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 A gentle and magnetic voice arose in the sky, echoing everywhere.

People couldn't help but lift their heads to see.

Jin Jiao furrowed his brows, wondering who could jump in and help Nether King Er Ha at this moment.

The five divine weapons moved in the air, releasing thick radiance and energy. Wisps of energy dropped, hitting the ruins in the ground.

The Hollow Eye Staff was the leading weapon among the five divine weapons. It looked powerful and intimidating, not to mention that Earth Prison Overlord Ying Long also sent his thought through it.

However, the dog's paw crossed the air, smashing that pair of eyes.

This made both Jin Jiao and Luo Ji frightened. They hadn't expected that someone could be that powerful...


It seems that... the one who had just intervened wasn't a human.

When Luo Ji and Jin Jiao saw who it was, their eyes shrank.

It was a fat dog, whose rolls of fat were shaking. Its sleek, black fur accentuated a pair of frightening eyes filled with divine light.

A bald man stood beside the fat dog.

Did that bald man just interfere?


That bald man's aura was too weak. Even if Jin Jiao stood still for him to attack, that bald man couldn't even shake him.

So... it wasn't that bald guy.

It... It was that fat dog?

Lord Dog gracefully strutted his cat-like steps as he beautifully moved in the air.

The Black Dragon King raised his head, plunging like a cannonball towards the Netherworld Ship.

"My sweet daughter! That f*cking black dog is sick! It scared your dragon dad to death!" The Black Dragon King sobbed, his snotty nose leaking. The sudden teleportation scared him indeed.

Not only that... After crossing the space, the black dog suddenly wielded his paw and cursed him, saying he was a stinky dragon!

The Black Dragon King thought that the dog wanted to kill him and cook him into Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs!

Flowery blinked her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes, her eyes showing sympathy as she looked at the Black Dragon King.

However, Nethery's black eyes seemed to pierce him as she snapped, "Shut up! Be Quiet!"

The Black Dragon King was bewildered. He promptly shut his mouth, not even daring to let out a fart. That woman is so fierce!

In the distance...

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji looked at Lord Dog in the sky.

All of a sudden, Jin Jiao's eyes shrank, and he took a breath of cold air. It seems he had just recognized Lord Dog.

At the same time, Luo Ji screamed, her legs stomping in the air.

"Ah! It's... That's..."

Luo Ji's eyes looked thrilled as she stammered, as though she had just seen her idol.

Jin Jiao's chest thrust in and out, looking like he was facing his biggest enemy.

His hand shook once, and the Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan flew back to his grip. Nether energy twirled around his body, his aura becoming denser.

Luo Ji shook her hand also, summoning the Death God Scythe to her. As she wielded it, the void was slashed broken.

"You... Do you want to attack me?" Lord Dog asked casually.

As Lord Dog continued to descend, Jin Jiao and Luo Ji became even more restless.

No wonder its paw could smash Ying Long's mental force. They didn't believe a dog could do that.

That dog... was a legend in the Earth Prison!

It was the legendary dog that could battle against the former Nether King!

"Sir... Can't believe we meet you here. We don't dare to attack you, Sir." Jin Jiao exhaled, talking.

Lord Dog cocked its head, looking at him.

"Sir, could you give me a strand of your fur? I'm your faithful fan!" Luo Ji's eyes sparkled as she asked excitedly.

Jin Jiao's mouth twitched. That woman... he couldn't count on her at all.

Is it the right time to ask for the dog's fur? Is it the right time to have a fan meeting with her idol?

"But, Sir... We have orders. Please understand," Jin Jiao said, gazing respectfully at Lord Dog. "We must take Lord Nether King back. As the Lord of Netherworld, he can't leave Earth Prison as he pleases."

"The Netherworld woman too... We need to bring her back. You must understand that after the former Nether King was gone, the seal on her curse is getting weaker!" Luo Ji piped up.

Shouldering the Death God Scythe, her eyes twinkled as she added, "Lord Dog, Sir, Luo Ji sincerely asks you to give me a strand of your fur! Please believe me, I'm your number one fan!"

Jin Jiao stared at Luo Ji. That woman wants trouble!

Is a dog's fur that important?! They should figure out how to bring the Nether King back!

"Oh... So you want to take the Nether King back. You want to take the Netherworld woman too. And you even want Lord Dog's fur..." Lord Dog blinked, indifferently looking at Jin Jiao and Luo Ji.

Jin Jiao was dumbstruck. That dog came here for what? Did it cross a thousand miles just to deliver its fur?

"Sir... What do you mean?"

"It's pretty obvious that Lord Dog came here to make trouble," Lord Dog said. His voice echoed, silencing the entire place.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes were clear and bright. She excitedly twisted her small fist.

That's Lord Dog! So fierce!

Nethery narrowed her eyes.

Lord Dog had reminded her not to go to this land of inheritance, but she ignored his advice. And now, the Earth Prison Overlords had appeared.

She had thought that Lord Dog wouldn't want to help them. She didn't expect to see him here...

So... Lord Dog is actually a hypocritically kind dog!

"Wow! Sir, why are you so handsome?!" Luo Ji covered her small face, looking shy and giddy in the air.

Jin Jiao's face turned stern. Holding the Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan, he exhaled. "So... we could only... fight!"


The corners of Lord Dog's mouth rose.

Luo Ji skeptically looked at Jin Jiao. "Are you stupid or what? How could you fight him? You want to hit my idol? What's your scheme?"

In just a wink of an eye, he thought to kill this woman with a slash. His pigheaded partner couldn't be any dumber!


All of a sudden, Jin Jiao felt immense pressure shrouding him, making him shudder.

A moment later, his pupils shrank. He moved the Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan in front of him, shielding his chest.


A dog's paw gently poked his body.

Jin Jiao felt a horrible force coming with the pressure of a supreme being.

Noises echoed, and the void shattered continuously.

Jin Jiao fell like a comet. He crashed into the ground, causing it to cave in and create a huge crater.

His black armor cracked, dented. The dent looked like it was a dog's paw.

With a buzzing sound, the Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan turned into dots of lights, scattering as it vanished.


Rocks rolled.

A figure got up, climbing out of the ruins in the distance.

At this moment, Nether King Er Ha looked a little helter-skelter. His hair was disheveled, and his face was soot-black.

His handsome face covered in ash looked really funny.

"You... You are as brazen as that mangy dog! You wanted to go two-on-one, and you even called for help! You got five divine weapons to subdue this king! Don't you feel ashamed?" Nether King Er Ha yelled as he crawled out of the ruins.

He looked so pitiful, coughing as he fumed black dust. His appearance seemed no different to a stray cat.

A moment later, his hand shook, and a red Spicy Strip appeared on it. Putting the Spicy Strip into his mouth, Nether King Er Ha squinted as he sucked it.

Lord Dog was speechless, looking at Nether King Er Ha.

That clown is still spirited.

Lord Dog thought that he wasn't needed here anymore...

Luo Ji looked at Nether King Er Ha, and then at Lord Dog. At this moment, she was a little flustered...

"Sir, Lord Ying Long said that we must bring Big Brother Nether King home. So... forgive my offense!"

As soon as she said that, she disappeared in the void, then reappeared right in front of Lord Dog.

The Death God Scythe glowed in red light, slashing all of a sudden.


Tens of thousands of red lights filled the sky...

Nether King Er Ha leaned against a big rock. Sucking his Spicy Strip, he watched the battle above with interest.


With a loud explosion, the red blades in the sky were smashed by just a paw...


Luo Ji's body rolled like a wheel, falling from the sky.


She hit the ground, her body spread-eagled as she sank.

Flap. Flap.

The Death God Scythe fell, stabbing into the ground near her.

"Oh, my idol... You will always be the greatest... dog in my heart!"

Luo Ji's eyes seemed to spin as her red lips parted. Her small fist loosened its grip, revealing... a black strand of fur.

Holding the strand of dog fur, she felt like she was holding the entire world. It felt so satisfying...

Jin Jiao stood up from the ruin, smiling wryly. They had never thought that that dog would appear in this place.

It seems their mission this time... will soon fail.

Fortunately, that dog didn't want to kill them. It just wanted to teach them a little lesson.

Meanwhile, in the void, the other divine weapons were releasing radiance.

Lord Dog sauntered over to those remaining weapons before raising his paw...

The Primal Chaos Gold Gourd and the Overbearing Hefty Sword were patted, falling to the ground. Holes appeared where they struck.

After that, Lord Dog tilted his head, looking at the Hollow Eye Staff above him.

He opened his mouth, yawning. Then, his paw stretched.


All of a sudden, a giant phantom emerged on the Hollow Eye Staff.

"You fat dog! Take your paw back!"

A blurry, aged figure appeared, looking at Lord Dog.

Raising his head, Lord Dog gazed at the old man's phantom.

Then... he grinned.

"You're threatening me, stinky dragon? Aren't you afraid I will hit you to death and throw you to Bu Fang so he could cook Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs? Also, this staff of yours, Lord Dog will help and keep it for you."


"It's been a long time since I've eaten fire."

Bu Fang's words stunned the entire place.

Gongshu Ban was bewildered, looking at the fire bird wings behind Bu Fang. Then, he saw the latter grab the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

Eat... fire?

What? He could eat fire? It's an immortal flame that has gathered heaven and earth spirit energy for tens of thousands of years!

That immortal flame was even in the immortal flame ranking. The legendary flames that ranked in that list were said to be formed after millions of years. It was really powerful!

That flame, when bodies touched it, would burn them into ashes in just a blink of an eye, let alone swallowing it...

Once he ate it, he would be burned into ashes!

"Eat it? You are seeking death!" Tong Ruo sneered. "Although I've become an immortal dish, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame is now an unowned item, so how could you, a First Grade Immortal Chef, even imagine its power?"

The Vermillion Robe had a blazing red hue as two flaming wings flapped behind, spraying fiery rain.

The Vermilion Bird was singing unceasingly in his spirit sea. High waves reached the sky as its red eyes focused.

At this moment, Bu Fang's eyes seemed to have a Vermilion Bird moving in them.

Finally, he had thoroughly contacted the Vermillion Robe's spirit. He had successfully controlled his three pieces of God of Cooking Set.

Bu Fang could sense that after gaining control of the Vermillion Robe, the defense it provided him was getting much stronger.

Furthermore, his mental energy seemed to have been boosted. It had become more immense, his mental force expanding like a great wave!

At that point, his mental force became a giant hand, grabbing the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

Bu Fang opened his mouth, shoving the immortal flame in.


The flaming lotus vibrated as high waves continuously rippled in his spirit sea.

Tong Ruo's eyes shot out light as he roared menacingly, "Die! You're simply killing yourself by eating that immortal flame!"

Gongshu Ban shook his head, his face desperate.

All of a sudden...

Some noises echoed in the void. It sounded like someone was chewing radish...

Crunch! Crunch!

That Golden Lotus Demonic Flame was chewed and swallowed.

Tong Ruo was dumbstruck.

"W-What... How is this possible?"