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 With a creak, Bu Fang sealed the doors of the restaurant.

He specially instructed Nether King Er Ha and the rest that during the days he was in the land of inheritance, they were not allowed to cause trouble in Immortal City.

Nether King Er Ha, who had a Spicy Strip in his mouth, nodded in reply without any trace of sincerity.

After giving his instructions, Bu Fang then left the restaurant, the Vermillion Robe flapping behind him as he headed towards the inner circle.

At the entrance of the inner circle, the experts guarding the gates had long gotten familiar with Bu Fang.

Looking at Bu Fang, they greeted him in the distance.

They also knew that today was the day that the land of inheritance had opened, so the Immortal Chef teams formed by the influential families were all preparing to leave and enter it.

Bidding farewell to the guards, Bu Fang continued forward, walking on the main street of the inner circle. The dense spiritual energy in the air seemed to become a little agitated.

In the distance, the abundant leaves of the huge Immortal Tree were gently shaking. This caused the spiritual energy within the city to constantly vibrate with its fluctuations.

Above the sky, from time to time, experts would whistle past. Their auras were incomparably mighty, causing Bu Fang to involuntarily narrow his eyes slightly.

However, he did not care too much.

Very quickly, Bu Fang arrived at the Mu family's residence.

As for this place, he had literally come here every day for a month, so he had already gotten familiar with it.

But this time, Bu Fang felt that the atmosphere was a little strange.

When he stepped into the Mu family's residence, many people were coming in and out, as though everyone was busy.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He followed Mu Liuer's instructions and came to the spot where the Immortal Chef team was assembling.

However, just as he stepped into the area...

Bu Fang frowned.

In the distance, an ice-cold warship slowly floated up.

This warship was engraved all over with mysterious runes, causing spiritual energy to surge out in waves and make it fly.


Bu Fang was slightly startled.

He knew that this was the warship of the Mu family's Immortal Chef team. How could it have started to leave already?

They did not intend to wait for him?

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, feeling some sort of premonition in his heart.

"How could you guys be like this!" Mu Liuer shouted, angered to the peak. She pointed at the warship in the air as she let out an angry roar.

However, the warship did not stop. They did not care about Mu Liuer at all.

At the bottom of the warship, four magic arrays released a dazzling brilliance as spiritual energy continuously rushed out of them.

At the front, a tall and sturdy figure stood. It was that man with a scar on his face.

When the scarred man saw Bu Fang, he opened his mouth and let out a cold laugh.

Bu Fang was expressionless as he stared at that man.


With a bang, the warship's energy instantly exploded. It seemed to transform into a comet, shooting out of the city.

At the same time...

Above Immortal City's inner circle, the warships of the other aristocratic families floated up.

These warships, just like the Mu family's warship, all dashed off, flying out of the inner circle at a breakneck speed.

Bu Fang crossed his arms as he calmly looked at the vanishing warship. The Vermillion Robe flapped behind him as a gust of wind swept past him.

He gently exhaled before pursing his lips. As expected... someone was causing trouble.

Mu Liuer looked at Bu Fang with an awkward expression on her face.

After all, she was the one who had initially invited Bu Fang to the Mu family. She was also the one who guaranteed that she could get his name into the list of people entering the land of inheritance.

But now...

This mess was obviously caused by the Tong family!

Miu Liuer was so angry, feeling bitterness in her heart. The scarred man was the leader of their Mu family's Immortal Chef team, and he previously agreed on this.

But the change now was too abrupt. Someone must have been behind all this from the shadows.

Seeing that Bu Fang was only on bad terms with the Tong family, the latter was definitely the one who did all this.

Since the Tong family did not dare to directly make a move on Bu Fang, thanks to the powerful black dog, they actually chose to use these sorts of underhanded methods.

Mu Liuer was so angry that she clenched her fists.

Those aristocratic families were indeed despicable!

"Owner Bu.... I..." Mu Liuer stammered, looking at Bu Fang with a guilty face.

She needed to apologize to Bu Fang. This sort of abandoned feeling was not very nice, and she was afraid that he would hold a grudge against her.

However, she was wrong. Bu Fang was not that sort of person that would easily hold grudges.

The reason why he came to the Mu family was originally because of the system's special task, which was to teach that group of brats.

Joining the Immortal Chef team to enter the land of inheritance was just an added bonus.

Now that he was left out and abandoned, Bu Fang did not mind it too much. However, his heart couldn't help but feel a little annoyed.

"It's okay... I will still go to the land of inheritance as planned. But since I got left behind, I'll just go and see the brats. Go round them up. I have a task to give them today," Bu Fang calmly said, patting the Vermillion Robe on his body.

Mu Liuer froze, a little dazed.


However, Bu Fang was already too lazy to reply to Mu Liuer. He clasped his hands and turned towards the direction of the Immortal Chef School.

"Owner Bu... is really like a deity."

Mu Liuer was indeed quite shocked. If it were her... she would find it difficult to hold the anger in her heart. She would want to risk her life against that scarred man.

After all, losing the chance to enter the land of inheritance was equal to hindering one's cultivation progress. This grudge was definitely not small.

However, how would Mu Liuer know that Bu Fang had Nethery? With her Netherworld Ship, the so-called land of inheritance was like his house. If he wanted to go, he could go without any problems.

As for the scarred man, Bu Fang would naturally not hold back.

His heart had already reached a verdict. This time, the scarred man would definitely... feel despair in the land of inheritance.


When the brats saw Bu Fang, they were not very elated, and every one of them pulled their faces.

"Teacher Bu, shouldn't you be in the land of inheritance? How come you're here to torture us smelly kids?" Mu Shou said weakly.

When he had been punished by Bu Fang to wield a kitchen knife a thousand times, it left a shadow in his heart.

Xixi, on the other hand, was very happy. She laughed as she ran over to Bu Fang's side.

Bu Fang crossed his arms as he stood in front of them, looking at the rest of the brats who looked like they had yet to wake up.

"Am I not welcome?"

The brats all rolled their eyes in unison.

"Oh well... I originally wanted to teach you guys how to make a dish, but since you don't want me here, you should just practice your knife techniques." Bu Fang pulled up the corner of his mouth as he said that.

With just these words, the brats felt a chill in their bones!

Step. Step. Step.

The eight brats immediately stood straight on their spots, their faces serious as they bowed to Bu Fang, saying together, "It has been hard for Teacher Bu."

In the distance, Mu Liuer's mouth twitched as she sat on a chair, watching Bu Fang teach.

This group of lawless brats had actually been taught by Bu Fang to become so obedient.

Are they still the Mu family's group of little demon lords?

"Very good. All of you take a seat," Bu Fang said.

When all the brats sat down, Bu Fang's mind flickered, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in front of him.

"Today, I will teach you how to cook a basic dish, how to make an Egg Fried Rice. After showing you how, you guys will learn by yourselves. Once I come back from the land of inheritance, I will observe and assess your understanding and control over your Egg Fried Rice. The one who has mastered it the most... will receive an amazing reward," Bu Fang said.

The brats' eyes instantly lit up, and they all chattered excitedly.

If it was Bu Fang's reward, they would definitely be very amazed, just like the Spicy Strips and the hotpot previously...

Every time this group of brats heard Bu Fang mention a reward, they would all be extremely excited.

"Teacher Bu, can you reveal a little bit for Xixi?" Xixi widened her cute eyes as she stared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang froze.

"Ohh... This time's reward is, the one who mastered the Egg Fried Rice the most will be able to come to my restaurant to observe... Of course, there will also be nice things to eat..." Bu Fang said.

From afar, Mu Liuer listened. How come she felt like something was weird?

But this sort of weirdness... She could not express it.

She shook her head and did not think about it anymore.

The Mu family has just stood Bu Fang up, but he did not give up on teaching his students. What could be strange about that?

Bu Fang wouldn't vent it out on a group of children, would he?


After finishing his lesson, Bu Fang clasped his arms, then with Mu Liuer sending him off, he left the Mu family's residence.

As he stepped out of the Mu family's gate, he slowly turned his head, giving a glance at the huge residence before he gently let out a breath.

Then, he walked away, intending to return to Immortal Chef Little Store.

As he walked, his face gradually darkened.

The Mu family's Immortal Chef team?

Looks like when the time comes, he would make them feel despair.

When the inner circle guards saw Bu Fang, they were slightly stunned. Didn't Bu Fang go to the land of inheritance? How come he's still here?

But they still greeted him happily.

Bu Fang left the inner circle, quickly returning to the outer circle.

As he approached the entrance of Immortal Chef Little Store...

Nether King Er Ha and the Black Dragon King had pulled out two chairs, placing them in front of the restaurant. Closing their eyes, they laid back on the chair, basking in the sunlight.

Nether King Er Ha suddenly sensed something. His long eyelashes shook as he opened his eyes, seeing Bu Fang with a gloomy face.

Instantly, he let out a gentle 'eh' sound.

As soon as Bu Fang stepped inside the restaurant, he poured himself a glass of Sour Plum Juice. After drinking a mouthful, he felt the cooling sensation enter his throat, causing him to let out a long breath afterwards.

Nether King Er Ha and the Black Dragon King held their chairs as they returned from outside, curiously watching Bu Fang.

They asked what happened.

Of course, Bu Fang did not say that he had been stood up. He could only say that he had been tactfully rejected.

However, when Nether King Er Ha heard it, he instantly opened his mouth and burst out laughing.

"Bu Fang young man, even you have this day! Actually being stood up by someone!"

Bu Fang's face instantly darkened.

"But that whatever Immortal Chef team really knows how to act like they're all that, huh? They need to be taught a lesson..." Nether King Er Ha said, rubbing his chin.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

From upstairs, sounds of footsteps rang out. Then, Nethery's figure appeared.

The cold Nethery, who was wearing a long pitch-black dress, walked over. Her pale and slender long legs attracted one's eyes, and her beautiful appearance made one unable to turn their eyes away.

Once Nethery appeared, her gaze landed on Bu Fang. Obviously, she heard what happened to him.

Awkwardness appeared on Bu Fang's face.

"It's okay. Isn't it just to go to the land of inheritance? Don't worry, Big Sister will take you there and protect you."

Nethery looked at Bu Fang's awkward appearance, her red lips slightly raised into a smile.

Her smiling face was so beautiful that it shook their souls!

With the Netherworld Ship, what kind of land of inheritance could she not go to?

After all, she was the Netherworld woman who had been exiled into the land of inheritances...

Bu Fang looked at the smiling and beautiful Nethery, a little dazed.

Then, the corners of his lips slightly raised. He nodded as he replied, " Okay."

Nethery's long, black hair instantly floated up. In the next instant, the Netherworld Ship appeared in the air, emitting a strong Nether energy.

She stood on the deck of the ship, calmly looking at Bu Fang. The corners of her red lips slightly raised as she said, "Then let's set out... to plunder everything."