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 Gongshu Ban's gaze and Bu Fang's gaze met in the air.

There was no clashing nor glaring at each other.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded his head, while Gongshu Ban gave a refined and elegant smile. The two then turned their heads in coordination as their gazes landed on the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed that was spitting out immortal energy.

This was an immortal ingredient. Even on the Immortal Tree, it was considered an extremely valuable item.

Bu Fang might not know how valuable this ingredient was, but Gongshu Ban, as the proud genius of the Gongshu family and hailed as the talent most likely to make it as the next Qilin Chef, how could he not know about it?

The transparent, water droplet-like ingredient, which was shrouded with immortal energy, slowly spun. Inside, a golden flame flickered, which was very similar to the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

Raising his head, Gongshu Ban stared hard at that lotus seed. Even though he looked calm, his heart involuntarily rippled.

"It really is too beautiful..." Gongshu Ban said, intoxicated.

Then, he continued walking. He reached out his hand, wanting to grab the lotus seed.

However, the lotus seed had been enveloped by a violent immortal energy.

Boom! Boom!

The immortal energy seemed to become sharp. The moment Gongshu Ban touched it, he immediately retracted his hand, quick as lightning.

He raised his hand, frowning as he looked at his finger.

There, a small cut appeared on his skin, with bright red blood leaking out of it.

He sucked in a breath of cold air. This immortal energy had actually become like a blade. It was so terrifying!

This time, it really was a bit of a headache. How could he get the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus seed from within the immortal energy?

Gongshu Ban furrowed his brows. He could not think of an answer, so he turned his head to look into the distance. He wanted to see how that mortal would do it.

Bu Fang had indeed met the same difficulty as Gongshu Ban.

Although the immortal energy had a beautiful appearance, hidden underneath it was a bone-chilling sharpness.

Bu Fang looked at the lotus seed, then looked at the flame behind the lotus seed.

That golden flame was dazzling and attracted the eyes as immortal tools constantly flew out of it, which was also wrapped with immortal energy.

"How could an immortal energy become as sharp as a blade?"

Bu Fang's heart was a little curious. According to the system's description of the immortal energy, it should be like spiritual energy.

He then asked the system for the reason. The system was a little stingy, and it was not reliable sometimes, but this time, its serious voice rang in his mind.

"Immortal energy without an owner is like spiritual energy, while immortal energy with an owner could be controlled by the owner's will and could become sharp and possess killing power."

Bu Fang's eyes involuntarily shrank.

"Immortal energy with an owner?!" Bu Fang asked the system, puzzled.

Isn't this the land of inheritance? How could the immortal energy here have an owner?

But the system could not possibly make a mistake. In Bu Fang's opinion, the system was very reliable as an encyclopedia.

"The Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed is wrapped by immortal energy with an owner..." Bu Fang muttered. His eyes became sharp as he looked into the immortal flame that continuously spat out immortal tools.

An immortal flame spitting out immortal tools seemed already very strange, not to mention that this immortal energy had an owner...

Bu Fang sucked a deep breath. Then, his face became cold.

This land of inheritance was becoming more and more interesting...

However, this did not mean that it would stop him from obtaining the immortal flame. His heart was absolutely determined to get it.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was unable to fulfill his cooking requirements now, so he really needed a new flame to help raise his culinary skills.

As for this immortal energy with an owner...

Bu Fang's eyes narrowed.

The immortal energy was very sharp, but... could it break the Black Turtle Constellation Wok?

The corner of his mouth raised.

In the next instant, his mind flickered. Then, a black smoke revolved as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his hands.

As he wielded the wok, an earthen yellow glow shrouded it.

From afar, Gongshu Ban involuntarily froze as he watched Bu Fang pull out a wok.

What was Bu Fang trying to do?

A moment later, Gongshu Ban's initially shocked expression turned into an awkward one.

That was because Bu Fang directly smashed the wok at the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed.

In an instant, it covered the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed, and a clanking sound rang out ceaselessly from it.

The immortal energy constantly smashed against the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. It was like a blade energy that had become even more violent, as though it was about to rip the Black Turtle Constellation Wok apart.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was like a boulder, difficult to rip apart.

In Bu Fang's spirit sea, a black turtle that seemed to carry a huge mountain on its back raised its head, letting out a roar.

Instantly, a shocking fluctuation was stirred up in his spirit sea, and in the next instant, his mental energy surged out.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun as it smashed the immortal energy apart.

In the end, it brought back the covered Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed that was like a transparent water droplet.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok shrunk then floated on top of Bu Fang's palm.

With a corner of his mouth raised, Bu Fang reached out his hand into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Shortly after, he slowly held up the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed from it.

In the distance, Gongshu Ban was dumbfounded.

What? There's such a move?

To block off the immortal energy, then pull out the lotus seed with the wok...

With the sharpness of that immortal energy, even an immortal tool might be ripped apart.

That black wok in that mortal's hands was definitely not ordinary!

That sort of method... could he replicate it?

Gongshu Ban furrowed his brows. The method Bu Fang chose was the simplest and the most violent. However, it was the most effective one.

With a move of his will, a purple-colored kitchen knife appeared in his hand.

The knife swept horizontally, trying to replicate Bu Fang's method to dig out the lotus seed.

But soon, Gongshu Ban frowned.

That was because...

The purple-colored immortal tool in his hand, a middle-grade immortal tool, was directly smashed by the immortal energy, cracks appearing all over it...

Gongshu Ban, whose heart was in pain, trembled. However, he gritted his teeth, not even thinking of giving up.

His mind flickered, and in an instant, many immortal tools flew out of his hands, all rushing towards that immortal energy.

Since quality could not make it, then he would make up for it with quantity...

All the immortal energy rushed out and actually blocked his immortal energy.

Seizing this chance, Gongshu Ban's reaction was fast. He quickly reached out his hand to grab the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed.


A pained cry rang out.

Gongshu Ban's forehead was instantly covered in sweat, and his eyes had turned bright red.

The remnant immortal energy had cut Gongshu Ban's palm, fresh blood spilling everywhere.

However, Gongshu Ban did not give up. He hardened his heart as he obtained the lotus seed.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

Drops of bright red fresh blood fell down from Gongshu Ban's palm.

However, his face held a smile. He looked at the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed in his hand, which was like a transparent water droplet that gave off a brilliant radiance, then let out a relieved sigh.

He had obtained it somehow.

Bu Fang looked at Gongshu Ban, a little admiration appeared in his heart for this guy.

Sensing Bu Fang's gaze, Gongshu Ban raised his head, giving a smile as he nodded towards Bu Fang.

Bu Fang expressionlessly returned it.

In the next instant, he raised his head, keeping the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed, then walked towards the center region.

His target was... that immortal flame.

The dazzling Golden Lotus Demonic Flame was like a scorching sun. Radiating its brilliance, it attracted countless eyes.

A crack opened on the ground, and the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame rushed out from it, burning brightly.

At the same time, immortal tools flew into the sky...

Bu Fang stood in front of the Golden Lotus Immortal Flame, feeling a wave of terrifying fluctuation.

From afar, Gongshu Ban walked over. He had ripped off his sleeve to bandage his bloody palm.

He stood beside Bu Fang, raising his head to stare at that flame with a yearning look.

"This one is Gongshu Ban. I have long heard of your great name." Gongshu Ban looked at Bu Fang, smiling as he said that.

Heard of your great name?

Bu Fang slightly froze. Is he already that famous? In reality, he's someone who kept a very low profile...

"Beating up Tong Cheng with a wok, then wiping out a squad of silver-armored guards of the Tong family... Even the Tong family's head, Tong Wudi, had to personally make a move to save Tong Muhe... Your matter has long become common news in Immortal City," Gongshu Ban said.

Bu Fang's name was very famous among the powerful families in the Immortal City. After all, that matter was indeed very shocking.

"It's just a daily occurrence..." Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

A daily occurrence...

Gongshu Ban's expression instantly froze. This mortal was indeed like in the rumors, not low profile at all.

"You want that immortal flame, right?" Bu Fang glanced at Gongshu Ban as he asked.

Gongshu Ban's face instantly became serious.

"That immortal flame is the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, ranked fifty-ninth in the immortal flame ranking, so this one really wishes to obtain it!" Gongshu Ban answered.

Immortal flame ranking... Bu Fang was a little startled.

"In that case, let's have a fair competition... However, I still want to warn you... this immortal flame seems a little strange."


Tap. Tap. Tap.

A wave of clear footsteps rang out in this piece of heaven and earth.

Everyone was stunned, unconsciously looking into the distance.

Very quickly, they realized that from the distance, two people were slowly walking over.

"So... so beautiful!"

Everyone was captivated by that slender and enchanting figure.

Her black armor wrapped around a small waist, and her appearance was so beautiful that it shocked one's soul.

A child-like beauty appeared before them, shaking everyone's hearts.

Luo Ji's slender legs slowly moved. Every move and smile attracted everyone's eyes.

"Just like a goddess descending..." Xuanyuan Xiahui's eyes were misty as he murmured in a daze.

Gongshu Yun furrowed her brows, glancing at the big-headed Xuanyuan Xiahui. Instantly, anger rose in her heart as she slapped his face.

With that slap, Xuanyuan Xiahui felt his whole body shake as he sucked in a breath of cold air.

"What a terrifying charm..."

Xuanyuan Xiahui's mind trembled, incomparably fearful as he looked at that lady wearing black armor.

Why would such an existence appear in this land of inheritance?

The rest of the Immortal Chefs had already gone crazy. With red eyes, they rushed towards Luo Ji.

Luo Ji covered her mouth, giggling.

"How cute!" Xuanyuan Xiahui exclaimed.

Gongshu Yun harshly glared at him.

"No... That's not it.... This time, I'm not enchanted. I'm just giving an honest opinion!" Xuanyuan Xiahui hurriedly explained.

However, Gongshu Yun's eyes became even colder.

Watching the Immortal Chefs rushing over greedily, Luo Ji's footsteps became as light as a feather.

The tall and sturdy Jin Jiao stood beside Luo Ji, letting out a cold snort. Then, he raised his hands and harshly waved it.

With a ripping sound, it was as though the sky had been ripped apart!

These bewitched Immortal Chefs have been instantly killed, turning into bundles of bloody mists...

"A group of trash!" Jin Jiao's eyes were filled with coldness.

In the next instant, he raised his head and stared directly at the Netherworld Ship. The marks on his body seemed to shine with brilliance.

"Lord Nether King... long time no see." Jin Jiao's face revealed a smile as he looked at Nether King Er Ha.

Luo Ji then thrust out her head from behind him. "Big Brother Nether King, Luo Ji missed you so much!"

On the Netherworld Ship, Nethery gave Nether King Er Ha a strange look. That woman seemed to have a special connection with Nether King Er Ha.

Nether King Er Ha sullenly held the Spicy Strip in his mouth as he covered half of his face with one hand.

"My attractiveness is too high... always attracting so many girls to fly to this king like moths drawn to a flame. This king actually has a sincerely low profile... Ah, my heart."

Luo Ji's entire head of pink hair fluttered. Her eyes narrowed as she looked over at the woman beside Nether King Er Ha.

Seeing Nethery, Luo Ji subconsciously became alert. "Eh? Netherworld woman?"

Jin Jiao was also stunned. However, the corner of his mouth rose into a smirk.

"The little sister of You Ji, the cursed Netherworld woman? I remember You Ji saying before that... if we see the Netherworld woman, we have to bring her back, dead or alive. Looks like this time... we have a big harvest."