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 Upon the final word of the oath, a mighty squawking rang throughout the chamber, and a gay pride parade colored bird appeared. "Cower mortal and despair, for I am the mighty JEWBIRD!", the disgusting figure said, ruffling its faggoty feathers and unleashing a vile shit upon the ground. "Sweet merciful maiden!", Soft shrieked "what the everliving fuck is that thing?". Softly cooing, Bosh murmured, "he is my greatest servant, the Jewbird, master of the golden shekel and the greatest cuck in my loyal army". She paused to lick her lips and continued, "this creature is but a shadow of his former self, once a loyal knight of the empire, I corrupted him with my rancid pussy juice". Soft cringed at the thought, such actions were beneath even his pathetic spirit, and he had been injected with gallons of hot cum before.

The Jewbird shook his greasy feathers once more and unfurled a tiny pink worm between his clawed legs. Initially, Soft thought the filthy Jewbird had caught a tiny earthworm, but soon realised it was an unfortunate micropenis. Soft flinched at the thought of having such miniscule genitals and a wave of pity washed over him - this wretched creature had a life barely worth living. As the bird moved around the room, the chains on its legs clinked and clanked, reminding Soft that Bosher was also a cruel mistress. He briefly wondered why she had brought him here, his head filled with grandiose delusions of victory over the Degenerate Empire. Soft was able to notice the Jewbird had a very enlarged and inflamed asshole, and while he studied it deeply hoping to learn it's secrets, Bosh motioned towards him.

"You stare at my servants eye as if it is the key to the universe, Softie... Do you know why it is so large and inflamed?". "N..no miss," Soft stuttered out, hoping to change the subject away from the cuckbirds butthole. "Let me tell you a story, my child, it begins in a far away land known as Burkadurkastan. The empire had set up a stronghold there, led by the Glorious Emperor Himself. His minions they searched far and wide for new slaves to pick their cotton. The empire was known to recruit many loyal subjects, and some even grew to know of my hidden faith. Upon his learning of this faith, I was able to ensnare one of their most loyal knights, formerly known as Waldheimus Maximus. Now I have corrupted him by forcing my vile queefs and secretions down his throat, and making him call me mummy dearest". A small blob of vomit surged into Soft's unsuspecting mouth at the thought of Bosher's decrepit snatch, but he choked it back down like a good boy.

"Now that the prophecy had been fulfilled, Softie, I will send forth my armies and my mortal servant, and we will reclaim this land!" Bosh declared. Soft felt his butthole clench with excitement. The Jewbird assumed his human form and strode towards the entrance of the temple. With one last gay flourish of his faggoty cape, he exited the chamber and began his mission; to infiltrate the Degenerate Empire and spread the vile religion of Cuckism. Soft felt a great tingle in his body, like caged lightning inside his very bones, he was quivering with excitement. Bosh gently walked towards him, "I have one last gift for you, dear Softie, a golden totem of my gratitude which I shall bestow upon you". With one deft motion, Bosher removed a great big golden dildo from her bag, and shoved it deep inside Soft's rectum, completing the movement with lightning-quick speed, before "Softie" even realised. "With this token you can communicate to the Jewbird's mind directly, call upon him in your time of greatest need..." she whispered, softly dissolving into thin air.

Soft blinked in surprise and then straightened - it was time for him to make his mark upon the world.