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 Bu Fang swept the Vermillion Robe's sleeves out and said to Mu Liuer, "Alright... Let's go."

Mu Liuer's face beamed.

Nether King Er Ha held a Spicy Strip in his mouth as he leaned against the chair. Looking at Bu Fang leaving the restaurant, chewing sounds came out from his mouth.

Upstairs, sounds of footsteps could be heard before Nethery's figure appeared.

"Sister Nethery... That kid Bu Fang went out to be a teacher. I'm really curious. How can he be a teacher with that stone face? Won't he scare away all the young ladies?" Nether King Er Ha said.

"You should go and look if you're curious. Maybe he will use Spicy Strips to tempt them?" Nethery said indifferently. Her long black hair swayed as she spoke.

For a moment, Nether King Er Ha's eyes lit up, but he shook his head and answered, "What you said makes sense... Eh, nevermind. This king will just roam around Immortal City. It's embarrassing to snatch Spicy Strips from young kids."

He clasped his hands behind his back and chewed on his Spicy Strip. Puffing up his chest, he left the restaurant.

Nethery looked at Nether King Er Ha's back and rolled her eyes.


Mu Liuer and Bu Fang walked on the long street, passing many stalls on both sides.

"The first time I saw you, you were being messed with by Tong Yue. I thought you were just an ordinary chef." Mu Liuer laughed, then continued, "In the end, you opened a stall and made that woman regret it. She was even expelled from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion."

"It's what I normally do..." Bu Fang said with an expressionless face.

What he normally does...

Mu Liuer was stunned. Bu Fang was really not a humble man!

As the two of them walked, they very quickly approached the inner circle.

The inner circle was different from the outer circle. It was separated by a whole new layer of walls and had its own entrance.

When Mu Liuer led Bu Fang to the entrance, the guards didn't mess with him. He was able to enter the inner circle easily because of her identity and status.

The moment they entered, Bu Fang felt as though the air was completely different, much different from the outer circle.

In here, it felt like the air had its own mind and wanted to enter his body. It made him feel extremely refreshed.

"The density of spirit energy in the inner circle is very high, not to mention that there's an array that covers the city. It absorbs most of the spirit energy in the outer circle, which is very suitable for cultivation. And this is why the Immortal Chefs would join the influential families. They want to stay in the inner circle and use this abundant spirit energy," Mu Liuer said.

If there was a chance, she wanted to pull Bu Fang into her Mu family.

Bu Fang nodded. Raising his head, he looked into the distance.

After entering the inner circle, the Immortal Tree was even more prominent and eye-catching.

The inner circle was built around the Immortal Tree, and the closer the location was to the tree, the denser the spirit energy was.

The top families of Immortal City were located very close to the Immortal Tree.

The Immortal Tree pierced into the clouds, and it was incomparably big. Raising one's head, they would only be able to see the dense leaves clustered together.

The branches shot up into the sky and cut into the clouds.

"We're here. This is my Mu family's residence," Mu Liuer said.

Bu Fang was stunned. They're here?

They were here already? They weren't even close to the Immortal Tree... The Mu family, where the City Lord was, could only occupy this area? They were not even one of the top families here?

Mu Liuer seemed to understand what Bu Fang was thinking, and a bitter look appeared on her face.

"The Mu family isn't as strong as you think. Otherwise, Tong Yue wouldn't be able to act so impudently in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion," Mu Liuer explained.

Bu Fang nodded his head.

It seems like the Mu family had its own troubles.

Without saying anything, Bu Fang entered the residence along with Mu Liuer.

This was an extremely huge residence, and the density of spirit energy in the air was much more than outside.

No wonder the cultivation of the people here was so strong. Cultivating in such an environment would definitely be much faster.

"Do you want me to show you around?" Mu Liuer asked.

"No need for that. Just take me to them," Bu Fang said, refusing Mu Liuer's offer.

Mu Liuer was stunned, and she felt regret. She thought that she would be able to spend some time alone with Bu Fang.

After walking for some time, Bu Fang realized that the vast residence was as huge as a small city.

There were many people who saw Mu Liuer, and they would all greet her. After all, she was the daughter of the City Lord and the Junior Pavilion Master.

"Immortal School?"

Bu Fang looked at the board in front of a building and read the words on it.

"This is the place where my Mu family's Immortal Chefs are at. The juniors are all inside..."

Mu Liuer laughed, and a weird smile suddenly appeared on her face. "Go inside first. I'll follow you."

And so, the two of them entered the building.

The place was split into eight areas, and it was very lively and colorful. The atmosphere was overflowing with an ancient feeling.

Before they reached the second floor, they could already hear the noise there.

Bu Fang's brows started to twitch.

An awkward expression appeared on Mu Liuer's face as she said, "Owner Bu, you can go ahead. I shall not bother you anymore."

Bu Fang nodded, clasping his hands before walking up.

Just as Bu Fang was about to stick his head...

His heart shook.

With a swishing sound, a huge ball of flour smashed down, aiming for his head. It was accompanied by laughter.

"Hit! It has to hit!"

However, with a single thought from Bu Fang, the flour just hovered in the air.

Looking at the flour, the corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards.

These little fellows... they're really brats.

As Mu Liuer looked at Bu Fang from downstairs, the awkward look on her face became more pronounced.

Mu Liuer prayed in her heart. She hoped that Bu Fang would be able to control those little brats...

"Wow! He blocked it! Mu Shou, it's your turn!"

Sharp cries resounded around the room.

Bu Fang walked into the room, and he felt the giant black wok that was about to fall on his head.

The black wok was extremely heavy, and the moment it fell, he could feel a suppressive air.

Bu Fang released his mental energy, making the black wok hover in the air above him.

"Wow... blocked again! Mu Shou, you're too weak! Watch this lady!"

The immature voices rang out again along with cheers from the rest.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Bu Fang was stunned as he saw several spirit beast eggs flying at him.

Those eggs contained dense spirit energy, and with a single look, everyone knew they weren't ordinary eggs.

Bu Fang sighed in his heart. This bunch of brats...

His mental energy started to fluctuate, causing the eggs to hover in mid-air as well.

However, in the next moment, Bu Fang's brows started to twitch. He discovered that the eggs in front of him were shattering.

The white and yolk of the eggs flew towards him.

The cheers of the children became louder as they slapped the table in excitement.

"Pretty good..." Bu Fang said indifferently. After that, the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

As he held the knife, he lightly swept it out, and with a slapping sound, he deflected everything with a swoosh, causing it to land on the brat in front of him.

In an instant, everyone fell silent.

"Huh? They can even do something like this?"

Bu Fang wiped the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and walked towards the table, still carrying it.


As Bu Fang walked, the black wok slammed on the floor and produced a loud banging sound. Shortly after, the white flour landed in the wok, and the eggshells shattered to even smaller pieces on the floor.

Every child on the second floor looked at Bu Fang. There were eight of them altogether-three girls and five boys.

Right in front of him, a girl was standing with a shocked face, as though she didn't know what just happened.

The eggs obviously flew outwards... How did they come back?

"What?! I was smashed with an egg! Xixi was smashed with an egg!" The girl came back to her senses and started to cry loudly.

Since when did she ever feel so humiliated?

"Xixi, don't cry. I'll avenge you!"

A boy who was wearing a brocade robe ran to the girl's side and consoled her. After that, he raised his head and glared at Bu Fang. "You damn mortal! You dare to bully Xixi? You'll pay for this!"


With a loud boom, Bu Fang slammed the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife down.


The table that was made from precious wood split in half.

That loud boom shocked all the kids, and they were all dumbstruck.

The kid who was crying widened her eyes as she stared at him.

As for the kid who just yelled at him, he just stood there, stunned.

"Revenge? You sure are capable..." Bu Fang said indifferently, looking at the kid with an expressionless face.

In the next instant, his gaze landed on the girl who was crying.

She looked adorable in her beautiful dress. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and her eyes were bright and lustrous. She had some baby fat on her face, and her nose was red as her snot flowed down from it.

"Stop crying. Anyone who makes noise will be punished to cut a thousand pieces of radish. Anyway, I have limited time. I'm here to teach you guys knowledge on cooking, so once I start teaching, you'll listen and learn. Understood?" Bu Fang said.

The eight brats were stunned, seemingly lifeless. They rubbed their noses as they looked at Bu Fang.

"You want to take revenge, right? Come here..." Bu Fang said to the boy who threatened him earlier.

The kid was scared, but he quickly walked forward with his chest puffed out.

"I'm not afraid of you! My dad is the grand elder of the City Lord mansion! I-"


Before he could finish, Bu Fang swung his knife and broke another table. The words in his mouth became stuck in his throat.

My god... This uncle is really scary!

They didn't dare to speak again as they didn't want another table to be smashed apart.

"What's your name?" Bu Fang asked as he looked coldly at the kid.

"I... My dad is the grand elder of the City Lord mansion!"


With another swing, Bu Fang smashed another table.

The brat's body shook, and he was shocked.

"I'm called Mu Shou! My dad is-"


Another table was split in half.

Mu Shou's voice stammered. "I... I'm called Mu Shou!"


Mu Shou was stunned as he looked at Bu Fang. Why did he smash another table? He didn't even say who his dad was...

"Sorry... my hand slipped." Bu Fang's brows arched, not feeling the least bit embarrassed.

He then turned to Mu Liuer and said, "Oh... bring me another table."

Mu Liuer, who was in a daze as she stood on the side, recovered her wits and ran quickly to find another table.

Bu Fang's hand shook, and a pitch-black knife appeared. He said to the boy, "Take this knife and go to the corner. Wave it around a thousand times. Don't you want to take revenge? Do it after you finish training."

Mu Shou stared at Bu Fang in terror and received the knife. In the next moment, his eyes widened as he staggered, falling to the floor.

His legs were trembling as his hand gripped the knife...

"Wave this knife a thousand times?" Mu Shou felt as though his world was going black. The weight of this knife made him feel endless despair.

Bu Fang tilted his head. "Do you want to do it two thousand times?"

Mu Shou's mouth trembled, feeling wronged in his heart. He really wanted to cry.

"I don't want to take revenge anymore... Can I?"

"Nope... I'm waiting for you to slash me with a knife. If you don't, I won't feel good. Alright, go to the corner now."

After that, Bu Fang didn't care about Mu Shou anymore. He turned his head and looked at the other brats.

The corners of his mouth curled upwards as he said, "Starting today, I'll be your teacher. All of you will listen to me. The one with good performance will be rewarded with a Spicy Strip... so work hard, little brats..."