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 Boom! Boom!

The space became even hotter.

That Golden Lotus Demonic Flame was constantly burning as immortal tools shot out from within, flying everywhere.

All the aristocratic families' Immortal Chef teams felt a chill in their bones as they realized the Mystifying Dragon Powder that they used was actually not effective on these Beast Emperors.

At this moment, the Beast Emperors that should have been collapsed on the ground had all exploded in rage.


The roars were ear-shattering. In the next moment, a terrifying energy was released.

The Immortal Chefs who had stood entranced by the immortal ingredients and immortal flame instantly looked at the Beast Emperors in shock and fear.


Something weird was going on...

The Immortal Chefs hurriedly took out the kitchen knives in their hands. As an Immortal Chef, their kitchen knives were naturally not ordinary.

Waving it, it stirred up a blade energy, chopping towards these Beast Emperors.

However, when the kitchen knives landed on the body of the Beast Emperor, they were unable to break open its defenses.

A claw swept out horizontally.

The heads of Immortal Chefs instantly exploded, forming a bright red blood mist.

The scarred man retreated, his legs trembling. The savageness of these Beast Emperors was out of his expectations.

The scarred man turned his head, looking at Gongshu Ban in the distance.

Gongshu Ban was extremely elegant as the wind blew his hair. He turned his head, giving the scarred man a slight smile.

Had Gongshu Ban long foreseen that the Mystifying Dragon Powder would be ineffective against these Beast Emperors?

The heart of the scarred man froze.

As expected of the pride of the Gongshu family. He was indeed powerful.

The Tong family also had Immortal Chefs running away, who were in an extremely sorry state.

These Beast Emperors were, after all, Two-star Beast Emperors, but they were not the same as ordinary Two-star Beast Emperors. The defense of these beasts was incomparably strong, and their power was a lot mightier than ordinary Beast Emperors.

"It should be because of the immortal flame and immortal ingredients... These savage beasts have been here for quite some time, absorbing the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed's spiritual energy. Their bodies have been influenced secretly, and thanks to the immortal flame, it made their resistance and defense increase significantly. That's why the Mystifying Dragon Powder has no effect..." Gongshu Ban explained, his eyes hardened.

The scarred man's face instantly turned ugly. He did not think it would actually be this reason why they were unable to deal with this Beast Emperor.

"Damn it! Is there no other way to kill these brutes?!" The scarred man had been angered to the peak.

Gongshu Ban, however, remained silent. His eyes steadily shone, staring at that roaring Beast Emperor taking down one Immortal Chef with each claw. The corner of his lips slightly curved.

The scarred man seemed to have thought of something, turning his head to look over at Bu Fang's direction.

Their aristocratic families had lost so much, so that mortal chef should have probably become meat sauce right now.

The face of the scarred man revealed malevolence as he looked over at Bu Fang's position.

However, his eyes shrank as the mocking smile on his face froze.

The scene that he had imagined did not happen.

Bu Fang had not been flattened into meat sauce by the Beast Emperor!

At this moment, Bu Fang had reached out his hand, gently rubbing that fierce snake-type Beast Emperor's head.

What the scarred man just saw was completely out of his expectations. How could this be possible?

These Beast Emperors were so terrifying and violent. He was most clear about that!

Many Immortal Chefs have already died here, and the bloody stench lingering in the air made some want to vomit.

But over at Bu Fang, the scene seemed so peaceful...

Peaceful, your sister!

Could it be that the path that the mortal chose had a Beast Emperor that isn't that violent?!

The eyes of the scarred man flashed, then finding it more reasonable as he thought.

The Beast Emperor that they had encountered was extremely violent, and the savageness in its eyes was so intense that it made one tremble.

But that huge snake seemed to comfortably squint its eyes as it allowed Bu Fang to stroke its head...

How could the difference in the beasts be so big?!

Gongshu Ban heard the scarred man's muttering and looked over at Bu Fang's direction involuntarily.

This scene made his heart shocked.

"It's Owner Bu... He actually came to the land of inheritance!" Xuanyuan Xiahui looked at Bu Fang, a little surprised. He widened his eyes, looking at the latter in disbelief.

And it seems that Bu Fang did not join any aristocratic family's Immortal Chef team. Could it be that he entered the land of inheritance by himself?

How did he do it? Unbelievable!

"Interesting..." Gongshu Ban looked at the Beast Emperor acting like a gentle kitten, narrowing his eyes.

His thoughts were different from the scarred man. He did not really think that the Beast Emperor on Bu Fang's path was more gentle.

It must be that Bu Fang had used some method that they did not know of.


Bu Fang moved.

After touching the head of that snake-type Beast Emperor, he crossed his arms before walking to that Beast Emperor's back. His target was the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed.

The scarred man's eyes shrank. In the next instant, savageness appeared in his eyes!

"Shit! How could I let you get the immortal ingredient?!"

True energy pumped out under the scarred man's feet. His figure became like a comet as he shot out from his position, dashing towards Bu Fang like lightning.

Since that Beast Emperor had been so gentle to Bu Fang, then naturally, it would also be gentle to him.

The immortal ingredient was his! The immortal flame also had to be his!

Sensing the movement behind, Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He then turned his head to look behind him, seeing the scarred man crazily dashing over.

Greed filled the scarred man's eyes as he stared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked at that scarred man, raising the corner of his lips.

"Idiot..." Bu Fang mumbled.

In the next instant...

The scarred man who had dashed forward froze.


The snake-type Beast Emperor roared, waving its snake tail. It attacked the scarred man viciously.

The scarred man never thought that the Beast Emperor, who had been so gentle to Bu Fang, would actually explode in rage.

His entire body was smashed and sent flying.

Flowery narrowed her eyes. As the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, she had a natural oppression towards snake types.

Although this Beast Emperor was not ordinary, it chose to submit once Flowery revealed her identity.

"Beat him! Beat him into a pulp!" Flowery narrowed her eyes, clenching her small fists as she muttered.

The snake-type Beast Emperor became more violent as it fought, trying to kill the scarred man savagely.

The scarred man was a little dazed. Who would have thought that he would have encountered an even mightier Beast Emperor's attack?

Spitting blood from his mouth, his face was ashen.

Bu Fang calling him an idiot made him almost spit blood.

Not caring about the scarred man who had been held back, Bu Fang turned around and walked towards the immortal ingredient spilling out immortal energy.

Gongshu Ban's eyes shrank. He could wait no longer...

He finally made his move.

A light flashed in his hand, and in the next moment, a purple-colored kitchen knife appeared in his grip.

It was an immortal tool. Immortal energy revolved around it.

The elegant Gongshu Ban shot out like lightning, his feet stepping on the ground before his figure rapidly dashed towards the Beast Emperor.

His speed was so fast, vanishing from his spot in an instant.

The Beast Emperor roared, smashing down with one claw. However, it just smashed the air as Gongshu Ban's figure had long moved to another spot.

What filled the spectators eyes was a dense purple radiance!

The kitchen knife ripped past the Beast Emperor, causing a patch of blood rain falling down!

"So... So powerful!" Xuanyuan Xiahui watched with a stunned expression, and he couldn't help saying out loud his admiration.

"Of course my brother is powerful! He's the genius of the family and will most likely become a Qilin Chef!" Gongshu Yun said as she proudly looked at that dashing figure.

Xuanyuan Xuahui nodded. Indeed, Gongshu Ban was powerful. Only after witnessing it did he realize this person's strength and reputation.


The entire body of the huge Beast Emperor was covered in injuries, fresh blood scattering down as it swayed on its spot.

Gongshu Ban stood not far from it. The kitchen knife in his hand whirled as he displayed some knife skills before grasping it in his hand.

Aiming for the bowed head of the Beast Emperor, Gongshu Ban pointed the knife at the middle of its brows.


The incomparably mighty Beast Emperor, which had killed many Immortal Chefs, collapsed just like that...

It panted heavily, its death imminent.

"Little Yun, keep this Beast Emperor. It has absorbed the immortal flame and immortal ingredient's energies, so it should be a very good ingredient. Let's not waste it." Gongshu Ban instructed behind him without turning, wiping the blood off the kitchen knife with a white cloth.

Without waiting for his sister's reply, he raised his foot as he headed towards the immortal ingredient.


With a ripping sound, the illusionary void shattered.

Two figures instantly walked out of it.

One was a tall and sturdy figure filled with a terrifying energy, his muscles engraved with mysterious marks. Pitch-black Nether energy revolved around the golden horn on his head.

The other had a curvy and blazing hot figure. Although she was wearing black armor, it couldn't hide the appeal of her body.

"Wow! A lotus heaven and earth! How beautiful!" Luo Ji exclaimed.

"Such a dense energy. The Nether King is indeed in this piece of heaven and earth..." Jin Jiao's thoughts were not the same as Luo Ji's.

His eyes moved as he deeply sucked in a breath. The spiritual energy of this realm seemed to be sucked into his mouth like a whale swallowing its food.

"Hey... Look over there." Luo Ji pointed into the distance.

There, the firelight rushed to the sky. The immortal energy was like a pillar.

"Is that an immortal flame?" Jin Jiao said calmly. Seeing this immortal flame, there seemed to be no change in his expression.

"You really are stupid... If you are half as smart as Yin Jiao, you can really ascend the heavens!" Luo Ji rolled her eyes at Jin Jiao, then her eyes turned purple as she stared at that immortal flame.

"That immortal flame... is a little weird! It's like it's covering something..."

Jin Jiao furrowed his brows. Then, he snorted in disdain. "Who cares how weird it is? It's okay if I can shatter it with a fist..."

In the next instant, he walked towards where the immortal flame was.

Luo Ji watched Jin Jiao's vanishing figure, instantly rubbing her temples helplessly.

"His head must be filled with stones. He doesn't know how to have fun at all!"

With a 'hmph,' she swayed her hips, strutting elegant steps as she followed Jin Jiao.


Netherworld Ship

Nethery looked at Nether King Er Ha in confusion. She asked coldly, "Hide? Why do I need to hide?"

Nether King Er Ha's gaze looked into the distance. Holding half a Spicy Strip on the corner of his mouth, his entire being seemed extremely solemn.

"Just listen to this king. I'm not lying!"

Nethery furrowed her brows, her figure not moving.

Nether King Er Ha looked at Nethery, then heaved a sigh. "It's too late..."

Nethery froze. Turning her body, she looked into the distance.

Above them, two figures were slowly closing in...

A gigantic and sturdy man with a golden horn and a pink-haired lady with a childlike face approached.

Watching these two, Nethery's eyes instantly shrank.

"Earth Prison Overlords?!"

"Now you know why this king wanted you to hide..."

Nether King Er Ha heaved another sigh. He finally knew why that lazy dog said not to let Nethery come to this land of inheritance...

Who would have thought that the Earth Prison Overlords would actually appear here?

Shaking his head, Nether King Er Ha felt a little troubled...

These two were not like the previous Earth Prison emissaries where he could just send them away with a few Spicy Strips...

Looking at Luo Ji beside Jin Jiao, the muscles in Nether King Er Ha's face shook... Why did this woman come too?!


Tap. Tap. Tap.

As Bu Fang walked, the violent gale blew with immortal energy, constantly rushing against his figure.

The string that had tied up his hair had long broken off, his hair fluttering. However, he did not pause in his steps and continued advancing.

Very soon, he came to the place where the immortal energy was spreading from.

He raised his head to look at the thing that was floating in the air... the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed.

From afar, Gongshu Ban also stopped, turning his head to look over at where Bu Fang was.

Bu Fang unconsciously looked over as well.

Their eyes clashed in mid-air...