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 Looking from the sky, this land of inheritance was like a huge lotus.

However, it was a small realm.

The warships descended, landing on the outer sides of the lotus. It seems that the center of the lotus had something that prevented the descent of the warships.

After everyone landed, experts walked out of the warships.

This land of inheritance did not look very big, and it was obvious that it was a place for First Grade Immortal Chefs to obtain resources.

This piece of heaven and earth was scorching. The ground below their feet constantly let out a warm feeling, which was very intense, as though there was some sort of flame below that was moving around.

An Immortal Chef squatted down, one hand of his pressing onto the ground. Feeling the majestic heat, excitement flashed on his face as he exclaimed, "There's definitely an immortal flame here! Also, it doesn't look like it's low-grade. It could possibly be a middle-grade immortal flame, something that belongs in the top one hundred immortal flames ranking!"

There were many immortal flames, but those that could rank into the immortal flame ranking were extremely valuable immortal flames.

Meanwhile, the Netherworld ship descended, but everyone did not come down.

Bu Fang sat on the deck, while Nethery stood there as well as they both surveyed this world.

Nethery's gaze firmly stared at the center of this land of inheritance, her eyes becoming extremely serious.

Nether King Er Ha held a Spicy Strip in his mouth, his entire being becoming very solemn for the first time. "What a strange feeling... Why does my heart feel a little unsettled?"

He rubbed the space between his brows. Then, with his teeth biting down, he bit off the Spicy Strip.

Nethery's face was cold as she controlled the Netherworld Ship to go over.

Since the Netherworld Ship was able to travel between secret realms, Nethery did not need to leave the ship in order to move it.

However, Bu Fang did not want to remain on the ship. After giving Nethery a heads up, he then leaped down.

With a move of his mind, a magic array shone around him.

In the next instant, the plump Whitey appeared out of the magic array. The metal wings on its back spread out, seemingly filled with a sharp might.


Another figure appeared from the Netherworld Ship. That dainty figure flipped in the air, then descended, landing on Whitey's head with narrowed eyes.


The sound of Whitey landing on the ground was so loud that it caused the surroundings to violently tremble.

Flowery hugged Whitey's head as she laughed. Then, she widened her eyes as she curiously looked at her surroundings.

Bu Fang landed on the ground, furrowing his brows as he looked as well.

The spot that they landed on was closer to the center area than the Immortal Chef teams of those influential families.

Bu Fang seemed to be able to hear the muttering of the few Immortal Chef experts in the distance.

"Let's go..." He turned his body before walking towards the center.

This land of inheritance was not bad. There were many spirit fruits here that were suitable to be planted into the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Since the Mu family's Immortal Chef team did not want him to join, then Bu Fang would not show mercy. He would make a move first, plundering every resource!

Flowery, even though she was still in her childhood period, was much more sensitive to spirit creatures than Bu Fang. After all, she was an ancient divine beast, the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python.

She jumped down from Whitey's head and began to sprint crazily in excitement, running into the distance.

And every time she did so, she was always able to find a spirit ingredient that was filled with spiritual energy.

The quality of these spirit ingredients was pretty good, so Bu Fang naturally swept everything without holding anything back, keeping them into the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

As they continued this way, nothing was left at all for the Immortal Chefs behind them.

Meanwhile, in the Heaven and Earth Farmland, Niu Hansan watched as spirit ingredients appeared one by one. Instantly, he knew that Bu Fang was starting to cause trouble again, so he quickly called the Three-Eyed Wild Lion to start collecting these spirit ingredients.

Flowery's face revealed an overjoyed look as she ran around in this land of inheritance.

Once in a while, she would grab a spirit fruit and stuff it into her mouth, chewing with loud munching sounds. The fruit juice sprayed everywhere as fragrance assaulted their noses.

Sometimes, she would even point in the distance, telling Bu Fang the location of the spirit ingredient.

Bu Fang would then go forward and take those spirit ingredients away.

With Flowery, finding spirit ingredients was a lot faster for Bu Fang. Furthermore, it was that type of collecting that as he went past, the place would be cleaned off, as though nothing was growing there.

Indeed, nothing was left behind.

However, it was a pity that Bu Fang did not discover any immortal ingredient along their way...

Anyway, it was normal. Immortal ingredients were, after all, immortal ingredients. Even if it was on the Immortal Tree, it was rarely seen, much less in the land of inheritance.

Thinking about it, the number of immortal ingredients in the land of inheritances were extremely low. Furthermore, it was protected by terrifying spirit beasts.

If they wanted to see one, then they still had to rely on chance.

As Bu Fang collected happily, the Immortal Chef teams behind wore faces filled with awe and curiosity.

The lotus land of inheritance had various landing points, so the Immortal Chef teams of the influential families naturally chose different landing spots.

Of course, as they journeyed farther, they would eventually meet in the end since their target was the center of this land of inheritance.

Those who landed in the other spots were able to search and gather resources.

As for the unfortunate ones who landed behind Bu Fang, they were none other than the Mu family's Immortal Chef team.

This was all planned by Bu Fang.

Bu Fang, as a narrow-minded chef, naturally would not let their journey be easy.

At that moment, the scarred man's face was a little gloomy and suspicious.

As a First Grade Immortal Chef who was a veteran and has experienced many land of inheritance journeys, he knew that other than the immortal flames and immortal ingredients, there were also many valuable spiritual ingredients. To them, these ingredients were their main harvest and resource.

After all, there was a limited amount of immortal ingredients and immortal flames, and these appeared in the center area. At that time, the various Immortal Chef teams would start fighting for those precious items.

If they could not obtain them, then these spiritual ingredients would become their final harvest.


"How could this be! This whole journey.... there's not a single spiritual ingredient?! We have yet to see a single spirit fruit... How is this possible?" The scarred man's mouth was trembling, his face incomparably gloomy.

Did they arrive in a fake land of inheritance?

Following behind the scarred man were Immortal Chefs with their heads lowered, their faces ashen.

Where are the promised resources? Where are the promised spirit ingredients and spirit fruits?

How come there is not even a single shadow of spirit ingredient to be seen?


With a move of their minds, they suddenly looked into the distance.

There, a huge spirit beast was passing by the weeds.

The eyes of the scarred man and the many Immortal Chefs turned red. They finally found a spirit beast!

Although its level did not seem too high, at least it was a spirit ingredient!

And so, the many Immortal Chefs worked together to kill the spirit beast.

However, what made them flabbergasted was that after the huge spirit beast was killed, it seemed to deflate. Its huge figure shrank, eventually becoming as small as an arm.

The Immortal Chefs of the Mu family looked at each other.

The scarred man was even more angered. He was so enraged that his mouth trembled!

After bustling for half a day, with so many people, they finally found a spirit beast. But it was actually a type that shrunk!

The energy that the scarred man had suppressed was released, as though it was about to rush into the surroundings.

The cultivation of the scarred man was pretty good as it had reached the Two-star True Immortal Realm, so this suppressed energy made the many Immortal Chefs' hearts sink and tremble.

Suddenly, a sharp-eyed Immortal Chef discovered a half-eaten spirit fruit. Within that spirit fruit was a dense spiritual energy, and its spirit essence leaked out from within. He stared so hard that his eyes were crossed.

He then told this to the scarred man.

The scarred man's entire body trembled. Grabbing this spirit fruit, a murderous intent leaked out of his eyes.

"Looks like... someone is purposely messing with us! Snatching all the spiritual ingredients on our path! This is to make us leave with nothing!" The scarred man gritted his teeth. His eyes seemed to become bright red in rage.

As they continued forward, the scarred man's group noticed many shells of spirit fruits and chewed-up fruits.

They carefully examined these, and they realized that the spirit ingredients that originally grew there were gone without a trace. Without a doubt, this meant that they were snatched away by someone else first!

"Who the hell is it?! Could it be the other families? Gongshu family? Zhang family?!"

The scarred man felt a blaze in his heart as he clenched his fists.

Competition was inherent between influential families, but wasn't it agreed that every family took one path?

Why would someone still come to this path to snatch their resources?!

"Full speed ahead! We must find out the one who snatched our resources! Those spirit ingredients belong to us!" The scarred man's face was grim as he roared.

In the next instant, the Mu family's Immortal Chef team gave up on searching spirit ingredients and rushed ahead at full speed.



Bu Fang grabbed a spirit herb that seemed like a chicken claw. There was still fine soil scattering from its roots.

This was a Phoenix Claw Grass, which was full of spiritual energy. If it was used to brew soup, it would make the taste of the soup even more delicious. It was indeed a pretty good spirit herb.

He kept this spirit herb into the Heaven and Earth Farmland in satisfaction. Then, he stood up, looking into the distance.

This path was about to reach its end, and a bit further ahead was the center of the lotus land of inheritance.

In the center, immortal ingredients and immortal flames would appear, and the competition would be even fiercer.

Boom! Boom!

Bu Fang's mind moved as he turned to look behind him.

There, a terrifying energy was rapidly approaching. Obviously, the Mu family's Immortal Chef team had figured it out and was rushing full speed in anger, intending to find the person causing this trouble.

Bu Fang gave that direction a glance, the corner of his lips rising into a smirk. He then signaled the Netherworld Ship in the air to descend.

At that moment, Nethery and Nether King Er Ha's eyes lit up. Wasting no time, they got down from the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang called out his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, preparing to cook a dish.

His mind flickered, and he pulled out a spirit beast that he had previously caught.

The level of this spirit beast ingredient was not low. It was about the level of a spirit beast that had just entered the Divine Spirit Realm.

After Bu Fang dealt with it, he cut the spirit beast meat into pieces, then used a stick to pierce through them.

Opening his mouth to spit out a dark golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the temperature instantly soared.

He put the metal net on top of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and placed the processed spirit beast on it, starting to barbecue the meat.

Barbecuing in the wild really made one feel satisfied.

Meanwhile, in the distance, the Mu family's Immortal Chef team gradually caught up.


The illusionary void trembled!

On the first layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm, outside Immortal City, the void was ripped open as two figures walked out from it.

Luo Ji swayed her figure as she deeply sucked in a breath. Her breasts instantly moved up and down violently.

"The air here is really nice. No wonder Big Brother would come running to the Immortal Cooking Realm!"

Beside her was the gigantic and sturdy figure of Jin Jiao, who calmly looked at Immortal City in the distance.

"Don't forget that there are also experts here in the Immortal Cooking Realm. We came here just to bring back Lord Nether King, not to cause trouble. The Realm Lord of the Immortal Cooking Realm is very strong," Jin Jiao said dully, his gaze extremely sharp.

When Luo Ji heard this, the corner of her pink lips instantly pulled back as she rolled her eyes. "Does this lady look like a person who fights people when they don't agree with me? The one who shouldn't stir trouble should be you, Jin Jiao."

Luo Ji was very annoyed.

The five great Earth Prison Overlords were the most violent, but the one who loved to fight the most was Jin Jiao.

Telling her not to stir up trouble... Is this a joke?

Jin Jiao was too lazy to care about Luo Ji as he furrowed his brows. His golden horn slightly gave off a golden energy ripple.

"Lord Nether King is not in the city... but Lord Ying Long said that he is in the first layer, so he should be here..." Jin Jiao said.

Luo Ji rolled her eyes again.

"I finally know the reason why Lord Ying Long sent me. With this big fool, finding the Lord Nether King is as difficult as ascending the heavens."

Luo Ji pouted her lips. Then, her fair arm that seemed like a jade waved in the air.

The illusionary void ripped...

"I am the Lord Nether King's little fangirl, so you can't go wrong by following me!"

In the next instant, Luo Ji dashed into the illusionary void hole.

That illusionary void crack... was directly connected to the lotus land of inheritance.