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 As the giant blue wok moved down, it brought a heavy and suppressive aura along with it.

Immortal energy revolved around it, and every strand of it exceeded tens of thousands of tons. As it moved, the void cracked!

Everyone's pupils constricted, and a chill enveloped their bodies.

This is the power of an immortal tool!

The Tong family was really pulling out all the stops. They even took out a middle-grade immortal tool for this. It was obvious they were not going to let it rest until this mortal was dead!

With Tong Muhe's cultivation and the additional power of the immortal tool, the fearsome power that erupted would cause even a Three-star True Immortal Realm expert to be at a disadvantage!

Bu Fang looked at the blue wok that was smashing down at him with a strange expression.

This wok was really magical. The immortal energy that was swirling around it made him curious.


Fierce winds whistled, causing everyone's hair to flutter around as the blue wok emitted a loud blast.

Mu Liuer's body became rigid. Her legs became soft.

The Tong family is crazy! They actually brought a middle-grade immortal tool just to deal with a mortal chef?

How is he supposed to escape now?

Indeed, there's no escape. The restaurant is definitely going to crumble under the might of the immortal tool. Even she might be buried here!

Tong Muhe was laughing like a madman. He already lost an arm, but there was a crazed look on his face.

His chest heaved up and down. The silver armor on his body was already shattered in half.

Despite his pathetic figure, however, the anger and grief in his heart couldn't be suppressed no matter how bad his condition was.

His troops are all dead!

That black dog killed them all with a single paw!

This dog was too strong. Tong Muhe wasn't its opponent at all.

However, none of that mattered as he had a middle-grade immortal tool in his hand. The instant it appeared, it would definitely turn this restaurant into dust!

"Go and die! All of you can be buried with my troops!" Tong Muhe roared angrily as a maniacal look appeared in his eyes.


Under the shocked gazes of the spectators...

The giant blue wok crashed down on the restaurant.

Everything started to collapse!

Lord Dog stood in front of the restaurant and raised his head, looking at the descending blue wok with an astonished face.

He saw Tong Muhe's crazed look and felt Mu Liuer's despair, but he just tilted his head to the side, the corners of his mouth curling upwards.

"Middle-grade immortal tool... Actually, the taste of a high-grade immortal tool is better. Top-grade immortal tools taste even better..." Lord Dog's heavy voice resounded.

His words caused everyone to be amazed.

Immortal tools... taste good?

Everyone had a dumbstruck expression on their faces.

Bu Fang glanced at Lord Dog. This fat dog... could it actually be thinking of eating the immortal tool? Could this plaything be eaten?


The phantom of a long blue snake appeared above the giant blue wok.

All immortal tools had their own spirit. It was because of this spirit that the immortal tools stood out from the rest.

Hiss, hiss, hiss...

As the long blue snake hissed, there was a tyrannical look on its face.

All of a sudden...

Lord Dog moved.

He shook his butt, and after stepping out with graceful cat-like steps, he rose into the air. He slowly walked towards the blue wok that was emitting a suppressive aura.

Mu Liuer widened her eyes. She held her breath as she stared at that black dog, which looked like it was going to create another miracle.

As for Bu Fang, his eyes were locked onto the spirit of the blue wok. He slightly narrowed his eyes.

In the next instant, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his hand.

The moment the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared, it seemed like it felt the aura coming from the blue wok as a yellow light appeared around it.


It flew out from Bu Fang's hand, spinning as it rushed towards the distance. Its speed became faster and faster.

Compared to the giant blue wok, which was emitting bright blue rays of light, the pitch-black Black Turtle Constellation Wok seemed smaller.

However, when the Black Turtle Constellation Wok approached the blue wok...

The blue snake above the wok let out a sharp cry.


The yellow glow suddenly became much brighter. In the next instant, a black turtle that seemed as though it could carry the heavens on its back appeared.

The black turtle raised its feet and viciously stomped on the blue snake. Opening its mouth, it bit the snake, causing its phantom to shatter...

Under everyone's shocked faces and cold breaths, the blue snake was slowly devoured, one mouthful at a time.

Tong Muhe revealed a dumbstruck expression. He was completely stunned.

What in the world happened? Why was the spirit of the immortal tool eaten?

What the hell is that turtle?!

After swallowing the spirit of the blue wok, the glow on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok dissipated. It returned to pitch-black color and flew back to Bu Fang's side.

With a soft bang, it disappeared into Bu Fang's arm.

A strange expression was plastered on Bu Fang's face. In his spirit sea, it seemed as though he vaguely heard a burp from the spirit of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Looks like it had a pretty satisfying meal.

Lord Dog frowned. Seeing that the blue wok's spirit had been devoured, he suddenly felt bored.

"An immortal tool without a spirit is like Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs with no sauce. It's not tasty at all..." Lord Dog stuck his tongue out and said indifferently.

After that, he didn't make any extra movements. He simply raised a paw and lightly slapped at the giant blue wok that was crashing down.

In the next instant...

A huge dent appeared in the blue wok, and it started to shatter. It broke into thousands of pieces with a loud explosion.

That blast reverberated in the void, and its light from the explosion lit up the entire city.

As the terrifying aura started to spread outwards, the spectators released a sharp cry.

After witnessing the explosion, Tong Muhe suddenly regained his wits. Looking at the black dog that was swallowed by the flames, a hopeful look appeared in his eyes.

"Burn the dog to death for me!" Tong Muhe roared in his heart.

However, it didn't last long...

His hope turned into endless despair.

The flames started to disappear into the dog's mouth.

The black dog swallowed all the flames before letting out a burp. There was even a strange expression on its face.

"It tastes pretty good..." Lord Dog mumbled.

Everyone fell silent. It was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard.

Tong Muhe was at a loss. He didn't know which expression he should use to show what he was feeling at the moment.

A Three-star True Immortal Realm existence?

No way! This dog is definitely at the Four-star True Immortal Realm! There's even a possibility it's a Five Star True Immortal Realm expert!

These sorts of existences were rarely found, even in Immortal City.

That was because these existences already made their way to the Immortal Tree to seek comprehension to break through...

Tong Muhe's legs became soft, and he slumped on the ground.

How could a genius like him actually lose to a dog?

How humiliating. How much despair was he in?

Lord Dog glanced at Tong Muhe indifferently, and a solemn look slowly appeared in his eyes.

In the next moment, a paw flew out.

This paw was extremely fast as it appeared above Tong Muhe's head in an instant. If it slapped down, Tong Muhe was sure to die.

However, just as the paw was about to slap Tong Muhe to death...

A long whistle suddenly came from the distance.

An endless might reached them, and it seemed as though it could cover the entire sky.

Everyone's hearts shook, and they started to tremble.

Above them...

A gray-robed elder who had his hands clasped together hovered in the air. He seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Every time he took a step, his figure would flash forward, as though he could shrink the space under his feet.

Eventually, that elder appeared beside Tong Muhe.

With a head full of white hair, the elder actually had a bright and clear gaze. Raising his head to look at the paw, his pupils constricted.

This paw is so familiar.... Could that dog be back?!

A long whistle came out of his mouth.

The true energy in the elder's body surged and started to revolve around him. In the next instant, he sent a palm towards the paw that was slamming down.


The surroundings around the old man shattered, and a giant paw dent appeared on the ground.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath, frightened. None of them could say a single word.

This battle was completely out of their expectations.

That unrivaled dog... completely changed their view of the world.

"That... that person looks like the head of the Tong family, right?"

"That's right. A gray robe... it's the Tong family's head, Tong Wudi!"

"My god... even the head of the Tong family appeared. He's an existence at the Five-star True Immortal Realm!"

As soon as the spectators recognized the newcomer, they sucked in a cold breath. Their pupils constricted as well.

They never thought that a battle to kill a mortal would cause the head of the Tong family to appear.

He was the head of an influential family, an existence that was at the same level as the City Lord.

This sort of existence was usually there to watch over the family. No one would be able to meet them.

However, now, he actually appeared...

Indeed, Tong Muhe's talent was too important. Even the head of the Tong family couldn't watch him die.

As the dust settled...

Everyone's eyes narrowed.

Lord Dog was still hovering in the air, his tail wagging from side to side.


Lord Dog cried out in surprise. It seems like he was astonished that someone managed to block his paw.

With a crash...

The gray-robed elder waved his hand, causing a gale to blow through the area. It cleared away all the dust around them.

Tong Wudi raised his head, his gaze landing on Lord Dog who was still in the air. There was a complicated look on his face.

Indeed... it's that damn dog.

Lord Dog tilted his head and looked down at Tong Wudi.

Their stares clashed in mid-air.

In the end...

Tong Wudi cowered.

If they really had to fight, ten of him wouldn't be able to defeat this dog.

In the past, this black dog was an overlord in the Immortal Cooking Realm. No one would dare to provoke it.

If it didn't suffer some sort of heavy injury out of nowhere and suffered the attack of several mythical chefs, it wouldn't leave the Immortal Cooking Realm. If that didn't happen, the Immortal Cooking Realm would probably still possess traces of the dog.

It was an insane dog! It was a dog at the top of the food chain!

Eating immortal fruits, immortal tools, immortal flames... It even thought of eating the Immortal Tree! It even dared to eat the Great Path...

This sort of existence should never be provoked.

Under everyone's dumbfounded gazes, Tong Wudi cupped his hands at Lord Dog and bowed. It was a gesture of a junior greeting their senior.

All the spectators sucked in a cold breath...

It felt like their world had turned upside down. This dog... just what kind of divine existence is it?

Mu Liuer stood there, dumbfounded.

She obviously recognized the Tong family's head. As the daughter of the City Lord, she knew all the peak existences in Immortal City.

However, she never once saw the head of any influential family bow. Even towards her father, the City Lord, they were never so respectful...

Where did this dog come from?!

Did it really come from the lower realm? Impossible...

Lord Dog casually swept his gaze across Tong Wudi's body, and a smirk appeared on his face.

Under Tong Wudi's gaze, he wagged his tail lazily as he took graceful cat-like steps and walked back into the restaurant.

Tong Wudi's body became tense. Bringing Tong Muhe, who had a broken arm, with him, he soared into the sky and flew towards the inner circle of the city. He disappeared in a flash.

This retaliation against the mortal finally drew to a close. Moreover, it ended in such an incredulous fashion.

The head of the Tong family, who was a revered existence, even made a shocking appearance...

This restaurant is indeed not ordinary!

Everyone was stunned speechless. They didn't know how to express the feeling in their heart.

Lord Dog wagged his tail as he took graceful cat-like steps.

"Bu Fang kid, hurry up and give Lord Dog a piece of red braised meat. It smells so good. I'm already drooling just thinking about it..."

Bu Fang returned to his senses and looked at the spot where the Tong family's head stood just a moment ago.

Lord Dog seemed to have done some incredible stuff in this Immortal Cooking Realm.

Moreover... Bu Fang felt that Lord Dog's identity was about to be exposed.