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 "Just what I wanted!" Jin Jiao's eyes bloomed with brilliance.

In the next instant, his entire figure vanished from its spot, reappearing in front of Nether King Er Ha.

A hammer-like fist rapidly smashed towards the latter's head.

A terrifying wave rushed out, and the illusionary void seemed to be on the verge of breaking from this one fist!

In the distance, Xuanyuan Xiahui felt like his own heart was about to stop beating.

What kind of existence is this man?

Why did he feel even more frightening than the Tong family's head?

It had to be known that the Tong family's head was a Six-star True Immortal Realm existence, which was considered a peak expert in the Immortal Cooking Realm!

But this man, with just a casual attack, seemed to make one feel their soul was about to fly out.

The Spicy Strip on the corner of Nether King Er Ha's mouth tilted as he was hit directly by that fist.

Under this fist, a rumble like a tidal wave spread out, and the illusionary void seemed to be shattered.

However, there did not seem to be a trace of joy on Jin Jiao's face.

Because in front of his eyes, Nether King Er Ha's figure slowly dissipated...

It was actually just an after-image.

From afar, Luo Ji's slender legs straightened as her huge chest bounced up and down. She narrowed her eyes, watching Nether King Er Ha and Jin Jiao's battle in excitement.

Jin Jiao, as the one who loved fighting the most among the five great Earth Prison Overlords, had an ability that was unquestionable.

"I'm not sure if Big Brother Nether King can block that." The corner of Luo Ji's mouth raised into a playful smile.

"Escaped really fast!" Steam fumed out of Jin Jiao's nose. Then, his figure also vanished.


Nether King Er Ha's figure had just appeared in the distance when Jin Jiao's fist closed in, and with a boom, the illusionary void had been smashed.

Once again, Nether King Er Ha evaded and shifted to another spot.

Their speeds were really too fast, constantly vanishing then appearing multiple times. They were so fast it made everyone's eyes spin into a mess.

Nethery's pitch-black eyes stared directly at that battle. She did not relax at all.

Although Nether King Er Ha's ability was very strong, the five great Earth Prison Overlords were not weaklings.

Luckily, the one coming today was just Jin Jiao.

If those two brothers Jin Jiao and Yin Jiao had appeared together at once, Nether King Er Ha was definitely not their opponent.

When those two worked together, they were very powerful.

"Don't run! Come, fight!" A fist shattered the illusionary void as Jin Jiao glared, roaring.

Nether King Er Ha's figure appeared in the distance, finally putting the last bit of Spicy Strip into his mouth.

"Wait.... Let this king nurture his emotions first," Nether King Er Ha said, chewing.

The people watching the fight were stunned speechless.

Xuanyuan Xiahui did not know whether to laugh or cry. As expected of someone who mingled with Owner Bu... They had a sense of humor.

"Nurturing your emotions..." Jin Jiao's mouth twitched.

Then, he smirked as his figure seemed to rip through the illusionary void, forming countless images as he appeared in front of Nether King Er Ha.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fists rained down as the entire patch of illusionary void had been smashed!


Nether King Er Ha's figure slowly fell. With a gulp, the Spicy Strip in his mouth was swallowed.

"I'm done nurturing my emotions..."

In the next instant, Nether King Er Ha's eyes suddenly became sharp. "Now, let me witness Earth Prison Overlord Jin Jiao's ability..."

Jin Jiao slowly gave a loud laugh. "Fight, Nether King!"

With a roar, the muscles in Jin Jiao's body moved as the runes engraved on it seemed to tremble.

In the next instant, his arm shot out, causing the illusionary void to explode.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions was then sent flying at Nether King Er Ha.

Nether King Er Ha's hair fluttered. This time, he did not hide. He raised his hand then smacked in front of him.


An explosion rang out, then smoke dissipated.

Nether King Er Ha's one smack had blocked Jin Jiao's fist.

Compared with Jin Jiao, Nether King Er Ha was like a child, but his palm had still blocked it.


Gently exhaling, a burst of strength was suddenly let out from his arm.

Jin Jiao tilted his head, looking at Nether King Er Ha as he was pushed back a step.

Then, Nether King Er Ha clenched his fist, harshly smashing it against Jin Jiao's.


Two completely different-sized fists collided.

Jin Jiao felt a tremendous energy explode before his body was actually forced back many steps.

"You want to fight, right? This king is not scared of you! You think you're that lazy dog?"

A crazy look appeared in Nether King Er Ha's eyes. In the next instant, his figure vanished.

The corner of Jin Jiao's mouth pulled back... This could only mean one thing!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A fist, a kick, an elbow blow, a palm strike...

A giant and a small person actually began a shocking brawl in the air.

Nethery was slightly dazed. Watching Nether King Er Ha being sent flying in the air, her entire being was stunned.

This was the first time she had seen Nether King Er being sent flying.

Each punch met flesh, and every fist collided against each other, causing the illusionary void to shatter.

The power from those collisions was felt by everyone, chilling their bones.


Both sides suddenly split up, stepping on the illusionary void. The illusionary void seemed to be dented, and the two dashed out once again, clashing against each other.

Along with the battle, pitch-black Nether Energy began to appear slowly in their bodies.

The battle seemed to enter its climax.


A huge explosion rang out.

Jin Jiao was suddenly hit. His figure was sent flying out as he rapidly fell from the air, crashing into a patch of mountains in the distance. Those mountains seemed to be smashed into smithereens.

Nether King Er Ha stood in the air, his chest slightly heaving.


From within the ruins, stones rolled off...

Jin Jiao climbed out without injuries. The fighting intent in his eyes became even intense.

"As expected of Lord Nether King... This is really addicting!"

"Huu... You indeed fight a little better than Yin Jiao, that demonic lowlife..." Nether King Er Ha said.

"That's right... Warm-up has ended. It's time to show my real ability!" Jin Jiao smiled.


Everyone's faces were filled with confusion.

Such a battle was actually just a warm-up...

Xuanyuan Xiahui felt that his world had crumbled. Is this a true expert?!

Too frightening! He's too strong!

"Huu... This king has also digested his food," Nether King Er Ha said.


As soon as Nether King Er Ha said those words, Nether energy spread out of Jin Jiao's body. It rushed towards the heavens as a huge and intimidating phantom spirit appeared behind him.

The golden horn on his head gave off a radiance, and the runes on his body seemed to have come to life, beginning to rapidly tremble.

Very soon, pieces of armor spread out, covering his entire body.

Jin Jiao's energy, in this instant, had become incomparably domineering.

The illusionary void of this patch of heaven and earth seemed to be covered with black clouds, as though it was a little unable to withstand it!

"Oh, you're transforming? Against you, this king doesn't need to transform yet..." Nether King Er Ha chuckled. Then, pitch-black energy spread out as a phantom spirit appeared behind him.

Jin Jiao laughed loudly. Wearing black armor, he dashed out in that instant.

He smashed down his fist, and instantly, the image of a fist covered the entire sky.

The phantom spirit behind Jin Jiao then collided against Nether King Er Ha's phantom spirit...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire place seems to be shaking.

Xuanyuan Xiahui had long become numb. A battle of this level was truly out of his imagination.


Gongshu Ban's entire body tensed up as he stared hard at the seductive man, who slowly walked over while humming.

Indeed, it was a man. Even though he had very long hair, those distinct sharp features and Adam's apple on his neck exposed his gender.

"Why is there another person here?" Gongshu Ban's eyes narrowed as he said suspiciously.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was very calm. He had long felt that this immortal flame was a little different, and now, it seems that that was indeed the case.

The man's voice was pretty good. It sounded sweet and serene as the melody echoed in their ears, causing one's mind and body to calm down.

Finally, the man appeared in front of them. Those pitch-black eyes calmly looked at Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban.

"Finally, someone has come... and there are two Immortal Chefs. Looks like fate has brought us together."


"Are we really fated to meet?" The corner of Bu Fang's mouth slightly rose.

"No... To be able to hear my song, then it can be considered fate. If my guess is correct, you guys are here for this immortal flame, right?" the man said, then continued, "I am the previous owner of this Golden Demonic Lotus Flame..."


Gongshu Ban and Bu Fang looked at each other.

"The place where you are right now is my spirit sea..." the man said with a smile. His smile seemed to emit a different kind of attraction.

This is a spirit sea?

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, surveying his surroundings. This flame space was indeed huge, but compared to his boundless spirit sea, this place was smaller.

"Spirit sea... Could it be that this senior wants us to inherit this senior's inheritance?!" Gongshu Ban seemed to have thought of something, instantly becoming excited.

The seductive man nodded his head, smiling. "Yes, but there's only one inheritance, so only one can obtain it..."

Gongshu Ban's face instantly changed. It was indeed an inheritance. This was a huge opportunity!

To be able to construct an inheritance... one had to be at least a Third Grade Immortal Chef when he was alive!

Could the seductive man in front of them have been a Third Grade Immortal Chef when he was alive?

The man raised the huge wok with three colors-green, red, and yellow-while his other hand raised a light blue kitchen knife, smiling as he looked at Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban.

"If you pass my test, the Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok, the Star Knife, as well as the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame will all belong to you...."

Bu Fang's face didn't change after hearing this man's words.

Gongshu Ban, however, became excited. His expression shifted as he exclaimed, "Tri-colored Yellow Mystery Wok and Star Knife... You... You were once exalted in Immortal City and had even challenged a half-step Qilin Chef, the Immortal City's City Lord... The previous head of the Tong family... Tong Ruo!"

The man slightly froze, not expecting that he would be recognized.

"It is indeed I. A pity, though... I have already turned into yellow mud, not as valiant as you made me out to be," the man calmly said.

Gongshu Ban was incomparably excited. An inheritance from a half-step Qilin Chef!

This was truly a huge opportunity!

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. The Tong family?

When he thought about the system saying that the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed was wrapped by immortal energy with an owner, he always felt that something was weird.


Not caring about Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban, the man once again hummed his song.

Very quickly, this piece of heaven and earth underwent a change.

In the seemingly boundless flame space, two stoves slowly appeared.

Those were immortal tool stoves, revolving with immortal energy.

"Follow my request... Cook a dish, let me see your talent... The winner will obtain everything of mine..." The seductive man smiled as he said that.

In the next instant...

Above them, the blazing Golden Lotus Demonic Flame split into two, rushing down into the two stoves...

"Now, let me see which one of you... can inherit my immortal flame."