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 It's dark, I can't open my eyes because it's feel heavy.

My body feel Warm, its quite comfortable.

My body seem like recovering but I don't know what is this place.

I don't know where I am, but the last thing I remember is my family slaughtered by group of man.

My guard was sacrificing their lives for my run, and here I am ended in unknown place.

Before my consciousness faded there's a boy with deep dark eyes who's nearing my location while talking to me about something but because my wound and exhausted state I didn't even know what's he talking about.


"Hmm, so this girl is another victim like Sen or what? Her body is such a mess, If I didn't have intention to make My facilities location into floating island then I doubt I'll see her until she's become corpse" Xazch mumbling while holding his chin, his eyes focused on recovery tube he has in Facilities Laboratory.

It's just month left for my body back to its peak condition, I'm quite bored with training nonstop and suddenly I get inspiration.

Without wasting time I ask the system if it's can give me device or something that made my hidden facilities in the forest become independent Island and made it floating in the sky.

It's quite pleasant surprise, its answered that I can create it as independent realm. The island will float in the sky but nothing can detect it or approach it, the answer really give me happy feeling because the location is hidden nearby Konoha I didn't know when it will be discovered but if it's really happened then its bad news.

Although Konoha is good village in my eyes, but there's no guarantee they will talk with peace after they've discovered my hidden facilities.

If they suddenly think I'm hostile party, then it will be bad for me to become enemy with my hometown, so I need to get my hidden facilities away sooner than later.

When I'm going to measure how big my hidden facilities, I've found girl at 16s age with heavy wound nearby my facilities. The girl is within the fog, so I think she's trapped there but when I look at her wound, my suspicious of her as intruder is gone.

Because she's reminded me of my aunt, I did save her without hesitation and I take her to recover within hidden facilities.

I've purchased lab tool from system, all the lab tool within this room is almost same with Orochimaru lab tool in his room though I feel my lab tool is more advanced than his.


Her body is recovering with fast speed, though it's good but her vitality can't be restored easily without 'Vitality Restoration Pills'.

Although system offering new solution for it in liquid form, I didn't purchase it because I don't want to restore her vitality before I know her real identity.

If she has same situation like Sen, and she's willing to become my people then I'll give her that liquid, since there's many inheritances within tower unclaimed then she can try to take one of them if she can though I know its best for me not expecting too much.


It's been a week she's inside the Recovery Tube Tank, even though she's naked and for this week I see her everything already its still beautiful to look, but because I'm still in children body there's no reaction from whatsoever except my face keep blushing.

3 weeks left for my body back to its peak condition, while this girl body has been recovered. Her beautiful body has finished its recovery process and the next is just waiting for her to wake up from her unconscious state.

For this week I've stayed within my facilities while nursing this girl, it's not that I am forget to have my subordinate replacing me to nurse this girl but I feel it's good for me to pass my time until my body recovered, so until now I'm the one who doing it.

The week's time I spent within facilities didn't make any of my people know about the girl appearance and location because this lab authority is set only me who can enter, while spending time within lab I'm waiting for good news from my people within facilities that has been sent to all post-war location to secure war orphan who has nowhere to go.

Almost every people within facilities has been sent is just people who don't have any purpose to live, so I give them new purpose to save war orphan, since their unfortunate people then they're the one who's suitable for that job.

Of course, I didn't just sent them without any lifesaving tool, even though I did give them that, but they didn't know its purpose since it just tattoo mark of star that will activate when their life is at risk, so they just know it as a sign of them are my people.

Although basically they're pampered and protected, but they didn't know it, so they will face everything with serious attitude because it's truth purpose is to baptize their battle experience, so they can protect themselves.

Finally, today this girl eyes opened, and the first thing she did is covering her body while screaming though it's useless and I can't even hear it because she's inside recovery tube.

She's screaming non-stop while glaring to me, though I didn't understand what she's talking about then without warning she's become unconscious again because her body still weak.


This girl seem to have troublesome attitude, now I doubt my judgment to save her is a good thing or bad thing. Hopefully, at least she should be useful if her attitude is bad but if she's useless too then there's nothing about that except forgetting my purpose to nurture this girl if her circumstance is same with Sen.

Mentioning Sen, I wonder what he's doing right now? I didn't send him outside because he has revenge purpose so all I did is just giving him order to keep practice until he can control his power then he can start his revenge.