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 Gongshu Ban trembled in anger as he looked at the bits of smashed tofu on the plate, his eyes turning bloodshot...

It was a humiliation!

The dish that he had meticulously cooked was wolfed down in a barbaric manner just like that!

Remembering the scene when Tong Ruo bit off the head of his Lady and a Lotus, Gongshu Ban felt a flame surging within him.

However, he hadn't had time to get angry. His anger turned into surprise at what he witnessed next...

Not far from him, Bu Fang had just rampaged...

The golden kitchen knife bloomed in dazzling light, its dragon roar echoed unceasingly as it shook the void.

Tong Ruo only had the Mapo Tofu in his eyes, so he didn't expect that Bu Fang would make a move.

The kitchen knife swept over extremely fast, and before Tong Ruo could react, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife had hit his face.


Bu Fang used the back of his knife to hit Tong Ruo's face. However, the sound it made was low and strange. It shouldn't sound like that at all.

More importantly... it felt different from hitting someone's face.


Bu Fang furrowed his brows, looking at Tong Ruo.

From Tong Ruo's head, something fell off...

Bits of smashed tofu fell off his face where Bu Fang had hit him.

"You... hit me?!"

Tong Ruo raised his head, showing his furious eyes. Half of his face was smashed by Bu Fang's Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and in that dent, bits of tofu fell.

"You don't want my inheritance?! You don't want the immortal flame, immortal ingredient, and immortal tool?!"

Tong Ruo rolled his eyes, his voice so scary. Together with his broken face, where tofu continuously fell, it was so frightening to people.

At least, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun were scared watching them from outside.

"That... That man... He's not human!" Xuanyuan Xiahui took in a breath of cold air.

Bu Fang frowned, looking at Tong Ruo.

Gongshu Ban was startled too.

That man was made entirely of tofu?

Tong Ruo... is insane!

Looking at that body with immortal energy winding around it, Gongshu Ban immediately came to a realization that made him so incredulous.

"You... You turned yourself into food?"

"Kekeke... You got it!" Tong Ruo burst out laughing. "I planned to eat your dishes and swallow your lightning punishment to turn into an immortal dish! That's how I will become a Qilin Chef!"

Tong Ruo then raised his hand, covering his broken face. A moment later, the tofu on his face moved as it returned to its original state.

After recovering his charming appearance, his mouth twitched.

"What?! Qilin Chef? Impossible... You failed the challenge and died, didn't you?!" Gongshu Ban was so astonished.

"Right... I won because of tofu, and I also failed because of tofu! But I'm not convinced! I just needed a little more to become a Qilin Chef. I don't want to fail like that! So, even if I died, I still want to be a Qilin Chef. As long as I can become a Qilin Chef, I will resurrect!"

Tong Ruo sneered. "Your dish's lightning punishment and immortal energy... are enough to fill the immortal energy I need!"

"So... You lied to us about the immortal ingredient, immortal tool, and immortal flame!" A chill rose from Gongshu Ban's feet. He couldn't imagine that the opportunity he had expected was all a big plot!

Being a food himself, Tong Ruo couldn't cook. However, as the immortal energy in his body was so thick, it could be said that he had carried out this dark scheme for quite a long time...

Without a doubt, many Immortal Chefs had lost their lives here!

Outside, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun were petrified.

No one had expected that the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame was a lure... A part of a big conspiracy!

"Muahaha! No... I didn't lie. You guys will become nourishment for my Golden Lotus Demonic Flame and help push its rank upward. Now, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame will rank above fifty in the immortal flame ranking! You should be proud of its growth!"

Tong Ruo burst out laughing. He spread his arms, and in the next moment, the flame burned even fiercely.

The dancing Golden Lotus Demonic Flame turned into a giant dragon, a gold flaming beast that shadowed the entire sky.

As the giant beast soared, it roared.

Gongshu Yun and Xuanyuan Xiahui felt dizzy. In an instant, the scene in front of them vanished.

"Eh? How come we can't see anything anymore? Brother... you can't die there!"

Gongshu Yun was so anxious and worried that she started to attack the flame.

However, Xuanyuan Xiahui held her back.

That flame was an immortal flame. If Gongshu Yun came near it, she would instantly be burned into ashes.

"Young Master Gongshu is a nice man. Luck is on his side, so he won't die!" Xuanyuan Xiahui comforted her.

At this moment, the space created by the flame changed greatly. The temperature rocketed, and hot air rolled around.

Tong Ruo clasped his hands, laughing maniacally.

The space materialized.

In the sky, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame slowly moved, scattering flows of extremely high heat.

In Gongshu Ban and Bu Fang's eyes, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame looked so alive, like it was a real beast biting at people's heads, giving them endless threats of death.


Immortal energy meandered on Tong Ruo's body, turning him into a high-quality immortal food.

The food created by Immortal Chefs were also classified. In Immortal Cooking Realm, immortal dishes were classified into ten ranks.

Rank one to three was the First Grade Immortal Chef's level, rank four to six was the Second Grade Immortal Chef's level, while rank seven to nine was the Third Grade Immortal Chef's level.

And finally, above rank nine was the rank ten immortal dish, which was one of the standards to become a Qilin Chef!

The rank ten immortal dishes were the high-quality food that only a Qilin Chef could cook.

Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban's dishes were at the second rank, though.

Although they didn't have a high rank, to Tong Ruo, it was the last push he needed. They would be enough to make his internal immortal energy reach rank ten!

It was a strange plan. He became an immortal dish, which would help him achieve his dream of becoming a Qilin Chef.

One couldn't deny that it wasn't a bold and innovative idea.


The Golden Lotus Demonic Flame slowly lowered above Gongshu Ban. Under the lotus flame, many moving tentacles could be seen.

Gongshu Ban was frightened. He didn't want to die!

Moreover, it was an ugly death as he would become that flame's food!

"And now... it's your dish's turn." Tong Ruo turned to Bu Fang, looking like he didn't mind the latter hitting him.

There was only Mapo Tofu in his eyes.

As soon as he ate Mapo Tofu, the immortal energy in his body would pile up, and he would successfully enter rank ten.

After that... he would become a Qilin Chef.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at him. He raised his hand, taking the fancy blue-and-white plate holding the Mapo Tofu.

"Did I say I want to feed you?" Bu Fang said emotionlessly.

Tong Ruo was bewildered.

Far from him, Gongshu Ban was dumbstruck.

A moment later, Gongshu Ban seemed to remember something. He widened his eyes, shouting, "Owner Bu, you shouldn't give your dish to him! If he eats it, he will absorb its energy and become a Qilin Chef!"

Bu Fang glanced at Gongshu Ban. "I know. You don't need to tell me that..."

In response, Tong Ruo smiled coldly. "Oh, so you don't want to give me your dish? This place is my spirit sea. I'm the god here. No one can stop me!"


Whitey shot lightning arcs from its body as a sharp light sparkled in its eyes.

Its two metal wings spread open and flapped once. In just a blink of an eye, it appeared in front of Tong Ruo.

Since Tong Ruo had a murderous intent towards Bu Fang, Whitey would naturally fight against him.

"You Earth Immortal Puppet, you're really strange... Stay with me, and you will see my glory!" Tong Ruo gazed at Whitey, grinning.

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled.


A moment later, its stomach spun.

The War God Stick flashed with dancing lightning, sweeping over at Tong Ruo.

"What a... bad boy." Tong Ruo raised the corner of his mouth.

After that...

The Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok flew out, hovering above Whitey's head.

Green, red, and yellow energies dripped, shrouding Whitey.

No matter how hard Whitey wielded the War God Stick, it couldn't break the restraint created by the tri-color energy.

A star-twinkling knife aimed at Bu Fang, slashing.

The Star Knife moved so fast. In just a wink, it appeared right in front of him, aiming directly at his glabella.


Rattle! Rattle!

An earthy gold light glowed on Bu Fang's body as the invincible effect of his Vermillion Robe was used.

Bu Fang raised his hand, grabbing the Star Knife. His eyes stared hard at Tong Ruo.

"Oh? You didn't die?" Tong Ruo was so surprised.

What was that sound of something breaking?

However, he didn't think much. Even if Bu Fang stopped the Star Knife, could he resist the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame?

His mind flickered, and in an instant, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame moved away from Gongshu Ban, reappearing right above Bu Fang's head.

Its fiery tentacles dangled as it moved.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The tentacles wrapped around Bu Fang's arm, and the Vermillion Robe seemed to be burning.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

In the distance, Gongshu Ban was soaked in his own sweat. He was... almost burned to death.

"Owner Bu..."

Anyway, Gongshu Ban understood that he would die in the end. Since Tong Ruo was a half-step Qilin Chef with a formidable cultivation base, his power wasn't something they could resist.

Sooner or later... they would be all killed.

Bu Fang turned to see his arm and the sleeve of his Vermillion Robe being coiled by flaming tentacles.

It was a piece of God of Cooking Set... Would it be burned?

"It's only me who eats flames. What flame can eat me?"

Bu Fang lifted his head, watching the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame with an emotionless face.

Gongshu Ban was bewildered. Bu Fang's words... were arrogant.

Tong Ruo burst out laughing, as though he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

"Eating flames? Do you know how high the immortal flame's temperature is? Eat it... Hahaha! Your mouth will become ash before you can put it inside!"

Tong Ruo laughed, shaking his head.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The Vermillion Robe burned. Under the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, the flames sparked.

A burning heat shrouded Bu Fang's body.

"God of Cooking Set... will it fail me?"

Bu Fang frowned. A moment later, high waves surged in his spirit sea.

The Golden Divine Dragon and the Black Turtle with a mountain on its back both looked pensive.

At the same time, a bird singing echoed in Bu Fang's spirit sea.

Then, the space in front of Bu Fang's eyes became a sea of fire. Flames surged high as his spirit sea boiled up...

Boom! Boom!

Deep in his spirit sea, a giant Vermilion Bird flapped its wings amidst the turbulent waves.

A jet of starlight hissed, shooting, falling into the Vermilion Bird's mouth...


Bu Fang's hair flew unceasingly as the Vermillion Robe bloomed in a dazzling red radiance.

Behind him, a pair of scarlet wings spread open, scattering fiery rain.

The Star Knife was twisted and broken.

Bu Fang held his Mapo Tofu, leaping up into the air. Walking each step, he came to the spinning Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

Tong Ruo's laughter froze in his mouth.

Gongshu Ban gawked, watching the scene.

What did Bu Fang want to do? Would he...

"It's been a long time since I've eaten fire. I hope this immortal flame... won't disappoint me," Bu Fang said nonchalantly.

Then, he raised his hand, grabbing the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame before shoving it into his mouth.