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 "Women's words... You can't trust them..."

Nether King Er Ha opened his long, narrow eyes. Slowly, he got up from the ruin, crushed stones rolling off his body.

The grumbling noise didn't cease.

In the void, Jin Jiao hovered quietly. The injuries on his body had already recovered.

Holding the giant iron fan, he looked down at Nether King Er Ha.

Luo Ji's curvy body was exquisitely set out in the void as she held the Death God Scythe. From her body, a formidable aura diffused, frightening people.

"Big Brother Nether King, please believe me... Luo Ji always loves you," Luo Ji said in a teasing voice, licking the Death God Scythe's blade.

On the Netherworld Ship, Nethery and Flowery were completely dumbstruck.

Both Earth Prison Overlords had now made their move. Could Nether King Er Ha resist them?

Nethery's mind flickered, and her black eyes moved to one side.

There, the golden flame was scattering in a violent and disorderly manner. It burst harder, attempting to burn this entire world.

The immortal flame... looks like it was struggling.

"Bu Fang..." Nethery furrowed her brows.

Bu Fang is inside the flame. What happened to him?

He will be fine, right? Bu Fang... never experienced a loss.

"Big Brother Nether King, Lord Ying Long wants you to return... so please behave and come back with us. Fighting will harm our friendship, you know," Luo Ji said. She pursed her lips, her eyes like pink hearts as she looked at Nether King Er Ha.

"No need to seduce me... This king doesn't buy your words." Nether King Er Ha said calmly, then added, "Anyway, you two aren't enough to make this king come back..."

"Oh... Really?"

Jin Jiao's mouth rose, his eyes focusing. A moment later, the black armor on his body changed one more time.

Fierce spikes jutted out of his black armor as he said, "This Earth Prison OverLord black armor... was specifically made to subdue His Highness' Nether Divine Armor. Lord Nether King, if you're persistent... we won't be polite anymore."

"Subdue? Well, that year, you five overlords had joined forces, but you couldn't even resist my father's hand. Who do you think you are? Even if I'm weaker than my old man, I'm not something you two could deal with," Nether King Er Ha said.

A moment later...

The ground suddenly shattered. As it caved in, rocks rolled, flying into the air.

Nether King Er Ha seemed to turn into a comet, shooting out.


Jin Jiao was flustered. In a flash, Nether King Er Ha pounded him, sending him flying away into the distance.

Luo Ji's eyes shrank. Her plump lips parted in surprise.

"Big Brother Nether King... Are we killing each other since we love each other? Good, I'm so excited!"


The Death God Scythe swept over, seemingly slashing the void as well.

Nether King Er Ha's scarlet figure blurred then disappeared. When he reappeared, he was right in front of Luo Ji.

He nudged the Death God Scythe off Luo Ji's hand. Then, his hand swept across, hitting Luo Ji's chest...

Luo Ji's chest shook hard. She was sent crashing to the ground like a cannonball.


The ground shattered.


Nether King Er Ha arched his brows. All of a sudden, the Nether Divine Armor began to heat up.

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji slowly flew up from the ruins. The black armor on their bodies transformed, becoming even fiercer.

On the armor's surface, lines emerged and gathered into some mysterious patterns that dizzied people. From those patterns, strange energy waves spread out.

Those waves seemed to affect Nether King Er Ha's Nether Divine Armor, which made him struggle with his mobility.

"Seeing the Nether Divine Armor, this trip is worth it already. Anyway, Your Highness, game's over, so be nice and follow us," Jin Jiao said with a smile.

Luo Ji pouted, rubbing her chest. Nether King Er Ha's attack... hurts so much.

"Big Brother Nether King, you're bad. You hit my breasts..."

Nether King Er Ha took a deep breath. His narrowed eyes slowly emitted cold light.

"If that geezer Ying Long is here, I would be a little afraid. But you two... What do you have to act cool in front of me?"


Red flames burned on Nether King Er Ha's body. Then, a red formation emerged in front of him.

Terrifying energy waves rippled from that formation.

Boom! Boom!

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji's eyes shrank as they took in a breath of cold air. They hurried to rush away.

The moment the red formation emerged, the void shook and was about to shatter, as though it couldn't bear the pressure.

That formation was too strong. As it slowly spun, it seemed like something very formidable was trying to get out of it.

Slowly, a scarlet iron handle emerged.

That iron handle had many mysterious engravings that were so mesmerizing to people.

Nether King Er Ha's cold eyes watched the formation. He reached out, grabbing the metal handle.

The void around the formation shattered. This world seemed unable to stand power at such a level!

"Impossible... How could the Nether King control that thing?!" Jin Jiao's eyes narrowed. The tremendous pressure was pressing on him, shaking his body.

Luo Ji's fair face revealed a surprised look. Her pink hair fluttered in the air as she exclaimed, "Looks like... Big Brother Nether King has always been making progress!"


The peak of Immortal Tree, the fifth layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm

On top of the massive, umbrella-like Immortal Tree, an old and shabby house could be seen.

The wooden door of the house squeaked open, revealing a figure sauntering out.

That figure was slender but naked. He got only a little underwear to cover his crotch.

Outside the wooden house, a blonde woman with a curvy and alluring body stood, waiting. She looked mature and had a seductive charm.

Hearing the squeaking sound of the door, the woman instantly turned her head to look, seeing the perfect, naked body coming out.

The man was very good-looking. His blonde hair glowed as if light was dancing on it, which was so mesmerizing.

However... seeing his naked body was really awkward.

"Realm Lord, Your Highness! You're naked again! Please put on some clothes!

The woman blushed, which made her even sexier. As she shouted, light flashed in her hand, and a long robe appeared. She walked to the naked man and put it on him.

"Ya Ya, please trust me. Only a naked body can feel the perfect sensation of heaven and earth..." the handsome man said with blurry eyes.

"It's still not a good reason for you to be naked..." the woman called Ya Ya said, then added in a serious voice, "You're the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm... The supreme Qilin Chef... so please take care of your image."

"I don't want to hold on to anything that will restrain me... Only this form can help my body and spirit interact with the Immortal Cooking Realm..."

The man spread his arms, and a force blasted from him.

The robe Ya Ya had covered him was torn into pieces, fluttering in the air. The little cloth at his crotch was blasted away too.


Dazzling divine light shot out from the man's body!

Ya Ya was speechless, rubbing her forehead...

Realm Lord His Highness showed his crazy side again...

Her hand shook once, and a big blue wok appeared. Suddenly, she wielded the wok, hitting the handsome man's head.


The man froze. The radiance on his body vanished.

Swish. Swish.

Ya Ya wielded her hand one more time, causing a luxurious, majestic robe to appear. She covered the Realm Lord's body with it.

"As your apprentice chef, I don't want to use the wok to hit you..." Ya Ya shook her head, rubbing her big blue wok. Her mind flickered as she kept it.

After being hit, the man became sober. His eyes focused, gazing down the Immortal Tree...

His eyes seemed able to move through spaces.


Lotus land of inheritance

The sky boomed. Slowly, a pair of eyes emerged.

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji lifted their heads, seeing the massive eyes that observed them from tens of thousands of miles away.


Nether King Er Ha roared. In the next moment, the Nether Divine Armor looked like it was burning.

His arm moved, drawing a fiery, scarlet halberd out of that formation!

Terrifying energy rippled from the long halberd as Nether energy filled the sky.

The eyes in the sky looked surprised.

"What are you looking at? Is this your first time seeing someone drawing a halberd?!" Nether King Er Ha lifted his head. His long and narrow eyes looked straight at the eyes in the sky.

Then, his halberd wielded, smashing that pair of eyes.

Jin Jiao and Luo Ji's mouths twitched.

If they weren't wrong, those pair of eyes... should belong to the Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

That was the lord of an entire realm, whose power was as formidable as the former Nether King...

Lord Nether King His Highness was like... an innocent cub that wasn't afraid of a tiger.


Luo Ji and Jin Jiao's eyes shifted, focusing on Nether King Er Ha. Their faces revealed admiring looks as they gazed at him holding a scarlet halberd.

"Nether King Halberd..."

Nether King Er Ha looked as if he was burning. When he wielded the halberd, the void shattered immediately.

It seems like this world couldn't withstand the pressure from the Nether King Halberd.

Jin Jiao took a deep breath. "I didn't expect that... Lord Nether King can use the Nether King Halberd. Looks like... we can only use that plan..."

Luo Ji looked hesitant, sighing. "Big Brother Nether King... I'm sorry."

Their minds flickered, causing the void to break open...

Jin Jiao stretched his hand, groping. Then, he drew out a giant gold gourd bottle.

Luo Ji acted the same. She tore the void, taking out a heavy, black broadsword...

At the same time, both of them thrust their hands into the sky, which suddenly tore open above their heads.

An arm stretched from there, and a black staff emerged.


An iron fan, a gold gourd bottle, a scythe, a broadsword, and a staff...

Five weapons shot up into the sky, surrounding Nether King Er Ha.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Jets of black radiance shot, hitting Nether King Er Ha's body.


The formation emerged one more time, and the Nether King Halberd was shoved back into the formation by those five weapons...

The Nether Divine Armor on Nether King Er Ha was peeling off...

"You..." Nether King rolled his eyes, gritting his teeth.


With a loud explosion, the Nether King Halberd disappeared, and the Nether Divine Armor vanished...

Nether King Er Ha was sent to the ground by five jets of light.

In the distance, Nethery was trembling on the Netherworld Ship.

"Divine weapons of the five great Earth Prison Overlords... Hollow Eye, Primal Chaos Gold Gourd, Death God Scythe, Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan, and... Overbearing Hefty Sword! You dare treat His Highness like that... That's too much!"

Veins bulged around Nethery's eyes as her body trembled.


In the void, a naked baby with a pair of white wings hovered. As he flapped his wings, he gazed at the five great divine weapons.

His eyes... reported to the highest level of the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Outside the wooden house, the blonde man stretched his neck, the corners of his mouth rising...

"Tch, tch, tch! Stripping someone... Those fellows understand the art of nudity too?"


Immortal Chef Little Store

Lord Dog slowly opened his eyes, sighing.

The panicked Black Dragon King shuddered. He was so cautious as he looked at Lord Dog.

That black dog scared him from time to time. Did it want to scare him to death and cook him into Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs?! That dog... had some dark scheme!

However, a moment later...

The black dog slowly got up, giving the Black Dragon King a sidelong glance.

His paw rose...

The Black Dragon King felt the world around him turn...

Shortly after, the scene in front of him changed.


Luo Ji and Jin Jiao exhaled.

They exchanged looks, seeing fear in each other's eyes.

Worthy of being the Nether King Halberd, the weapon the previous Nether King had used to attack Nether Prison... All the five divine weapons had a hard time subduing it, but in the end, they managed to do it...

That was because Nether King Er Ha hadn't controlled it completely.

Boom! Boom!

A pair of black eyes appeared on the black staff.

"Jin Jiao, Luo Ji... Don't waste more time. Bring Lord Nether King back and take the Netherworld woman too. If they resist, cripple them..." An aged voice sounded from the black staff.

"Yes, Lord Ying Long." Jin Jiao and Luo Ji responded at the same time.

However, the moment they were about to move, a gentle and magnetic voice echoed.

"In the end, he's still the Nether King... You guys shouldn't go too far. As for you, you stinky dragon... Lord Dog hates your toy the most. Get lost."

In the next moment...

The void shattered.

A black dog emerged from the crack, strutting his graceful cat-like steps.

Beside him, a bald man stood, shivering in fear.

The black dog wielded his paw, hitting the black eyes on the staff. In an instant, those black eyes shattered...