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 Boom! Boom! Boom!

Jin Jiao slowly advanced. With every step he made, the ground trembled all over.

Just now, his palm attack had exploded most of the Immortal Chefs, becoming blood mists lingering in the air.

The remaining Immortal Chefs felt their entire body shake, their faces filled with fear as they felt a bone-chilling cold.

Xuanyuan Xiahui widened his eyes. His body seemed to find it difficult to stop its trembling.

This man was too terrifying. With one palm, so many Immortal Chefs have been killed!

Those were Immortal Chefs!

Immortal Chefs were rare, and in this time's land of inheritance, the casualties were numerous!

How many Immortal Chefs have fallen?!

Dying under the Beast Emperor's claw, and those that have died from this man's hand...

It could be said that this journey for opportunities for Immortal Chefs has become a journey to death!

Gongshu Yun also felt a wave of terror. As the little princess of the Gongshu family, when had she ever experienced such a terrifying scene?

The Immortal City had not seen killings in a long time.

Facing this type of death, she felt that it was hard to suppress the fear in her own heart.

The atmosphere had instantly become quiet and gloomy, and all that was left was the tapping of footsteps in the air. Those sounds made one's heart involuntarily beat violently.

The man in the distance was like a vicious slaughterer, a demon walking out from the Netherworld!

Sensing the remaining gazes, Jin Jiao slightly turned his neck, his eyes landing on the figures of Xuanyuan Xiahui and Gongshu Yun in the distance.

That sharp gaze seemed to make the illusionary void shatter.

Xuanyuan Xiahui's entire body trembled, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Gongshu Yun was so frightened her face turned pale. Her legs turned soft as she directly collapsed on the ground...


With a loud rumble, the scarred man had been sent flying into the distance by the snake-type Beast Emperor's tail. Spitting out blood from his mouth, he collapsed on the ground, incomparably weak.

Flowery fluttered over, landing on the head of the huge snake. Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes turned, staring at Jin Jiao and Luo Ji in the distance.

"Flowery, come back!" Nethery's face was solemn, waving at Flowery.

Flowery was startled, then happily stepped back into the Netherworld Ship. The snake-type Beast Emperor came with her and meandered around the ship. It stared at Jin Jiao and Luo Ji, spitting out its pitch-black forked tongue.

"Wow! What a cute little doll!"

When Luo Ji saw Flowery, her eyes instantly lit up. Her lips puckered up, twisting her waist as she cooed, "Little girl, come to this big sister's side."

She blinked at Flowery, and a pink radiance shone across the illusionary void.

Flowery's eyes instantly became a little mystified...


The snake-type Beast Emperor quickly dashed out, opening its mouth to roar at Luo Ji, breaking the enchantment!

Flowery came back to her senses. Her mind shook, and she was pulled by Nethery to hide behind her back.

Nethery's eyes shrank. Her eyes turned pitch-black, and veins spread from her eyes to her ears...


In a flash, Luo Ji's figure appeared in front of that huge snake-type Beast Emperor.

"You little snake... Actually interrupting this big sister's work. Really naughty!" She pouted, a little unhappy. Her soft red lips seemed to have a layer of water on it, exuding brilliance.

The snake-type Beast Emperor opened its mouth to give another roar, its figure dashing forward, intending to swallow Luo Ji.

However, Luo Ji just combed her hair with her hand, making sure her hair was not messy.


One of her eyes instantly turned purple.

"Naughty little snakey... should be punished!"

A clanking sound rang out.

Behind Luo Ji, the radiance was blinding as a sharp energy was released.

Luo Ji grabbed a black metal stick with a huge curved blade. It was pitch-black, but it reflected an eerie radiance, giving off an ominous aura.

Death God Scythe!

The blade light flashed past, and in just a split second, the huge snake-type Beast Emperor was cut into two halves!

Fresh blood instantly spurted out, constantly spilling out from the Beast Emperor's split body!


The Beast Emperor's figure fell onto the ground, twitching.

Nethery's eyes shrank...

Nether King Er Ha held half of his face, his eyes becoming cold and serious...

Xuanyuan Xiahui's face became even more ashen...

Cute? Cute, your sister!

This woman was literally a nightmare!

Holding the scythe seemed to change Luo Ji's entire being. Her aura was extremely terrifying as she let out a peal of ear-shattering laughter.

Holding the Death God Scythe in her hands, she waved it around, causing waves of pitch-black blade energy to slash down.

Instantly, that huge Beast Emperor on the ground was chopped up by the blade energies. Its figure turned into little pieces, scattering across the entire place!

"Little snakey, if you're not obedient, then you have to be punished!"

Flowery hid behind Nethery's back, watching this scene. Tears welled up in her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes.


Flowery dashed out from Nethery's back. Her feet stepped on the Netherworld Ship as she soared, her figure instantly transforming into a two-colored huge python.

Luo Ji was surprised, exclaiming, "Wow! This little sister is actually a Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python! Well, too bad it's still a baby."

Luo Ji laughed loudly, a crazy look appearing in her purple eyes. In the next instant, the scythe moved, its blade energy slashing towards Flowery.

"No!" Nethery's pitch-black eyes instantly shrank as her entire body felt a chill.



Luo Ji was stunned, her pink hair fluttering in the air. The smile on her face froze as she stared in front in a daze.

There, a handsome figure appeared. Reaching out his hand, he caught the blade of the Death God Scythe.

Nether King Er Ha's hair fluttered as the robe in front of his chest had opened, revealing his pale skin.

The Tri-Flower Snake Eyes revolved on the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python as Flowery turned back into her human form. Landing on the Netherworld Ship, she pouted...

"Enough..." Nether King Er Ha raised his head, his face stern and cold.


Luo Ji pulled back the Death God Scythe. As it slid across Nether King Er Ha's palms, fresh blood spilled out.

However, the wound on Nether King Er Ha's palms instantly recovered.

Luo Ji grinned, staring at the fresh blood on the scythe. Her eyes widened as she said, "Big Brother Nether King... Luo Ji missed you so much!"

She licked her soft red lips, then stuck out her small tongue, licking all the fresh blood on the blade into her mouth.

Sucking in a deep breath, she narrowed her eyes in ecstasy as she swallowed. With a gulp, her neck moved as she swallowed the fresh blood, and an intoxicated look appeared on her face.

Nether King Er Ha calmly looked at Luo Ji. Sighing, he took out a Spicy Strip then held it with his mouth.

"That geezer Ying Long asked you guys to bring me back? This king's flawless body double has been seen through?" Nether King Er Ha calmly said.

Nethery looked at Nether King Er Ha, who was completely different from usual, her face revealing a stunned expression.


The Death God Scythe disappeared from Luo Ji's hands. As she stared at Nether King Er Ha, pink hearts seemed to appear in her eyes.

In the next moment, her figure straightened. Her chest shook as she jumped towards him.

However, Nether King Er Ha raised a finger, then tapped on Luo Ji's head. That single finger caused her figure to tumble backward in the air.

Jin Jiao raised his hand, catching Luo Ji before putting her down.

"Lord Nether King, don't make it difficult for this one. Just go back with us."

"That's right, that's right! Big Brother Nether King, when we go back, Luo Ji will warm the blankets for you!" Luo Ji puckered her lips as a pink shade appeared on her cheeks.

Nether King Er Ha pulled up the corner of his lips, raising the Spicy Strip in his mouth. "Forget about warming the blankets. You're a grandma, I don't dare... Anyway, going back is not impossible."

Jin Jiao tilted his head, his gaze extremely sharp.

Luo Ji covered her face, her head leaning against Jin Jiao's arm speechlessly as she wept. This was the nine thousand nine hundred eighty-third time that Big Brother Nether King had rejected her...

After a while, Nether King Er Ha said, "But... there is a condition."

Jin Jiao gave a slight smile. "What condition?"

"Let that girl Nethery and that smelly little snake go..." Nether King Er Ha rubbed his hair as he said that.

"No can do. Big Sister You Ji said before that if we see the Netherworld woman, we have to bring her back dead or alive." Luo Ji raised her head, wiping off the tears on her eyes as she said seriously.

Jin Jiao rubbed the golden horn on his head. "That's right... we can let the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python go, but the Netherworld woman has to go back with us. Otherwise, we will bring her back even if she is dead."

"My, my, my... Why did that geezer Ying Long send this wooden blockhead here? Why not Yin Jiao, who is so intelligent like this king? At least I can have a decent conversation with that intelligent low-life..." Nether King Er Ha rubbed the space between his brows as he muttered.

Then, his eyes turned sharp, his voice turning colder as he said, "This king has already said let the Netherworld woman go, and this king will go back with you. If you don't let the Netherworld woman go... then... we can only fight it out."

The atmosphere had instantly become serious.

Jin Jiao stared at Nether King Er Ha. His mouth slowly opened, and in the next instant, his eyes widened.

"Just what I wanted!"


Jin Jiao's figure vanished from his spot...


"How is this immortal flame strange? This is... the most beautiful immortal flame I have ever seen! As expected of a flame ranked on the immortal flame ranking," Gongshu Ban said intoxicatedly.

Bu Fang gave a glance at Gongshu Ban expressionlessly. According to his instinct, something was definitely weird.

Immortal energy with an owner... Could it be that there is someone behind all this?

However, before Bu Fang could continue that thought, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

Gongshu Ban instantly recovered, his eyes suddenly shrinking as he looked above him.

There, the immortal tools spat out by the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame suddenly turned into a tornado, smashing towards Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban below.

A green kitchen knife with immortal energy on it slashed down towards Bu Fang, as though it was ripping through the illusionary void. It was incomparably sharp, and it seemed it could chop him into two.


With an explosion, the kitchen knife fell on the ground. A second later, a wok also smashed down, landing on the ground just beside Bu Fang.

Chopsticks, ladles, stoves, kitchen knives, and woks...

All types of immortal tools came crashing down.

Bu Fang frowned.

Gongshu Ban's face was filled with confusion as a rumbling sound rang out all around, smoke rolling forth.

Cracks appeared on the smashed ground, and in the next instant, a golden flame burst out from it, swallowing Gongshu Ban and Bu Fang.

The scene suddenly changed.

Bu Fang and Gongshu Ban appeared in another place. The air here was hot, and a scorching temperature lingered everywhere.

The two looked at each other, unsure where this was.

Suddenly, their minds moved as they raised their heads, looking above them.

There, a bundle of golden lotus-shaped flames burned brightly.

Gongshu Ban's entire body trembled as he exclaimed, "This... This is the flame seedling of the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame!"

Flame seedling?

Bu Fang's eyes lit up. To obtain an immortal flame, the first step was to subdue its flame seedling. Once he did that, it meant that the immortal flame was his!

But why did the flame seedling appear so easily?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, feeling that things were not so simple.

An immortal energy with an owner, then a flame seedling appearing all of a sudden... Could it be that these things were connected?


While the two stared at the flame seedling above them...

A lilting melody rang out, echoing around the entire flame space.

Deep within the firelight, a long-haired, seductive man slowly emerged. Holding a kitchen knife and a wok, he came while humming a song...