a giant rock carved into a lotus altar. On that altar, a dried-up corpse sat cross-legged, looking similar to Tong Ruo...

That corpse held a jade tray with jade-like tofu, its thick immortal energy winding around it.

Bu Fang kept the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, waving his hand. In the next moment, the tofu floated up, flying towards him.


Far from them, something exploded.

The dog's paw that shadowed the sky appeared.

Bu Fang was a little bewildered, looking in that direction.

That familiar paw...

"Lord Dog is here too?"

Bu Fang was surprised. Then, with the piping-hot Mapo Tofu in one hand, his other took the white jade tofu, heading towards the dog's paw.