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 Sizzle. Sizzle.

A layer of dense smoke arose along with fine, white ash. Its fragrance seemed to form a long snake as it meandered around in the air.

Flowery widened her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes, staring at the sizzling, golden barbecue meat. As oil dropped off it, her mouth drooled as well.

The golden-colored barbecue meat was brushed with a layer of sauce. That sauce, under the flames' high temperature, scattered fragrance, which made the smell even more irresistible and appetizing.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Bu Fang grabbed the five sticks of barbecue with one hand and smacked them on the metal net. Steam surged off the wok, and every time it wafted up, the fragrance would become even denser.

The quality of this meat was pretty good, and it was perfect for grilling, which made Bu Fang a little shocked. For a barbecue ingredient, it was very aromatic.

Bu Fang grabbed a stick, then ripped off a mouthful with his teeth. Instantly, the piece of meat jumped, seemingly full of elasticity as it entered his mouth.

As he chewed, he could perceive the smoky and rich flavor of the barbecued meat, which tasted even more delicious with the specially-made sauce he brushed on it. It tasted really, really good.

"It's ready to eat," Bu Fang said.

Nether King Er Ha and Nethery, who had been waiting for some time, had long found it hard to hold back.

Flowery reached out her small hand to grab a stick, then ripped off the meat with her sharp teeth, stuffing it into her mouth.

With her mouth full of barbecue, her eyes squinted in bliss as the corner of her mouth was smeared with the reddish-brown sauce.

A group of people sat around the grill, chomping on their sticks of barbecue with relish.

Flowery just knew that every time she went with Bu Fang on a trip, she would be able to eat delicious dishes. That was the case when she tagged along to the Endless Sea and, this time, to the land of inheritance.

Hence, she had already decided that in the future, she had to keep following Bu Fang in order to eat delicious stuff.


In the distance, a mighty aura rapidly approached.

The Mu family's Immortal Chef team, at this moment, was rapidly closing in, and the one leading them was the scarred man that had rejected Bu Fang.

The scarred man's face was dark, and his eyes were filled with rage. The muscles on his face were twitching, causing his scar to twist like a snake.

"Don't let me know who it is! Or else, even if it's the Gongshu family... this old one will still make them pay!"

The anger of the scarred man rose to the heavens.


The group of Immortal Chefs froze.

They twitched their noses, smelling the barbecue fragrance lingering in the air.

This smell...

"What the hell? Why do I smell barbecue in this land of inheritance?!"

The scarred man's face twitched even more, and the anger in his heart soared to the skies.

He felt that the other party was mocking them.

Snatching away the resources that originally belonged to them, then barbecuing the meat to mock them!

The other party... was too much!

What grudge did they hold against them?!

"All of you, move faster!"

The scarred man gave an angry roar, and in the next instant, his figure soared in the air, shooting out like a flash of lightning. His speed was extremely fast.


After Bu Fang and the rest finished their barbecue, Bu Fang kept the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Then, they boarded the Netherworld Ship.

Flowery was very satisfied. Rubbing her round little belly, her face was filled with content as she munched on a spirit fruit. With every bite, juice splattered everywhere!

Nether King Er Ha's face looked a little moved. After eating barbecue meat, he munched on a juicy spirit fruit as well.

It was literally too delicious!

Flowery was not stingy. On this journey, she had picked up quite a few spirit fruits and had given Nether King Er Ha one, not feeling any heartache at all as she shared her plunder.

Flowery was also pretty obedient and smart, even giving Bu Fang and Nethery some spirit fruits on her own accord.

A group of people sat on the deck of the Netherworld Ship, eating spirit fruits with loud munching sounds.

Spirit essence spread out everywhere, with spiritual energy rushing to the heavens.

From afar, several figures rapidly descended.


The ground trembled, scattering dust in all directions.

The scarred man raised his head, his eyes staring directly at the Netherworld Ship above them.

"I finally found you! Exactly which family's Immortal Chefs-"

However, the words he was about to say became stuck in his throat. His entire being froze, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

That was because on that ship, it was not any of the influential families he had imagined, but rather someone he completely would never have thought of.

"Bu Fang?! That mortal chef?!"

The eyes of the scarred man shrank as he exclaimed in disbelief.

The other Immortal Chefs around him were also dumbfounded.

Obviously, they would never have imagined that they would meet the mortal, who they had rejected and abandoned, here in the land of inheritance.

The fists of the scarred man clenched, his gaze fierce as he coldly said, "How could he possibly enter the land of inheritance? Not a single family would give him the right to join!"

At this moment, Bu Fang sat on the Netherworld ship. Both of his legs were swinging in the air as he looked down at the group of people expressionlessly.

Holding a spirit fruit, he chewed without a care in the world, juice spraying everywhere as munching sounds rang out ceaselessly.

When Bu Fang had finished the spirit fruit, he threw the leftover fruit casually at the scarred man...

That fruit fell down, landing in front of the scarred man with a loud plop.

The fury in the scarred man's heart rocketed.

This spirit fruit was originally a resource that belonged to them... but it was plundered first by this mortal, leaving nothing behind.

After plundering everything, he even mocked them like this...

The mortal that didn't even have the right to enter the land of inheritance was mocking him right now!

"You are asking for death!" the scarred man roared.

However, what he received as replies were fruits that were thrown out from the Netherworld Ship.

There was even one that flew in a graceful arc, incomparably accurate as it struck the scarred man's head, bouncing once before dropping on the ground.

"Bulls-eye! This king's aim is still better, you spicy chickens!" Nether King Er Ha laughed loudly.

The scarred man was so angry that he was about to go crazy. The surrounding Immortal Chefs could feel this figure shaking.

At the same time, the Netherworld Ship began to rumble as an entire sky of Nether energy revolved. Finally, with a swishing sound, it soared even further, going towards the center area of the lotus land of inheritance.

Its speed was extremely fast, instantly vanishing from everyone's sight.

The scarred man gave a furious roar. "Go! Chase after them! I must rip that mortal to shreds!"

The other Immortal Chefs were a little hesitant. They looked at the scarred man, unable to make up their minds.

"Leader... That mortal... wiped out the Tong family's Tong Muhe silver-armored guards..." one of the Immortal Chefs said.

The scarred man instantly calmed down, saying in a cold voice, "That dog isn't here! What are you afraid of? Can you guys stand this? We've been looking forward to this journey for so long... Are we going to go back empty-handed?"

The surrounding Immortal Chefs couldn't resist sighing.

Of course they could not take this lying down!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next instant, many figures shot out like rockets. They moved towards the center area of the lotus land of inheritance, chasing after the Netherworld Ship.


Xuanyuan Xiahui was a little tired. His cultivation was not considered very strong, and among the many Immortal Chefs, he could even be considered at the bottom of the pack.

Although he was an Immortal Chef, his cultivation had yet to reach the True Immortal Realm.

As for the other Immortal Chefs of the Gongshu family, they had basically been Immortal Chefs for many years, so their cultivations had long reached the True Immortal Realm.

Their leader, Gongshu Ban, had even reached the Two-star True Immortal Realm.

Gongshu Ban was the genius of the Gongshu family. He had a little sister, who was just like Tong Cheng of the Tong family, a publicly recognized culinary genius. The two were deemed as the two prides of the Gongshu family, and they were very likely to become Third Grade Immortal Chefs.

It had to be known that a Third Grade Immortal Chef is a peak existence in the Immortal Cooking Realm. Some families did not even have a Third Grade Immortal Chef to back them.

The first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, compared to the other four layers, was indeed a little behind. Since Immortal City was built around the base of the Immortal Tree, they had lesser resources compared to the ones higher in the Immortal Cooking Realm.

To an Immortal Chef, resources were extremely important. Without them, even if one had extraordinary talent, it would be difficult to reach the peak.

Gongshu Yun and Xuanyuan Xiahui get along really well, but because of this, it was difficult for Xuanyuan Xiahui to mingle with the other Immortal Chefs of the Gongshu family.

After all, many of them hoped to become Gongshu Yun's other half in order to obtain even more resources from the Gongshu family.

Hence, on this journey, since Xuanyuan Xiahui was the weakest, he got the least amount of resources, which was only a single, pathetic-looking spirit fruit. It was even set aside specially by Gongshu Yun for him.

This made Xuanyuan Xiahui a little sullen.

As the Gongshu family's Immortal Chef team advanced, they quickly entered the center area of the lotus land of inheritance.

Once they entered the area, the entire heaven and earth seemed to undergo an earth-shaking change.

From afar, a bundle of flames rose, roaring as it brandished its claws and fangs.

That flame...

It's an immortal flame!

When all the Immortal Chefs saw this, their eyes widened, revealing greed in their eyes.

To them, an immortal flame was a very important and rare resource. It could really improve their skills by leaps and bounds!

Xuanyuan Xiahui possessed an immortal flame, but it was one that simply did not belong in the ranking.

This bundle of flames in front of them seemed to have turned into a substance as it rushed to the skies. One look and you could tell that it was not ordinary. It was definitely an immortal flame that could rank into the immortal flame ranking.

Gongshu Ban, who wore an Immortal Chef robe, crossed his arms, looking quite refined. He stared at the roaring immortal flame in the distance, his eyes revealing a blazing and yearning look!

"This seems like... the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame that is fifty-nine on the immortal flame ranking! Who would have thought that there would be this level of immortal flame in this time's land of inheritance?" As Gongshu Ban said this, there seemed to be beams of light shooting out of his eyes.

The other Immortal Chefs all revealed excitement.

Immortal flames that were ranked into the top hundred of the immortal flame ranking were the types of immortal flames that were basically controlled by Second Grade Immortal Chefs. Normally, a First Grade Immortal Chef would have no chance to even come into contact with it.

Who would have thought that an immortal flame of such level would actually be discovered in this time's lotus land of inheritance?

This was a great opportunity. If they were able to control this flame, then it meant that they had obtained the right to become a Second Grade Immortal Chef!


Suddenly, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame released a violent energy fluctuation, which was accompanied by tremors on the ground.

The firelight bloomed, becoming like a burning sun. It seemed to blind everyone's eyes.


At the same time, many ear-shattering beast roars rang out in the entire area.

The eyes of the various Immortal Chefs shrank.

Around the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame, waves of majestic spiritual energy fluctuations scattered. Its immortal energy was like a pillar, rushing towards the heavens!

In total, there were five towering immortal energies that looked like they were supporting this piece of heaven and earth.

The Immortal Chef teams of the Tong family, Zhang family, Gongshu family, and the Mu family, who had hurriedly rushed over, all sucked in a breath of cold air.

They had been looking for immortal ingredients for a long time and had yet to find one, but now, five portions had actually appeared at this moment!

Looks like... there will be a huge harvest in this time's land of inheritance!

The immortal energy of the immortal ingredients was so dense that it seemed to form a solid pillar. Indeed, the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame was worthy of being an immortal flame that ranked fifty-nine on the immortal flame ranking!

This land of inheritance was literally a paradise!

The eyes of the Immortal Chefs present were all filled with desire. In their eyes, they could only see the immortal ingredients and the immortal flame.

As for the spirit beasts that were protecting the immortal ingredients in the surroundings... they were overlooked by these Immortal Chefs.


In the distance, the Netherworld Ship hovered in the air.

Bu Fang stood in front of the ship, his eyes also a little excited as he stared at the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame.

The system's introduction of the Golden Lotus Demonic Flame rang out in his mind. That immortal flame was ranked fifty-nine on the immortal flame ranking...

It was countless times stronger than the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. The two were literally heaven and earth!

However, Nether King Er Ha and Nethery stared at that immortal flame, their faces becoming a lot more solemn.


Bu Fang froze, then his brows furrowed.

Because... within that immortal flame, there were actually comets rushing towards the sky.

Several kitchen knives, spirit woks, stoves, and even various types of kitchen tools were all wrapped with immortal energy, surging out from the immortal flame like a wave!

The immortal tools were like a giant wave!

At this moment, the Immortal Chefs of the various aristocratic families had completely turned red!