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 Chapter 102: We Are Here Today to Consult You on Cutting Techniques

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"What are you looking at? Are you not satisfied? Never seen a rich man before?"

Qian Bao was immediately upset when he noticed the filthy beggar squatting in the corner was actually glaring at him. He swung his fox-skin overcoat and coldly berated the beggar.

Song Tao was dumbfounded. He pursed his lips together and looked at Qian Bao. He wondered where in the world this fellow obtained the courage to behave arrogantly in front of him. Even though his current appearance was indeed rather miserable... Nevertheless, he was still a sixth grade Battle-Emperor!

The middle-aged chef standing behind Qian Bao glanced at Song Tao in disgust as well. He waved his hand away and said, "As expected of a store opened within an alleyway. No wonder there's not many people coming through here. It's all because of filthy beggars like this. They're simply ruining the appetite of customers."

"Master Zhao, as long as you're able to get back our restaurant's prestige, I'll immediately give you a thousand gold coins when we get back! I'll guarantee you a blissful Spring Festival!" Qian Bao gave Master Zhao a glance and began laughing. This Master Zhao was the most skilled in cutting techniques among the chefs of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

Qian Bao knew that no one within his restaurant could produce dishes with a taste comparable to the dishes from the black-hearted store. Even though he had never tasted them before, since Bu Fang's store had obtained the former emperor's recognition, their standard would definitely be at the level of his restaurant's Roasted Flower Duck. Therefore, defeating the black-hearted store with taste was too difficult.

Since that was not possible, he could only try with cutting techniques. Therefore, Qian Bao brought along the chef that was the most skilled in cutting techniques within the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

A thousand gold coins! Master Zhao's eyes immediately lit up and the corners of his mouth widened into a large grin. A thousand gold coins was already a huge sum of money to him. He had to work an entire year in order to get this much.

"No problem, boss! Leave this to me! I'll definitely use my cutting techniques to viciously pare that little restaurant's face! I'll let them understand what a real chef is!" Master Zhao reliably said while patting his chest.

"Alright, I am counting on you," Qian Bao said with a laugh.

After that, the two of them walked past Song Tao in revulsion and intended to enter the alleyway.

However, they might not care about Song Tao but the latter was displeased about them. Within the black-hearted store, Song Tao felt extremely vexed because of that supreme beast dog. After leaving the store, there were actually two blind fools that dared to prance around in front of him. They were even taunting him and treating him as a beggar.

When have you ever seen a beggar that was a sixth grade Battle-Emperor?

When Qian Bao felt a hand pressing down on his shoulder, he was startled for a moment. Then he felt his entire body being suppressed by an imposing presence and he was completely unable to move.

"What the! You filthy beggar, what are you trying to do? Don't push your luck! Remove your filthy hand!" When Master Zhao saw that Song Tao's hand was placed on Qian Bao's shoulder, he immediately started shouting and stretched his hand out toward Song Tao.

Song Tao's body shook for a moment as true energy instantly burst forth and blew away the snow that covered his body. His hair was fluttering and his clothes violently flapped under the outflow of his true energy. His eyes were sharp as a knife.

Master Zhao's hand that was just stretched out uncontrollably trembled. Damn... How did a filthy beggar suddenly turn into a cultivator?

Song Tao gave Master Zhao a wide-eyed glare and shouted, "Get lost!"

His voice violently surged forward like rolling thunder.

Master Zhao immediately took several steps backward in fear. Both of his legs were trembling. This presence... was too terrifying.

Even though Master Zhao had a cultivation level as well, he was only a second-grade Battle-Master. When faced with the terrifying aura of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor, he was close to wetting his pants in terror.

On the other hand, Qian Bao was still quite calm. He was someone who had seen the world after all, so his behavior was not as pathetic as Master Zhao.

"This lowly person failed to recognize such a great person. It is the fault of this lowly person for offending your excellency. I am the owner of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. I wish to set up a banquet for your excellency to express my apologies! Would your excellency please calm down..." Qian Bao said with a trembling body.

Song Tao was going to slap these two fellows to death at first. However, when he heard Qian Bao was the owner of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, he suddenly stopped his descending hand and then dispersed the true energy.

"Since they're from the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant... forget it," Song Tao thought.

"Hmph, if it wasn't for the fact that you're from the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, I would've already slapped both of you to death!" Song Tao coldly said. The true energy swirling around him gradually dissipated and then he regained his serene appearance. "I heard the two of you saying that you're going to that black-hearted store in order to challenge Owner Bu, right?"

Qian Bao was startled for a moment before he hurriedly nodded his head and said, "That's right! We're indeed going there to challenge Owner Bu... However, if your excellency does not permit, we'll immediately turn back."

Even though Master Zhao was agonizing over the loss of the thousand gold coins, after thinking for a while, his life was far more important. Therefore, he was nodding his head as well.

"What are you going back for? Go compete with him! You must compete! Furthermore, you must compete with him outside!" Song Tao's eyes did a little turn before he said with a sneer.

Qian Bao and Master Zhao were both surprised for a moment. The two of them looked into each other's eyes. So, this filthy beggar... Oh, his excellency was not someone from the black-hearted store?

"Aren't the two of you going to challenge Owner Bu in cutting techniques? Why don't you set the location of the match right here at the alleyway's entrance? Wouldn't this be more fair and just?" Song Tao said.

"This... What's the difference? It's even harder to perform cutting techniques in the cold," Master Zhao silently complained.

"Just do what I tell you to do. Do you have any complaints?" Song Tao coldly said as he gave Master Zhao a glare. He did not dare to act impudent within the store because they had a supreme beast dog. However, what was stopping him from being arrogant in front of two ants?

Qian Bao could only helplessly accept Song Tao's decision in the end. Then, the two of them headed toward Bu Fang's store step by step while under Song Tao's watchful eyes.

Song Tao was feeling satisfied by his own wit. "Heh, I might not be able to do anything within the store. However, things are much simpler if we're here at the entrance of the alleyway. Even if that supreme beast dog intervenes, I'll still be able to escape! Furthermore, I'll be able to snatch away those two brats as well!"

Qian Bao rubbed his hands together and expelled a cloud of white breath as he stepped into Bu Fang's store. As he entered the store, it was like stepping into a warm world. While snow was swirling outside, the interior of the store was warm and cozy.

A rich fragrance was slowly wafting within the store and Qian Bao was instantly attracted by the fragrance of the fish soup and the mellowness of the meaty aroma. He could not help but swallow his saliva. As he had expected... Only the smell of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's Roasted Flower Duck could match this fragrance.

Master Zhao was a chef as well. The moment he smelled the aroma of the dishes, he knew he would definitely lose if they competed in cooking. He would lose without even having a chance to retaliate. The difference in level between them was too large.

"Hmm? It's you? What are you having?" Bu Fang recognized Qian Bao. Previously, he went to the latter's restaurant and found fault with their dishes from the first floor till the third floor. He criticized their dishes to the point where they had no merit to speak of. He was naturally familiar with their owner.

He did not think that Qian Bao would actually come into his store...

"Owner Bu should still remember me, right? On that day, Owner Bu's evaluation of Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's dishes has really allowed me to receive a lot of benefits. The taste of many of our dishes have indeed improved after undergoing revisions. However, the saying goes that we should reciprocate politeness. That's why... I brought our Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's number one chef here today to consult you."

Qian Bao's words were quite pompous, but the meaning was actually quite simple: We're here today to find fault. Since you found my fault, I must find yours. Otherwise, we'll lose our face!

"Consult?" Bu Fang expressionlessly glanced toward Qian Bao as well as that Master Zhao standing behind Qian Bao. He pursed his lips and then said, "If the level of your chef is the same as last time, then I won't accept, because the two of you don't have the qualification."

"We don't have the qualification..." The muscles on Master Zhao's face twitched for a moment. However, he was unable to refute either. The rich fragrance that pervaded the air was causing him to lose confidence.

However, compared to Master Zhao's forlorn appearance, Qian Bao looked much more calm. He looked around the store's interior and said with a grin, "Owner Bu, we're not here to consult you on cooking. We're here to... consult you on cutting techniques!"

Master Zhao's heart trembled for a moment, then he proudly raised his head and haughtily said, "That's right! We're here today to consult Owner Bu on your cutting techniques!"