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 The commotion died down just like that.

Tong Muhe was brought away by the Tong family's head and left behind a bunch of debris. They also left behind a dumbfounded audience.

It seems as though no one thought that it would end like that.

The Tong family's high-spirited silver-armored guards arrived with an imposing aura and seemed unbeatable. However, with a single paw, all of them were killed.

Even the head of the Tong family, Tong Wudi, was respectful when meeting the dog.

Everyone looked at each other, disbelief written all over their faces.

Mu Liuer suffered the most shock. It was because she understood every single aristocratic family head's power. For someone of that status to show so much respect to the black dog, that dog definitely had heaven-defying origins.

With a creak, the doors of the restaurant started to close. Eventually, they slammed shut with a bang.

The spectators outside had a curious expression on their faces.

They felt an itch in their hearts. They wanted to know what was going on, and all of them really wanted to push open the doors of the restaurant to carefully inspect the black dog.

However, none of them had the guts to do it.

That black dog's horrifying might was imprinted in all of their minds.

One slap killed fifteen silver-armored experts, and it left a deep impression on them.

In the end, the spectators could only disperse.

However, everyone who left still had a scene playing out in their minds, and that was the incident that happened in front of the restaurant just a moment ago.


Inside the restaurant

Uncle Mu was breathing heavily.

After he was attacked by Tong Muhe's spear, his body almost got pierced through, leaving him with serious injuries. It left a shadow in his heart as well.

However, he was lucky. The ruby-like red braised meat emitted a dense fragrance, and it really stimulated his appetite. The pain from his wounds seemed much less painful thanks to the aroma.

In the distance...

The black dog finally returned.

Taking graceful cat-like steps, it looked like there wasn't even a speck of dust on his body.

This dog walked to the table and casually crawled up on a chair. Placing his paws on the table, his eyes rolled before landing on the red braised meat in the ceramic bowl.

Lord Dog opened his mouth, his tongue hanging out.

Bu Fang, Mu Liuer, and the rest all came back and returned to the table as well.

Walking to the table, Bu Fang stood in the middle of everyone before calmly looking at all of them.

"Bu Fang young man, this lazy dog is back. Don't you think we should start?" Nether King Er Ha had long since lost his patience. The drool in his mouth nearly flowed out.

He was not interested in whatever happened outside. The moment Lord Dog stepped out of the restaurant, he knew clearly what the result was.

That lazy dog... Even though he was a little shameless at times, his strength was nothing to scoff at.

Even in the Earth Prison, no one dared to provoke the dog. He was even in the upper ranking of existences in the Nether Prison. So, in a mere Immortal City, who would be able to deal with him?

Mu Liuer's eyes moved around and landed on Nether King Er Ha. At this moment, the shock in her heart had mostly dissipated.

However, the calmer she felt, the more she felt that the situation was so unreal.

The lazy dog was extraordinary, while the handsome youth in front of her... seemed extraordinary as well.

"Junior Pavilion Master, did the silver-armored guards of the Tong family retreat?" Uncle Mu asked, clutching at his chest as a frown appeared on his face.

It shouldn't be like that... With the violent temperament of Tong Muhe's troops, they would never leave without leveling this restaurant to the ground.

Just a moment ago, there was a fierce battle outside the restaurant. However, no one knew what the outcome was.

"Uncle Mu... the silver-armored guards... they are all dead. Only Tong Muhe is left, and he was brought back by the head of the Tong family." Mu Liuer forced the words out of her mouth, feeling her mouth go dry as she recounted what happened.

Uncle Mu was stunned, and his pupils constricted.

"Alright... We can now start to try the Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork."

Just as Uncle Mu was about to open his mouth and ask about the specifics, Bu Fang's indifferent voice interrupted his train of thought.

Bu Fang's mind flickered, and several porcelain bowls appeared on the table all of a sudden.

Steaming hot air rose up from the ceramic bowl and filled the air. The ruby-like red braised meat seemed to emit resplendent light, piercing everyone's eyes.

Bu Fang held a pair of chopsticks in his hand. Reaching out, he picked up a piece of Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork.


The red sauce flowed down the meat and landed back in the ceramic bowl.

The piece of meat looked fatty and incomparably rosy. There was a layer of fat on the top, and it was sparkling and translucent. Under the illumination of the light, the meat seemed to shine.

Below the layer of fat, there was a layer of meat that was incredibly tender.

Lastly, there was a layer of lean meat, and oil dripped out from its marks.

Looking at this dazzling display, everyone's appetite was stimulated.

Bu Fang placed the piece of Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork into a bowl and gave it to Lord Dog.

After that, he continued to give out several portions, placing them all in separate porcelain bowls before handing them out to the rest.

The amount of meat wasn't small, but there were many people present. After passing out everything, Bu Fang was left with one piece.

Everyone looked at the piece of meat in the porcelain bowl before them and gulped.

The piece of meat was glistening, and it looked extremely delicious.

"Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork, please try it," Bu Fang said.

In the next moment, everyone's eyes lit up, and all of them started to move.

Lord Dog did not even hesitate. He directly grabbed the bowl, tilted it, and swallowed the meat.

Nether King Er Ha picked up his chopsticks and grabbed the meat, stuffing the entire thing into his mouth.

Munch. Munch.

After shoving the meat into his mouth, his mouth started to move, and chewing sounds could be heard.

Nethery was rather elegant as she picked up the meat and took a bite.

Flowery and Nether King Er Ha looked somewhat similar as they ate and shoved the meat into their mouths.

Mu Liuer, as the daughter of the City Lord, took a small bite. Her first bite was the fatty layer of the meat.

The skin of the meat was cooked until it was translucent. Together with the red sauce, it was extremely delicious.

Overall, it gave her a sense of satisfaction. It was fatty but not greasy...

This was Mu Liuer's first thought. The fatty meat was incomparably tender and wouldn't cause people to feel as though it was too oily.

There was even a refreshing taste to it, which caused her to feel even hungrier.

"Delicious!" Mu Liuer's eyes opened wide as she exclaimed.

Was this dish really cooked by Bu Fang?

This chef who came from a mortal world... His improvements were huge!

Manager Chen, as a professional judge, took this very seriously.

The more he tasted the Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork, the more he felt as though this meat was extraordinary.

When he first bit into the meat, his teeth sank into the skin, and they gently rubbed against each other, causing his body to shiver.

After biting down, the tender meat was revealed, and some sauce dripped out of it.

The broth that fused with the oil from the meat emitted a dense fragrance. It was so thick it seemed to become solid as it assaulted his nose.

After the second bite, he reached the second layer of meat. It was so tender that it melted in his mouth.

He didn't have to chew at all. The moment it entered his mouth, it turned into a warm stream, which flowed down his throat.

His entire mouth was filled with a dense aroma.

If it was red braised meat prepared by anyone else, after biting into such a fatty piece of meat, he would definitely have a greasy feeling in his mouth. He would then feel as though this meat tasted very dull.

However, the Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork was different. It was fatty but not greasy, and the fragrance wouldn't dissipate.

Manager Chen was truly shocked.

After taking another bite, he reached the lean meat. The meat was sturdier here, but the taste didn't differ too much.

Even though the lean meat was tough, it tasted delicious, and it felt amazing to chew on it.

The more he chewed, the more flavor came out of the meat.

"This is a perfect piece of red braised meat!" Manager Chen yelled in surprise.

This dish could be even compared to a dish prepared by a Second Grade Immortal Chef!

Manager Chen once tasted a dish prepared by a Second Grade Immortal Chef, and the taste of that dish was deeply etched in his mind even until now.

Even though Bu Fang's Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork didn't invoke such a strong reaction from him, he knew that it wasn't worse compared to the dish he ate in the past.

Indeed, it was delicious. The only thing it lacked was the amount of immortal energy.

Uncle Mu sank into silence. He emptied his bowl and even licked it clean.

As the Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork entered his stomach, Uncle Mu felt that his injuries mostly healed. It was all because of the spirit and essence energy contained in the meat, which allowed his injuries to heal a lot faster.

No wonder being an Immortal Chef was an occupation that received so much attention and respect.

In fact, they were extraordinary.

Bu Fang also finished his braised meat, and he let out a long breath.

The refreshing taste of the bamboo leaves, the taste of the medicinal ingredients... All of them perfectly blended into the flavor of the meat and brought the taste up to a whole new level.

Looking at everyone who was immersed in the taste of the dish, Bu Fang's lips slightly curved upwards.

Cooking this dish really brought back memories. This was a feeling only chefs could enjoy.

After waiting for some time, everyone came back to their senses.

Mu Liuer's face had a complicated expression as she looked at Bu Fang.

After Lord Dog ate, he swayed his butt from side to side as he returned to a corner to sleep.

Flowery shook her butt as well as she followed Lord Dog, hugging the latter's leg before falling asleep.

The Black Dragon King looked at Flowery with a contented expression on his face before touching his bald head.

Nethery returned to her room to sleep.

The restaurant quickly cleared out, and only Bu Fang, Nether King Er Ha, and the others were left.

Mu Liuer looked at Bu Fang and took a deep breath.

"Congratulations, Owner Bu, for reaching the next level..." Mu Liuer said seriously.

No one slapped a smiling face. Furthermore, Mu Liuer's relationship with Bu Fang wasn't that bad.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth tilted upwards as he nodded his head. "Many thanks."

"Owner Bu, since you are already an Immortal Chef... you should think of joining an aristocratic family," Mu Liuer said in a heavy voice.

Her words stunned Bu Fang. Why did he have to join an aristocratic family?

Mu Liuer seemed as though she saw through Bu Fang's thoughts, and a smile appeared on her face.

"Owner Bu might not know... after becoming a First Grade Immortal Chef, the goal is to reach the Second Grade. However, a Second Grade Immortal Chef is different from a First Grade one. In order to break through, a Second Grade Immortal Chef had to be well rounded and even needed their own immortal tool. They also need an immortal flame, and their mental energy has to reach a certain mark... So, to possess everything, one needs resources, and all of those resources can be found in the land of inheritance of the Immortal Cooking Realm," Mu Liuer explained.

Bu Fang listened seriously and didn't say anything.

In the distance, Manager Chen stroked his beard with a serious expression on his face.

"That's why Owner Bu needs to join an aristocratic family."

"Why?" Bu Fang frowned.

"Only after joining a family would they be eligible to enter the land of inheritance..." Mu Liuer continued, "The number of Immortal Chefs is fewer in Immortal City. Every time one of them appears, all the influential families would try to rope them in. It's because they want to obtain more resources from the land of inheritance, and they need many Immortal Chefs in order to reach their goal..."

Bu Fang nodded his head. He understood what Mu Liuer was trying to say.

His Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was no longer suitable for him, that's why he had to look for a high-grade immortal flame.

However, in order to do that, he had to join an aristocratic family...

"Owner Bu, could it be that you do not know which family to join?"

Just as Bu Fang was deep in thought, Mu Liuer asked, which caused him to be a little shocked.

All of a sudden...

Mu Liuer stood up and reached out her hand to Bu Fang.

"The Mu family of Immortal City, the family of the City Lord, invites Bu Fang to join us..."