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 Lightning punishment?

Boom! Boom!

An ear-piercing boom echoed, reverberating in the sky as dark clouds gathered from two sides.

Along with the booming thunder, a light curtain emerged, which was so dazzling as two Thunder Dragons soared.


The Golden Lotus Demonic Flame flickered as if it was shivering under the pressure of heaven.

The charming man's red pupils opened. His eyes seemed able to pierce through the flame, gazing at the lightning above.

"Ahh, lightning punishment... Lightning punishment for immortal dishes. Something worth remembering."

Tong Ruo stuck his tongue out, licking his lips. A glint flashed in his eyes as he said in an excited voice, "Now... Let's see if those lightning punishments could meet my expectations."


Thunder boomed in the sky.

Gongshu Ban didn't move a bit. He was still focused on his dish, which was at the final step.

The tofu maiden emitted radiance, making her look so realistic. Her smile and even her brows were so lifelike, captivating people.

She wore a flimsy silk dress. Sometimes, it billowed, as though there was a wind blowing against it.

After a ladle of hot oil was poured on it...

The carved tofu emitted hazy white steam. In the steam curtain, it looked even more lively.

More importantly... that tofu sculpture had immortal energy winding around it.

Under the hot oil, the immortal energy was held, meandering around the tofu sculpture's feet. It looked like the tofu maiden was stepping on immortal energy, which made her even more beautiful.

Outside the flame, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun were stunned.

This art of cooking mesmerized them.

"Young Master Gongshu's skills are far beyond mine... Worthy of being the Gongshu family's genius." Xuanyuan Xiahui sighed inwardly.

At first, he thought that his innate talent was really magnificent, but after witnessing Gongshu Ban's cooking, he found that the gap between him and Gongshu Ban was so vast.

Anyway, he hadn't expected to see more geniuses in the world of Immortal Chefs.

No matter who they were, whether it was Gongshu Ban, Tong Cheng from the Tong family, the genius from the Zhang family, or even... Owner Bu... they were all very surprising to people.

Thinking about Bu Fang, Xuanyuan Xiahui moved his eyes to him. The moment he did that, he couldn't help but shrink his eyes.


Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok surged. The wok and spatula collided, creating some banging sounds as a gold flame arose from the wok, which was so magnificent to the eyes.

It seems that the food was being covered by the flame.

If Gongshu Ban's dish had a quiet and winding immortal energy, Bu Fang's dish had a vigorous flame covering it...

The two dishes with different styles unexpectedly collided at this moment.

Since Tong Ruo was a half-step Qilin Chef, he naturally recognized the mystery in the two Immortal Chefs' food. His eyes looked so excited.

"Young men these days... So strong! Perfect! With this quality, these dishes could attract strong lightning punishment..."


As soon as he said that, the sky flashed with lightning and thunderclaps exploded above them.

However, this place wasn't equipped with any lightning protection, so Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban had to depend on themselves to stop the lightning punishment.

At this moment, however, both Immortal Chefs didn't care about the lightning punishment above their heads. They only had their dish in their eyes.


Whitey's mechanical eyes shot radiance as it appeared behind Bu Fang. Its two metal wings spread open, buzzing unceasingly and ear-piercingly.

Whitey lifted its head, directly facing the sky.

The lightning punishment that people all wanted to avoid became something it had yearned for the most, which looked so awkward to the others.


Whitey's two metal wings flapped once, sending it into the sky as it headed towards the lightning.

"Here it comes again! Owner Bu's Earth Immortal Puppet that could swallow lightning!"

Xuanyuan Xiahui exclaimed when he saw Whitey. Every time that puppet appeared, he would feel shaken.

An Earth Immortal Puppet that could swallow lightning punishment was the dream of every Immortal Chef.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The Thunder Dragon roared and plunged, winding around Whitey.

In response, Whitey boomed. It took the War God Stick out of the black hole in its stomach, pounding the lightning arcs in the sky.

The collision sounded as though massive solid things were impacting on each other.

After that Thunder Dragon was smashed, the War God Stick stirred, pulling it into Whitey's stomach.

As for Gongshu Ban, he didn't have Whitey or anything to protect him, so the lightning punishment was free to aim at him.

Seeing Whitey eating the lightning punishment, Tong Ruo rolled his eyes as if he wanted to tear his own eyelids.

He could never imagine an Earth Immortal Puppet that could devour lightning exist in this world.

Where did it come from?!

When the lightning was eaten up, his plot was half destroyed!


Tong Ruo had no time to worry anymore. He stepped on the void, slowly flying up to appear above Gongshu Ban's head... where the lightning strike would hit precisely.

After eating the lightning punishment, Whitey's aura changed again. With a loud boom, it landed on the ground.

Tong Ruo's eyes showed his desire. He raised his arms, letting thunder and lightning hit his body unceasingly.

"Lightning! Good Lightning!"

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The Thunder Dragon wound around Tong Ruo's body, but he didn't avoid it. He directly received the attack.

His face looked as if he was enjoying lightning strikes a lot, like he was enjoying being bathed in the lightning punishment.

At this moment, Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban were focused on their dish, so they didn't notice him.


Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun gawked, dropping their jaws. They lifted their heads, watching the lightning-shrouded figure in the sky.

"Is he undergoing lightning punishment?" Xuanyuan Xiahui asked skeptically.

"An Immortal Chef taking lightning punishment? How could it be possible?! Only Immortal Chefs' dishes would receive it. Is... Is that man a dish?! Impossible!"

Gongshu Yun was also the Gongshu family's genius, so of course, her knowledge was much more superior to Xuanyuan Xiahui's.

However, she felt it was so unbelievable.

His body as a food? Did he f*cking lose his mind?

Tong Ruo laughed, enjoying the refreshing feeling of lightning entering his body. He felt satisfied, though.

After a long time...

Thunder and lightning scattered.

When Tong Ruo opened his eyes, a fierce aura arose from him.

"How could it not be there?! Damn! That Earth Immortal Puppet ate one... Otherwise, I could become perfect with two lightning strikes! Then, I will swallow the two dishes that had triggered lightning punishment... My plan would be perfectly achieved! I can become a Qilin Chef!" Tong Ruo roared, madly enraged.

Below him...

Gongshu Ban exhaled, looking tired. He took a step backward.

The lifelike dish in front of him was complete.

Immortal energy meandered by the foot of the tofu sculpture, making it look like an exquisite goddess coming out of a fairyland. It was too beautiful to behold.

"Immortal dish, A Lady and a Lotus! Done!"

Using a piece of white cloth to wipe his hands, the corners of Gongshu Ban's mouth rose arrogantly. He took several steps backward, admiring his own food.

This time, with the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, his condition had almost reached the peak, so every step had been made in the perfect state.

Until now, this was the dish he had been satisfied with the most.

"The inheritance from a half-step Qilin Chef... will be mine!" Gongshu Ban's fighting will was high.

Far from him...

The flame slowly subsided, and a bursting fragrance diffused from Bu Fang's dish.

This fragrance was extremely thick, and it seemed hard to disperse, permeating the entire place.

Although it was just the dish's aroma, people felt their nostrils go numb. The spicy taste exploded at that moment.

The gold-like tofu emitted golden light as the minced meat with it had elevated its aroma to the peak.

Immortal energy lingered around the food, which changed its color continuously-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet...

The halo changed its color continuously, which vibrated the air.

Bu Fang exhaled gently.

The Vermillion Robe flapped once as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hand, emitting knife radiance. Then, it vanished.

"Seven-colored Glazed Mapo Tofu... Done!" Bu Fang's faint voice arose.

It's finished?

Gongshu Ban and Bu Fang had finished their dishes at the same time?!

Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun took their eyes off Tong Ruo, looking at the two dishes.

Gongshu Ban's dish had immortal energy lingering around it, while Bu Fang's dish had a blazing seven-colored glow...

They were both excellent!

When Tong Ruo found that the other two had finished cooking, his eyes brightened. He decided to ignore the puppet that could swallow lightning.

He was more concerned with the food than that Earth Immortal Puppet... and whether they could help him become a Qilin Chef or not!

Gongshu Ban lifted his head, looking at Bu Fang's dish.

"Seven-colored Glazed Mapo Tofu?"

Gongshu Ban felt awkward when he heard the dish's name.

"Who is Mapo?" Gongshu Ban asked, looking at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was momentarily taken aback.

Who is Mapo... This question is really deep.

After some time, Bu Fang answered with a profound look. "Mapo... is a legend."

Gongshu Ban frowned. It sounded really fierce.

His nose twitched, taking in the smell in the air...

It smelled so good. That aroma hid some spice that people couldn't resist!

Anyway, Gongshu Ban was confident in his dish.

Finally, Tong Ruo landed.

Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban felt a little surprised. At this moment, Tong Ruo gave them a strange feeling.

He wasn't calm and polite anymore. Somehow, he appeared overbearing.

"Well done! Thank you for your hard work..."

Tong Ruo's hair flew in the wind, his eyes excited. At first, his eyes fell on Gongshu Ban's Lady and a Lotus, and then, he turned to look at Bu Fang's Mapo Tofu.

The moment he saw the latter, he felt like he got an electric shock.

This Mapo Tofu looks interesting!

"Owner Bu's tofu is somewhat over my estimation... The aroma doesn't seem to disperse. It's thick, but not too much. What a good dish!" Gongshu Ban said, looking at Bu Fang's dish as he gave a fair assessment.

Bu Fang unfolded the rolled sleeves of his Vermillion Robe. Glancing at Gongshu Ban, he gave the other a slight nod. "Just some daily cooking..."


"Come, let me taste them. I will see which food could make you my heir..." Tong Ruo's eyes were excited and greedy.

Gongshu Ban was confident. He slightly bowed, saying gently, "Senior Tong, enjoy."


Overbearing Tong Ruo glanced at Gongshu Ban for a while, laughing. His laughter made people shudder.

He didn't use a spoon nor a pair of chopsticks. He reached out his hands, grabbing Gongshu Ban's dish.

Without any trace of finesse, he shoved the head of the tofu maiden and her lotus into his mouth...

Gongshu Ban's eyes shrank. His pores seemed to explode as he stared at Tong Ruo...


Chomp. Chomp.

Tong Ruo wolfed down the tofu. Lightning shot out from his body as immortal energy wound around him.

Eating the tofu maiden, Tong Ruo swallowed all of her, neither tasting nor enjoying it.

Gongshu Ban's eyelids seemed about to tear as he rolled his eyes. He finally saw something strange here.

"Now, it's your Mapo Tofu's turn."

Wiping off bits of tofu on his face, Tong Ruo's eyes switched to Bu Fang's dish. The thick aroma made him shake once.


The Golden Lotus Demonic Flame burst out in just a blink of an eye, causing the entire space to heat up.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, watching Tong Ruo approaching him with greed.

He exhaled gently.


His mind flickered, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in his hands as a dragon roar reverberated.

The knife swept over, aiming at Tong Ruo...

"I already hated you at the beginning... You cunning non-human, non-ghost!"