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 The Netherworld Ship scattered a dense Nether energy as it floated.

Bu Fang raised the corner of his mouth. With Nethery here, what land of inheritance could he not enter?

In reality, the land of inheritance was a type of secret realm. Nethery's Netherworld ship was able to enter any sort of secret realm, so to go into it would be simple.

Lord Dog was lying on the ground, yawning. He then glanced at Nethery and Bu Fang.

At last, he twitched his nose, and his magnetic and gentle voice rang out, "Girl, Lord Dog will give you a warning... It's best if you don't go to this land of inheritance."

Lord Dog's words made Bu Fang and Nethery slightly freeze.

Nether King Er Ha, with a Spicy Strip in his mouth, frowned. What did that mean? What's the meaning behind this lazy dog's words?

Nethery furrowed her brows. Then, she calmed down, the corners of her red lips slightly rising as she replied, "No problem. Secret realms are my homeland."

She then looked at Bu Fang and said, "Still not getting on?"

With furrowed brows, Bu Fang gave Lord Dog a glance. Is there some deep meaning in Lord Dog's words?

"Don't be afraid. This king will follow you guys... With this king, there will be no accidents," Nether King Er Ha said confidently with a smile.

His figure flashed, then with a 'dong' sound, he sat on the Netherworld Ship.

Flowery looked at Lord Dog, then her small legs stepped on the ground. She jumped off to land on the Netherworld Ship, grinning at Nethery as her dainty figure sat on the deck.

"Since my daughter is going, then naturally, this dragon king has to go..." The Black Dragon King widened his eyes as he said that.

With a 'heng' sound, he climbed up the Netherworld Ship.

However, just as he stepped onto the deck, Nethery raised her foot and kicked him on his bald head. Instantly, the Black Dragon King tumbled and rolled onto the ground with a confused face.

"My Netherworld Ship is not something that anyone can just jump into..." Nethery coldly raised her chin.

The Black Dragon King's face turned beet red, his eyes opened wide as he stammered, "I..."

He truly did not know what to say.

Bu Fang boarded the Netherworld Ship. Sitting on the top, he looked at the angry Black Dragon King and instructed, "Stay in the restaurant. Since you're the waiter, watch the restaurant well..."

No matter how the Black Dragon King refused and complained, the Netherworld ship departed with a wave of energy fluctuations, thrusting itself into the illusionary void.


The illusionary void was like flowing water as it rippled, then at last, it swallowed the Netherworld Ship.


Earth Prison, The Netherworld

In a vast, dusky area, there was a deep gorge that seemed to have been slashed open by a huge blade. Within that gorge was a ruined palace.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Dull footsteps rang out, and a faint voice could be heard.

With a creaking sound, the heavy metal gates of the palace, which looked like it had been sealed for so long, were slowly pushed open.

Dust scattered as they opened.

A child with an entire head of white hair popped out his head. With a little fatigue in his eyes, he gazed in the distance.

From there, black clouds rolled over.

Looking at these black clouds, the child's mouth trembled...

The black clouds' speed was extremely fast, and in just a short while, they landed in front of the palace.

The black clouds scattered, revealing many figures.

The energy coming from these figures was terrifying. From time to time, it seemed to cause the illusionary void to twist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Heavy footsteps rang out. These people slowly walked towards the palace, and leading them were five figures. Every one of them wore a type of black armor.

One was an old man with a wrinkled face. Holding a black magic staff that matched the black armor, his aura seemed ordinary compared to the rest, as though he was just an ordinary person.

Beside the old man was a refined and handsome man who had a sharp silver horn on his head. That man carried a huge bottle gourd on his back, and his mouth seemed to constantly give others a smile that made one's heart warm.

And on the other side of the old man was a violent-looking man who had a golden horn on his head. His body was tall and huge, as though he was a giant Titan.

His upper half was not covered by armor, revealing a mighty figure with bulging veins and engraved runes. As he moved, the veins on his body twitched, causing his entire body to seem like it was crazily shaking.

There were also two women in that group.

One stood by the side of the silver-horned man. She had a child-like face but had the body of an alluring woman. The armor on her chest seemed like it was unable to cover her breasts, like it was about to burst out at any moment.

That lady's lips were pink, and her eyes were deep and filled with enchantment. Her hair was pink and just reached over her ears. Overall, she had a charming and cute look.

The other woman had long hair that reached her waist. Her beautiful face was cold, and she had a slender figure. Carrying a huge sword on her back, she gave off a powerful and intimidating aura.

"Aiyaya! Little Tie, Big Sister has already seen you! Come out quickly."

That pink-haired woman saw the child Old Tie, who stuck his head out. Her eyes lit up, and with a move of her long legs, her figure seemed to instantly teleport in front of Old Tie.

Old Tie wanted to shut the gate, but it was too late.

That lady raised her fair and slender arm, pressing her palm against the gate. Even if Old Tie had used all his strength, he was unable to close it.

In the end, he could only give up.

Old Tie raised his head, the white hair on his head fluttering as his face revealed a pure and innocent expression.

"Why are the Earth Prison Overlords in the mood to visit the Nether King's palace... Lord Nether King is currently resting. It's not good to disturb him," Old Tie said with a smile.

The lips of the pink-haired lady twitched. Her hands pinched Old Tie's cheeks as she constantly squeezed.

"Little Tie, lying means you are not a good child! The Yellow Spring Great Sage said that Lord Nether King went to his place... and snatched quite a few things."

"Ohh... Is that so? No way. Lord Nether King eats then sleeps, sleeps then eats. He's very obedient." Old Tie blinked his eyes, displaying a pure and innocent face.

"It's okay, Luo Ji. We will just directly go in and take a look," the old man leading them said. His hoarse voice resounded, causing that pink-haired lady, Luo Ji, to stick out her tongue.

"Fine... Since I have not seen Brother Nether King for quite a while..."

"All the Earth Prison Overlords, you guys cannot enter... Lord Nether King is currently resting!"

Old Tie's figure thrust out from behind the gate, spreading his arms wide. He looked at the five experts with a panicked expression.

Boom! Boom!

The fierce Jin Jiao moved. He only took two steps, but the entire ground was shaking.

Very quickly, he came in front of Old Tie. He reached out his big hands, raising the child Old Tie up to his eye level.

"The things we, the Earth Prison Overlords, want to do... Can you stop it alone? Quick, lead the way! We want to see the Nether King. We have things to ask him!"

Old Tie's tears were about to stream down his face...

He also wanted to know where Lord Nether King had run off to, but he was powerless against these experts.

These people were the five great Earth Prison Overlords. It could be said that they were the strongest as every one of their cultivation was about Lord Nether King's level.

They were also in charge of supervising Lord Nether King...


When the huge gates were pushed open, the five experts immediately stepped inside.

Following behind the five experts were their various subordinates, and their auras were also very strong.

The Nether King Palace sat in the deep crater of the gorge, very serene and hidden in the distance.

A group of people followed the metal road as they walked, and in just a while, they came to the front of the palace.

As they stepped inside the palace...

On the high throne in the main hall, a stern figure was sitting cross-legged. His face was tilted, so it was difficult to make out his appearance.

"See? I said that Lord Nether King is currently resting... It's not convenient to disturb him now," Old Tie gave an ugly smile as he said that.

The old man holding a magic staff narrowed his eyes. In the next instant, his eyes turned purple.

"Hmph! This doll... actually dared to lie to us!"


The old man was furious. As the staff in his hand harshly slammed on the ground, the ground shattered in an instant.


A bundle of purple radiance shot out from that staff, smashing towards the figure on the high throne.

With a loud blast, that figure instantly exploded.

The smiling face of a clown swayed as it descended from the air.

Old Tie's face was awkward.

The atmosphere at this moment became quiet.

"Pfft! As expected of my Big Brother Nether King... He loves to cause trouble!"

When Luo Ji saw that smiling face, she could not resist laughing loudly. She laughed so hard that her entire body shook crazily.

"Indeed, it is not out of this old one's expectations. Lord Nether King has once again run away from the Nether King Palace..." The old man's deep voice rang out.

Old Tie stood rooted on the spot, shrunken and trembling.

He felt wronged in his heart. What could he do? He was also in despair.

The old man did not say anything.

He held the black-colored magic staff as he stood, his eyes turning purple once again. The purple light coming from the staff seemed like a massive whirlpool as it spun before him.

In the next instant, it surged into his pupils.

"The Nether King has actually gone to the Immortal Cooking Realm? Really a restless lord... Luo Ji, Jin Jiao, the two of you go to the Immortal Cooking Realm and bring Lord Nether King back," the old man said.

Luo Ji's face instantly revealed an excited look. "Really? Grandpa Ying Long, can I really go?!"

Jin Jiao, on the other hand, only grinned, excitement leaking out of his eyes.

"Why are you asking? If you don't want to, then I'll let You Ji go," the old man said, giving Luo Ji a side glance.

Luo Ji hurriedly waved her hands as she gave a dry laugh, but the excitement in her eyes had yet to dissipate.

"Then go... We will wait here for you two. This old one has things to say to Lord Nether King," the old man calmly said.

Jin Jiao nodded his head, while Luo Ji swayed her hips.

Then, the two experts turned into green smoke as they vanished.



The illusionary void twisted as the Netherworld Ship appeared, dense Nether energy revolving around it.

On the deck, Bu Fang curiously looked at the surroundings, a trace of anticipation shining out of his eyes.

"This is the land of inheritance? There is an immortal flame here?"

From afar, a huge metal warship flew, scattering a terrifying energy. The illusionary void seemed to be trembling around it.

That was the warship of an aristocratic family. They had obviously just finished the illusionary void travel and had arrived in this land of inheritance.

Bu Fang lowered his head to look down.

Below was a vast land.

There was a patch of mountains, and it looked like a gigantic blooming lotus from above. Every petal had marks moving on it, and if one were to look carefully, those marks were huge rivers.

On the warships, the mysterious runes changed as they began to descend to the world below.

Nethery stood on the Netherworld ship. Tilting her head, she stared at the lotus mountain.

"What a strange feeling... This lotus mountain seems to have something attracting me."


Nethery's words made Bu Fang slightly freeze.

"It's okay... If it's something that attracts you, then go take it," Bu Fang said.

His Vermillion Robe billowed, flapping violently as he added, "Now... what we need to do is find the warship of the Mu family's Immortal Chef team. Since they went back on their words, I will make sure they get nothing from this land of inheritance..."