[System 021- You are not hugging a thigh anymore so what's the plan? If you don't have someone supporting your family's business then your company in the future will be left with nothing but a pile of dust]

Hera grinned. "You can help me actually"

[System 021- How may I help you?]

"You said you are a great hacker right? Why don't you give me money instead?"

[System 021- Are you telling me to hack banks and steal money from them? Host that's definitely an OOC plus it's a crime the owner of the real body will not commit!] The system was really worried for her Host. If she does something really out of character, she might get punished by the rules set by the higher-ups

Hera chuckled. "It's not out of character if I'm not the one who will do it"

[System 021- You're implying? What?]

"You will be the one, who will steal, not me, and the money you stole will be given to me as form of a gift, did you understand it?"

Hera was grinning from ear to ear.

The system thought. How did I stumble upon a Host who is so shameless and unlawful well I like her that way

[System 021- I like the way you think host, since I am not a character from this world, I can do whatever I want. My past host was not able to think the way you did. You have my respect]

"Hmmp! Stop flattering me and do you work" Hera shied away from her systems compliment

[System 021- How much do you want Host?]

"Just a little bit, a ten million dollar would suffice. Make it so that it's completely untraceable"

[System 021- That's not a little bit, that's a lot and don't worry host, I will gather money from different bank accounts, they will hardly feel that they lost a dollar in their accounts]

"You are so reliable, stay like that and stop being shameless, that's more likable"

The System ignored her Host snide remarks and proceeds on asking her host about her plan

"I will build my own company, and when my company widens, I will be the one to milk out their company, sound good right?"

"But of course, I will not reveal my identity just to have a little fun"

"Oh, help me hide my identity, I will hire someone to act as owner, I will be left in the shadows until the right time"

[System 021- You hare giving me too much work, but since I'm a nice system, I will help you but in return you give me half of your points when you finish this world's task]



While Hera and System are establishing their plans, in the teacher's longue there you can feel a cold atmosphere.

All teachers present in the room are dumfounded by Leo's attitude today.

They have never seen him pissed off like this, scratch that, he has never been pissed off

All them are wondering what's on his phone

Just when he stopped talking on the phone, he has been on a bad mood

He has been staring at his phone for thirty minutes, and the class was about to start

When the bell rang, all the teachers didn't dare stand up from their seats

It seems, they want to get away from this room really fast, and they felt suffocating from this chilling atmosphere but they can't.

Not until he goes first.

They have a feeling that if some of them make even a single move, an unfortunate thing will happen to them

Some of the female professors want to talk to Leo but they did not have the guts to do so

The silence last up to ten minutes yet there are no signs of moving

He was still glaring intensely on his phone

It was really quiet. No one dared to make a noise

They waited for five minute and finally Leo stood up from his chair and walked out of the room

All the teachers heaved a sigh of relief

They have been holding their breath, they are afraid that the sound of their breathing might provoke the beast

We survived. They thought.