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 "Are you at a loss which family to join?"

Bu Fang was slightly stunned by Mu Liuer's question. Looking at her hand that was reaching out to him, his gaze became weird.

Although Mu Liuer's words made sense, Bu Fang indeed needed an immortal flame to cook better dishes.

However, even if Bu Fang wanted to obtain an immortal flame, he loved to run his small restaurant even more and quietly do business. He liked to slowly improve his culinary skills.

As for the immortal flame, according to what Mu Liuer said, if it existed in the land of inheritance...

Land of inheritance...

Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. With Nethery around, was there a land of inheritance he couldn't enter?

When Mu Liuer saw Bu Fang's smirk, her face revealed a shocked expression. What's this reaction?

"Apologies. I don't plan on joining any family. I only wish to quietly run my restaurant..." Bu Fang said calmly, then added, "Facing the sea, watching the flowers bloom in spring."

F*ck your sea!

Where are you gonna find the sea?

Mu Liuer's face instantly became black. She never thought that Bu Fang would refuse her invitation.

Could it be that Bu Fang was not interested in getting an immortal flame? Without it, his skills wouldn't be able to improve, not to mention that he wouldn't be able to cook high-level dishes.

If he wanted to obtain an immortal flame, he had to enter the land of inheritance.

If Bu Fang didn't join an influential family, how was he going to enter the land of inheritance? How would he obtain an immortal flame?

She never thought that Bu Fang would be a chef with no desire to improve.

"Owner Bu, don't you want to think about it again? With your talent, you will be able to obtain a lot of resources if you were to join my family. Becoming a Second Grade Immortal Chef will no longer be a dream..." Mu Liuer said seriously with a frown on her face. However, what she saw next made her instantly disappointed.

Bu Fang simply shook his head and refused her request.

Manager Chen was looking on from the side, and initially, he thought that Bu Fang would join the Mu family.

At this point, Mu Liuer's appreciation of Bu Fang was pretty obvious. She even talked to the Two-star True Immortal Realm expert to block the Tong family.

If it were anyone else, they might already be swayed by Mu Liuer.

However, from what Manager Chen understood about Bu Fang, this chef who came from the world of mortals, he seemed to be extremely arrogant.

This arrogance caused Manager Chen's body to shiver. Even he didn't know where the arrogance came from.

However, Manager Chen knew a way to invite Bu Fang into the Mu family, and that was...

...to marry the Junior Pavilion Master and enter the family!

But quickly, he decided to drop the idea.


Just as Mu Liuer was in a state of panic, Manager Chen let out a dry cough and interrupted her.

Mu Liuer was stunned.

Manager Chen stroked his beard and nodded at Mu Liuer. Raising his head to look at Bu Fang, he smiled at him and said, "Owner Bu, since you don't want to enter our Mu family, we won't force you. However, can we invite you to be a teacher for the younger generation of our family?"


The moment those words left his mouth...

Not only Bu Fang, but even Mu Liuer was also stunned.

Every influential family had a team of Immortal Chefs. However, there was a limit to how many they could have, and all the families had a goal of raising Immortal Chefs.

They would assemble young chefs with talents and teach them how to cook, grooming them to become the family's Immortal Chefs.

However, the job of teaching the younger generation always fell onto a senior member in the family. Manager Chen actually invited Owner Bu?

This... would Owner Bu agree?

"Of course, we will allow Owner Bu to enter the land of inheritance as compensation... how's that?" Manager Chen said with a smile.

Mu Liuer's frown became deeper. Inviting someone to guide the younger generation to be Immortal Chefs wasn't something so simple.

Would her father agree?

"Junior Pavilion Master, maybe you don't know, but the land of inheritance is about to open. All the Immortal Chefs in the family are busy getting ready to enter it. That's why all the little fellows in the family aren't attending any classes now and are messing around every day." Manager Chen stroked his beard as he explained.

"But..." Mu Liuer wanted to say something. Inviting Bu Fang to be a teacher... wouldn't it be a bother for him instead of enticing him?

Bu Fang was shocked at Manager Chen's suggestion. What did he mean?

Asking him to go to the Mu family to be a teacher? He's going to teach people how to cook?

This Manager Chen really had many ideas...

Bu Fang didn't know whether to laugh or cry. How could he be a teacher? He was so busy every day...

However, at that very moment, the solemn voice of the system rang out in his head.

"Temporary task: Become a chef teacher in the Mu family. Look for a chef apprentice among the younger generation. Reward: Enhanced version of the Abyssal Chili Sauce."


Bu Fang almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

What's with this odd task?

Bu Fang was speechless. Teaching students was very different from teaching an apprentice on-on-one. He would have to handle a lot of people, and he couldn't treat them however he liked.

"System... get out here. I promise I won't beat you to death..." Bu Fang said gloomily.

"Host, in order to stand on top of the food chain, how can you not pick and choose as you like? The system looks highly upon you. You're the best." The solemn voice of the system rang in his head.

It screwed with him once again.

Bu Fang was utterly dumbstruck. What did becoming a God of Cooking have anything to do with picking as he liked?

Manager Chen noticed that Bu Fang was in a daze. Narrowing his eyes, he stroked his beard as he asked, "Owner Bu... are you interested in my suggestion?"

Mu Liuer thought about it. If Bu Fang accepted the offer, it wouldn't be too bad. At least, it wouldn't be bad for their Mu family.

Even though Bu Fang didn't exactly join them, he wouldn't be taken away by the others.

As such, Mu Liuer's eyes were bright as she looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's face was stiff.

He really wanted to reject this task from the system...

Who knew that the system would assign him such a mission? At least give something normal... like going to the land of inheritance to obtain an immortal flame or something...

Turning him into a chef teacher.... This was really putting him in a difficult spot.

"Fine... I accept."

When those words left Bu Fang's mouth, there was a feeling of reluctance in his heart.

Mu Liuer and Manager Chen were shocked for a moment.

Bu Fang really agreed?

Nether King Er Ha, who was sitting at the side, was dumbfounded.

What the f*ck? Bu Fang actually agreed? Is Owner Bu really going to be a teacher?

"I accept. When do we begin?" Bu Fang asked with an expressionless face. Since he agreed, he couldn't avoid it anymore.

He felt as though the system was a little mischievous this time. It even wanted him to pick out a talented chef to be his apprentice.

However, Bu Fang was pretty satisfied with this request. At least he didn't have to think about how he was going to find an apprentice in the future.

"Well... let's start tomorrow. I'll bring Owner Bu to our Mu family tomorrow," Mu Liuer said.

"Oh... alright. But I have a request. I'll only teach after my business hours," Bu Fang said. Teaching was unrelated to making money anyway.

"Of course." A smile appeared on Mu Liuer's face.

After they concluded their meeting, Mu Liuer's group left the restaurant, full of smiles.

Bu Fang looked at their departing figures and scratched his head.

Tomorrow, he would be a teacher. He couldn't help feeling a little excited about it.


In the Tong family

A bright light flashed past.

In the next moment, the head of the Tong family, Tong Wudi, appeared in the courtyard. Waving his hand, Tong Muhe's body flew inside.

Tong Cheng's father, who was the great elder of the Tong family, Tong Xuan, walked out of his room. When he saw Tong Muhe's sorry figure, his pupils constricted.

Tong Wudi's aura was like a terrifying dragon, which caused Tong Xuan to feel stifled.

"Head... This..." Tong Xuan stammered.

"Look for the 'three-mark blue dragon's gallbladder' in the immortal ingredients vault. Give it to Tong Muhe for him to regrow his arm. After that, look for me in the main hall."

Tong Wudi's face was dark as he coldly looked at Tong Xuan before leaving.

Tong Xuan stood rooted to his spot, dumbstruck. His body froze as he felt a feeling of discontent from Tong Wudi.

Also... how did Tong Muhe suffer such serious injuries?

Could it be... the silver-armored guards and Tong Muhe were not able to suppress the restaurant opened by that mortal?

With his arm broken, Tong Muhe was in a pathetic state. Fresh blood flowed out of his battered body. Overall, he cut a pitiful figure.

"Dead... all of them are dead! My troops... they are all dead!"

Tong Muhe's pupils constricted, and there was a malevolent look in his eyes. However, there was also a terrified look...

The silver-armored guards were all dead...

If not for Tong Wudi's appearance, he was afraid that even Tong Muhe would be dead.

Tong Xuan spat out a long breath, his heart shaking. What kind of existence did his son really provoke?!

Looking at the haggard Tong Muhe, Tong Xuan quickly went to the vault.


In the main hall of the Tong family, Tong Wudi sat on the chair with a frosty expression on his face.

A terrifying aura surrounded him, and everyone felt as though their hair was standing on end.

Tong Xuan slowly walked through the door and appeared in front of Tong Wudi.

"Head, I've applied the medicine..." Tong Xuan respectfully bowed, then added, "That mortal's restaurant-"


Tong Xuan was about to say more, but he was slapped by Tong Wudi, causing him to land on a table. Instantly, that table was smashed.

"Don't talk about that restaurant again! This disgrace... you better swallow all of it!" Tong Wudi said coldly.

Tong Xuan's pupils constricted.

Impossible. Such a big loss... How many people did the Tong family lose? Tong Wudi wanted them to swallow their indignation just like that?

How are they supposed to do it?

What in the world is Tong Wudi afraid of?

"Don't go and provoke them... That dog is back," Tong Wudi said after a long time.

"Dog..." Tong Xuan frowned. In the next instant, he appeared to have recalled something, which made his eyes widen. His nostrils flared, and an incredulous expression appeared on his face.

"Head... you mean the Earth Prison's dog that made a mess of the Immortal Cooking Realm?"

"Yes... That damn dog who ate half of the vaults of all the powerful families is back. His strength didn't regress at all, and he is still as shameless as before." Tong Wudi sighed. He never thought that he would be the one to witness the return of the dog.

This news would quickly make its way across Immortal City.

Why did that dog appear again when the land of inheritance is about to open?!

Tong Wudi sucked in a cold breath. It didn't take long for him to figure out a connection.

Now, he felt a headache coming on.

"Pass down my order. Starting today, the Tong family will increase the number of guards by ten times! Not a single soul is allowed to enter the vault!"


The next day, Mu Liuer wore a plain and simple dress and went to Immortal Chef Little Store.

Opening the doors, she could see that the day was about to end for the restaurant. She looked for a place to sit down and supported her chin with her hands.


The bell hanging on the door jingled as Bu Fang walked out from the kitchen. The Vermillion Robe flapped behind him, revealing his sturdy and fair arms.

"Owner Bu, are you done for the day? We should go and take a look at your new students." Mu Liuer looked at Bu Fang as a brilliant smile appeared on her face.

Bu Fang's face became stiff for a moment before he let out a long breath.

"Alright... Let's go."