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 The air seemed to freeze at this moment.

The surrounding people felt like they got stuck in a swamp as they could hardly move.

Everybody gawked at Nether King Er Ha in the void, dropping their jaws. They had never been this surprised before.

Nethery's black eyes were filled with shock. Is he... the Nether King Er Ha she knew?

Flowery hid behind Nethery. Looking up at Nether King Er Ha in his scarlet armor, her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes were filled with light.

Luo Ji covered her mouth, her eyes showing her admiration.

"Wow! Nether Divine Armor! Big Brother Nether King is so handsome!"

Nether King Er Ha in his scarlet armor had become the focus of everyone at this moment. Even the immortal flame not far from him was dimmed out under his radiance.

Jin Jiao, who was holding an iron fan, looked at Nether King Er Ha in the void. His eyes were full of excitement as he gazed at the latter.

"His Highness hates it the most when people talk about my old man..." Nether King Er Ha said coldly.

Wearing the Nether Divine Armor, Nether King Er Ha's overall look and aura changed drastically. It made people feel that he was a completely different person.

At that moment, Nether King Er Ha looked every inch the great Lord of Netherworld.

"Finally, you put on the Nether Divine Armor... You finally look like the Lord of Netherworld..." Jin Jiao guffawed.

His grip tightened on the Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan as his eyes focused. A moment later, his shoulder shook once, and the fan enlarged.

He held the massive iron fan with both hands, fanning at Nether King Er Ha.


Jin Jiao's eyes shrank...

The deadly wind didn't appear.

In fact, his fan couldn't even flap.

Nether King Er Ha had appeared in front of Jin Jiao without his notice. He raised his arm, which was covered in scarlet armor, grabbing the handle of the iron fan.

No matter how much force Jin Jiao used, he couldn't wield his fan.

Wearing Nether Divine Armor, Nether King Er Ha's eyes changed. They narrowed, accentuating his cold, noble and proud features.

Jin Jiao faced the Nether King. Their eyes met in the void.

Nether King Er Ha raised another hand, flicking his fingers...

Even his fingers were covered in Nether Divine Armor. His finger poked on Jin Jiao's forehead.


Jin Jiao was blown backward, and he was sent flying across the air with a sonic boom.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The lotus land of inheritance seemed to explode as tremors shook violently.

Nether King Er Ha hovered in the void. Inside his helmet, his eyes looked indifferent.

With just one strike, Jin Jiao was defeated.


It wasn't over yet.

The lotus land of inheritance was shattered, breaking into pieces.

Jin Jiao appeared. Standing quietly on a piece of broken land, he lifted his head, gazing at Nether King Er Ha.

He got a swollen lump on his forehead, which was bleeding...

Jin Jiao was wounded.

"Too strong... But it feels so good!" Jin Jiao grinned, then laughed loudly.

Suddenly, he wielded his iron fan!


The storm came with cold death, sweeping over one more time.

Eventually, the wild wind evolved into a tornado. The broken ground was cleaned and gathered, becoming a fierce stone dragon.

Nether King Er Ha continued to hover in the air. With his arms crossed in front of his chest, he watched indifferently.

Facing the incoming, massive tornado, it looked like the roaring stone dragon didn't affect him in the slightest. He still looked noble and elegant.

The two metal wings on his back shook once, shooting.

Rumble! Rumble!

The two wings turned into sharp knives, slashing at the stone dragon. They moved so fast that ordinary eyes couldn't catch their shadows.

The stone dragon was shattered, and the tornado along with it scattered...

Jin Jiao laughed wildly.

However, a moment later, his laughter ceased.

Because Nether King Er Ha's scarlet body had appeared right in front of him.

"What's so funny?" Nether King Er Ha asked calmly. Then, he turned his hand, blowing.


He slapped Jin Jiao's face.

Jin Jiao's eyes narrowed. His face seemed deformed as he was blown away sharply.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The ground was hit again, exploding unceasingly. A several hundred-meter crater appeared with Jin Jiao's body in the center.

"You want to fight? Come..."

In a flash, Nether King Er Ha appeared right above Jin Jiao, who was climbing out of the deep hole.

His foot gently dipped.

The moment Jin Jiao jutted his head out, he was stomped on, causing the ground to explode one more time.


It was a loud explosion, though. Jin Jiao was sent to the air from the ground, floating.

Nether King Er Ha faced him.

Jin Jiao's eyes shrank...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Invisible punches walloped at Jin Jiao's body, making it twist continuously in the air. His black armor was dented severely.

"Don't you want to fight? Fight me!" Nether King Er Ha's cold and narrowed eyes were filled with violence.

However, Jin Jiao didn't have a bit of strength to resist.

Far from them, Luo Ji dropped her jaw.

Nethery and Flowery were dumbstruck at their spots.

This one-sided attack... What the hell is going on?


Jin Jiao's battered body trembled as Nether King Er Ha grabbed his head single-handedly.


Nether King Er Ha wasn't polite, banging his head onto Jin Jiao's head.

Jin Jiao's head was about to blast open. Blood ran from his nostrils and mouth...

He had never been in such an intense situation before.

His face was deformed, his armor dented...


In the end, Jin Jiao fell, his body sprawled on the ground. His chest thrust in and out as he panted heavily.

On the Netherworld Ship, Nethery exhaled.

Nether King Er Ha was, after all, the Lord of Netherworld...

The corners of her mouth rose. Jin Jiao, an Earth Prison Overlord, couldn't subdue him.

Rumble! Rumble!

Rocks slowly rolled.

Jin Jiao had strange eyes, gazing at Nether King Er Ha. Spitting blood, he got up on his feet, still laughing...

"Lord Nether King, Your Highness... Game's over!"


Nether King Er Ha was bewildered.

A moment later, he felt a horrible gust of wind behind his back.


The void was cut through!


Nether King Er Ha was pounded from the air to the ground.

"Big Brother Nether King... You're so handsome! So handsome that Luo Ji doesn't want to attack you. But Lord Ying Long ordered us to bring you back... so Luo Ji needed to make a move. Anyway, please believe that I still love you!"

In the void, Luo Ji shouldered her Death God Scythe. Her soft, red lips looked radiant as she smiled.

The wounds on Jin Jiao's body were recovering. Slowly, he flew up and hovered by Luo Ji.

The ruins moved.

Nether King Er Ha stood arrogantly, indifferently staring at both of them.

"Women... You can't trust them."


This time, what Bu Fang wanted to cook wasn't stinky tofu.

Tong Ruo had provided them some sort of glowing tofu. It wasn't a normal ingredient at all.

That block of tofu had immortal energy, which was so thick it could choke people.

"This tofu is an immortal ingredient... Perfect!"

Gongshu Ban tilted his head, taking a deep breath above the tofu.

Its aroma entered his nose, making him shudder. In just a moment, he felt refreshed, and his mind became calm.

Gongshu Ban's spirit sea surged. Then, his mental force gushed out, covering the golden flame above the stove.

He attempted to control the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame. If he wanted to cook, he must be able to control it.

Unexpectedly, the fierce Golden Lotus Demonic Flame obeyed him. Under his control, it was like an extension of his arms.

His eyes brightened.

Gongshu Ban's mind flickered, and a purple kitchen knife appeared in his hand.

That purple knife had so many cracks now. Earlier, he used it to parry the immortal energy covering the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed.

The knife moved, producing a knife radiance. Gongshu Ban focused as he held the tip of the knife in one hand while his other hand grabbed the knife's handle.

Then, he slightly loomed over, his knife gently cutting...

He cut the tofu on the station.

Swish. Swish. Swish.

As the knife spun in his hand, pieces of tofu flew out.

The knife gently patted on the tofu block, which caused the soft tofu to shake gently before bits of tofu were sent away.


A beautiful, lotus-like maiden was carved out of the tofu.

His hand supported the lotus-like maiden that looked so real, as though it was alive.

Her hair flew, her flimsy ribbon moving with the lotus... It was too beautiful to be described.

Outside the flame, Xuanyuan Xiahui took in a breath of cold air.

"This carving skill... is simply superb!"

"My brother's innate talent... is invincible!" Gongshu Yun arrogantly tilted her chin up, her eyes filled with pride and admiration.

Every time she saw her brother cooking, she would be enthralled.

Gongshu Ban carefully moved the tofu maiden into the wok to steam it. Then, he started to prepare the other ingredients.

Chop. Chop. Chop.

His knife moved as fast as lightning. After a short moment, he processed all the ingredients, then used another pot to cook them.

The Golden Lotus Demonic Flame got under the pot, burning hard.

Gongshu Ban had many immortal tools, so of course, this pot was also an immortal tool.

Under the immortal flame, the pot was heated up fast...

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Adding oil, he stir-fried the ingredients as the immortal pot moved one round in his hand.

His moves were smooth and fast.

Tong Ruo gave a satisfied nod, his charming face turning strange.

All of a sudden, Tong Ruo's eyes twitched. He turned to check Bu Fang nearby.


As the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in Bu Fang's hand, a dragon roar arose, startling people.

As soon as Bu Fang's mind flickered, the immortal flame entered under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


The flame reached the sky, heating the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

"Worthy of being called immortal flame..." Bu Fang's eyes brightened. Compared to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the immortal flame's power was significantly higher.

If he used the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, it would take a long time to heat up the wok.

Different from Gongshu Ban, Bu Fang didn't meticulously carve the tofu.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife slashed.

Using the Meteor Knife Skill, the tofu block was divided into small cubes. Those cubes of soft tofu bounced, as though they were really elastic.

He took out the Exploding Flame Peppers from his farmland, chopped them, then stir-fried them in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. After a short while, he took them out and set them aside.

Then, he took out a Purple Garlic, crushing it. After this, he prepared many other ingredients.

What did Bu Fang want to cook?

Tong Ruo narrowed his eyes.

In Immortal Cooking Realm, there were so many meticulous ways to cook tofu. Since it was so deliciously soft, it would move anyone after being cooked, preserving its juicy softness.

Very few people would mince tofu before cooking, not to mention that it wasn't a beautiful way to cook it. After cooking, the chef's tofu would become a mess...

It would... affect the tofu's taste and texture.

The way Bu Fang prepared tofu was actually the taboo way of cooking it.

Outside the flame space, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun saw Bu Fang's cooking method, which surprised them a lot.

"This messy cooking... I wonder how that kid became an Immortal Chef. It's a humiliation to my brother to compete against such a person..." Gongshu Yun said disdainfully, raising the corner of her lips into a smirk.

Xuanyuan Xiahui frowned. "No... Owner Bu isn't an ordinary chef. His dishes always surprise people in the end."

"You compliment him, but not my brother?!" Gongshu Yun turned her head, staring indignantly at Xuanyuan Xiahui.

Xuanyuan Xiahui felt awkward.

"Oh, look... Young Master Gongshu is about to finish his dish." Xuanyuan Xiahui suddenly pointed at the flame to shift Gongshu Yun's attention.

Inside the flame...

Gongshu Ban opened the steamer.

Steam rose, and a dazzling radiance shot out.

As the steam dispersed, a tofu maiden holding a lotus in her hand appeared, looking like she had just walked out of a fairyland.

Rattle! Rattle!

However, Gongshu Ban wasn't mesmerized by that beautiful tofu sculpture.

With golden light, he poured a ladle of oil onto the tofu.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Steam rose one more time.

Rumble! Rumble!

All of a sudden, black clouds rolled, coming from both sides. In just a short time, they gathered and loomed over the lotus land of inheritance.

Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun lifted their heads, watching the sky.

Their eyes shrank.

"Two clusters of black clouds... Both of them have triggered the lightning punishment?!"