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 Chapter 100: The Tsundere Shota

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When Song Tao hurried to the alleyway where the store was located, his body froze for a moment when a violent gust of wind suddenly blew past him. During that instant, he seemed to have spotted a pitiful figure within that gust of wind.

"What's going on?" Song Tao thought as he looked behind him in confusion. Then, he heard a loud noise. The ground started trembling and a cloud of dust was slowly rising from the debris in the distance.

Song Tao suddenly felt a chill coursing through his body.

"Oh, not bad. Doing it this way simplify things," Bu Fang said in satisfaction with a nod. At least, the alleyway's newly repaired quartzite flooring was not broken by Blacky's paws once more.

While Song Tao was still in a daze, two of the Battle-Kings were scrambling to escape. When they saw Song Tao, they fearfully shouted, "Si... Sir! Hurry up and run! That dog... is too terrifying!"

Song Tao's heart sank. As he had expected... the mission failed. Not even four Battle-Kings were able to bring back Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen. How was he going to make a report when he got back?

However, Song Tao was unwilling to just leave like that. Therefore, he headed into the alleyway to face that terrifying big black dog who sent a Battle-King flying with a flick of its claw.

Blacky indifferently gave Song Tao a glance and rolled its eyes when it saw the latter's wary appearance. It lazily returned to the front of the store while striding like a cat and went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Xiaoyi was pulling Yang Chen into the store, while completely ignoring Song Tao who was standing at the alleyway's entrance. A gust of cold wind blew past, bringing a burst of chilliness.

"Brat, this is the place I mentioned, that... smelly boss' store. Even though the owner himself is so-so, the taste of his dishes are really good," Ouyang Xiaoyi said after she pulled Yang Chen into the store.

As Yang Chen assessed the store's environment, a look of disdain suddenly surfaced on his juvenile face. He held his arms across his chest as he said, "You were talking about this cramped little place? The furnishing is ordinary, the customers are ordinary as well... How could there be anything decent here? Were you lying to me?"

Yang Chen actually distrusted her sincere words? Ouyang Xiaoyi immediately became anxious. She gave Yang Chen a wide-eyed stare as she said, "Why would I lie to you? If I were really lying, then I'll get smelly boss to apologize to you!"

Next to them, Bu Fang was startled for a moment. A trace of confusion flashed across his face as he thought, "Why would I have to apologize if you're the one lying? Where's the logic in that?"

"Hmph! Do you think I care about his apology?" Yang Chen glanced at Bu Fang and laughed in disdain. Bu Fang was only a mere chef in his eyes. What could a chef do, ascend into the skies?

"You ignorant fellow, you'll soon understand how foolish your words are!" Ouyang Xiaoyi sneered as she turned to Bu Fang and said, "Smelly boss, give me a serving of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs! We'll let him experience a real craving!"

Yang Chen pursed his lips. As his gaze swept toward the menu hung on the wall, his pupils constricted to nearly the size of a black sesame seed.

"Aren't these prices marked wrongly? Why are crystals used as the standard? Do you really think your dishes are panaceas?!" After seeing the prices on the menu, Yang Chen could not help but complain.

Bu Fang was almost automatically immune to his complaints and could not even be bothered to reply. So what if Yang Chen was complaining? Bu Fang was not going to lose any flesh from his complaints. If Yang Chen was going to taste his dishes, he would still have to order them... He would still have to submit to the price of the dishes.

With his skills, he was that confident.

Song Tao was unwilling to give up, so he stepped into the store as well. With a single glance, he caught sight of Yang Chen, who was expressing his disdain. Song Tao's eyes lit up as he thought, "The Yang family's heir, this is an important person. I must definitely bring him back with me."

"What are you having, look at the menu yourself." Before Song Tao could say anything, a cold voice rang out next to him.

Bu Fang was expressionlessly looking at Song Tao while pointing toward the menu behind his back.

Song Tao was startled for a moment. When he glanced at the menu, his nostrils slightly widened and steam gushed out... He thought, "Damn, this is a daylight robbery! The black-hearted store truly deserves its reputation!"

However, he was unwilling to give up like that. The fair and tender Ouyang loli was right there. The tsundere shota, Yang Chen, was standing in front of him as well. If Song Tao were to leave like this, it was not any different from giving up on eating two pieces of overwhelmingly fragrant Red Braised Meat when you were about to starve to death...

"Owner! Give me a serving of... Egg-Fried Rice!" Song Tao endured the pain in his heart as he ordered the Egg-Fried Rice, that cost one crystal per serving. His heart seemed to be bleeding. Earning crystals was not so easy nowadays!

When Ouyang Xiaoyi heard what Song Tao ordered, she immediately gave him a disdainful glance. She scornfully snorted and said, "Smelly boss, hurry up and cook my Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs that costs fifty crystals per serving!"

As the princess of the Ouyang family, she lacked anything but crystals!

"What about you? What are you ordering?" Bu Fang asked as he looked at Yang Chen.

"Since they've already ordered, then get me a serving of... Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine," Yang Chen said with his chin held high.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth widened as he glanced at Yang Chen and said, "Children are not allowed to drink alcohol."

Yang Chen's body suddenly stiffened for a moment. His little eyes widened as he looked straight at Bu Fang, while the latter expressionlessly looked back at him. After a while, Yang Chen looked away in defeat... How exasperating!

"Forget it, give me a serving of Red Braised Meat!"

"Alright, wait a moment." Bu Fang nodded before turning around and heading into the kitchen.

Song Tao carefully found a seat and sat down. His eyes were constantly assessing his surroundings. At the entrance to the kitchen, he saw a mechanical figure... Was that the black-hearted store's puppet that could face a seventh grade Battle-Saint head-on?

When Whitey's round head suddenly turned and its mechanical red eyes met Song Tao's eyes, the latter hurriedly turned his gaze away in fear.

"Hmph! If the taste of the dishes here is terrible... I'll definitely look down on this place! How dare you charge such a high price for food that tastes terrible! I will also publicize to the entire imperial city and let everyone know that this place is a sham!" Yang Chen declared in a tsundere-like manner.

Ouyang Xiaoyi rolled her eyes. She was too lazy to care about this tsundere shota. At that moment, she just wanted to eat the smelly boss' dishes. After not eating for a day, she was feeling extremely hungry... She even lost weight!

Yang Chen was still rambling on by himself. However, the rich fragrance of meat soon wafted out from the kitchen.

The smell of meat slowly drifted out-like a piece of silk caressing their faces-giving them a false sense of reality. Ouyang Xiaoyi's exquisite nose was upturned as she furiously breathed in this meaty aroma. Her face was filled with happiness.

It was this aroma! This was the smelly boss' aroma!

After a while, a figure walked out from the darkness of the kitchen. Bu Fang's slender fingers were holding a porcelain plate containing the amber-colored Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, which was overflowing with vibrant colors and light. Piping hot steam, accompanied with a rich fragrance, was rising from the plate.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was already quite eager to start eating. Her large eyes were staring straight at Bu Fang.

"Here's your Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, take your time," Bu Fang said as he placed the plate in front of Ouyang Xiaoyi and patted her head.

Then, he returned into the kitchen and began cooking the other dishes.

The Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was captivatingly fragrant. The smell alone was causing Yang Chen, who had been complaining all day, to enter into a daze. His eyes were staring straight at the amber-colored pieces of meat.

Even Song Tao could not help but be attracted by the aroma. However, he was more concerned about how he was going to snatch the two brats out of the store...

"Oh... without having to get into a fight," Song Tao timidly thought as he glanced at Whitey and the latter's mechanical eyes turned toward him once more.