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 "Golden Lotus Demonic Flame!"

With an ecstatic expression, Gongshu Ban stared at the fiery flames on the stoves.

Inherit the half-step Qilin Chef's inheritance?

Immortal flame, immortal tool, immortal material... He would have all three! Moreover, he could get the essence of a half-step Qilin Chef!

How could he not be thrilled facing this?

The seductive man smiled, looking at Gongshu Ban and Bu Fang. It seemed he could sense joy from the other two.

However, little did he know that he was just thinking nonsense about the latter. Usually, Bu Fang didn't bat an eye on anything.

Except for the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame that could stir a ripple in his heart, the others... got nothing to stimulate his excitement.

The immortal tool of the half-step Qilin Chef had a big gap with Bu Fang's God of Cooking Set, so how could Bu Fang feel excited because of a trivial thing like that?

However, it wasn't bad that he could get the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

"A cooking battle?" Gongshu Ban's eyes revealed an excited look.

He was the genius Immortal Chef of the Gongshu family, the one that likely had a chance to become a Qilin Chef. Of course he wasn't afraid of a cooking battle!

Although he had heard many rumors about Bu Fang, he was pretty confident!

"Right... A simple cooking competition. I'll provide cooking ingredients. You guys just need to show me your best," Tong Ruo said with a smile.

A moment later...

The fiery space changed again.

The furious flame rose, raising the temperature in just a blink of an eye. By the stove, exquisite cooking ingredients emerged.


Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban looked at the radiant cooking ingredient. They were a little bewildered as they hadn't expected tofu to become the ingredient.

"Right... It's tofu."

The handsome man's face wore a smile as he looked at the tofu on the stations.

"I, Tong Ruo, had grown up with tofu. I have many stories about it. Although my last attempt at Qilin Chef level failed because of tofu... I still have my fondness for it. I have no regrets."


Bu Fang slightly squinted.

Tofu was truly a good cooking ingredient. Just like him, he liked to mess with tofu.

Stinky tofu, for example...

Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban's minds flickered, and they appeared by their own stove station.

The yellow flame burned furiously, illuminating their faces.

"Now... You guys can start cooking." Tong Ruo clasped his hand, smiling at the two of them.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

As terrifying explosions blasted continuously in the void, the entire place shook hard.

Far from the battle, Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun were watching. They had long been dumbfounded as they looked at the void, which exploded unceasingly.

Nether King Er Ha's phantom reached the sky. Each attack of his seemed able to shatter the void.

As for Jin Jiao, he was so formidable. Although the Nether King had constantly pounded him on the ground, he still stormed forward.

Jin Jiao's phantom vanished. Making a step forward, he crossed the void, reappearing in front of Nether King Er Ha.


He walloped. The terrifying energy rippled in the air, expanding in every direction. The entire place shook as if it couldn't stand it.

Meanwhile, the Netherworld Ship remained floating. Flowery and Nethery stood on the deck, staring fixedly on the battle.

Nethery's black eyes focused. Her face was so stern, like never before.

Nether King Er Ha looked solemn, looking much different from his usual happy-go-lucky behavior. Today, he showed prestige, the solemnity of a Nether King.

Far from them, Luo Ji was floating cross-legged in the void, her eyes sparkling.

"Worthy of being my Big Brother Nether King. Compared to that beefy Jin Jiao, I can't stop looking at him!" Luo Ji stretched her tongue, licking her red lips.

Jin Jiao looked like an ancient, wild beast, roaring angrily. Instantly, the ground shattered, and intimidating energy shot up into the air. The Nether energy surrounding him was so thick it could become real matter.

However, the soaring Jin Jiao was pounded into the ground one more time by Nether King Er Ha's finger.

On his finger, tens of thousands of wisps of Nether energy congregated, shadowing the sky. That finger seemed able to poke through the void.

Under the force from that finger, the void shattered partially.

Jin Jiao was pounded, crashing into the ground.

"No matter what, His Highness is the Lord of Netherworld... You shouldn't underestimate me," Nether King Er Ha said indifferently.

His voice had never sounded that way before.

"Lord of Netherworld..."

Jin Jiao climbed up from the ruin. The black armor on his body was still bright.

A sound of stifled laughter came from Jin Jiao's mouth...

In the void, Luo Ji's eyes narrowed. Then, her pupils shot out purple light.

Jin Jiao raised his hand, laughing. His face showed a crazed look!

"Lord of Netherworld isn't the previous Lord of Netherworld... You inherited his title, but... your competence doesn't live up to it!"


A jet of radiance rolled massively in the sky.

A moment later, a phantom of weapon rapidly congregated in Jin Jiao's hand.

That phantom was formed fast. Eventually... it turned into a round, iron fan. That fan had some drawings that looked like a pair of eyes.

As soon as Nether King Er Ha saw the weapon, his eyes shrank.

Luo Ji was so surprised her red lips parted wide. "Divine tool... Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan!"

Jin Jiao roared. Green veins bulged on his entire body, his face turning red.

As he used his force, wild wind roared.

This wild wind... sounded cold, desolate, and deadly.

The fan slapped, and the entire world was filled with black wind!

The ground blasted!

The surviving Immortal Chefs were filled with fear. They wanted to run, but the black wind had swept through them before they could get up on their feet.

The vitality in their bodies vanished in just a blink of an eye, turning cold and frigid. Their faces and open mouths froze in fear.

Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun were scared out of their wits.

Gongshu Yun had never encountered such a horrible scene. She was so scared her legs had turned into jelly.

Xuanyuan Xiahui knew they shouldn't stand there and wait for death. Hence, he grabbed and carried Gongshu Yun, dashing toward the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

The extreme heat made Xuanyuan Xiahui feel he was being burned. However, he made the right move.

The wind that came with death didn't reach them as the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame had stopped it.

Of course, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame had almost been extinguished. However, since Jin Jiao's target wasn't the immortal flame, it could still endure...

"P-Put... Put me down!" Gongshu Yun got a hold of herself, struggling on Xuanyuan Xuan's arms.

Eventually, she got off his hold. Raising her hand, she wanted to slap the man who had offended her.

However, Xuanyuan Xiahui's dull eyes surprised her.

Following Xuanyuan Xiahui's gaze, what she saw made her take in a breath of cold air.


The blazing, golden immortal flame seemed to have three people inside it.

Two were standing by the stoves. From their moves, they looked as though they were about to cook something.

It seems they were having a cooking battle.

"That's Owner Bu... Owner Bu is competing against Gongshu Ban? Is it the key to get the immortal flame?"

Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes focused, gazing and studying the scene carefully.

"My brother will definitely win! No young chef could defeat my brother!" Gongshu Yun said arrogantly.

The fear caused by the deadly wind had somehow dissipated. Now, they were looking at the figures in the flame.

And, those two figures began cooking...


Nethery held Flowery as they hid inside the Netherworld Ship.

The horrible storm attacked. The ship that could pierce through spaces and secret realms was shaking as if it was about to break under such a wild wind!

At this moment, Luo Ji looked stern. She cursed Jin Jiao under her breath.

The Death God Scythe hovered by her, dropping black curtains, which shielded her from the wild wind.

The formidable wind that came with death flapped for a long time.

Eventually, it stopped.

The entire space became dead silent...

Luo Ji held the Death God Scythe, her purple pupils shooting radiance.

Nethery and Flowery craned their heads out of the Netherworld Ship, checking the world out there. Instantly, their eyes shrank...

A wild wind... had completely changed the entire landscape!

Dust rose up to the sky in front of Jin Jiao, piling up into a giant mountain peak...

Nether King Er Ha was buried inside that mountain.

"Your father was the real Lord of the Netherworld. He ruled Earth Prison, and his prestige subdued the entire Netherworld. Even the experts from the Nether Prison didn't dare to mess around..."

Jin Jiao gazed at the mountain, holding the massive iron fan as he sneered coldly. "And you... You're just a weakling who inherited the Nether King title..."

Nethery's eyes turned complicated.

As the cursed Netherworld woman, she knew many secrets.

Jin Jiao spoke the truth... Nether King Er Ha was much weaker than the previous Nether King.

The previous Nether King had exiled Nethery to the secret domain since he couldn't lift the strange curse on her body.

He could only suppress the curse, so exiling her to the secret domain was the way to suppress it.

However, since the previous Nether King was dead, the seal that he had applied on Nethery was getting weaker and weaker.

The curse could possibly burst out...

It was also the reason why Jin Jiao and Luo Ji must capture her and bring her back. If the curse burst out, it would become a great disaster.

However, Nethery knew that her curse had soon been subdued by Bu Fang's food.

That's why... she didn't want to leave!

Rumble! Rumble!

Rocks rolled.

The peak of the mountain was quivering, and soon, cracks slowly appeared.

Shortly after...

With a sonic boom, the entire mountain exploded. Horrible Nether energy rocketed to the sky.

A hunky figure emerged.

Rattle! Rattle!

Jin Jiao's eyes stared at the void.

Nether King Er Ha was looking at him with his emotionless eyes.

Scarlet armor emerged, covering Nether King Er Ha's entire body. After a piece of armor appeared, his aura increased even further...


Two fierce wings spread open on the back of the armor...

A helmet appeared, covering Nether King Er Ha's fluttering hair.

In just a short moment, an intense and terrifying pressure spread everywhere...

Nether King Er Ha stretched his neck, his eyes narrowing dangerously as he looked at Jin Jiao.

Finally, in a cold and menacing voice, he spoke, "His Highness hates it the most when people talk about his father. Jin Jiao, do you want to die?"


Immortal City, Immortal Cooking Realm.

Inside Immortal Chef Little Store, Lord Dog opened his eyes.


An intimidating aura suddenly burst out from Lord Dog.

At this moment, the Black Dragon King was sleeping on a chair, snoring as drool leaked out of his open mouth. All of a sudden, he felt suffocated that he had almost choked on his saliva.

He opened his eyes, turning around and goggling at the lazy fat dog bursting out with a horrible aura.

The black dog now had red eyes...

That red hue... seemed to show the Black Dragon King piles of corpses on a sea of blood.

So scary...

The Black Dragon King was dumbfounded.

However, that scene had appeared fleetingly, disappearing in just a wink. Lord Dog resumed his lazy posture.

Sighing, Lord Dog shook his head and laid down.

The Black Dragon King was so baffled...

You showed off just to scare this dragon?