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 Bu Fang's words did not receive much response. Those several pairs of big eyes just looked at him in a daze.

This made Bu Fang feel awkward.

"Teacher Bu, can I ask... What is a Spicy Strip?" a boy asked curiously.

Judging from this boy's size, his age was a little older, and he was a little more built than the rest.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, seriously saying, "A Spicy Strip is a very mysterious and addicting dish... Once you tasted it, you won't be able to resist it."

At this moment, Mu Liuer had returned and quickly placed a new table in front of Bu Fang.

Looking at this table, Bu Fang expressionlessly gave Mu Liuer a side glance. He did not ask why this new table was made of stone...

Mu Liuer retreated right away, leaving the floor to Bu Fang.

"This is the Immortal Chef School, a place to teach you culinary arts. Since you guys are here, that means your talent should be pretty good," Bu Fang said. He swept his gaze across them before he continued, "Since you guys intend to learn, then naturally, your goal is to become an Immortal Chef. So, from today onwards, what you'll learn will not just be words but will be actual practice with real knives and woks."

Bu Fang then walked over to Xixi's side. Raising his palms, he instantly cleaned the egg whites and yolks off her body.

The sticky feeling on Xixi's body also vanished.

A cute pair of big eyes stared at Bu Fang spiritedly, filled with curiosity.

"Teacher Bu, are you saying we will wield the kitchen knife like Mu Shou?" Xixi wiped her nose as she asked.

"Maybe we are going to cut a thousand huge radishes!" a child piped up.

In response, everyone began to laugh unconsciously.

Bu Fang raised his brows and looked expressionlessly at that brat who just joked.

This was another boy. However, he looked very pretty. It was a type of prettiness that was even better than a girl's.

"What did you just say? What's your name?" Bu Fang asked calmly.

That boy instantly froze. He looked at Bu Fang cautiously, a little scared in his heart.

Now, they were a little scared when Bu Fang asked for their names.

"I... I'm called Mu You..." the boy who looked like a girl said, stammering.

"Looking at your appearance, it seems like you really want to cut radishes?" The corner of Bu Fang's mouth pulled up into a smirk.

Mu You's pupils instantly shrank, and he sucked in a cold breath.

In the next instant, in the corner of the room...

Mu You looked at the huge pile of white radishes in front of him, looking like there was no love left in this world...

"Okay, let's start the class. First, take out your kitchen tools," Bu Fang said.

Upon hearing this, the brats all looked at each other's faces....

They did not have kitchen tools. Since they were too young, their families did not prepare tools for them.

Bu Fang froze for a moment. He raised his brows, understanding the situation immediately.

He then asked the system if it could provide them kitchen tools.

The system was silent for quite a while before agreeing.


With a dazzling brilliance, many small exquisite kitchen knives floated in front of Bu Fang. They were perfectly suited for these brats to use.

Sometimes, the system could still be reasonable.

The brats' eyes all lit up as they looked at these small knives with cute spirit beasts engraved on the handles. Then, they started to look for the knife they liked, playing with it fondly.

In the distance, Mu You and Mu Shou watched in envy.

"The two of you complete your tasks first. Aside from knives, there will also be steel woks..." Bu Fang said.

Mu You And Mu Shou instantly bowed their heads regretfully.

Afterwards, Bu Fang began to teach these brats how to cook and the important points in cooking.


The pitch-black night gradually covered the sky.

The brats had all left.

Bu Fang gently exhaled. Clasping his hands behind him, he walked out of the school.

Outside the building, Mu Liuer was waiting for him.

"It's been hard for Owner Bu... The banquet has already been prepared. How about eating dinner before going back?" Mu Liuer asked.

Bu Fang was shocked, but he shook his head. The only reason why he came to teach these brats was to complete the system's task. He did not want to get too involved with the Mu family.

"Since Owner Bu wishes to go home, then I won't force you. However, some words still have to be said..."

Mu Liuer paused for a moment before continuing, "My father knows about you teaching the kids, and he did not reject it, so your name is included in the list of people who will enter the land of inheritance. It will open a month later... I hope Owner Bu can make some preparations.

"When the time comes, Owner Bu and my Mu family's team of Immortal Chefs will enter together. The land of inheritance is not the same as the Immortal City. It's very dangerous... that's why everyone prepares for it..." Mu Liuer then said seriously.

Since there were opportunities and resources in the land of inheritance, danger would naturally accompany it. After all, opportunity and risk come hand in hand.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, nodding his head.

He understood that danger was inevitable. But even if it was dangerous, he had to go to obtain an immortal flame.

Furthermore, he had offended the Tong family, and they would not let go of this chance to enter the land of inheritance.

Lord Dog could not possibly follow him, so when that time comes, the Tong family might really send someone to make a move. If he met an existence of Tong Muhe's level, he might actually be unable to deal with it alone.

Hence, he indeed needed to make some preparations.

After giving Bu Fang a reminder, Mu Liuer sent Bu Fang out of the Mu family's residence, then turned around and returned.

As Bu Fang slowly walked home, he felt a little pleased.

Even though the night sky of Immortal City did not have any starlight, both sides of the streets were bright with lights.

The fragrance of the various snacks lingered in the air, causing him to feel comfortable and relaxed.

As soon as he returned to Immortal Chef Little Store, he entered the kitchen to begin his daily practice.

It was about time to begin practicing the Cutting Immortal Style.

The Cutting Immortal Style was a completely new knife skill. Different from the Overlord Thirteen Blades, this skill only has one blade and one stroke.

This one blade and one stroke needed Bu Fang to condense his entire body's mental energy, requiring a huge amount of it to utilize.

With Bu Fang's Two-star True Immortal Realm's mental energy today, it was only enough for him to utilize the Cutting Immortal Style just once...

As for the might of this one blade, Bu Fang held high hopes for it.

Holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the air around Bu Fang changed. His eyes became sharp, and the mental force in his spirit sea seemed to boil.

All of this mental force seemed to be condensed into this one blade.


Time flew by.

Bu Fang had taught the brats in the Mu family for about a month now.

In this month's time, Bu Fang had become like the idol of this group of kids. Everyone's gaze towards him was filled with respect and obsession.

They all respect him because of his superior cooking skills. As for the obsession... it was because of the Spicy Strips...

The Spicy Strip was indeed a type of dish that held a demonic charm.

The first one to obtain a spicy strip was Xixi, who loved crying her nose out. Xixi had a great talent as she was able to actually learn and understand the Meteor Knife Skill Bu Fang taught in less than two days.

This was also the first time that Bu Fang felt that these aristocratic families' disciples held astonishing culinary talent.

When Xixi obtained a spicy strip, she curiously took a bite.

This crybaby instantly cried, not because it was too tasty, but because it was too spicy...

However, this spiciness made Xixi extremely excited, and she couldn't help but give a lot of compliments.

After eating one strip, she actually wanted another one. Hence, it meant that it was very delicious.

The rest of the brats seemed to have been hooked by the Spicy Strip, and they all worked hard to prove themselves.

Out of everyone's expectations, the children of the Immortal Chef School improved as fast as boiling chicken blood.

When Mu Liuer started to assess them, she was shocked by their improvement. She couldn't really believe her eyes.

These children, within a short time of a month, had actually reached the standards of a mid-grade chef!

It should be known that the youngest of them, Xixi, was only six years old!

Mu Liuer's gaze at Bu Fang was no longer the same. It was as if she was looking at a deity.

So, it turns out that Owner Bu had the talent to be a teacher of such level...

However, what Mu Liuer did not know was that, while she cared about the growth of the children's culinary skills, what Bu Fang cared about was which brat's culinary talent was the highest, so he could bring him to his Immortal Chef Little Store to be his apprentice.

If Mu Liuer knew about Bu Fang's intentions, maybe her face would turn black, and she would grab a broom to chase after Bu Fang.

She had sincerely let Bu Fang be their teacher, yet Bu Fang actually wanted to snatch away their Mu family's brats!

"Owner Bu, the opening day of the land of inheritance is in two days. You don't have to come and teach, so go back and make some good preparations. Entering the land of inheritance is not a joke," Mu Liuer solemnly said to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was a little dazed. So a month had already gone past without him noticing?

He opened his restaurant to do business in the day, then taught these brats in the evening. After that, he would return to practice his Cutting Immortal Style...

These days had passed quite comfortably, so he had gotten a little carried away and forgot his objective.

If it weren't for the immortal flame, Bu Fang intended to continue on this way.

"Okay... After two days, I will come to the Mu family's residence again." Bu Fang seriously nodded his head.


As the day of the opening of the land of inheritance approached, the atmosphere of the entire Immortal City had become a little different.

Every time a land of inheritance was about to open, the Immortal Chefs that were rarely seen in an ordinary day would come out to mingle.

Even the outer circle was able to see many Immortal Chefs.

At this time, the residents of Immortal City were really excited as they were able to see the many Immortal Chefs in legends.

The land of inheritance of the Immortal Cooking Realm was split into different grades, so the Immortal Chefs entering it were different as well.

This time's land of inheritance was only a first-grade one, so the ones entering were mostly First Grade Immortal Chefs. Since it's only a first-grade land of inheritance, the things inside it would not attract Second Grade Immortal Chefs, let alone Third Grade Immortal Chefs and Qilin Chefs.

These high ranking Immortal Chefs' objectives were naturally the higher grade second-grade land of inheritance and the third-grade land of inheritance.

Since the resources they required were different, only the resources in a higher grade land of inheritance could attract them.


The various teams of all aristocratic families prepared to enter the land of inheritance as they waited for the opening day.

The Gongshu family's Immortal Chef team had long been ready and waiting. There were over ten of them, and Xuanyuan Xiahui was among the group. They all smiled as they chatted, excitement flashing across their eyes.

The Tong family, Zhang family, and the other families' Immortal Chef teams all waited as well.

At this time, the Mu family's Immortal Chef team was busy with their preparations.

A man with a scar on his face furrowed his brows as he looked at Mu Liuer in front of him.

"Without the Pavilion Master, what are you? How can someone who is not a member of the Mu family's Immortal Chef team enter the land of inheritance? This old one joined the Mu family to obtain the right to enter it, but an outsider was actually allowed to join us... Without the Pavilion Master, you are just stirring trouble!" the scarred man coldly said.

His words seemed to stir up the surrounding Immortal Chefs' emotions against a common enemy, and they all looked at Mu Liuer with a cold expression.

Mu Liuer's face was a little pale. She would never have thought that her own family's Immortal Chef team would actually refuse Bu Fang.

Hadn't it been agreed on?

"Why? You guys did not say this in front of my father!" Mu Liuer furrowed her brows as she said that.

The scarred man smirked, his gaze sweeping past Mu Liuer.

"That's right. We promised the venerable City Lord... but the venerable City Lord has gone to the second layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm now, so the one making the decisions now is me, the leader of the Immortal Chef team! So... if I say no... then it's a no! That mortal chef has no right to go into the land of inheritance with us!" the scarred man coldly said.

Mu Liuer's face paled even more.

No way... How is she going to explain this to Owner Bu?