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 Immortal flame, immortal ingredients, and immortal tools!

At this moment, all the Immortal Chefs in the lotus land of inheritance seemed to boil with excitement.

Such a majestic sight... This was the first time they had seen something like this.

In a first-grade land of inheritance, discovering an immortal flame and immortal ingredient was already pretty good. Now, no less than a ranked immortal flame had appeared, and most importantly, there were even several immortal tools.

Normally, all these three would only appear in a second-grade land of inheritance, so this time, this lotus land of inheritance was actually equal to a second-grade land of inheritance!

This was a huge opportunity!

It was hard to describe the feelings of the Immortal Chefs at this moment. Every one of them found it hard to control their excitement, their figures all trembling agitatedly.

Even if there were many mighty savage beasts in front of them, they were already no longer important!

The eyes of the scarred man were filled with brilliance. Five portions of immortal ingredients! This meant that their Mu family had the chance to obtain one of them.

Moreover, there were immortal tools that surged in the sky, not to mention an immortal flame that was ranked fifty-nine on the immortal flame ranking. Seeing them all displayed like this made the greed in their hearts explode.

The spirit ingredients and herbs that Bu Fang had previously snatched away were no longer important!

If they could grab just one of those immortal ingredients, it was better than those spirit ingredients and herbs by more than a thousand times. Not only that, if they could obtain the immortal flame, then it was truly obtaining a huge opportunity.

The scarred man himself would be able to borrow its power to successfully rush into Second Grade Immortal Chef.

The other Immortal Chefs shared the same thoughts with the scarred man. At this moment, their hearts surged with greed, desire, and excitement.

This lotus land of inheritance was indeed an opportunity that belonged to them!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Ear-shattering beast roars rang out ceaselessly, rushing towards the heavens. Their roars caused the entire space to tremble violently.

At this moment, everyone who was focused on the immortal flame and immortal ingredients had finally noticed those fierce savage beasts. In an instant, the excited Immortal Chefs recovered their wits.

There was only one savage beast protecting each immortal ingredient, so the number of these beasts was not many. This made the Immortal Chefs even more confident.

If it was just one beast, they should be able to kill it and obtain the immortal ingredient if they worked together.

The Golden Lotus Demonic Flame rotated in the center, burning brilliantly. It displayed a dazzling golden color, just like a scorching sun.

Within the immortal flame, immortal tools would surge out from time to time. These immortal tools were wrapped by the dense immortal energy, which was constantly revolving.

Gongshu Ban stood at a corner. It was unknown when the wind started blowing in this heaven and earth, but the wind was strong, blowing until everyone's long robes flapped continuously.

Gongshu Yun went to Gongshu Ban's side, a serious look appeared on her pretty face.

"Brother, something's not right. Don't you think things are too good to be true? A first-grade land of inheritance could not possibly have a ranked immortal flame, immortal tools, and immortal ingredients appear at the same time..."

"I know.... That's why I'll let the rest test the waters first. Anyway, this Golden Lotus Demonic Flame is definitely mine!" Gongshu Ban's face was calm, but his eyes burned with passion.

The Golden Lotus Demonic Flame was an immortal flame that would help him become a Second Grade Immortal Chef, and maybe it could even help him... rush into a Third Grade Immortal Chef!

However, Gongshu Ban was very wary. What Gongshu Yun said was right. When things were beyond the norm, something was wrong. Immortal ingredients, immortal flame, and immortal tools only appeared at the same time in a second-grade land of inheritance.

There really was something weird going on in this land of inheritance!

Suddenly, Gongshu Ban turned his head to look in the distance.

There, the Immortal Chefs of the Tong family had already made their move.

These people roared as they rushed forward, their figures turning into comets as they went for the immortal ingredients with dense immortal energy pillars.


Everyone's minds trembled as a spirit beast roar rang out, its terrifying fluctuation instantly shaking the void.

At this moment, the Immortal Chefs of the Tong family felt their bodies stiffen...

In the next instant, a huge spirit beast moved its claw, harshly smashing down.


With a loud explosion, two of the Immortal Chefs of the Tong family instantly exploded with this one claw!

The smell of blood spread across the entire heaven and earth!


All the Immortal Chefs sucked in a breath of cold air. At that moment, they had recovered from the enticement of the immortal ingredients and immortal flame.

This savage beast that protected the immortal ingredient... was so violent!

The Tong family was facing a fierce wolf-type savage beast. It had a wild and vicious aura along with its terrifying energy. Its malevolent jaws and its huge figure made people's hearts shudder.

A single claw had killed two Immortal Chefs... This wolf-type spirit beast seemed to be excited by the fresh blood, its violent roars shaking the entire heaven and earth.

Along with the wolf-type savage beast's angry roar were the other roars emitted by the savage beasts. Their combined roars made the various Immortal Chefs of the aristocratic families solemn.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang got off the Netherworld Ship, aiming for the fifth immortal ingredient.

The various aristocratic families had taken a path, and he had chosen the last one.

Bu Fang tread the air, moving slowly.

Behind him, Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled as it followed him, lightning arcs dancing around its figure.


The ground trembled as Whitey landed on the ground, while Bu Fang crossed his arms as he stood beside it.

Raising his head to look, Bu Fang did not focus on the immortal ingredient. Instead, he turned his attention on the savage beast that was protecting it.

It was nothing like the beast that the Tong family encountered. In fact, the savage beast on every path seemed to be different.

In front of Bu Fang was a snake-type savage beast. This huge snake's scales shone, emitting a blinding light that seemed to pierce one's eyes.

Spitting out its pitch-black forked tongue, the air seemed to carry a dense smell of blood.

From afar, the scarred man had noticed Bu Fang.

He did not think that Bu Fang would actually choose this path alone.

It had to be known that based on the situation of that savage beast killing two Immortal Chefs with one claw, it should be a Two-star Beast Emperor existence!

A Beast Emperor was actually equal to the True Immortal Realm of humans!

Every Beast Emperor possessed intelligence. Since they protected the immortal ingredient, the immortal energy surging from it was used for their cultivation.

That was why with Bu Fang's cultivation, going against a Beast Emperor to obtain the immortal ingredient was literally a pipe dream.

Even with the help of Earth Immortal Puppets, he would be unable to obtain the immortal ingredient.

The scarred man coldly smiled as he looked at Bu Fang. He anticipated the scene of this mortal being ripped into shreds.

At this moment, their Mu family's Immortal Chef team was facing a Beast Emperor. Its oppressive pressure made the blood in their entire body tremble.


Spirit talismans appeared in the hands of the Immortal Chefs.

Since they had come to explore the land of inheritance, how could they not come unprepared? They naturally brought these spirit talismans with them.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

A wave of tremor was sent out as Earth Immortal Puppets appeared by the side of every Immortal Chef.

The eyes of these Earth Immortal Puppets turned bright red. They were all under the control of the Immortal Chef dashing towards the Beast Emperor.

As the Immortal Chefs pinched the spirit talismans, fluctuations appeared in the air as it trembled.

From the figures of the Earth Immortal Puppets, some powder-like substance fluttered down, which looked very impressive...

The Beast Emperor roared angrily. A terrifying spiritual energy trembled in their surroundings, and it looked like it was warding off the powder-like substance.

However, these powders were like maggots within the bones, unable to be washed off. With an exploding spiritual energy, they thrust into the Beast Emperor's body.

In the next moment, Earth Immortal Puppets attempted to kill it, attacking the Beast Emperor relentlessly.

Apparently, this was completely a one-sided battle.

An Earth Immortal Puppet had been completely wiped out by the Beast Emperor, but with every puppet shattering, majestic powder exploded out of their figures, covering the Beast Emperor.

Very quickly, the Beast Emperor had absorbed all the powder...

The other Immortal Chef teams used the same method to deal with their Beast Emperor.

"So what if these brutes are Beast Emperors? With the Mystifying Dragon Powder, they're still destined to be killed! Hahaha!"

The Immortal Chefs of the aristocratic families laughed triumphantly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground trembled as the Beast Emperors protecting the immortal ingredients collapsed, completely unable to resist the Immortal Chefs.

With the collapse of the Beast Emperors, the immortal ingredient they were guarding was finally exposed in front of them.

It was a lotus seed-shaped immortal ingredient, which looked like a transparent water droplet filled with immortal energy. In the center of the lotus seed, a small flame could be seen flickering.

"It's the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed, an incomparably precious immortal ingredient! Who would have thought that it would actually appear in this land of inheritance?"

"My god! With this immortal ingredient, becoming a Second Grade Immortal Chef is definitely not a problem!"

"If this immortal ingredient is eaten, a True Immortal Realm expert would level up to the next realm!"

All the Immortal Chefs were completely shocked as they clamored.

Even Gongshu Ban, who was always calm and collected, was agitated. His face involuntarily twitched with excitement!

"Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed... There are five of them, but it's actually just one. No wonder five immortal ingredients appeared at the same time... This immortal ingredient is a set. If all of them could be gathered, even a Third Grade Immortal Chef would be moved!" Gongshu Ban's knowledge and experience were not ordinary. As he said that, he stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips.

Gongshu Yun's eyes burned with passion. "Brother, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"No rush... Let the others go up first." Despite the huge bounty in front of them, Gongshu Ban was unexpectedly able to withstand its temptation.

Xuanyuan Xiahui looked at Gongshu Ban with a little admiration. As expected of the Gongshu family's pride. He was definitely not ordinary. How could one remain calm when facing this enticement?

Xuanyuan Xiahui knew that his cultivation was not enough, so he did not join the rest.

The many Immortal Chefs looked at the Beast Emperor as they rushed over. Their aim was the Thousand-Year Flame Heart Lotus Seed behind the Beast Emperor, their faces revealing greed.

Excitement filled the scarred man's face as he rushed towards the immortal ingredient greedily.


The Immortal Chefs involuntarily trembled. They turned their bodies in disbelief, their eyes meeting the eyes of the Beast Emperor that they had initially slain.

Those eyes were filled with ridicule and tyranny!

The beast roared, causing the hearts of the Immortal Chefs to tremble.

In the next instant, the Beast Emperor attacked, fresh blood spurting everywhere!


Bu Fang looked at the huge snake-type spirit beast in the distance, his brows furrowing.

He naturally did not have the Mystifying Dragon Powder of the other aristocratic families. Hence, he had a headache thinking of how to deal with this Beast Emperor.

Whitey stared at that Beast Emperor, and with a clanking sound, its metal wings spread open.

In the next instant, a black hole emerged on its belly, and the lightning-covered War God Stick fell into its hands.

Single-handedly holding the War God Stick, Whitey slightly raised its chin, its pressure rushing to the sky.

After eating lightning punishments, not to mention those Earth Immortal Puppet tokens, Whitey had already reached the Two-star True Immortal Realm, so facing a Beast Emperor would definitely not be a problem!

However, just as Whitey was about to start a huge war with the Beast Emperor...

From the Netherworld Ship, a swishing sound rang out.

Flowery's figure descended, landing on Whitey's head, hugging it as she kept laughing.

From afar, the snake-type Beast Emperor spat out its forked tongue as it batted its snake eyes.

Whitey was in a daze. Its pressure that had rushed to the heavens also froze, not knowing if it should go or not.

With a swish, Flowery jumped down from Whitey's head. The moment her little feet touched the ground, she happily sprinted over to the huge snake-type Beast Emperor.

The Beast Emperor opened its mouth, letting out a roar filled with a fishy stench.

A gale surged forth, causing Flowery to be blown until she flipped over once, landing on the ground on her butt.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

Is Lord Flowery here to joke around?

Suddenly, Bu Fang froze.

From afar, Flowery, who was sitting on the ground, seemed to be a little angry. Widening her eyes, her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes spun as they instantly let out a dark green radiance.

In the next instant...

The snake-type Beast Emperor looked dazedly at the two-colored python that turned so big it covered the skies and sun in an instant.

A mighty pressure was released from the huge python's body...

The ancient divine beast Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python stared at the snake-type Beast Emperor with its dark green eyes. Opening its mouth, it let out a hair-raising hiss.

Above them, Nether King Er Ha, who was sucking on a Spicy Strip, started laughing loudly.

"This pure and innocent doll Flowery has mingled too long with that lazy dog. Actually learning to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger... Look at how frightened that little snake is!"

The corners of Nethery's lips also curved.


Nether King Er Ha's laughter froze.

Furrowing his brows, he looked into the distance with a stern face. His pitch-black pupils seemed like they were tearing through the illusionary void.

Nethery was stunned, watching him curiously. It was rare for Nether King Er Ha to become like this.

"Little Sister Nethery... they're here. You need to find a place to hide."